The Indian Golf Union (IGU) incorporated the national sports code in its constitution after a fiery general meeting (EGM) in New Delhi on Wednesday, reported Telegraph India.

“We have successfully amended the constitution as per the demand of the sports ministry. However, it might take a few months before it comes into effect,” said outgoing president Wing Commander (retired) Satish Aparajit.

“The amendments were carried out unanimously with 180 members voting for it. There was no vote against it,” he added.

During the meeting, a representative of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) was present. Lieutenant General D Anbu has taken over as the officiating president.

The sports ministry has been demanding that the national sports code be incorporated and even withheld the recognition of IGU from April 1.

But, the meeting was a stormy affair as arguments broke out on the way the electoral rolls were prepared. After nearly two hours, around 50 members walked out and did not participate in the amendment process.

According to the report, some members were not happy with the way a few names were struck off from the electoral rolls for not having paid their dues. They alleged that necessary notices were not served by the IGU.

However, IGU officials claimed proper notices were served to the defaulters. “Rule 8 of our constitution clearly says those who do not pay their dues are not eligible to be in the electoral list,” said one official.