The World Cup semi-finals. Out of all the teams that enter the greatest show on earth, to finish among the four best is often a moment to remember for anyone who does. None more so than Germany, who have finished in the top-four a remarkable 13 times. Oh, to be as efficient as those Germans.

(2018, you say? Well, there are always exceptions!)

While the likes of Germany (13) and Brazil (11) have dominated the semi-final stages of a World Cup, every now and then a smaller footballing nation comes along and pulls off a massive surprise. Who can forget South Korea and Turkey in 2002?

While semi-finals often tend to be closely fought affairs (prior to 2018, four of the last eight semi-finals were decided by a 1-0 margin), there have been a few memorable high-scoring games as well.

And of course, there have been tournaments in the past without a semi-final too.

We thought it would be best to look back at those iconic moments with a quiz.

So, without further ado, here are 10 questions about memorable semi-final games in the history of the World Cup. (As always, no peeking or googling)

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