Advantage in this Test has swung from one side to the other, day two, though, belonged to India thanks largely to skipper Virat Kohli. The batsman’s counter-attacking knock of 149 saw the visitors fight back after England ran through the Indian batting line-up. Fortunately, Kohli stood tall and led the side to within 13 runs of England’s first innings total of 287. Ashwin’s dismissal of Cook late in the day only made the day sweeter for the Indians. The game is now wide open with a result a clear certainty.

At stumps, ENG 9/1 after 3.4 overs.
WICKET! Deja vu for Ashwin. He’s bowled Cook for zero in an identical fashion from the first innings. Pitches the ball on leg and tempts the batsman to come forward to defend. There’s sharp turn and the ball goes past the bat and crashes into the top of off-stump.
Cook b Ashwin 0 (14b 0x4 0x6)

ENG 8/0 after 3 overs.
Shami with another tight over. Concedes no runs from this one. India looking sharp in the field, but haven’t quite put England under pressure so far. The next over is likely to be the last of the day.

ENG 8/0 after 2 overs.
Ashwin already into the attack and generates turn immediately. Jennings gets an inside edge off the first delivery but is lucky to survive. Hits the next delivery for a boundary. But, there is enough turn in the track to keep Ashwin in good spirits.

ENG 4/0 after 1 over
Shami concedes four leg byes in the first over of as England openers Cook, Jennings begin the second innings. Their lead now up to 17 runs.

End of India’s innings - this was a Virat Kohli show!
Kohli 149. Next highest score: 26 by Shikhar Dhawan. Tells you just how good Kohli was. India needed the captain to come good and come good he did.

INDIA 274 ALL-OUT : End of a stunning innings by Virat Kohli...

After hitting the first six of the match, pulling Rashid over long on for six and moving on to 149, Kohli is dismissed. Tries to cut one past point, finds Broad. Applause all around, as Kohli takes India to with 13 runs of England’s first innings total. Looked improbable for most of the day.

After 75 overs, India 268/9 - Kohli 143*, Umesh 1*

Get Umesh on strike for 6 balls, they said. ‘I can defend too, you know!’, Umesh said. (Not really, but you get the point). Umesh looks untroubled as he plays out a maiden over against Stokes.


After 74 overs, India 268/9 - Kohli 143*, Umesh 1*

10 runs from the over for Virat Kohli in that over and he has now gone past his tally from the ENTIRE 2014 series. WOW.

Interestingly though, Rashid concedes two boundaries off the last two balls – but that means Yadav is on strike at the beginning of a over. Is this the moment for England?

After 73 overs, India 258/9 - Kohli 133*, Umesh 1*

Kohli starts the over with a booming drive through extra cover for four. What a shot. Inexplicably, the field isn’t in with two balls to go and Kohli takes a single off the fifth ball. Yadav defends the last ball safely.

Nasser Hussain says “enough of Ben Stokes” as the all-rounder looks exhausted!

After 72 overs, India 253/9 - Kohli 128*, Umesh 1*

Kohli takes a single off the fourth, Umesh plays two forward defensive shots to loud cheers. Kohli back on strike.

After 71 overs, India 252/9 - Kohli 127*, Umesh 1*

Two boundaries in that Stokes over as Kohli is now in the zone! One, an inside out lofted off-drive, and the next, a rasping pull shot. Retains strike with a single off the fifth ball.


After 70 covers, India 243/9 - Kohli 118*, Umesh 1*

Kohli now starting to unleash the shots. If there is anything loose, he is giving it the treatment. Rashid flights one outside offstump, Kohli smashes it past long-off for a four. Annnd takes a single off the fifth ball, with Umesh safely defending the last ball. \

Kohli back on strike, Stokes will continue.

After 69 overs, India 238/9 - Kohli 113*, Umesh 1*

Stokes must be an exhausted man! He decides to go with the bouncers to prevent Kohli from taking strike net over, but Kohli manages to find a single off the last ball anyway – top-edged to fine leg. Masterful.

After 68 overs, India 237/9 - Kohli 112*, Umesh 1*

Another over well negotiated by Kohli. Umesh just had to face one ball, its a googly expectedly but it beats everyone and goes for four byes.

After 67 overs, India 232/9 - Kohli 111*, Umesh 1*

A four through fine leg – pulled an attempted bouncer – followed by a single off the last ball, means Kohli continues to whittle away at the lead. Umesh, bizarrely, wanted to return for a second off the last ball.

The moment Kohli got to a famous century...

After 66 overs, India 227/9 - Kohli 106*, Umesh 1*

Umesh takes a single off the first ball, India negotiate that over with Kohli retaining strike.

Meanwhile, the tributes start pouring in,


Kohli cuts Stokes through point, it beats the fielder at deep point and Kohli gets to his 22nd Test century – and yes, the first in England. Celebrates with a roar and a kiss to his necklace. Finishes the Stokes over with a four through midwicket.

After 64 overs, India 217/9 - Kohli 97*, Umesh 0*

WOW, ISHANT UNLUCKY (KIND OF)! He should have reviewed! Would have been third time lucky, that googly was missing leg stump! Umesh keeps out the two balls however, Kohli will have the strike against Stokes.


That might be the very reason Adil Rashid was brought into the attack. After Kohli takes a single off the third ball, Rashid floats in a lovely googly, Ishant doesn’t bother reviewing this one. He walks back for a gritty 17-ball 5.

Umesh Yadav next in, has two balls to negotiate with Kohli on 97* at the end

Interestingly, Rashid comes into the attack for just his second over, with Kohli on 96*

After 63 overs, India 216/8 - Kohli 96*, Ishant 5*

Kohli moves to within one shot of a century... takes a couple of doubles early in the over off Stokes, before taking a single off the fifth ball. Ishant sees out the over.

Ben Stokes is into the attack...

After 62 overs, India 211/8 - Kohli 91*, Ishant 5*

Kohli moves into the 90s with a leading-edge drive to long off for a couple. Takes a single off the third ball, and trusts Ishant to see out the over. Even lets Ishant take a double off the fifth ball! Kohli keeps strike...

After 61 overs, India 206/8 - Kohli 88*, Ishant 3*

A lovely moment in that Anderson over. Kohli tapped to point off the fifth ball, thought about a single but said no. Ishant, with a massive turning radius, dives full stretch for a throw that never came. Everyone has a laugh but that’s why he’s a top-class tail-ender and should bat above Shamis and Yadavs every single day. The man values his wicket!

After 60 overs, India 205/8 - Kohli 87*, Ishant 3*

Kohli plays out three dot balls (that third ball was a beauty, shaping to come in but deviates away at the last minute, Kohli can only smile). Single off the fourth ball, Ishant has to negotiate two balls in this over now and he does.

Curran continues to Kohli... just a slip, short point and mid-off inside the (imaginary) circle.

After 59 overs, India 204/8 - ISHANT SAVED BY DRS AGAIN!

Anderson to Kohli continues... first two balls well outside off, left alone by Kohli. He then starts to move across the stumps... off the fourth ball, he moves forward and across, beaten by leg-cutter and Kohli scrambles back to reach the crease. Off the fifth ball, Kohli takes an easy single to deep cover. Ishant has to negotiate one ball.... can he?

He’s given out (Again), he reviews it (again) and he’s not out (again!) – this time the impact outside off-stump.

Buttler, meanwhile, is on the field after his injury break.

After 58 overs, India 203/8 - Kohli 85*, Ishant 3*

Good over for India. After those two boundaries off the first two balls, Kohli takes a single. He trusts Ishant to handle Curran, it’d seem. Kohli then rushes Ishant into a single off the next ball. Kohli takes a single off the fifth. Ishant, poor guy, plays a lovely on drive that might have earned him two Test runs but Kohli not taking a chance. Keeps strike.

200 up for India: Kohli with a lovely flick through midwicket, followed by a late cut to third man. Two boundaries off Curran to move into 80s! What a knock this is.

After 56 overs, India 192/8 - Kohli 75*, Ishant 2*

Kohli takes a single off the first ball of the Anderson over. Ishant is no mug with the bat, but this is Anderson. Could easily backfire? Not yet. Ishant (just about) takes a single off the next ball, but would have been out with a direct hit. Kohli back on strike. Plays a cut through point off the fifth ball and interestingly, takes the two on offer. Plays a lovely drive off the last ball, could have got three for but settles for a single, sensibly.

India trail by less than 100 now.... a small moral victory.

After 56 overs, India 187/8 - Kohli 71*, Ishant 1*

Kohli not happy with taking a single off the first ball – gloved one to fine leg, thought he could come back for two but couldn’t. Ishant takes a single off the next ball though to give Kohli the strike back. He takes a couple with a lovely pull shot and takes an easy single off the last ball.

India now trail by 100 runs.

After 55 overs, India 182/8 - Kohli 67*, Ishant 0*

ISHANT SURVIVES! Given out LBW by the umpire as Anderson gets one to nip back in. Confident review by Ishant though, who knows he’s edged it. India survive that Anderson over.

Kohli has the strike...


Well, well. What did I say? It takes just one ball for Anderson to lure Shami into a drive outside offstump, the ball flies to second slip and David Malan takes a catch! He is a relieved man... closes his eyes and lets it sink in.

Out walks Ishant Sharma... India 182/8. Kohli off strike. Can India survive this over?

After 54 overs, India 182/7 - Kohli 67*, Shami 2*

Kohli pulls Curran off the second ball to deep square leg, and refuses a single to Shami. He’s taking the bulk of the strike. Curran keeps him quiet for the next three balls. Can he get a single off the last ball? No he can’t. It’s a full, inswinger.. Kohli digs it out to short midwicket.

Now Anderson gets a crack at Shami... any one taking wagers on a wicket falling in that over?

After 53 overs, India 183/7 - Kohli 67*, Shami 2*

Kohli leaves three of the first four balls, and walks across the stumps to try and take a single off the fifth. Doesn’t happen. Taps it to point off the last ball and takes off, makes it to the other end on time, retains strike.

After 51 overs, India 181/7

Kohli looking to play his shots now. After a risky double that would have seen Shami dismissed with a direct hit, the captain flicks one through midwicket for four. Takes a single off the third ball though. Shami does the same off the fourth, Kohli takes a single off the fifth. Shami digs out a full ball to play out the over.

That’s a 10-run over but more importantly Kohli on strike to Anderson.

After 51 overs, India 171/7

What an over by Anderson. All eyes (still) on Kohli now, to see what approach he takes. Might look to attack a bit more. Takes a quick single off the last ball to keep strike.


Jimmy A finally gets something to show for his excellent bowling. This is on a good length on off stump, Ashwin plays inside the line of the ball and it hits the top of off stump. Dream fast bowlers’ dismissal.

India 169/7 and Virat Kohli is now batting with the tail... Not looking good for India.

England lose their second review: Root and Anderson think this is worth a review as Kohli walks across the stumps and gets hit on the pad. They review, the ball is missing the leg stump. No more reviews for England.

After 50 overs, India 168/6 - Kohli 57*, Ashwin 10*

Couple of boundaries in the third man region to start the session for India. First Kohli plays with soft hands against Anderson, and in the next over, Ashwin takes the aerial route off Curran.

After 49 overs, India 164/6 - Kohli 57*, Ashwin 6*

Play begins after tea. Anderson has the ball again – time for that contest with Kohli to resume. It also keeps the Indian skipper honest.

News on the Buttler front too. He injured his finger while attempting a catch in the slips and has been off the field. There is no fracture but he is unlikely to take the field today.

TEA: India 160/6 after 48 overs

Another wonderful session of Test cricket. The biggest positive (and perhaps the only positive) for India is that Kohli is still there, battling it out against some fantastic swing bowling. Has been put down twice (one simple, one tough chance) but he won’t care. He’s reached his first ever fifty on English soil.

Stokes and Curran were the stars of that session but don’t forget the phenomenal spell by Anderson, where he troubled Kohli no end.

Join us in 15 minutes for the final session.

After 47 overs, India 153/6 - Kohli 52*, Ashwin 0*

KOHLI DROPPED AGAIN! This one is a much tougher chance but Kohli gets another reprieve. After playing so well for so long, he goes for a square drive to a very full from Stokes, the bat jams on the crease and the outside edge flies to... GUESS WHO!? – Malan at second slip. He dives to his right and puts it down.

FIFTY FOR VIRAT KOHLI: Just a muted celebration from the India captain, as he raises his bat and acknowledges the crowd and his teammates. A fighting innings, his first 50-plus score in England. Gets to the landmark with a four through third man, cleverly guided.


And Curran strikes again! Just when it looked like Kohli and Pandya were stitching together a good stand, Curran delivers a near-perfect yorker. Hits Pandya underneath his toe... Aleem Dar gives it out, Pandya reviews and it’s a poor one. Plumb! The 20-year-old gets another with the ball that moves back into the right hander. Brilliant bowling.

Pandya: LBW b Curran for 22 (52 balls)

After 45 overs, India 146/5 - Kohli 46*, Pandya 18*

Interestingly, Stokes is back into the attack, replacing Curran. About 15 minutes to go for tea, so Root goes to his best bowler in the session. Pandya gets a three off the last ball after a misfield by Broad, that Stokes did not quite appreciate.

After 44 overs, India 143/5 - Kohli 46*, Pandya 18*

Good over by Curran, as he gets Pandya to drive without too much foot movement on a couple of occasions – the last ball, gets a streaky inside edge for a single. Bit of a mix-up between the two batsmen, but Kohli’s says no to two early enough.

Ashish Magotra: The ball is now 44 overs old. It isn’t doing as much as it was earlier. Not reversing either. If India want to cash in, this might be their chance.

After 43 overs, India 142/5 - Kohli 46*, Pandya 17*

Ladies and gentlemen, Kohli goes past 40 in a Test match in England for the first time!

Fittingly, Kohli gets past 40 with a lovely cover drive through point – away from the body. The very shot that got him in trouble so many times in 2014. Gets another boundary in the over, with a leg glance. Moves to 46, one shot away from a hard-fought 50.

It’s not been Broad’s day, by the way..

After 42 overs, India 134/5 - Kohli 38*, Pandya 17*

Good over by Curran, who starts off by beating Kohli outside the off-stump with an away swinger when Kohli was playing for the one that moves back in. Pandya almost chips one to mid-on off the last ball, after being early on an on-drive but it falls short of the fielder and underneath him, goes for four.

After 41 overs, India 129/5 - Kohli 37*, Pandya 13*

Maiden over from Broad and it’s now time for Sam Curran again.. a completely new challenge for Kohli and Pandya, with the ball still moving around.

After 40 overs, India 129/5 - Kohli 37*, Pandya 13*

Should be the end of spell for Stokes... he’ll get a well-earned rest. Figures of 10-3-32-2, where he breathed fire at times, getting the ball to move both ways, pumping up the pace occasionally and what not. Pandya gets three from that over, as Stokes begins to lose his line just a little bit.

And Curran, is apparently warming up.

After 39 overs, India 126/5 - Kohli 37*, Pandya 10*

Well, well. Is Kohli coming into the zone now? Two wonderful shots in that over off Broad for two boundaries. The first one was a perfectly good ball by Broad, seaming away from a good length but the Indian captain drives on the up through extra cover. Off the last ball, he walks across and clips a straight ball down to fine leg for four. A lesser batsman might be worried about getting LBW off that ball, but not Kohli. Elegantly placed.

After 38 overs, India 118/5 - Kohli 29*, Pandya 10*

Kohli is able to at least get off strike at will, for now, taking the singles when he can. That’s usually the lifeblood of his innings and Anderson was not allowing him to do that. Pandya, meanwhile, is beaten a couple of times outside off by Stokes. There is still movement on offer, under the clouds in Birmingham. The test is not over yet for Kohli and Pandya, not by a long shot.

After 37 overs, India 117/5 - Kohli 28*, Pandya 10*

Another instance of Kohli walking across and getting an inside edge, this time off Broad. Nasser Hussain suggest on air that England should have a short-leg in place to stop him from doing that to counter the swing. Pandya looks a bit more comfortable out there now, leaving well outside off – until he’s beaten off the last ball.

After 36 overs, India 116/5 - Kohli 27*, Pandya 10*

Stokes continues after drinks. Kohli continues to walk forward and across, that makes him susceptible to the incoming ball – gets an inside edge to square leg for a couple though. Pandya plays a booming straight drive off the last ball, fielded well by Stokes.

DRINKS: India 113/5 after 35 overs - What a breathless hour of Test cricket!

If that doesn’t make you fall in love with Test cricket, nothing can. Some of us questioned the logic of going with Ben Stokes to start the second session, but that man has breathed fire over the past hour. Getting rid of Rahane and DK, and coming close to removing Pandya twice. Even Kohli has been dropped once.

But, crucially for India, he’s still there.

After 34 overs, India 112/5 - A 10-run over, out of the blue

Hardik Pandya, to his credit, has started playing with softer hands as well now. Gets a couple of boundaries through the third man region... even if there were edges, he played them late enough. Kohli drives one straight at Stokes who threatens to throw at the stumps and sends Kohli scrambling back! A smile on the Indian captain’s face who sneaks a quick single off the last ball.

Kohli on strike, Broad to continue...

After 33 overs, India 102/5

Anderson off the attack and Kohli immediately looks to play his shots. Doesn’t get a run though, but was looking to drive and push more in that over than he did during the entire spell by Anderson.

Stokes continues from the other end...

33rd over: James Anderson off the attack... but can Kohli still breathe easy? It’s Stuart Broad who comes on.

After 32 overs, India 102/5 - HARDIK PANDYA DROPPED!

What is going on in Birmingham! Cook drops one at first slip. Stokes, breathing fire, gets Pandya to edge one (expansive cover drive, with the ball moving around.. really, Hardik?) and Cook puts down a sitter at first slip. (maybe it swerved a bit in the air, in Cook’s defence?).

Finally, a run after a long time though. Stokes gets a go at Kohli and bowls a snorter outside off, that rises from good length and reaches Bairstow, face-high. He gets a single off the last ball and retains strike...

After 31 overs, India 100/5 - VIRAT KOHLI DROPPED!

Another Anderson over faced entirely by Virat Kohli and after negotiating five balls, Kohli edges one, it carries to Malan at second slip... and it’s put down! Jennings was diving in from third slip, that might have put Malan off. Geez, what a spell this is for England. Kohli, after playing with soft hands all morning, plays a forward defensive shot with hard hands.

After 30 overs, India 100/5 - PANDYA STAYS ON, THANKS TO DRS

Stokes almost makes it two in an over. This is full, swinging in from Ben Stokes, hits Pandya full on the pads... Aleem Dar gives that out! Pandya reviews – he simply has to – and turns out, it is swinging too much, missing leg. Smile on Kohli’s face.


Poor, poor footwork by Dinesh Karthik. Stuck on the crease, no movement of his feet... it’s an over-pitched ball that breaches the defence and rattles the stumps. Was he beaten by pace there? India in tatters.

After 29 overs, India 100/4 - a sensational maiden over by Jimmy A

Anderson finishes his 14th over and it’s a sensational maiden. Kohli is nervous, one can sense. He is eager to get off the strike, so much so that he takes off for a non-existent single. DK is alert enough, sends Kohli back. Root fumbles too. Anderson, who has been bowling a series of away-swingers outside off, brings one back in and Kohli leaves it on bounce. That was close, but wonderful judgement.


This felt like it was on the cards for the past couple of overs. Stokes was bothering Rahane with his away swingers, not knowing what to play at and what to leave. He’s going hard at this one off the back-foot, short of good length, and the outside edge flies to Jennings at third slip, who takes a sharp catch to his left, head high.

100 up for India: Rahane almost squared up by an away-swinger, but guides one through third man for four, with soft hands. Could have left that alone. Dangerous ploy, that.

STAT: Interesting, this. But he’s still out there.

After 27 overs, India 96/3

Maiden over by Anderson, Kohli a little more comfortable in that over. Leaves well outside off, stands upright and defends the ones on the stumps. Once again, soft hands at play.

Remains to be seen how long Anderson can continue here...

After 26 overs, India 96/3

Stokes is getting Rahane fishing outside off-stump. David Lloyd suggest Stokes’ release points at the crease is puzzling Rahane, who looked fairly well-settled before this. Beaten a couple of times, and gets a leg-bye four off the last ball while trying to evade a bouncer.

After 25 overs, India 92/3 - WHAT AN OVER!

GRIPPING STUFF IN BIRMINGHAM! The scoreboard will tell you Kohli got four runs in that over, but it won’t tell you Anderson troubled him no end. Two outside edges in that over, one off the front foot, one off the back-foot and both fall short. The first one is gloved away by Bairstow for four. To Kohli’s credit, he is (kinda) killing it softly, so to speak.


After 24 overs, India 88/3 - Rahane survives!

Maideon over by Stokes to Rahane... after a series of away swingers (one quite wide!) Stokes brings the final ball back in. Sharp movement! Massive LBW appeal... Bairstow runs to Root and Stokes, urging them to review. England don’t. AND DRS SHOWS ALL THREE REDS! RAHANE WAS GONE, IF INDIA HAD REVIEWED.

After 23 overs, India 88/3

Anderson finishes his 11th over, as Kohli exaggeratedly leaves one outside the off-stump. There was a leave by Rahane in that over that was brilliantly judged / lucky-to-get-away-with, depending on your persuasion. It moved back in and was whiskers away from the off-stump.

UPDATE on Jos Buttler: He has been taken for an X-Ray after attempting a catch off Kohli’s outside edge, Holding informs.

After 22 overs, India 85/3

Interestingly Ben Stokes starts the new session. Not sure if that’s the most sensible call. And sure enough, Kohli gets a couple of boundaries to get going in the second session. One guided to third man, one exquisite cover drive on the up.

More sensibly, Anderson from the other end, back for his second spell.

06:00 pm: With a 40-minute break, one can expect Anderson will resume battle with Kohli when the players walk back out for second session. This is going to be fascinating. (Already has been!)

LUNCH-TIME READING: How good was R Ashwin in the first innings for India? Here’s Kushal Phatarpekar, on a fantastic effort by India’s leading spinner.

LUNCH, DAY TWO: It’s Sam Curran’s morning at Edgbaston...

All the talk was about how India’s openers will negotiate Anderson and Broad with the new ball. Are the openers good enough to handle them? Will they negotiate the first 10 overs safely? Both those issues were handled by Vijay and Dhawan but then came along 20-year-old left-arm seamer Sam Curran, taking the top three wickets in the space of 8 balls... and the match has, once again, turned on its head.


After 21 overs India 76/3 - LUNCH ON DAY TWO

Couple of full tosses early on from Rashid but he has a spread field to work with (ah, these leg-spinners!) Rahane and Kohli safely negotiate that over. But what a session of Test cricket it has been!

After 20 overs India 71/3

Kohli gets a boundary off Curran by opening the face of the bat to the one angling away from Curran. Nicely played that. Rahane finishes the over with a punch down the ground for a couple.

Last over before lunch coming up... another from Anderson with Kohli on strike? No, Root goes for Rashid, instead.

After 19 overs India 63/3

Rahane showing good technique against the moving ball... playing the ball late, under his nose. Kohli gets a snorter, that rises high from good length. He sways away at the right moment.

Meanwhile, Anderson will bowl his 10th over on the trot! Age is just a number, when Kohli is batting with India under pressure and the ball is moving around. Kohli is uncomfortable on a couple of occasions as he pre-empts the outswinger by moving across the stumps but the ball moves back in... what a contest this is.

After 17 overs, England 61/3

Oh shades of 2014 there! Anderson bowls his 9th over on the trot, gets Kohli driving (oh, the horrors. oh, the deja vu!) and the the outside edge is just past Buttler at gully, who dived to his left and got his fingertips to it and hurt himself in the process.

Completely unnecessary from Kohli to be playing that shot right now, just for the record.

WICKET! Oh dear, India in deep trouble - CURRAN ON FIRE!

Dhawan (26) edges it, caught at second slip. The left-armer, Curran, is running through the Indian top order. This is full, swinging away, Dhawan is on the move – playing an expansive cover drive. “Big, booming drive” is the word that comes to mind –- have they underestimated Curran? He doesn’t care! He’s delighted! England are delighted! Dhawan had just nicked one earlier in the over... and he fell for that again.

India have gone for 50-0 to 59-3 in the space of three overs. Three wickets in 8 balls for Curran. Huge responsibility on Kohli and Rahane to help India get through this now.

After 15 overs, England 55/2

Oh, Test cricket, you beauty. After Anderson and Broad, the stalwarts of this lineup, struggled to make an impact, young Sam Curran comes along and gets two in an over.

And now we have Anderson v Kohli... the main event time! A probing first over from Jimmy A, targetting the fourth stump channel – surprise surprise.

WOW, what a contest we have: Virat Kohli walks out to bat to a smattering of boos from the Birmingham crowd...


WHAT AN OVER FOR ENGLAND! Young Curran has set the crowd buzzing. After getting an outside edge off the first ball for four, Rahul goes chasing at a full ball outside off-stump, that just does a little bit off the pitch, moving back in – the stumps are rattled! Poor, poor shot by Rahul it must be said – to play that off the second ball he faces, that’s not quality Test cricket.


England have a breakthrough... and it’s a brave, brave review. Aleem Dar wasn’t even interested in the appeal from Curran and go as Vijay was struck on the pads. At first viewing, it looked like an inside edge. England, having lost a review already, decide to go for it. And it’s plumb! The ball landed on the middle-leg line, straightened and hits Vijay plumb in front.

After 13 overs , India 50/0: Vijay 20*, Dhawan 21*

Anderson gets a lengthy opening spell but you get the feeling that might the last over he’s bowled in the session. Maiden over to Dhawan. There was one ball that was very full, that Dhawan got a leading edge but it rolled back to the bowler – that could easily have looped up. Once again, Dhawan gets a few on the inside half of the bat as he defends but nothing dangerous. Not the cleanest of defensive efforts by India, so far... but they are hanging in there.

After 12 overs , India 50/0: Vijay 20*, Dhawan 21*

Even Anderson is going for runs now, as Vijay gets another boundary – this one through fine leg. Curran from other end, bowls a tight over. Vijay not quite comfortable with the angle, when it’s on a good length.

Meanwhile: Fifty of the partnership is up in quick time!

After 11 overs , India 49/0: Vijay 20*, Dhawan 20*

After 10 overs , India 44/0: Vijay 16*, Dhawan 19*

After five dot balls from Curran, Vijay finishes the over with a lovely cover drive. That was too full from Curran, Vijay’s not going to miss out on that. Quite the start this for India, it must be said, despite the array of inside edges from both the openers. Looks the idea is to play well within the line, and not get those outside edges to the slip cordon.

After 9 overs , India 40/0: Vijay 12*, Dhawan 19*

Anderson changes his line to Dhawan by going around the wicket. When strayed on to the pads, Dhawan flicks one for four – easy pickings, when you bowl there to Dhawan. There’s another boundary off the last ball, but that’s four leg byes as Jimmy A strays on the pads again. Does get one to move away from Dhawan from good length but the Indian leaves it alone.

End of Broad’s off-colour spell. Curran comes in, for some left-arm seam-up..

After 8 overs , India 32/0: Vijay 12*, Dhawan 15*

Broad continues to leak runs at the start. Six from that over, as Vijay finishes it off with a delightful square drive. Textbook shot. He is leaving the ball very well as well. There was a two early on in the over, clipped to the leg side. India rolling along at a fair clip.

After 7 overs , India 25/0: Vijay 6*, Dhawan 13*

Anderson continues to find the inside edge of both batsmen... luckily for India, the edges are all harmless so far. A single for Dhawan early in the over, Vijay sees out the rest.

Interesting stat this...

After 6 overs , India 24/0: Vijay 6*, Dhawan 13*

A third no-ball from Stuart Broad in his third over! Not sure when was the last time this happened in Test cricket, DRS or not. Dhawan, meanwhile, plays the shot of the morning. A good length ball, angling away from him... he comes forward confidently and plays a rasping cover drive, for his first boundary.

Broad struggling early on for England...

After 5 overs , India 18/0: Vijay 6*, Dhawan 9*

Second three of the innings for Dhawan... this one is driven past mid-off, as he leaned into a good length ball and played it with the full face of the bat. His inside edge is being worked over-time for now – one almost trickles on to the stump, not unlike Jennings, but Dhawan is alert and kicks it away – but has looked in decent touch early on. Vijay continues to leave anything outside off-stump. India need more of this.

After 4 overs , India 15/0: Vijay 6*, Dhawan 6*

Another huge LBW shout, this time off Broad against Dhawan. Typical Broad appeal too, ran backwards till the batting crease – almost celebrating. The ball pitched outside the leg stump though. The umpire gave it not out and the decision was not reviewed. Another no-ball in that over by Broad. Aleem Dar calling front-foot no-balls like this was some pre-DRS era Test match. Tsk tsk! (Good on him...)

After 3 overs, India 13/0: Vijay 6*, Dhawan 5*

England lose one of their reviews very early. Anderson’s reaction was quite telling. He wasn’t sure that should have been reviewed but they did, and the ball is swinging past Vijay’s leg stump. Vijay is then beaten off the last ball outside the off stump. Good over from Jimmy A. Just a leg-bye in there, so a maiden to his name.

2.5: LBW appeal against Vijay. Umpire says not out. Anderson is not sure, Root goes for a review. Let’s see...

After 2 overs, India 12/0 : Vijay 6*, Dhawan 5*

Broad to start from the other end...

Oh dear, reprieve for Vijay. It looks the openers have come out with the clear idea of rotating strike as much as possible but that was a poorly judged run. Dhawan hesitates after getting an inside edge, Vijay is a bit slow to take off. Stokes charges in, dives in but his throw is off target. Vijay was a goner.

Couple more singles in the over, and a no-ball from Broad. Vijay then plays a delightful straight drive for the first boundary of the innings. And then is beaten outside the offstump off the last ball.

Here’s how close Vijay was to being back in the pavilion.

Screengrab / Courtesy: Sony Network

After 1 over, India 4/0

Huzzah, Dhawan survives the first over and – what more – has runs against his name! (We kid, we kid) The left-hander gets going with a flick through midwicket that fetches him three runs. Vijay took strike and got off strike with a touch-and-run to point.

Meanwhile, here’s a poll. Let us know how many runs India will end up with in the first innings.

03:46 pm: And the Indian innings is underway... Vijay and Dhawan out in the middle. Anderson with the ball. All eyes on Shikhar though...

03:45 pm: From 216/3 to 287 all out. England are making this a habit...

03:42 pm: Just what the doctor ordered, as the Indian head coach would have put it. India took just 10 balls to wrap the innings up. And now it’s time for the Indian batsmen to show if they have improved from South Africa...


No mistake from Dinesh Karthik this time – exact similar delivery to the one that Shami bowled in the last over of day one to get Curran to edge one. He edges it again, and this is a straight-forward catch for DK. Easy does it. Shami finishes with his third wicket. No five-for for Ashwin but what a bowling effort this was by India.

After 89 overs, England 285/9

Loud cheers from the crowd as he plays three forwards defensive shots to start against Ashwin. The cheer gets louder as he under-edges one to fine leg for a couple. That was a beauty from Ashwin though – the ‘swinger’ that he used on day one as well. Anderson had no clue where that was headed. He plays out the over though.

03:30 pm: Ashwin has the ball in his hand... remember, India didn’t take the new ball last night.

03:27 pm: All the talk about Kohli’s numbers in England...

Ganguly: “I am not worried about 2014 when he kept edging the ball outside the off-stump. Virat Kohli is a very different player now. He is fit and he is determined. I am sure he will have a very good series.”

03:21 pm: India still have to get the final wicket (if only Karthik had held on to the catch off Curran in the last over on day one eh?) but looking ahead a bit, the visitors have to improve on their batting record at Edgbaston.

03:15 pm: One of the side-stories of day one was the Tamil conversations between Dinesh Karthik and R Ashwin... it opened our eyes to a new nickname for the man who went by ‘Ash’ all this while. DK opened our ears to... ASHLEY!

03:10 pm: How eagerly are you looking forward to Anderson v Kohli?

03:08 pm: Apart from Ashwin, Shami had a good Day 1. 45% of his deliveries were on a good line and length today - no other Indian seamer managed over 40%. He was also the fastest seamer, averaging 138.1kph.

(Stats via @CricProf)

03:00 pm: More from Ashwin...

Ashwin said he worked hard on taking the pitch out of the equation and focussed on deceiving the batsman in the air.

“We have always spoken about taking the wicket out of the equation and especially with how good the wickets are, the modern day batsman actually enjoy playing in this wicket. I think to a larger extent that particular thing of doing something in the air is something I consciously worked on,” he said.

“But what happens when you are trying to do that something in the air is that the body sometimes gives up, you are touch short or touch fuller. So in one of those pursuits, I thought simplifying my action was important.

“Because I went through a very good phase of bowling with that particular action and hence a lot of bad habits had crept in with my arms coming in, so those are the things I had to really work on against my own will,” he added.

02:50 pm: Ashwin picked 4/60 on Wednesday, which are his best figures in Test cricket across South Africa, England and Australia as India reduced England to 285/9 at the end of first day’s play. The hosts lost six wickets for 69 runs in the final session of play to find themselves in a precarious position after opting to bat.

“When I came here for county stint last year, first thing I realised is the speed with which the bowlers bowl here,” Ashwin, who had played for county side Worcestershire, told

“The conditions here are extremely slow even on the first day. You can have bit of bounce but if the pace is not right then the batsman get a lot of time to play the same ball in the front and back foot, that is something I realised very quickly when I came here.”

The 31-year-old Indian, who has taken 316 wickets from 58 Tests so far, has also tweaked his bowling action.

“Even in the last 12-18 months I spend a lot of time playing club cricket. I was working on simplifying my actions a bit and make sure I can get more body into the ball, try create something in the air and it worked really well,” he said.

Root on Kohli’s ‘celebration’

“I didn’t see it in the middle, but did catch it later in the night. Look, it’s fine. That’s what makes Test cricket a spectacle. It’s great to have that sort of entertainment early on in the series. Let’s see how it goes over the five-matches,” said the England captain.

Just the thing this series needed.

If it’s England, we must talk about the weather

With a kiss and a mic drop...

You don’t actually know what a good score is until both sides have batted but poor application has seen England surrender a position of great strength to India.

Ashish Magotra on Kohli’s moment of magic

Day 1 summary

Joe Root’s run out by opposing captain Virat Kohli sparked an England collapse against India on the opening day of the first Test at Edgbaston on Wednesday and may have set the tone for the series after the tourists’ skipper gave him a colourful and controversial send-off.

At stumps, England were 285 for nine in what is their 1,000th Test.

However, the action may yet be overshadowed by suggestions Kohli swore at Root and mocked the home skipper’s ‘mic drop’ celebration in a one-day clash between the two sides last month.

England had been well-placed at 216 for three, with Root seemingly on course to score a first Test century since his 136 against the West Indies during last year’s day/night clash at Edgbaston.

But his 11th Test fifty without a hundred since that innings ended in frustrating fashion after a run out involving Yorkshire team-mate Jonny Bairstow.

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