Pujara’s outstanding hundred helps India get their noses in front. The Test match is delicately placed right now and we feel this Test match will be dictated by what the England top-order produces tomorrow. India will be licking their lips as yet again, Bumrah showed promise in the two overs he bowled. Moeen Ali once again showed what a class act he is. See you tomorrow then.

ENGLAND 6/0 in 4 Overs (Cook 2, Jennings 0)
Jennings survives the last over of the day’s play. He adds four to the total with the ball coming off his pads and trickling away to the boundary ropes. The left-hander had to face atleast outstanding away-swinging deliveries from Bumrah. England are a long way from making this Test their own.

ENGLAND 2/0 in 3 Overs (Cook 2, Jennings 0)
Cook plays out a maiden. There is just enough time for one more over in the innings. Ashwin mixed it up here, looping it up and delivering it flat. Steady from the off-spinner.

ENGLAND 2/0 in 2 Overs (Cook 2, Jennings 0)
One run off Bumrah’s over as well. Here, the Indian pacer was a touch short and Cook worked the ball on the leg side to get off strike.

Bumrah bowls the second over

ENGLAND 1/0 in 1 Over (Cook 1, Jennings 0)
Cook and Jennings safely negotiate the first over. Jennings looks nervy and understandably so. He is probably playing for his future here. Cook gets off the mark in the first ball of the second innings.

Ashwin is handed the ball first up. Not a bad move from Kohli.

Vital lead this for India. The last wicket put on 46 runs. While Bumrah this time takes the plaudits for his batting, Ishant also deserves a mention, playing a hand in putting on 32 runs for the ninth wicket, adding to England’s frustration. Pujara is easily the star of the show and it could rank among his best two knocks atleast. He finishes at an unbeaten 132.

WICKET! India 273 in 84.5 Overs, J Bumrah c Cook b Broad 6 (24)
Broad takes the final wicket with an awkward short delivery. Bumrah tries to fend it but fails to do so, nicking it to Cook at first slip.

India 271/9 in 83 Overs (Pujara 130, Bumrah 6), lead by 25 runs
Are we witnessing Pujara audition for white-ball cricket? Certainly looks that way with him farming the strike and going for a big, booming shot almost every over.

India 270/9 in 81 Overs (Pujara 129, Bumrah 6), lead by 24 runs
Bumrah plays out a maiden off Curran. More frustration for England. Why the field is spread out is something we are still struggling to answer.

India 270/9 in 81 Overs (Pujara 129, Bumrah 6)
Pujara is at some ease here and he smashes Broad for back-to-back boundaries. First, he lofts him over mid-on and then drives an over-pitched ball through the covers. India, though, can’t get a single in the last ball of the over.

The second new ball is taken. Frustrating times for the Englishmen

India 257/9 in 79 Overs (Pujara 116, Bumrah 6)
Broad continues and so does his pursuit for the inswinger. With the field spread out, Pujara is getting the twos with ease. Once again, Root’s tactics are a bit confusing and Bumrah defends successfully in the last ball of the over.

India 251/9 in 78 Overs (Pujara 113, Bumrah 5)
INDIA ARE IN THE LEAD as Pujara continues to motor along. Can’t understand what Curran was trying to do there as the left-armer bowls back-to-back wides – when was the last time we saw that in a Test match? Interestingly, Bumrah keeps strike with a single.

India 245/9 in 77 Overs (Pujara 110, Bumrah 4), trail by 1 run
Nicely played, Bumrah. Broad tried everything there: short ball, the outswinger and the the one that jags back in. That’s a maiden as well and Pujara is back on strike.

India 245/9 in 76 Overs (Pujara 110, Bumrah 4), trail by 1
More good batting from Pujara, who latches on a bit of width and thumps the ball past the packed off-field field to get another boundary. Curran’s final ball is wide outside the leg stump, nothing Pujara could do about that.

Sam Curran is into the attack

India 241/9 in 75 Overs, (Pujara 101, Bumrah 3), trail by five
Once again, lovely batting from Pujara and the deficit is down to just five. The 30-year-old steps out again and pierces the gap between long on and deep mid-wicket for a boundary.

India 235/9 in 74 Overs, (Pujara 101, Bumrah 3)
Some outstanding running helps Bumrah get three runs on the board off Rashid in the first ball of the over. Pujara plays out the rest of the over with dots.

India 232/9 in 73 Overs, (Pujara 101, Bumrah 0)
Hundred for Pujara!
He gets there by coming down the track and chipping Moeen Ali down the ground for a couple. What that does is put Bumrah back on strike. England, meanwhile, are miffed with a review. It looked like there was no shot offered from Pujara. The third umpire thinks a shot was offered. Hmmm...another moment of controversy.

India 228/9 in 72 Overs, (Pujara 97, Bumrah 0)
Excellent batting from Bumrah, scampering to the other end in the last ball of Rashid’s over. Pujara continues to refuse singles.

WICKET! India 227/9 in 71 Overs, I Sharma c Cook b Moeen Ali 14(27)
That’s Moeen’s five-for.
What an important hand this was from Ishant. He had just got his second boundary with a sweep shot, getting down on one knee quickly and piercing the gap on the leg side. Here, Moeen gets sharp turn from the rough and Ishant, fending the ball, gets an inside edge and Cook at short-leg completes the catch from the second attempt.

India 222/8 in 70 Overs (Pujara 95, Ishant 10)
Ishant continues to frustrate the English batsmen. Pujara is showing more confidence with his batting partner, who has now moved to double figures; he also played out four Adil Rashid dot balls to end the over. India are eating into England’s lead slowly but surely.

India 220/8 in 69 Overs (Pujara 94, Ishant 9)
Pujara plays out four dot balls before stepping out and heaving Moeen Ali to the deep mid-wicket fence for a boundary. On this occasion, the India no 3 fails to rotate the strike in the final ball of the over.

India 216/8 in 68 Overs (Pujara 90, Ishant 9)
Rashid is back into the attack and there is a leg-before shout right away on Ishant. Umpire Dharmasena turns it down, though. Once again, Pujara is finding gaps with the field spread out and moves to the 90s.

INDIA 213/8 in 67 Overs (Pujara 89, I Sharma 7)
Smart batting from Pujara as he edges close to a hundred. He played out five balls from the Moeen Ali over getting four from the over. Frustrating times this from the fielding side.

INDIA 208/8 in 65 Overs (Pujara 84, I Sharma 7)
Anderson has three men patrolling the leg-side fence. Pujara goes against taking the single in the first four ball of the over. Sharma plays out the last ball of the over for a dot. We don’t understand the tactic of Anderson peppering the batsmen with short balls.

INDIA 207/8 in 64 Overs (Pujara 83, I Sharma 7)
Ishant continues to be fearless, stepping out against Moeen Ali and crossing over for three runs. The India pacer plays out two deliveries in the final ball of the over, confidently playing off the back-foot.

INDIA 201/8 in 63 Overs (Pujara 81, I Sharma 4)
India crawl past 200-run mark and Pujara moves into the 80s. Ishant gets one ball to face and that is a short ball that bobs well over the batsman. Ishant survives.

INDIA 199/8 in 62 Overs (Pujara 78, I Sharma 4)
Ishant Sharma does well to see out the hat-trick ball from Moeen. He also plays a sweep shot with authority, which gives India four runs as men prey around the bat. India lost four of their wickets in space of 27 balls.

INDIA 195/8 in 61 Overs (Pujara 78, I Sharma 0)
Anderson attacks Pujara with the short ball, asking him to go for the cut and the pull. He brings the field in during the last ball of the over, which is a dot. The India no 3 fails in his attempt to running the ball down to third man fence. Ishant Sharma will face Moeen’s hat-trick ball. England have a spring in their step now. Maiden over.

For the uninitiated, Moeen Ali picked up 19 wickets in previous series against India. In 2014, Moeen troubled Kohli, Pujara and Rohit Sharma.

WICKET! INDIA 195/8 in 61 Overs, M Shami b Ali 0 (1)
Another one goes! Moeen Ali is on a hat-trick as Shami, caught at the crease, is castled. The Indian pacer was caught at the crease and has to make the long walk back. India’s struggles against Moeen Ali continues. The England all-rounder now has four in his kitty.

WICKET! INDIA 195/7 in 60.5 Overs, R Ashwin b Moeen Ali 1(7)
Ashwin tries a reverse sweep, quite inexplicably, gets a bottom edge and the ball clips the stumps. England have clawed their way back to the contest.

INDIA 194/6 in 60 Overs (Pujara 77, Ashwin 1)
Pujara continues to rotate the strike with ease. There is little movement for Anderson, who is far from being a threat at the moment. Ashwin has had a tentative start so far. Moeen, meanwhile, is getting purchase and that should interest Ashwin.

WICKET! INDIA 189/6 in 58.2 Overs, H Pandya c Root b Moeen Ali 4 (5)
Excellent field placement from Root and he is rewarded soon after tea. The England captain is stationed at short-mid on and he takes a brilliant catch diving to his left. There was only one man on the leg side and Pandya found him. There is a silly point in place as well.

INDIA 185/5 in 57 Overs (Pujara 70, Pandya 4)
Four. Solid start for Pandya immediately after tea, sweeping with authority to get off the mark and India edge closer to the target. Looks like the India all-rounder is not going to hang back here.

We are back after tea

It’s TEA! England may have just found their groove with Pant’s wicket. Kohli’s dismissal was the key and two wickets post that shows that there is a good chance England might still get a lead here. Pandya will step out after lunch but the good thing for India is that Pujara is still going strong.

WICKET! R Pant lbw b Moeen Ali 0 (29), INDIA 181/5 in 56.3 Overs
And....England strike at the stroke of tea. Pant is dismissed for a 29-ball duck. The left-hander was caught in two minds and Ali breaches his defence. The umpire takes an age before ruling that out. Replays showed that the ball pitched in line and was hitting leg-stump.

INDIA 181/4 in 55 Overs (Pujara 70, Pant 0)
Should we start an eating game for every dot ball? Pant is still on nought and the ball count has gone up to 26. Pujara continues to play Anderson with a straight bat and is rotating the strike freely.

INDIA 179/4 in 55 Overs (Pujara 69, Pant 0)
Back-to-back boundaries for Pujara. Stokes tries to reverse it back into the right-hander and his length goes astray. Easy pickings for the India no 3, who is gaining in confidence. Stokes ends the over on a high, beating Pant outside off-stump.

INDIA 170/4 in 54 Overs (Pujara 60, Pant 0)
Pant’s dot-ball count now moves to 22. Pretty outstanding that. Anderson continues to go wide of the left-hander, who is happy to let the ball go at this stage.

INDIA 169/4 in 53 Overs (Pujara 59, Pant 0)
Pant looks awkward playing Stokes and plays out a few more dot balls. That takes the young left-hander’s dot-ball count to 20. The England all-rounder is doing a lot better with the over-stepping that he was culpable of earlier in his spell.

INDIA 168/4 in 52 Overs (Pujara 58, Pant 0)
Anderson has a discussion with the umpire about the shape of the ball. Pant is still struggling to get off the mark and it has been 15 deliveries. That’s another maiden over.

INDIA 166/4 in 50.1 Overs (Pujara 57, Pant 0)
The play is back on after a five-minute interruption. Stokes’s bouncer nearly took Pujara’s head off as the Indian batsman tried to hook the ball. Pujara is deemed fit to play, after much inspection, though.

INDIA 166/4 in 50 Overs (Pujara 57, Pant 0)
It’s a tidy start from Anderson. Here, he was a lot more straighter and was only fractionally outside off-stump. Just one from the over.

Looks like we called it first. Anderson is back into the attack.

INDIA 165/4 in 49 Overs (Pujara 56, Pant 0)
Stokes continues to err with his landing foot and it’s another no-ball. The tweet below shows how close a call it was that led to Rahane’s wicket. Pant is yet to get off the mark.

INDIA 163/4 in 48 Overs (Pujara 55, Pant 0)
Curran is in the middle of a lengthy spell. Still no sign of Anderson. Once again, there is no sign of Anderson being brought back into the attack. Is Root missing a trick?

WICKET! INDIA 161/4 in 46.4 Overs, A Rahane lbw b Stokes 11 (14)
India lose a review too. That was a mighty close call. Replays showed that Stokes’ landing foot was just over, maybe by two-three centimeters. Rahane played across the line but was beaten by the reverse swing on this occasion. These were the shots he avoided at Trent Bridge. Replays showed that the ball was hitting the leg stump.

INDIA 157/3 in 46 Overs (Pujara 55, Rahane 7)
Curran continues to try for the inswinger but Pujara is far more comfortable dealing with it. Rahane is off to a steady start so far.

INDIA 156/3 in 45 Overs (Pujara 55, Rahane 6)
DROP! Root is the culprit. Pujara pokes at Stokes and the England captain doesn’t get down quickly. He goes for it one-handed instead and spoons it. Stokes, meanwhile, bowls his second no-ball in as many overs.

INDIA 151/3 in 43 Overs (Pujara 54, Rahane 3)
Curran is trying. Here, he goes slightly short here. Pujara and Rahane are keeping the scoreboard ticking, though.

INDIA 151/3 in 43 Overs (Pujara 54, Rahane 3)
Ohhhh! That was a half-a-chance. Pujara gets an outside edge hanging its bat outside the off-stump. Buttler gets down quickly but the ball beats him and Cook at first slip and trickles to the fence for another boundary.

Ben Stokes is introduced into the attack

INDIA 146/3 in 42 Overs (Pujara 50, Rahane 3)
Pujara reaches his half-century with a single down to the fine-leg region. Rahane is off the mark straight away. He adds a couple more.

WICKET! INDIA 142/3 in 41.1 Overs, V Kohli c Cook b Curran 46 (71)
England have the wicket they need. Curran, getting the ball to angle back in has Kohli nibbling at the ball and Cook gets down quickly at first slip to hold on to the catch. Can this spark an England turnaround?

INDIA 139/2 in 40 Overs (Pujara 48, Kohli 44)
Curran is back in the attack and raps Pujara on the back by going around the wicket. There was a loud appeal from the Englishmen but it was turned down. Fair call, it was drifting down the leg side. Kohli, meanwhile, gets another lifeline. Moeen Ali gets an edge off Kohli but Stokes at first slip couldn’t get down on time. The ball ran away to the fence. Pujara, taking a cue from Kohli, is putting away the bad balls with ease.

INDIA 131/2 in 38 Overs (Pujara 41, Kohli 43)
The trend continues. The odd one from Broad zips back into the batsman but when it is full and straight, the Indians don’t have much trouble dealing with it. The length was slightly shorter from the pacer in this over. Moeen Ali, meanwhile, is getting a bit of turn but isn’t troubling Pujara and Kohli as such.

INDIA 118/2 in 36 Overs (Pujara 38, Kohli 33)
Broad is creating trouble with the scrambled seam from time to time but Kohli and Pujara are mostly unruffled. Here, the Indian skipper played a lovely straight drive down the ground for a boundary. The Pujara-Moeen Ali battle has turned out to be an interesting one so far.

INDIA 111/2 in 34 Overs (Pujara 37, Kohli 27)
Different session, same result. Nothing going England’s way. Pujara plays a deliberate late cut off Broad but the ball goes high over the slips and into the fence for a four. The pacer goes a touch fuller and the result is the same, four more for Pujara.

The players are back after lunch. Stuart Broad to bowl the first ball of the second session.

LUNCH Broad, despite picking up two wickets, was expensive and was hitting it wide outside off-stump. It was the same story with Anderson, who leaked runs aplenty. He will be the key in England wrestling back advantage in the match.

INDIA 100/2 in 31 Overs (Pujara 28, Kohli 25)
Encouraging start for Moeen Ali, who consistently hits the rough and troubles Pujara. The India no 3 steps out in the last three balls of the over and sees out a maiden. That will be lunch.

Moeen Ali is brought on

INDIA 100/2 in 30 Overs (Pujara 28, Kohli 25)
India canter to the 100-run mark. Rashid bowls six googlies in a row, all of them hitting the rough. Pujara faced a delivery that hit the footmarks and kept low but dug it out at the last second. The fifty partnership also comes up between the two batsmen.

INDIA 98/2 in 29 Overs (Pujara 27, Kohli 24)
The partnership is edging towards the fifty-run mark and England look a touch desperate. Kohli and Pujara are rotating the strike with minimum fuss.

Adil Rashid is given the ball

INDIA 92/2 in 27 Overs (Pujara 25, Kohli 20)
Just a single from the over. This was after Jennings rapped Kohli on the pads and made an appeal. The umpire turned it down, understandably so as it was going down the leg side.

Keaton Jennings is handed the ball

INDIA 91/2 in 26 Overs (Pujara 25, Kohli 19)
The Kohli-Anderson battle continues to be a gripping one to watch. Here, the pace spearhead went a fraction wide with his length outside off-stump and he pushed the ball to the cover fence. Five runs from the over.

INDIA 86/2 in 25 Overs (Pujara 25, Kohli 14)
Kohli continues to look a touch streaky, almost in a hurry to get the scoreboard moving. Pujara’s patience is finally paying off. After seeing off the long spells by Anderson and Broad, runs are coming thick and fast now.

INDIA 72/2 in 22 Overs (Pujara 16, Kohli 9)
Kohli reaches 6000 Test runs. His feat is the second fastest by an Indian batsmen in Tests. Gavaskar’s feat came up in just 117 innings. Meanwhile, Anderson gets a thick edge off Kohli and the ball just about beat third slip and went to the boundary.

INDIA 67/2 in 20 Overs (Pujara 15, Kohli 5)
Broad severely over-pitched and is driven for two boundaries in the over. Eleven runs came of the over Kohli has got off to a good start here, with the ball hitting the middle of the bat.

INDIA 56/2 in 19 Overs (Pujara 9, Kohli 0)
Pujara gets the first boundary of his innings with a crisp drive off an over-pitched delivery from Curran. As for the left-armer, this was the first time he erred with his length.

INDIA 50/2 in 17.5 Overs, WICKET! S Dhawan c Buttler b Broad 23 (53)
Broad finally gets the ball to tease Dhawan’s outside edge and this time, the Indian opener couldn’t resist the urge to poke at it. Thick edge and Buttler takes a safe catch moving to his left.

INDIA 48/1 in 16 Overs (Dhawan 20, Pujara 2)
Dhawan breaks India’s 21-ball dot-ball spree with a push through the off side off Broad, who continues to spray the ball wide outside off-stump.

INDIA 46/1 in 15 Overs (Dhawan 20, Pujara 2)
Pujara sees off another over, playing out a maiden. This was not dissimilar to the left-armer’s first over. Curran hasn’t got any swing or angles that was troubling the right-hander.

INDIA 46/1 in 14 Overs (Dhawan 20, Pujara 2)
REVIEW! Broad proposes, Root disposes. England take a review after a caught behind appeal was turned down by umpire Dharmasena. Replays showed that there was no bat involved as Dhawan tried to work the ball on the leg side. It came off his thigh pad.

Remember, Ben Stokes is carrying a bit of niggle coming into this Test. Replays show the England all-rounder bowling in the nets with a strap around his left knee. Will we see him in action today.

INDIA 46/1 in 13 Overs (Dhawan 20, Pujara 2)
The left-armer’s first over is close to the stumps, leaving no room for Pujara to free his arms. Tidy start for Curran and Pujara plays out another maiden.

Sam Curran is into the attack

INDIA 46/1 in 12 Overs (Dhawan 20, Pujara 2)
Once again, Broad is struggling to control the swing and goes wide outside off-stump or full on the leg side. The scoreboard keeps on ticking.

INDIA 42/1 in 11 Overs (Dhawan 16, Pujara 0)
Anderson is still not hitting a fuller length on a consistent basis. That, we think will be the key if he wants to entice Pujara to play away from the body. The length is still more on the shorter side from the pace spearhead.

INDIA 39/1 in 10 Overs (Dhawan 15, Pujara 0)
Broad and Anderson now have an extra spring in their step. They smell blood and there have been a couple of false shots from the Indian batsmen after Rahul’s wicket. Pujara played out a maiden against Broad. Dhawan’s dropped anchor too. Important passage of play for India here.

WICKET! INDIA 37/1 in 7.2 Overs, KL Rahul lbw b Broad 19 (24)
Broad does Rahul in with with an inswinger, which has been the India opener’s Achilles Heel in this series so far. Umpire Dharmasena takes an age before raising his finger. The decision is reviewed and replays showed the ball clipping leg stump. India lose their review too.

INDIA 37/0 in 7 Overs (Dhawan 13, Rahul 19)
There are plenty of vacant spaces on the off side for Rahul and he doesn’t hold back. Anderson is struggling to hit his stride and the runs continue to flow for India. The over ends with Dhawan being rapped on the pads playing across the line. Not out given.

INDIA 30/0 in 6 Overs (Dhawan 13, Rahul 11)
Beautiful drive on the off side from Dhawan as Broad continues to struggle with his length. The runs continue to come thick and fast for India.

INDIA 25/0 in 5 Overs (Dhawan 9, Rahul 11)
Positive start for India. Anderson goes much straighter than he did last night and he is taken for runs by Dhawan – running the ball to third man for a four and then getting a couple with a flick on the leg-side.

The Indian batsmen are making their to the middle. It’s a bright, sunny day in Southampton.

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Hello and welcome to the live updates of day two of the fourth Test between England and
India at Southampton. India, undoubtedly, have the edge over the English after bowling them out for 246.

Jasprit Bumrah, Ishant Sharma and Mohammed Shami were once again deadly and showed all the characteristics of becoming a top pace bowling trio. The English top order, once again, failed to get runs on the board and were in danger of getting shot out before lunch before yet another rescue act by Sam Curran took them to safety.

The all-rounder, making his comeback in the side scored 78 important runs, rallying with the likes of Stuart Broad and James Anderson. Moeen Ali, also making his return, played a useful hand. India got off to a brisk start yesterday. What stood out on day one was the prodigious swing that was on offer for the bowlers. Will it be the same today as well? We’ll find out.