Global doping watchdog Wada was urged Monday not to reinstate Russia as its drug-tainted testing authority “has not yet fulfilled its obligations to the global sporting community”.

The warning from the Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations comes two days before the World Anti-Doping Agency meets to discuss lifting the ban after being given the green light from investigators.

Earlier Monday, US drugs czar Travis Tygart told AFP that Wada would be delivering a hammer blow to the morale of clean athletes if it lifts sanctions against Russia.

Inado then weighed in to the debate, declaring in a statement: “Any reasonable person would conclude that Russia has not yet fulfilled its obligations to the global sporting community.

“Wada must make its decisions based on consistent application of principles and not simply out of expedience pandering to the will of a powerful nation.”

Wada suspended the Rusada in 2015 after declaring it to be non-compliant following revelations of a vast, Moscow-backed scheme to avoid drug testers.

A Wada report by Canadian lawyer Richard McLaren accused Russian authorities of running an elaborate doping programme with the full support of the Russian Ministry of Sport and the Russian secret service or FSB.

INADO said the “sporting community is eager to see Russia return as an equal participant but not at any cost”.