12.03 am: That’ll be all from us for now. Join us again on Sunday for the India-Pakistan clash, which might have added significance if Afghanistan pull off a win in Abu Dhabi now.

12.02 am: ‘Kuldeep and Chahal were bowling so well, and kept it tight, luckily I got the wickets’: Player of the match, Ravindra Jadeja on his comeback to the ODI side.

12.00 am: ‘Clinical effort from start to finish. We wanted to use bowlers in short spells, wickets were bound to come if we kept it tight. To play an ODI after a long time and do well, it was a great effort by Jadeja’: Rohit Sharma

Meanwhile in Abu Dhabi...

INDIA WIN THREE IN A ROW: After that scare against Hong Kong, it’s two easy wins on the trot for Rohit Sharma and Co after another professional display. Bowlers shared their loads with Bhuvi, Bumrah taking three wickets each and comeback-man Ravindra Jadeja took a four-for. Rohit Sharma then played a mature innings to steer his side to a 7-wicket win. Up next for India, another match against Pakistan (who are involved in a tight run-chase against Afghanistan)

That’s it: India 174/3 after 36.2 overs - win by seven wickets

India cruise to a 7-wicket win in Dubai to start the Super Four stage in convincing fashion. Rohit Sharma remains unbeaten on 83.

India 172/2 after 36 overs

DK plays out a couple of dot balls to let his captain do the finishing.

35.2: Dhoni looks to finish it off in style.... dances down the track against Mortaza and hits it high... but finds the fielder at deep point! He’s dismissed for a solid 33. India 170/3.

India 170/2 after 35 overs

India need 5 runs to win.... Chants of ‘Dhoni, Dhoni, Dhoni’ go up in the stadium, as you’d expect. Dhoni, meanwhile, takes a single and keeps strike. Oh, you tease.

India 164/2 after 34 overs

Mortaza continues, three singles in that over. Can we have a quick finish to this game, please? 10 needed from 96 balls.

India 161/2 after 33 overs

In Abu Dhabi: Fifties for both Babar and Imam.

India 159/2 after 32 overs (Rohit 77, Dhoni 27)

150 up for India! A powerful punch through the covers by MS Dhoni that races to the boundary. Mortaza then oversteps to give Dhoni a free-hit. And it brute force time! Mortaza bangs one short, he swats it past the bowler for four. The umpire did very well to get himself out of harm’s way. Phew! 50 partnership comes up.

India 146/2 after 31 overs (28 runs required from 19 overs)

Another over from The Fizz, more singles for the Indian batsmen. Cruising towards the target.

Mortaza brings himself on...

Meanwhile in Abu Dhabi: Pakistan have recovered after the early blow and have put together a solid 2nd wicket stand. 108/1 after 26 overs. RRR is more than 6 but they have wickets in hand.

India 142/2 after 30 overs (32 runs required from 20 overs)

Another Rohit Sharma pull shot to delight the Indian fans. Rubel drops it short and Rohit is quickly on to the pull, planting his front foot and smashing this well in front of square. Lands just short of the boundary for a four.

India 135/2 after 29 overs (39 runs required from 21 overs)

The Fizz is back into the attack for Bangladesh and Rohit and Dhoni rotate strike with ease, taking 5 runs that over.

BY THE NUMBERS: Here’s a breakdown of Dhoni’s ODI runs by batting position. His numbers at #4 are solid. Should India use him at No 4 more often?

India 130/2 after 28 overs (Rohit 65, Dhoni 11)

First boundary for Dhoni as he gets a thick outside edge down to the third man fence for four. Rubel is not happy with that. Another good over for India.

On air, Laxman and Kevin Pietersen reckon Dhoni should be a more regular feature at No 4. Saying he should bat as many overs as is possible. Difficult to argue there.

India 123/2 after 27 overs (Rohit 63, Dhoni 6)

Sensible, captain’s innings from Rohit this. He’s not just going bang-bang. Punishing the bad balls, but rotating the strike otherwise. Dhoni looking to take the early singles on offer as well. All too easy India at the moment. 3 from Rubel’s over and 3 from Shakib’s.

India 117/2 after 25 overs (Rohit 60, Dhoni 3)

Dhoni right away uses his feet against Shakib. Goes down the pitch to Shakib to defend, then rocks back to flick one through midwicket for three and gets off the mark.

Rohit finishes that over with another maximum! Short from Shakib again, pulled all the way once again.

Well, well. MS Dhoni is in at No 4. Plenty of his fans would be happy with that...

India 106/2 after 24 overs - RAYUDU GONE!

OUT! Bangladesh are convinced Rayudu has edged this one and they are right. DRS comes to their rescue. Rubel strikes.

India 105/1 after 23 overs - SIX & FIFTY FOR ROHIT SHARMA!

Short-ish ball from Shakib and Rohit rocks back and pulls one majestically over midwicket. Back-to-back fifties for the Indian captain. Top stuff. India cruising at the moment.

India 97/1 after 22 overs

Four runs from Shakib’s over and four from Rubel Hossain’s, as Mortaza introduces pace again into the attack.

India 89/1 after 20 overs

Rohit Sharma cracks a couple of boundaries through the offside of Mehidy Hasan and moves into the 40s. End of Mehidy’s spell as well, as he bowls 10 on the trot for 38/0

India 79/1 after 19 overs

DRINKS: India have progressed at a steady pace in this run-chase. Plenty of spin on show from Bangladesh but they need wickets if they are to stand any chance here. Another good over by Shakib as he slows the pace down to make runscoring stuff for Rayudu.

India 75/1 after 17 overs

You don’t bowl short to Rohit Sharma, when he is in good touch. Shakib errs in length, Rohit gets into position early and smashes one over midwicket for a maximum! Top shot. India have released the pressure that was getting built up with two good overs. Need less than 100 now.

India 68/1 after 16 overs

A welcome boundary for India as Rayudu sweeps one through fine leg for a boundary. Good effort in the deep but the fielder cannot keep it out. Mehidy has bowled now 8 overs.

India 63/1 after 15 overs - WICKET!

The pressure does pay! Breakthrough for Bangladesh. Shikhar Dhawan misses a sweep and Shakib al Hasan traps him in front. Rohit suggests he had moved too far across and they decide not to review. Ball clipping the leg stump, umpire’s call.

Dhawan is out for 40, another good start wasted. Good over from Shakib. Do Bangladesh have a window here?

India 61/0 after 14 overs

Much like when the Indian spinners were on, scoring is now done to binary. Series of 0s and 1s. Will the pressure pay for Bangladesh?

India 58/0 after 13 overs (Dhawan 38*, Rohit 20*)

Watchful from both Indian openers after the powerplay. Dhawan still looking to play his shots, but is unable to find the gaps against the spinners. Fives singles from the two overs as Shakib and Mehidy settle into a rhythm.

India 53/0 after 11 overs (Dhawan 36*, Rohit 17*)

Do Bangladesh have a breakthrough? Oh, not even close. Third umpire called in to check for a low catch, but it didn’t carry. Mehidy had both his arms over the ball, nothing underneath. Why did they even go upstairs for that? Terrible waste of time.

India 51/0 after 10 overs (Dhawan 35*, Rohit 16*)

50 up for India in quick time! Another fifty opening partnership for Rohit and Dhawan. India cruising at the moment, at the end of the first powerplay. Sensible batting from the openers. They have identified the pacers are the ones to target and have gone after both Mortaza and Mustafizur.

Time for Shakib...

India 49/0 after 9 overs

Looks like the Indian openers have decided not to take risks against the spinner on this sluggish wicket. Another quiet over by Mehidy, just three singles.

Fizz continues from the other end and Dhawan punishes the pacer the moment he errs in line. Down the leg, glanced for four. Width offered, driven through point for another boundary. Good running between the wickets in that over too. 12 runs from that over.

In Abu Dhabi: Pakistan in trouble early, after losing Zaman for a duck.

India 34/0 after 7 overs

A couple of quiet overs from a Bangladesh point of view but it ends with one of the shots of the tournament by Rohit. Oh, what a delightful shot. Walks down a few steps, lofts a full delivery straight back over Mustafizur. Elegantly done! Holds the pose for the cameras and why not...

3 runs from Mehidy’s previous over.

India 27/0 after 5 overs

Rohit sensibly gets off strike in that over early and Dhawan welcomes The Fizz with a big six. What a shot, Shikhar Dhawan! Mustafizur drops one short and Dhawan is quick to get into position and pulls it over square leg. First six of the innings. Tries the same shot again off the last ball, but this is a cutter and he misses it.

Time now for Rohit Sharma vs Mustafizur. The Bangladesh pacer has dismissed Rohit thrice in 4 ODIs. What does The Fizz have in store today?

India 20/0 after 4 overs

Dhawan’s confident is evident even when he’s simply rotating the strike. The footwork is so much more assured, the bat-swing perfect. Five runs from that over as Rohit and Dhawan rotate the strike well.

Pakistan’s run-chase begins in Abu Dhabi. An Afghanistan win will throw the Super Four wide open.

India 15/0 after 3 overs

The man in-form Shikhar Dhawan with two powerful boundaries on the off-side off Mortaza. First an uppish square drive, lofted well over the in-field. Then an on-the-up drive through cover.

A man full of confidence at the moment, Gabbar.

India 7/0 after 2 overs

Mehidy Hasan, with the new ball, concedes 3 in his first over. Hint of the ball stopping on Rohit in that over as he uppishly drives one to long on for a single.

India 4/0 after 1 over

A super four to start this Super Four run-chase for India! An elegant on-the-up cover drive by Rohit Sharma as Mortaza bowls a gentle good length ball outside off. All class from the Indian captain.

Spin from the other end as Mehidy Hasan takes the other new ball.

9.15 pm: Alright, time for India’s run-chase. Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma out in the middle. Mortaza will start the proceedings for Bangladesh.

Target: 174

UPDATE FROM ABU DHABI: In the other match of the day, Afghanistan have once again put up a brilliant batting display to reach 257/6. Pakistan have a pretty tough chase coming up against Afghanistan’s solid bowling line-up.

INNINGS BREAK: What a comeback for Jadeja tonight. A four-for, playing an ODI after 14 months. India need 174 to win their first match of the Super Four stage. Another cruise? Join us shortly for the run-chase...

END OF THE INNINGS: Bangladesh 173 all out in 49.1 overs

Bangladesh finish on 173 all out, which is a decent recovery from 101/7. Jasprit Bumrah finishes with three wickets, the last another catch for Dhawan as Mustafizur is dismissed. Clinical display from India.

Bangladesh, 173/7 after 49 overs

Oh! No one appealed for the caught behind as Rubel edges one to Dhoni. A few extra runs being added to the score here. Score was 171 then, up to 173 now. Jadeja puts down a tough chance in that Bhuvi over as well.

Bangladesh, 170/7 after 48 overs - Hasan dismissed!

Jasprit Bumrah ends what was a wonderful cameo by Mehidy Hasan as an attempted slog finds Shikhar Dhawan at deep midwicket. Another thigh-five from Gabbar, much to the delight of the crowd.

Bangladesh, 167/7 after 47 overs - PARTNERSHIP BROKEN!

Mashrafe Mortaza, after showing he can strike the ball cleanly — with back-to-back sixes, two straight hits down the ground — is dismissed off the third ball by Bhuvi as he attempts a scoop over fine leg but finds Bumrah. Bhuvi finishes the over with three dot balls and a wicket after those two sixes.

Bangladesh, 155/7 after 46 overs

Bumrah is back for the final burst and concedes three runs. Mehidy moves into the 40 but Mortaza continues to struggle to find the gaps and rotate the strike.

Bangladesh, 152/7 after 45 overs

Both Chahal and Kuldeep finish without a wicket after their 10 overs tonight. Small victory for Bangladesh? 150 comes up for Bangladesh, 152/7 after 45 overs. 200 still on the cards? Lot will depend on Mehidy Hasan. Mortaza needs to rotate the strike and let his partner have a go.

Bangladesh 144/7 after 43 overs

SIX! Mehidy Hasan is playing a little gem of an innings at the fag end of Bangladesh’s innings. Another six off Chahal, this one a delightful inside-out lofted cover drive. Chahal has one more over remaining. Are we going to see both Chahal and Kuldeep finish without a wicket?

Bangladesh 133/7 after 42 overs

Even in the death overs, there is no momentum to this Bangladesh innings. Just one run from Bhuvi’s over and a big appeal for LBW but Mehidy had an inside edge on that one. Signs of reverse swing there.

Bangladesh 132/7 after 41 overs

Kuldeep has one of those days where he bowled pretty well but the wicket wouldn’t just come. Finishes with 0/34 after his 10 overs. A couple of pleas for LBW from the umpire in that over, nothing doing.

Bangladesh 128/7 after 40 overs

SIX! First big hit of the match and the Bangladesh fans have something to cheer for. Superb timing on that slog sweep by Mehidy off Chahal. He tried and missed on the first couple of occasions but middled perfectly, third time around.

How many can they add in the final 10?

Bangladesh 121/7 after 39 overs

Another over where Kuldeep looks threatening but no wicket for him. Five dot balls and a single.

In the other game: Afghanistan are 148/3 after 37 overs. Asghar and Shahidi are building a solid partnership.

Bangladesh 120/7 after 38 overs

Chahal is back in the attack, predictably. Just one run from that over.

Bangladesh 119/7 after 37 overs

Kuldeep Yadav is back for his final spell. He’s gone wicketless so far today but has caused trouble to almost all of Bangladesh’s batsmen, who have decided to be extra cautious against him. Four runs from that over.

Chahal from the other end...

Bangladesh 115/7 after 36 overs

10 runs in one over! Finally, something to cheer for Bangladesh fans. Mehidy Hasan with a boundary off the first and last ball of Bumrah’s over. A flick over square leg followed by an upper cut over the slip fielder.

Bangladesh 105/7 after 35 overs

Bhuvi continues his short spell before the death overs and concedes just three. Mashrafe and Mehidy in the middle and both are no mugs with the bat. Can they add respectability to the score?

Bangladesh 102/7 after 34 overs

No five-for bur Ravindra Jadeja’s magnificent spell comes to an end. 10 overs. 29 runs. 4 wickets. What a comeback to the ODI side for Sir!

33.1: OUT! Wicket No. 4 for Ravindra Jadeja... Sir gets another in his last over as Mossadek is out caught behind. Can he finish with a five-for? He has five balls left to do it.

Bangladesh 101/6 after 33 overs - WICKET FOR INDIA!

Bhuvneshwar Kumar ends a stubborn little partnership as he gets a LBW decision in his favour against Mahmudullah. The batsman wants to review but Bangladesh don’t have any left after Mithun used up one earlier. Inside edge evident on replay. Poor decision by the umpire. Drinks taken in that over.

Bangladesh 100/5 after 32 overs

Back-to-back boundaries! Bangladesh fans waited so long for a FOUR (exactly 10 overs), and then suddenly two come along in quick succession. Mahmudullah decides to up the ante against Kuldeep, first hits a reverse sweep and follows that up with a back-foot punch through covers. Two good-looking shots.

100 comes up in the 33rd over as Jadeja comes back into the attack and concedes just a single off the last ball.

Bangladesh 90/5 after 30 overs

Bumrah continues and concedes three runs. A double that could have resulted in a run out had Jadhav managed a direct hit from the deep.

Dhawan, meanwhile, is the captain for the moment as Rohit has stepped away from the field.

Bangladesh 87/5 after 29 overs

HUZZAH! The sequence of 0s and 1s has been broken after 7 overs! With a misfield from Chahal that results in.... TWO RUNS. Kuldeep is not amused though, Chahal let that through the gate far too easily.

Meanwhile in the other game, Afghanistan going fairly strong....

Bangladesh 83/5 after 27 overs

An appeal for stumping in that over as Dhoni once again whips the bails off in a flash with Mossadek failing to read Kuldeep’s googly.

This is how the last 6 overs have gone in this match - completely binary (filled with 0s and 1s)

3 singles, 3 dot balls
2 singles, 4 dot balls
1 single, 5 dot balls
2 singles, 4 dot balls
1 single, 5 dot balls
2 singles, 4 dot balls

Jasprit Bumrah comes back into the attack

Bangladesh 80/5 after 26 overs

More dot balls. More defensive cricket from Bangladesh. Just two from that over. This really is a struggle for them out there. Chahal is nicely tossing the ball and getting some purchase off the wicket.

A word on Rohit’s captaincy too. Has persisted with two slip fielders for the most part and has got his field placements largely spot on — a big factor in the amount of dot balls we have seen in this innings.

Bangladesh 78/5 after 25 overs

Kuldeep Yadav comes back into the attack and it’s another dot-ball filled over. Just a single.

Chahal has a change of ends, meanwhile.

Bangladesh 77/5 after 24 overs

Another quick Jadeja over, just two runs from it as VVS Laxman waxes lyrical about Dhoni’s experience (for Shakib’s wicket).

Meanwhile, talks of Jadeja being in World Cup contention are back on...

Bangladesh 75/5 after 23 overs

DROPPED! For the third match in a row, Chahal puts a catch down off his own bowling. He really needs to improve on that area. Mossadek gets a life. Generously flighted by Chahal, a lethargic looking on-drive by Mossadek and Chahal dives to his right and puts it down. Late to react.

Bangladesh 74/5 after 22 overs

Mahmudullah is the man Bangladesh will have their hopes pinned on and he hits a much-needed boundary when Chahal errs in his length. Rare short ball, pulled through midwicket for four. Chahal finishes that over with a peach of a leg-spinner, turning and bouncing.

Jadeja continues from the other end, concedes just two runs. Nearly 80 dot balls in the first 22 overs — that tells you the story of this innings.

Bangladesh 67/5 after 20 overs

“This innings is going nowhere,” says Kevin Pietersen on air as Bangladesh are struggling to score here. One run from Chahal’s over and one from Jadeja’s as dot balls begin to pile up.

Bangladesh 65/5 after 18 overs - JADEJA STRIKES AGAIN!

WICKET! And it’s the big one of Mushfiqur Rahim... what a comeback this is turning into for Ravindra Jadeja! Rahim reverse sweeps, and finds Chahal at short third man. Poor, poor shot given the circumstances his side is in.

Bangladesh 65/5 and in massive trouble.

Bangladesh 63/4 after 17 overs

Chahal returns to the attack and is SO CLOSE to getting the big wicket! Dhoni with lightning-quick glovework once again and... Rahim, though, is saved by the width of the spike on his shoes! After numerous replays, Erasmus gives not out and rightly so. You can imagine the controversy it would have generated had it been given out... (remember the World Cup?)

Bangladesh 60/4 after 16 overs - Jadeja strikes again!

An action replay of that LBW appeal that India didn’t review and this time it’s given out. And it’s the right decision... Bangladesh lose their review and Mithun’s wicket! Jadeja on a roll... Bangladesh in trouble.

DRINKS: Bangladesh 59/3 after 15 overs

Another tight over by Kuldeep, just three off it as drinks are called. The missed review might be a topic of discussion you’d think, eh?

In the other match: Afghanistan 57/2 after 15 overs. Nawaz with both the wickets for Pakistan.

Bangladesh 56/3 after 14 overs

13th over: Kuldeep starts to bring out his variations and it’s tough going for the Bangladesh batsmen. Rahim survives a massive LBW appeal but it was missing the stumps, India don’t go for the review. 50 comes up in that over.

14th over: Jadeja continues... Mithun plays a delightful reverse paddle for four. It was darted in on the middle stump by Jadeja, Mithun just delicately guided it past third man. A loud appeal from just Jadeja offf the last ball as he thinks it’s pad-first by Mithun, and he’s right. India don’t review and guess what – it’s three REDS on DRS!

Bangladesh 49/3 after 12 overs

Just one over for Chahal, as Kuldeep bowls the 11th and concedes just three. Jadeja continues from the other end and bowls a typically super-quick over, concedes just two runs.

EARLIER: After Shakib hit the second boundary, Dhoni went up to Rohit and had the field changed. And guess what? Shakib hit the ball straight to the man who was moved to square leg. The value of MSD’s experience!

Bangladesh 44/3 after 10 overs - an eventful return to ODI cricket for Sir Jadeja!

Jadeja oversteps in his 1st over in an ODI in more than a year... Shakib gets a boundary off the free hit (after some confusion over a dead ball call by the umpire). Shakib follows that up with another boundary, this time a sweep. Not quite the an ideal return to ODI cricket for Sir, but you never write him off. After being hit for two boundaries, he removes Shakib, who plays one sweep too many. The fielder - Dhawan - was moved there just for that shot.

A wicket in his first over on his comeback to the ODI side! And he’s delighted....

Bangladesh 31/2 after 9 overs

Chahal gets Rahim to miscue a sweep because of the flight, luckily for the Bangladesh batsman, the ball falls in no man’s land. Five singles in that Chahal over.

Bangladesh 26/2 after 8 overs

Oh, close! Bumrah gets the ball to nip back in sharply at good pace, Rahim can only get an inside edge to it. The ball flies past a diving Dhoni and goes for four. Streaky.

As is the norm, India bring on their third bowler towards the end of the powerplay but in Pandya’s absence, it’s Chahal who comes into the attack.

Bangladesh 21/2 after 7 overs - MAIDEN OVER

That Bhuvi bouncer to Liton Das, on further viewing, was really wonderful thinking by the Indian pacer. Surprised the batsman with a well-directed bouncer. The next over is a maiden by Bhuvi as Rahim gets his eye in. India have a silly mid-off in position, just next to the pitch. Slow nature of the pitch, could scoop one when the ball sits up. Good thinking.

In the other match: Afghanistan off to a steady start, 23/0 after 7 overs

Bangladesh 21/2 after 6 overs

Shakib finishes that Bumrah over with a lovely drive on the up. He’s joined by Mushfiqur Rahim in the middle — Banglaedesh’s two best batsmen have a rebuilding job on their hands.

5.1: Another wicket for India! Bumrah removes Hossain, who goes for a rash square drive and edges it. Dhawan completes the catch in the 2nd attempt at slip. India’s opening bowlers account for the opposition openers in quick time for the second game on the trot. Bangladesh 16/2

Bangladesh 16/1 after 5 overs - WICKET!

First breakthrough for India! Smart bowling by Bhuvi, as he goes for the bouncer to Liton Das who was trying to use his feet in the previous over. Liton top edges the pull and Kedar Jadhav completes a fine running catch at fine leg.

Bangladesh 14/0 after 4 overs (Das 7, Hossain 5)

In the match against Afghanistan last night, Bangladesh scored their first boundary in the 15th over. Liton Das hits a four in the 4th over today. A short of length ball by Bumrah, pulled through square leg. A three in the over off the first ball too as Hossain stroked one through extra cover. Confident start by the Bangladesh openers.

Bangladesh 7/0 after 3 overs (Das 3, Hossain 2)

Hossain plays the first shot in anger as he dances down the track to Bhuvi but can’t get any timing on it... fielded well by Rohit at mid-on to keep it to just a single. Das comes down the track as well and Bhuvi shortens his length cleverly.

Bangladesh 5/0 after 2 overs (Das 2, Hossain 1)

Maiden over by Bumrah to start his spell off, just a leg bye from that over. Working up some good pace already, is Bumrah.

Bangladesh 4/0 after 1 over (Das 2, Hossain 1)

Bhuvi induces a thick outside edge off Liton Das in the very first ball with some away movement and extra bounce... just the one slip in place so the batsman is safe. A harsh wide call by the umpire in that over too, kinda spoils a good over.

5.00 pm: Bhuvneshwar Kumar to start the proceedings for India....

4.58 pm: Team India in a huddle after the national anthems are done... We are all set for Super Four action at the Asia Cup.

4.49 pm: Remember, it’s a double-header at the Asia Cup today. In the other game, Pakistan take on Afghanistan and Amir is missing from the XI. Big call, eh? Afghanistan won the toss and chose to bat first there.

4.45 pm: PLAYING XIs

INDIA: Rohit Sharma(c), Shikhar Dhawan, Ambati Rayudu, Dinesh Karthik, MS Dhoni(w), Kedar Jadhav, Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuzvendra Chahal

BANGLADESH: Liton Das (W), Nazmul Hossain Shanto, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim, Mohammad Mithun, Mahmudullah, Mosaddek Hossain, Mehedi Hasan, Mashrafe Mortaza (C), Rubel Hossain, Mustafizur Rahmana

4.39 pm: TEAM NEWS

Guess who’s back in the playing XI for India! ‘Sir’ Jadeja of course... The last time he played an ODI for India was in July 2017 against Windies in Kingston.

4.32 pm: India have (FINALLY!) won the toss. Rohit Sharma decides to bowl first.

4.28 pm: India’s combination will be interesting as well. Will KL Rahul finally get a game? Will the bowling lineup be rejigged?

4.23 pm: Tired Bangladesh?

The Tigers were involved in a match that had no bearing whatsoever on the tournament less than 24 hours ago in Abu Dhabi. They are now in Dubai to face India in the all-important clash for them. The scheduling has been ridiculous in this tournament. Bangladesh had rested Mustafizur and Mushfiqur last night, so their two main weapons should be fresh at least.

04:15 pm: Hello all and welcome to the live blog of the Super Four encounter between India and Bangladesh as the Asia Cup enters the business end of the tournament.

India come into this game unbeaten in their two games while Bangladesh were handed a thrashing by Afghanistan in a meaningless, energy-sapping encounter less than 24 hours before this game.

For India, the worry will be the team combination as Hardik Pandya has been ruled out of the tournament owing to back spasms, while Bhuvneshwar Kumar might be rested after back-to-back games against Hong Kong and Pakistan. Left-arm pacer Khaleel Ahmed may come in place of Bhuvneshwar but it is still not clear as to who would be Pandya’s replacement. Deepak Chahar is flying in as the replacement player but it is unlikely that he will be drafted straightaway into the playing XI.

Manish Pandey can add batting depth and looks a possible addition in the middle-order, while Kedar Jadhav’s off breaks are more than handy, and he is expected to take care of Pandya’s quota of overs.

Captain Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan were amongst the runs in the first two matches while Ambati Rayudu and Dinesh Karthik looked solid against Pakistan.

Let’s see what the combination is for India today.