1.30 am: That will be all from us tonight..

‘Long time since I saw Bangladesh field as well as we did today. I hope we keep this up. Got lucky with my catch’: Mashrafe Mortaza.

Player of the match: Mushfiqur Rahim, for his fantastic 99.

1.21 am: The moment that turned the match in Bangladesh’s favour? A brilliant, brilliant catch by Mashrafe Mortaza to dismiss Pakistan’s best batsman, Shoaib Malik.

1.15 am: Once again, it’s going to be India v Bangladesh in the Asia Cup final. That will be played on Friday.

1.11 am: It’s all over in Abu Dhabi... The match ends in a whimper, much like Pakistan’s tournament. The Fizz doesn’t get his five-for but he and Bangladesh do more than enough to reach their 2nd consecutive Asia Cup final!

01.07 am: 38 runs needed from the last 6 balls. Or Mustafizur has six balls to take a five-for. Just a whole lot of swinging and missing going on at the moment from Pakistan’s last two batsmen, delaying the inevitable for Bangladesh.....

Pakistan 199/9 (41 runs required from 12 balls)

Bizarre over, Pakistani batsmen just swinging their bats, Mustafizur unable to connect with their edges. One run from that over.

Pakistan 198/9 (42 runs required from 18 balls)

SIX! OUTTA HERE. Shaheen Afridi hits a massive six over deep midwicket. The youngster is not going down without a fight. Nine from that over as bizarrely Shaheen refuses an easily double off the last ball in that over to Junaid.

The Fizz now has a chance to get his five-for...

Pakistan 189/9 (51 runs required from 24 balls)

The match could have ended in that over with a five-for off Mustazifur. One ball kisses the off-stump on its way to the keeper, off the last ball Liton puts down a tough chance off Shaheen.

Over: 45.1: OUT! Last batsman of any repute for Pakistan, Nawaz is caught in the deep off The Fizz, who gets his 4th wicket. It’s all but over for Pakistan. 186/9

Pakistan 186/8 (54 runs required from 30 balls)

A word for Mortaza who’s still throwing himself around in the field, with his injured finger, broken knees and all that. Lovely over from Rubel, just four off it.

Pakistan 182/8 after 44 overs

OUT! Celebration time for Bangladesh, surely? Hasan Ali goes for a hoick, Mortaza takes the catch. The Fizz gets the wicket, another cutter.

Pakistan 176/7 after 43 overs, 64 off 42 balls needed

Mehidy Hasan’s wonderful spell comes to an end: 10 overs. 28 runs. 2 wickets. Bowled 3 overs in the first powerplay!

From the other end, Mahmudullah’s 10 over spell comes to an end: 10 overs. 38 runs. 1 wicket and the big one of Imam. It was a lovely set-up, bowling two slower balls, flighted nicely and then fired one in wide.

Pakistan 169/7 after 41 overs, 71 off 54 balls needed

OUT! Is that the game for Bangladesh? BIG WICKET! Imam-ul-haq is stumped as Pakistan lose two quick wickets. Mahmudullah is delighted, Bangladesh fans are dancing in the aisles in Abu Dhabi!

Pakistan 165/6 after 40 overs, 75 off 60 balls needed

OUT! And the momentum shifts once more... Asif Ali is stumped by Mehidy Hasan with lethargic footwork. Liton Das makes up for his earlier miss. A maiden wicket! What an over.

Imam on his knees at the non-striker’s ends. He needs to get up and get going again... Nawaz the new man.

Pakistan 165/5 after 39 overs - need 75 off 66 balls

Six runs from Rubel Hossain’s over, as they play a clip of Imam’s various dabs to third man. Been a massive part of his game today.

MADNESS, ALMOST: Wow. Now Bangladesh almost bowl a delivery with 12 fielders on the field! Someone realises before the ball is bowled. “Have you changed the rules, Anil?” asks Sangkkara on air to Anil Kumble, who’s part of the ICC committee to decide modifications to the game.

Pakistan 159/5 after 38 overs - need 81 off 72 balls

37th over: NO BALL for not having enough fielders inside the circle. Free hit doesn’t cost Bangladesh though. Mistakes creeping in for Bangladesh now as the momentum starts to shift once again. 8 runs from that Mortaza over. Imam is loving the third man region when the fast bowlers are bowling.

38th over: Mehidy comes back and concedes 5 runs. Tight stuff.

Pakistan 146/5 after 36 overs - need 94 off 84 balls

Six runs from The Fizz’s over as Imam and Asif rotate the strike well. They look in control at the moment and if they take this game deep, Pakistan should still cross the line.

Pakistan 140/5 after 35 overs - need 100 off 90 balls

SIX! What a hit by Imam. Mortaza comes back and is welcomed by a lovely lofted hit over long on for a six, first of the Pakistan innings. 10 runs from that Mortaza over. Good fightback this by Pakistan as the match ebbs and flows.

Pakistan 130/5 after 34 overs

DROPPED! Oh dear. Liton Das seems to have spaced out. The second-choice keeper for Bangladesh, puts down a sitter with a lethargic effort. Mustafizur misses out on a wicket off the first ball of his second spell. Asif Ali the beneficiary as he played a late cut that Das somehow completely missed.

Pakistan 128/5 after 33 overs

That might be it for Mahmudullah perhaps? 8 runs off his 8th over, including a cut past point for four.

Mustafizur comes on for his second spell...

DRINKS: Pakistan 120/5 after 32 overs - need 120 more from 18 overs

FIFTY! With all the chaos surrounding him, Imam-ul-haq has held his nerve to reach a fighting half century, his 3rd in ODI cricket. He’s the man who Pakistan will be pinning their hopes on.

Pakistan 108/5 after 30 overs - require 132 runs from 120 balls

With Shakib missing, the fifth bowler position was supposed to be a concern for Bangladesh. Soumya Sarkar and Mahmudullah’s combined figures so far: 11 overs, 35 runs and 1 wicket. Mehidy Hasan comes on to bowl the 30th and concedes just 3 runs.

Pakistan 98/5 after 27 overs

In the last 5 overs, Pakistan have scored 8 runs and lost a wicket. Bangladesh are right on top with some exceptional fielding inside the circle and disciplined bowling from their part-timers. Simply no release of pressure happening.

Pakistan 96/5 after 26 overs

OUT! Shadab Khan’s struggles in the middle come to an end. He falls for a 24-ball 4 as Sarkar gets his first ODI wicket. Pakistan are in massive trouble. Especially when they let Bangladesh’s part-time bowlers get wickets.

Can Imam pull off a miraculous win for Pakistan now?

Pakistan 94/4 after 25 overs

Shabad’s struggling to find the gaps in the middle now and his innings has dried up the runs for Pakistan after Malik’s dismissal. He’s batting on a 22-ball 4. Though it’s understandable that he’d try not to lose any wicket. Rameez Raja and Aamir Sohail on air are on a criticism spree at the moment.

Pakistan 91/4 after 22 overs

Maiden over for Mahmudullah who replaces Rubel after that wicket-taking over. Bangladesh missing a trick by using their part-timers now? Mashrafe, by the way, is back on the field now.

Pakistan 91/4 after 22 overs

Shadab walks in higher than usual and he has the reputation of a solid batsman. But all eyes now on Imam, who could make a name for himself here. Three runs from Sarkar’s over meanwhile.

Pakistan 87/4 after 21 overs - BIG WICKET!

WHAT A CATCH! Mortaza has taken a stunner to remove Shoaib Malik — the prize wicket. Rubel strayed on the pads, Malik’s eyes lit up, he timed it well but uppishly. Mortaza plucked this out of thin air. And hurt himself in the process and has gone off the field.

Look how he threw himself to his wrong side!

Pakistan 85/3 after 20 overs

Mahmudullah taken off after 2 overs, Soumya Sarkar (remember the Nidahas Trophy final?) comes on to bowl his military medium as Pakistan settle into a nice rhythm. Rubel breaking his back from one end, trying to bounce out Imam and almost succeeds.

Pakistan 70/3 after 17 overs

Mahmudullah comes on to bowl after the drinks break and his spell could turn out be crucial tonight.

Shoaib MalikmMisses out on a rank short ball, walks away from the crease, takes guard again and steals a quick single to get off strike. Little things that make him the middle order stalwart he is.

Liton Das, meanwhile, has taken over keeping duties. Rubel continues from the other end and concedes nine runs in an erratic over that finishes with a leg glance by Imam for four.

50 partnership comes up.

Interesting Twitter conversation, this.

DRINKS: Pakistan 56/3 after 15 overs

Rubel Hossain replaces Mortaza as expected and concedes three singles in his first over. Rameez Raja reckons Bangladesh are making the same mistakes as Pakistan by allowing easy singles for the pair to build a partnership. That missed run-out opportunity looks pretty costly already.

Pakistan 53/3 after 14 overs

50 up for Pakistan in the 14th over. Malik has brought in some much needed to the proceedings for Pakistan. Looking in control of the situation. Imam giving him good company, taking on a tired-looking Mortaza in his fifth over. Down the track and lofted over mid-off. Mortaza would take himself off for the next over, you’d think. Nine runs from the 13th over.

Is this still Pakistan’s game to lose? The lack of genuine bowling options for Bangladesh might mean that is indeed the case.

Pakistan 40/3 after 12 overs

Tight bowling by Mortaza and Mehidy, just 3 runs from the first two overs after the first powerplay. Mehidy has impressed Kumble with his use of the width of the crease and varying his release points. Something he pointed out the Pakistan spinners didn’t really do.

End of the first powerplay:

Pakistan are 37/3
Bangladesh were 27/3

Still *technically* ahead in this match, are Pakistan. Can they post a similar recovery?

Mehidy comes back to bowl a tight 10th over.

Here’s some late night reading for you:

Pakistan 33/3 after 8 overs

Back-to-back boundaries for Shoaib Malik, one of those a brilliant straight drive. The next one, punched through the cover. The Fizz might have bowled the last over of this first spell as Pakistan’s best batsman is looking in fine touch early on.

Pakistan 25/3 after 7 overs

Runs for Pakistan after a couple of overs, one ball in Mortaza over kept awfully low (a cutter) but kept out well by Imam. Variable bounce on offer as well? That could throw a spanner in the works for Pakistan.

Pakistan 21/3 after 6 overs

Top over by The Fizz, back to back maiden overs for Bangladesh. One ball in that over lived up to the bowler’s nickname, cutting Malik in half with extra bounce and nipping back in.

Mushfiqur meanwhile is struggling a bit behind the stumps. Sangakkara observes he is not moving his feet and on cue, he gets a stretching routine from the slip fielder. Should Bangladesh risk another injury?

Pakistan 21/3 after 5 overs

Mortaza, ambling up to the crease as he does these days, bowls a maiden over to Imam ul Haq.

Pakistan 21/3 after 4 overs - WICKET!

Third wicket for Bangladesh, second for Mustafizur! Captain Sarfaraz walked in at No 4 and he walks back after hitting a couple of fours. Poor shot by Sarfaraz... it’s full and wide from The Fizz, the Pakistan captain edges one to Rahim.

Malik walks in and Pakistan almost lose their fourth! Massive mix-up for Pakistan. Malik and Imam are at the same end but Mahmudullah misfields at mid off, run-out chance lost. How big is that miss going to be?

Pakistan 13/2 after 3 overs

Good over from Mehidy, just two singles. Can Pakistan rebuild like Bangladesh did? Two batsmen who have been scoring decent runs in this tournament out in the middle now.

Pakistan 11/2 after 2 overs - Dream start for Bangladesh

If there was one thing that would have been said for sure in the Bangladesh dressing room, it would have been to take early wickets. They have two in the first two overs!

Sarfaraz walks in at no 4 again and gets going with a boundary through cover point.

Over 1.2: OUT! WHAT A START FOR BANGLADESH! Babar Azam is trapped in front by Mustafizur Rahman for 1 and Pakistan are tottering at 3/2.

Pakistan 3/1 after 1 over - WICKET IN THE FIRST OVER!

OUT! Oh dear, Fakhar Zaman’s poor run in this Asia Cup continues, he is dismissed for 1 in the first over. Mehidy strikes, Rubel with a sharp high catch at mid-on. Zaman tried to take the attack to the offspiner first up, but can get elevation on that stroke. Perishes cheaply again.

9.15 pm: Right, time for the Pakistan run-chase. Bangladesh start with the off-spin of Mehidy Hasan. Target: 240 for a place in the final

INNINGS BREAK: Target 240 for Pakistan

Plenty of praise for Junaid Khan as you’d expect.

INNINGS BREAK: Target 240 for Pakistan

Hero of the innings for Pakistan was Junaid Khan, with a 4-wicket haul on his comeback.

Felt the same pressure as making his debut but trusted god and his hard work, he says.

Bangladesh must defend 239 to prevent an India-Pakistan final.

Join us soon for Pakistan’s run-chase.

END OF THE INNINGS - Bangladesh 239 all out in 48.5 overs

Two wickets in 49th over. First Rubel is run out and then Mortaza goes for another big shot, can only find the fielder at long on. Hasan Ali wraps things up.

48.2: SIX! First six of the match and it’s a timely blow from Captain Mortaza. Proper golf swing on that, deposits a slower ball over the midwicket fence.

Bangladesh 232/8 after 48 overs - JUNAID GETS HIS FOURTH!

OUT! Junaid Khan strikes yet again. Reward for bowling a stump-to-stump line. It’s the big wicket of Mahmudullah as he went for a big hoick over the leg side and misses the ball, off stump goes for a walk.

Bangladesh 228/7 after 47

Just 26 runs in the last 5 overs as Junaid and Hasan Ali tighten the screws on Bangladesh. Good exhibition of death bowling.

Bangladesh 222/7 after 46 overs

Top over from Junaid Khan! A wicket and just one run, with four dot balls. Finishes the over with a beautiful bouncer to Mahmudullah. Pakistan turning on the screws at the death.

45.2: Junaid Khan picks up his third wicket (three more than Amir managed in his last 5 innings) as Mehidy clips one straight to midwicket. Bangladesh slip to 221/7, Mortaza walks out to the middle.

Bangladesh 221/6 after 45 overs

Shaheen finishes his 10-over spell with good figures of 47/2. The youngster continues to impress.

The last six overs will be split between Junaid and Hasan, the latter comes on to bowl the 45th and concedes 5 singles. Sarfaraz wouldn’t mind that right now.

Bangladesh 210/6 after 43 overs

Shadab finishes his spell with a 8-run over thanks to a boundary off the first ball by Mehdiy Hasan. Can Bangladesh push past 250 from here?

Bangladesh 202/6 after 42 overs - WICKET!

OUT! Mushfiqur Rahim falls on 99! Shaheen Afridi has him caught behind with the one that draws the batsman into a drive. The angle into him from around the wicket does the trick. Zaheer Khan would be proud of that dismissal. A fine knock comes to an end. He deserved a hundred, but alas it wasn’t to be. What a knock under pressure!

200 comes up in that over with a boundary for Mahmudullah, who holds the key for Bangladesh now.

Bangladesh 176/5 after 38 overs

Rahim is struggling even more now but Nawaz comes back and bowls a short ball to gift him a boundary. He moves on 87 with Mahmudullah now out for company.

Bangladesh 169/5 after 37 overs - WICKET!

Two quick breakthroughs for Pakistan, who are proving they are good at taking wickets in the 30-40 over period in ODIs. Shadab removes Imrul Kayes, the ball landing on a good length on the offstump and turning into the left-hander and hitting his back-leg. Rahim suggests not to review and it’s a good call. Three reds on DRS. Bowling change works for Sarfaraz.

Bangladesh 163/4 after 35 overs (Rahim 79*, Kayes 6*)

Shaheen continues as Sarfaraz goes for an attacking field against Kayes, who almost finds the fielder at short cover with a lofted square drive. Clears him though, and goes for four.

Bangladesh 157/4 after 34 overs (Rahim 78*, Kayes 1*) - WICKET!

A wicket, after nearly 30 overs for Pakistan and it’s Hasan Ali who strikes. His usual celebration is missing though, just relief. Mithun falls for 60, plays a horizontal bat shot, across the line. Lapse of concentration there. Poor shot to end a fabulous innings. Imrul Kayes is the next man in.


Bangladesh 152/3 after 33 overs (Rahim 75*, Mithun 59*)

Shaheen comes back into the attack. 150 up for Bangladesh. The quickest fifty of the innings for Bangladesh, coming in just 49 balls. Rahim once again just about makes it back while completing a double — didn’t look like he was in danger of getting out, but not moving well. Misses his timing with the pull as well. Bit of a struggle for him at the moment.

Bangladesh 148/3 after 32 overs (Rahim 72*, Mithun 58*)

Just when it looked like there was a hint of pressure building (17 balls, 8 runs leading up to the last ball of that over), Mithun walks down and smashed Junaid down the ground for a four. That after a bouncer. This is a great little battle.

UPDATE ON SHAKIB: He won’t be in the final even if Bangladesh is...

DRINKS: Bangladesh 143/3 after 31 overs (Rahim 71*, Mithun 54*)

Are Pakistan letting the game slip? Sarfaraz involved in a few discussions with the umpire, Junaid involved in exchanges with Mithun. Wickets not forthcoming.

Elsewhere in Asia: Here’s some more evidence for what a mess Sri Lankan cricket finds itself in right now.

Bangladesh 136/3 after 29 overs

FIFTY! Well played, Mithun! With a cracking pull shot for four off Hasan Ali, Mithun scores his 2nd ODI fifty, both coming in this Asia Cup, both in Rahim’s company. 10 runs from Hasan Ali over.

Bangladesh fans are dancing in Abu Dhabi...

Bangladesh 126/3 after 28 overs

Hasan Ali comes back into the attack from one end and Junaid from the other. Still no slip though as Rahim edges one through the vacant slip region for four. More frustrations for Pakistan. And Sarfaraz Ahmed.

Junaid’s over results in four runs.

Bangladesh are now showing more intent in the past few overs, in terms of increasing the scoring rate. Rahim’s limping might be behind that effort.

Bangladesh 116/3 after 26 overs

100-run partnership! With more excellent running between the wickets, Rahim and Mithun bring up their 2nd 100-run stand of this Asia Cup. Rahim needs some treatment in that over too, after a close runout call. This is energy-sapping. Will Rahim now go for his shots?

FIFTY! Another fighting half century for Mushfiqur Rahim. How many times has he done this? He is leading Bangladesh’s recovery once again, with his 30th ODI fifty. Comes in the 26th over.

Bangladesh 107/3 after 25 overs

A quiet four-singles over from Shadab is followed by an eventful Nawaz over where Mithun takes four twos — finding the gaps in front of square on both sides of the wicket. Sarfaraz is animated again as the misfields start to creep in. Great batting this by Mithun too, 8 runs from that over without any risk.

100 comes up in that over for Bangladesh.

Bangladesh 95/3 after 23 overs

After a couple of quiet overs, one each by Nawaz and Shadab, just the hint of frustration creeps into both Bangladesh batsmen who get away with mistimed shots in Nawaz’s 6th over. Rahim top edges a sweep that evades Imam while Mithun’s inside out lofted shot falls in no man’s land as well.

Partnership moves up to 83 runs. Rahim on 47*, Mithun on 33*

Bangladesh 83/3 after 20 overs

Four runs from Shadab’s over (where Sarfaraz, not for the first time in the tournament, shows his angry side to one of the fielder) followed by four more runs from Nawaz’s over. More excellent running between the wickets by the two Bangladesh batsmen. Slip comes in for Shadab now but doesn’t do any difference, 5 easy runs in that over.

Solid recovery this from Mushfiqur Rahim and Mithun. Pakistan pacers proving ineffective so far.

Last 10 overs, 56 runs and 0 wickets.

Bangladesh 70/3 after 17 overs

Seven runs from Malik’s over without taking a single risk. This partnership has steadily taken the momentum away from Pakistan.

Bangladesh 63/3 after 16 overs

Mushfiqur Rahim is at another level in this Bangladesh lineup. Shadab Khan comes into the attack and Rahim plays, first, the conventional sweep, followed by a reverse paddle for two boundaries.

50 partnership between Rahim and Mithun.

Bangladesh 55/3 after 15 overs - DRINKS

Bangladesh are slowly but steadily upping the ante in Abu Dhabi. Nawaz, after being respected for a couple of overs, is taken on by Rahim, moving across his stumps and playing a lofted slog sweep over fine leg. 8 runs from that over.

Hasan Ali out of the attack after his 3-over spell, oddly after bowling his best over yet. Malik comes in to the attack.

50 comes up in the 15th over for Bangladesh as Rahim and Mithun rotate the strike well, before the latter smacks a short ball through cover for a four, to make it a 7-run over.

Bangladesh 38/3 after 12 overs

8 runs from Hasan Ali’s over, thanks to a streaky boundary down to third man for Mithun. Three singles from Nawaz’s over.

End of first powerplay: Bangladesh 27/3

A horror review from Pakistan in that 10th over by Nawaz. how do you review that when you are the keeper and the captain?! Sarfaraz going full anti-Dhoni by reviewing a LBW that was missing leg stump by a fair distance.

All down to Mushfiqur Rahim and the middle order once again for the Tigers after another top order collapse.

Bangladesh 26/3 after 9 overs

Mushfiqur Rahim (what will Bangladesh do without him?) shifts gears. After a four off Shaheen, he plays a gorgeous cover drive off Hasan Ali for another boundary. Rahim is shifting gears.

Bangladesh 19/3 after 8 overs

Mithun yet to get off the mark after facing nine balls. Two runs from Junaid’s over followed by four in Shaheen. A bouncer outside off stump, upper cut for four down to the third man fence by Rahim. He’s middling the ball well but finding the fielder too often.

Hasan Ali comes in...

VIDEO: ‘Will you bowl or should we change the bowler?’ A typical Dhoni interaction, this one with with Kuldeep Yadav. Watch here.

Bangladesh 13/3 after 6 overs

Another top over from Shaheen, could have had Rahim’s wicket if Sarfaraz had the second slip in place. Just one run off it as he continues to extract good bounce and move the ball away from the right handers.

Bangladesh 12/3 after 5 overs - MAIDEN WICKET!

OUT! Exhibition of top quality new ball bowling by the Pakistan seamers! Liton Das is cleaned up by a beauty from Junaid Khan.... goes around the wicket, angles the ball in and gets it to straighten ever so slightly. Result? Timber! Dream fast bowlers’ dismissal.

Pakistan on fire.

Bangladesh 12/2 after 4 overs - WICKET!

OUT! What a start for Pakistan. Shaheen Afridi doesn’t his teammates help to get a wicket, decides to do it all by himself. Mominul is bowled by a peach, shortly after playing a lovely flick through midwicket for a four. Confident one ball, tentative the next. Bangladesh tottering and it’s perhaps all down to Mushfiqur and the middler order once again.

Bangladesh 5/1 after 3 overs

OUT! Junaid does what Amir couldn’t when he played — provide an early breakthrough for Pakistan. Sarkar falls for a five-ball duck, playing a mistimed pull shot.

(Shaheen Afridi must be wondering if only catches could be taken off his bowling too...)

Bangladesh 3/0 after 2 overs

Three runs from Junaid’s first over, while the impressive Shaheen Afridi starts off with a maiden.

5.00 pm: Right, the players are out in the middle after the national anthems. Junaid Khan runs in... Liton Das and Soumya Sarkar opening the batting for Bangladesh.

Stay tuned for regular updates...

4.52 pm: Looking back at yesterday’s thriller...

What was a dead rubber on paper turned out to be the best match of Asia Cup 2018. Thanks to Afghanistan being Afghanistan — a team that just enjoys playing their cricket.

Read here.

4.46 pm: PLAYING XI

Pakistan: Fakhar Zaman, Imam Ul Haq, Babar Azam, Sarfraz Ahmed, Shoaib Malik, Asif Ali, Shadab Khan, Mohammad Nawaz, Hasan Ali, Junaid Khan, Shaheen Shah Afridi

Bangladesh: Liton Das, Soumya Sarkar, Mohammad Mithun, Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Mominul Haque, Imrul Kayes, Mahmudullah, Mashrafe Mortaza, Mehidy Hasan, Rubel Hossain, Mustafizur Rahman

4.42 pm: Sunil Gavaskar slams Shakib al Hasan for not playing in this game. If you are the best player of your side, a fractured little finger shouldn’t keep you out of a must-win game.

4.36 pm: TEAM NEWS

Big blow for Bangladesh ahead of this must-win clash. Shakib al Hasan has been ruled out due to a fractured finger. Pakistan leave Mohammad Amir out, AGAIN.

Playing XIs coming up soon...

4.31 pm: Mashrafe Mortaza wins the toss. Bangladesh will be batting first in this big game.

4.28 pm: Two teams beaten soundly by India, two teams that just scraped past against Afghanistan. Pakistan and Bangladesh take on each other to find out who will play the Asia Cup against India.

“We have to find a way to dig ourselves out of the hole we are in at the moment. We will come back from this. We are at our best in must-win matches. That’s when we come to the party,” Pakistan coach Mickey Arthur had said. “I believe in our players. I think they are a fantastic bunch of players,” he added.

04:20 pm: Hello all and welcome to the live blog of the Super Four clash between Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Smarting from back-to-back losses at the hands of arch-rivals India, Pakistan will have their task cut out when they lock horns with a tricky Bangladesh side in a virtual semi-final of the Asia Cup in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday.

One of the two teams will be heading home after their final Super Four game at the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium, and given the backlash they received after the reverses against India, Pakistan will be eager to raise their game.

Bangladesh managed to scrape past a spirited Afghanistan in a last-over finish to keep their hopes alive, and having produced decent performances, save the loss against India, they will fancy their chances against Pakistan.