“People may have thought that after two and a half months, the guys would be flat. And they were against Hong Kong, but they’ve pulled themselves up well.” – India coach Ravi Shastri

“I was out for almost 15 months, so wasn’t feeling good. I was thinking whenever I get the opportunity, I wanted to prove myself. To myself, not to anyone else.” – Ravindra Jadeja

“I’ve been in this situation few months back. Knew field will be up for the final ball. I knew we can win if we went to the last ball. I’m still a batsman who can bowl.” - Kedar Jadhav

Bangladesh did well to stretch the game into the last over, but India bat deep and made sure they eventually got the win. An injured Kedar was a worry, but he stood firm and sealed victory for his side off the final delivery. Jadeja and Bhuvneshwar played valuable knock after Dhoni had set the tone for the chase after Rohit’s positive start. But, it was India’s spinners that kept India with a slight advantage. Bangladesh will rue their batting collapse. Several run-outs also poured cold water on their chances.

India win by three wickets! Clinch a record seventh Asia Cup title!
Mahmudullah strays down leg as India need 1 off 1. Kedar glances it down leg to seal a thrilling last-ball victory his side.

After 49 overs, IND 217/7 (Kedar 22*, Kuldeep 1*)
Kedar can’t get the ball through the gap, but gets two off the final delivery of the penultimate over. Equation now: India need 6 off 6.

WICKET! Bhuvi gone! Mustafizur gets him to edge it to the keeper. Bangladesh sniff victory here. Kuldeep joins Kedar in the middle. India still need another 9 off 11.
Bhuvi c Rahim b Mustafizur 21 (31b 1x4 1x6)

After 48 overs, IND 214/6 (Kedar 20*, Bhuvi 21*)
WICKET! Jadeja gets a faint edge off Rubel and is caught behind. The umpire had turned down the appeal, but Bangladesh called for a review and the decision was overturned. Injured Kedar comes back onto the field.
Jadeja c Rahim b Rubel 23 (33b 1x4)

After 47 overs, IND 210/5 (Jadeja 21*, Bhuvi 20*)
Last ball of an otherwise tidy over and Mustafizur strays down leg and Bhuvi gets enough bat onto it to guide to the fine leg fence. India will take it all day. India need another 13 runs from 18 balls.

After 46 overs, IND 205/5 (Jadeja 20*, Bhuvi 15*)
Bhuvi smashes Rubel for a six down the track. Tilts the advantage in India’s favour. India still need another 18 off 24 deliveries.

After 44 overs, 191/5 (Jadeja 17*, Bhuvi 6*)
Bhuvneshwar is getting frustrated after a few hits and misses. He’s batting on 6 off 17 balls. India need 32 off 6 overs. Mustafizur will bowl two of those. India will do well to target the other four.

After 42 overs, IND 186/5 (Jadeja 14*, Bhuvi 5*)
Jadeja and Bhuvi stitching together a useful stand. jadeja leads the way with a boundary off Islam to ease the tension a bit. India still need another 37 runs from 48 balls.

After 39 overs, IND 168/5 (Jadeja 1*, Bhuvneshwar 1*)
Kedar retires hurt. He walks off as the pain gets intolerable. Jadeja is now joined by Bhuvneshwar. They need another 54 runs to win off 11 overs.

After 38 overs, IND 163/5 (Kedar 19*, Jadeja 1*)
Kedar clearly struggling. Rohit signals from the dressing room asking him to stay at the crease. Stand and deliver seems to be the message. He can’t run. He’s skipping his step as he runs between the wickets. India need another 56 runs from 72 balls.

After 37 overs, IND 162/5 (Kedar 18*, Jadeja 1*)
WICKET! Dhoni gone! Big blow for India! He chases a ball pitched wide by Mustafizur and edges it to the keeper. India in trouble! They still need another 62 runs to win from 81 deliveries.
Dhoni c Rahim b Mustafizur 36 (67b 3x4)

After 35 overs, IND 154/4 (Dhoni 35*, Kedar 12*)
Kedar keeps clutching his hamstring. Not a good sign for India. The physio is out now taking a look the situation. The batsman, who has returned to XI after a lengthy time-off due to the same persisting problem, is key to India’s success today. The team will want him to bat on and give Dhoni company as they look to knock off the deficit. India still need another 69 runs off 90 balls.

After 34 overs, IND 152/4 (Dhoni 34*, Kedar 11*)
150 up for India! Kedar begins on positive note. Smashes a six early in his knock. India now need another 71 runs off 96 deliveries.

After 32 overs, IND 139/4 (Dhoni 30*, Kedar 2*)
Karthik’s departure has put India in bit of a bind. All eyes will on how Dhoni leads the team from here on. He has Kedar now for company and later Jadeja before the tail begins.

WICKET! Karthik is struck full on the toe off Mahmudullah’s bowling. The batsman plays across the line and messes it up. India lost their fourth wicket and are now in a spot of bother. Timely breakthrough for Bangladesh!
Karthik lbw Mahmudullah 37 (61b 1x4 1x6)

After 29 overs, IND 134/3 (Karthik 37*, Dhoni 28*)
Partnership between Karthik, Dhoni has now breached the 50-run mark. Has come at the right time for India. They now need 89 runs from 21 overs.

After 27 overs, IND 125/3 (Karthik 31*, Dhoni 25*)
Bangladesh letting the game slip? Dhoni, Karthik have settled down well and are now keeping the scoreboard ticking. Their stand has now swelled to 42* runs.

After 24 overs, IND 105/3 (Karthik 25*, Dhoni 12*)
100 up for India! Dhoni and Karthik have now added 22 runs for the fourth wicket India still need another 118 runs to win.

After 23 overs, IND 99/3 (Karthik 25*, Dhoni 6*)
Two overs now without a boundary. Dhoni has ambled onto 6 off 22 balls. Karthik too is batting on 25 off 40 balls. India have fallen under the required run-rate mark. Will want to get a move on here.

After 21 overs, IND 97/3 (Karthik 25*, Dhoni 4*)
SIX! Karthik breaks the shackles with a big hit off Islam. Karthik and Dhoni stringing together a useful stand. India still need another 126 runs from 29 overs.

After 19 overs, IND 88/3 (Karthik 18*, Dhoni 2*)
Rohit’s exit has slowed thing down a bit as Dhoni and Karthik look to settle down. Bangladesh have their tail up and smell a fightback. India need a decent partnership at this stage to ease the nerves a bit.

After 17 overs, IND 83/3 (Karthik 16*, Dhoni 0*)
WICKET! Rohit gone! Rubel gets the big one! The India skipper looks to pull on the front foot but plays it in the air and is caught out at deep square. India three down. They still need another 140 runs to win.
Rohit c Islam b Rubel 48 (55b 3x4 3x6)

After 16 overs, IND 83/2 (Rohit 48*, karthik 16*)
In the comm box, Gavaskar is incensed at Karthik’s harakiri. The middle-order batsman put his bat over the crease and did not ground it. He was lucky to have survived, but the former India captain isn’t please. Always ground your bat kids!

After 15 overs, IND 79/2 (Rohit 47*, Karthik 13*)
Mix-up between Rohit and Karthik, The skipper plays it down the ground and calls for a run. Karthik scoots off, but Rohit turns him back after taking a few steps ahead. Rohit still comes ahead even as Karthik gets back to the crease at the non-striker’s end. Rohit was stuck in no-man’s land thanks to his own indecision. Fortunately for him, the throw wasn’t at the keeper’s end. He lives to tell the tale.

After 14 overs, IND 73/2 (Rohit 41*, Karthik 13*)
Rohit has moved into the 40s. India also inching towards the 100-run mark. The skipper and Karthik have now added 25 runs for the third wicket. India still need another 150 runs to win from 36 overs.

After 12 overs, IND 63/2 (Rohit 38*, Karthik 7*)
India are maintain a run-rate of around 5, well over the 4.2 that is the required rate. Rohit is batting with immense confidence. Karthik too has settled down well.

End of the first powerplay
India are 57/2
Bangladesh were 60/0
Game on in Dubai?

After 10 overs, IND 57/2 (Rohit 36*, Karthik 3*)
Rohit with another fine boundary. Karthik nearly plays it onto his stumps. India look at ease when their skipper is on the strike, but there’s always a reason to be circumspect when others are facing the bowler.

After 9 overs, IND 52/2 (Rohit 31*, Karthik 3*)
Fifty up for India! Rohit is going about his task with little trouble even as wickets fall at the other end. India still need another 171 runs from 41 overs.

After 8 overs, IND 48/2 (Rohit 29*, Karthik 1*)
WICKET! Rayudu edges it to the keeper off Mortaza. He looks to work it to the onside and fails to middle the ball. Bangladesh have their second wicket and a whiff of a fightback.
Rayudu c Rahim b Mortaza 2 (7b)

After 6 overs, IND 43/1 (Rohit 27*, Rayudu 1*)
Rohit continues to punish the bowlers even after Dhawan’s exit. Smashes Mustafizur for a lovely six with a brilliantly converted pull shot.

After 5 overs, IND 35/1 (Rohit 20*)
WICKET! Dhawan fails to clear mid-off and holes out. Against the run of play. With three boundaries already under his belt, Dhawan was looking dangerous. Bangladesh get some luck going their way. India lose their first wicket.
Dhawan c Soumya Sarkar b Nazmul Islam 15 (14b 3x4)

After 4 overs, India 24/0 (Rohit 13*, Dhawan 11*)
A cracking square drive! Dhawan sees a hint of width and smashes this through cover point. Boundaries galore for India so far. And another half appeal followed by boos. (Clearly pitched outside leg for Rohit). Seven from that over by The Fizz.

After 3 overs, India 17/0 (Rohit 10*, Dhawan 7*)
Another boundary for Rohit off Mehidy Hasan, short-ish ball and put away with ease. Similar to the ball that he missed out on in the first over. Another half-appeal in that over and another round of boos, it sounded like. Is this going to be a thing?

After 2 overs, India 12/0 (Rohit 5*, Dhawan 7*)
The Fizz into the attack and starts with a good over. There was one ball strayed on the pads, that Dhawan put away with ease for a couple. A loud LBW appeal follows as he gets one to dart back in sharply. Umpire says no, rightly so. (Was there boos from the crowd? Sounded like that)

After 1 over, India 10/0 (Rohit 5*, Dhawan 5*)
There we go... two boundaries in the first over for India. Dhawan gets going with a cut past point off the first ball he faces. And then, Rohit. How good was the timing and placement on that flick by Rohit Sharma? Gentle push, races to the long leg boundary. Misses out on a long-hop later, but solid start for India.

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9.13 pm: If Bangladesh do want to stay in the game, they’d need an early wicket (or two) because the Indian openers have been in fantastic form. Rohit Sharma & Shikhar Dhawan are out in the middle. Mehidy will start off, just like he did with the bat...

9.00 pm: A battle to look forward to.

Rohit vs Mustafizur

While not having Shakib in the line-up could prove to be a major setback for the side, Mustafizur has a lot of tricks up his sleeve while Mashrafe’s experience comes in handy. But it’s the left-armer who will pose the most significant threat for Indian openers.

For India, a lot will depend on the start provided by Rohit (269 runs) and Dhawan (327 runs) but the former, in the past, has had troubles against the angle created by left-arm seamers in general, and Mustafizur, in particular. While during the tournament so far Rohit has shown good technique — Sunil Gavaskar observed how he has opened up his stance a bit — the odd ball has troubled him. Mohammad Amir induced a few edges in the first game while in the second, he almost had Rohit caught at short point, while Shaheen Afridi had a sitter dropped off his bowling in the cover region.

Mustafizur, for his part, has improved as the tournament has progressed and looked at his sharpest in the game against Pakistan. He had the ball nipping and bouncing awkwardly early on, and produced two wickets, including a peach to Babar Azam that Rohit would want to study carefully.

INNINGS BREAK: How useful is Kedar Jadhav to this Indian lineup?

Read this piece written after the first match against Pakistan in the tournament

INNINGS BREAK: After 20 overs Bangladesh were 116/0, they slide to 222 all out.

Some numbers for you: Jasprit Bumrah’s at the death overs (40-50) in this Asia Cup:

Pak: 1.1 overs, 2 runs, 2 wickets
Ban: 2.1 overs, 6 runs, 2 wickets
Pak: 4 overs, 15 runs, 2 wickets
Ban: 2.3 overs, 6 runs, 1 wicket
Overall: 9.5-0-29-7
ZERO boundaries conceded.


After Liton Das’ fine effort at the top of the order, the rest just collapsed. India’s spinners once again came to the fore in the middle-overs. Many Bangladeshi batsmen, however, were guilty of throwing away their wickets. India were brilliant in the field as well. Jadeja and Dhoni were in top form. Bangladesh’s total of 222 isn’t ideal, but it’s a final so India would do well to not get complacent.

BAN 222 all out in 48.3 overs.
WICKET! Bumrah bowls a fine yorker to dismiss Rubel. The wicket brings to a close Bangladesh’s stuttering batting effort.
Rubel b Bumrah 0 (2b)

WICKET! Dhoni in the midst of it again. He fashions another run-out. Sarkar this time. The keeper gets into position brilliantly, and dislodges the bails with the batsman just inches outside the crease.
Sarkar run out (Rayudu/Dhoni) 33 (45b 1x4 1x6)

After 47 overs, BAN 213/8 (Sarkar 27*)
WICKET! Another run-out! Miscommunication again between the batsmen. Islam and Sarka get into a mix-up. The former has to turn back, Manish Pandey is already on the ball and walks up to the stumps to dislodge the bails. Bangladesh eight down!
Islam run out (Pandey) 7 (13b)

After 46 overs, BAN 210/7 (Nazmul 6*, Sarkar 26*)
Bhuvi returns and Bangladesh do the sensible thing by picking the gaps and running hard. Three twos in that over and they have 8 runs to show for it. Crucial.

After 45 overs, BAN 202/7 (Nazmul 1*, Sarkar 23*)
Bumrah returns at the death (he’s yet to concede a boundary in the final 10 overs in this tournament!) and concedes just 3 runs (one of them leg bye). Another top finish on the cards?200 comes up for Bangladesh.

MILESTONE ALERT: Another feather in MSD’s cap...

After 44 overs, BAN 199/7 (Nazmul 1*, Sarkar 21*)
Chahal with another tight over as Bangladesh seek to restore some order to the proceedings. Kuldeep earlier finished his spell with figures of 3/45 after his 10 overs.

After 43 overs, BAN 196/7 (Sarkar 19*)
WICKET! Kuldeep gets another. This time stumps Mortaza. The batsman can’t pick the googly. Dhoni does the rest. Bangladesh seven down!
Mortaza st Dhoni b Kuldeep 7 (9b 0x4 1x6)

After 41 overs, BAN 188/6 (Sarkar 19*)
WICKET! Liton gone! Dhoni is lightning quick behind the stumps. Kuldeep draws Liton forward, and goes past his bat. Dhoni dislodges the bails in no time. The batsman, though, does well to drag his foot back, but its caught on the crease. It’s touch and go. The third umpire doesn’t give him the benefit. Bangladesh six down! Vital wicket for India. Liton’s fine effort comes to a close.
Liton st Dhoni b Kuldeep 121 (117b 12x4 2x6)

After 40 overs, BAN 178/5 (Liton 111*, Sarkar 18*)
Sarkar breaks the shackles a bit. Comes down the track and smacks Kedar for a six over midwicket. Liton and Sarkar have now added 29 runs for the sixth wicket.

After 36 overs, BAN 166/5 (Liton 107*, Sarkar 7*)
Dhoni misses a run-out chance! The unthinkable has happened. The keeper fails to collect a sharp throw. He dislodges the ball with the gloves but the ball had already slipped away. Sarkar, who’s bat was out of the crease, gets a life.

After 35 overs, BAN 160/5 (Liton 107*, Sarkar 4*)
As wickets tumble at one end, the run-rate is steadily falling. The drinks break has come at the right time for Liton who has slaved under the sun for his ton. He needs to get back in his groove if Bangladesh are to post a competitive total from here on.

After 33 overs, BAN 152/5 (Liton 104*, Sarkar 0*)
From 120/0 to 151/5. Bangladesh have lost five wickets for just 31 runs. It’s all happened in a span of 13 overs. Their middle-order has crumbled completely, pouring cold water over the openers’ fine effort. They still have Liton standing, but he’s all but out of partners.

WICKET! Mahmudullah holes out! Bumrah completes a fine high catch in the deep off Kuldeep. The pressure of the last few quiet overs seems to have forced that expansive shot. Bangladesh have now lost half their side.
Mahmudullah c Bumrah b Kuldeep 4 (16b)

After 32 overs, BAN 150/4 (Liton 102*, Mahmudullah 4*)
150 up for Bangladesh! If Bangladesh are to make a big one, they will want Liton to stick around. He seems tired, but it would his side’s case if he soldiers on.

After 29 overs, 147/4 (Liton 101*, Mahmudullah 2*)
100 for Liton! His maiden ton! Has played a brilliant knock so far. Led Bangladesh’s charge in the high-stakes final. He’s losing partners, but has carried on ably despite the heat.

After 28 overs, BAN 139/4 (Liton 95*)
ICKET! Mithun run-out! Brilliant work from Jadeja! Pulls off a fine diving effort to stop a boundary in the covers. The batsmen, though, are caught in a mix-up as Mithun joins Liton at the other end. Jadeja has the presence of mind to throw the ball at the non-striker’s end where Chahal dislodges the bails. Bangladesh four down!
Mithun run out (Jadeja) 2 (4b)

After 27 overs, BAN 138/3 (Liton 95*)
WICKET! Kedar picks up his second. Another soft dismissal. Rahim holes out! Doesn’t pick the fielder in the deep. Bangladesh three down!
Rahim c Bumrah b Kedar 5 (9b 1x4)

After 26 overs, BAN 135/2 (Liton 94*, Rahim 4*)
Wickets have fallen in quick succession but Liton carries on. The heat is unrelenting, but the hundred is up for the taking.

After 24 overs, BAN 128/2 (Liton 91*)
WICKET! Chahal strikes. Kayes is struck in front! He reviews it, but the ball would have hit the stumps. it pitches outside off and then turns back in. Bangladesh lose two wickets in quick succession.
Kayes lbw Chahal 2 (12b)

After 21 overs, BAN 120/1 (Liton 86*)
WICKET! Mehidy throws away his wicket. Plays it straight into the hands of Rayudu in the covers. Kedar once again hands India the breakthrough! This bowler always delivers! The dismissal ends his fine opening stand with Liton.
Mehidy c Rayudu b Kedar 32 (59b 3x4)

After 20 overs, BAN 116/0 (Liton 85*, Mehidy 29*)
Liton is in imperious form. gets two boundaries off Jadeja as he nears his hundred. India struggling to disrupt the flow for the Bangladeshi openers.

After 18 overs, BAN 102/0 (Liton 73*, Mehidy 27*)
100 up for Bangladesh!
Liton gets the team past the landmark with a streaky boundary. This is the side’s first 100-run stand in 27 ODIs.

After 17 overs, BAN 97/0 (Liton 69*, Mehidy 26*)
There’s a direct hit and India appeal for a run-out, but, Mehidy has made his ground!

After 15 overs, 86/0 (Liton 59*, Mehidy 25*)
This is now the second highest opening stand for Bangladesh against India. Jadeja making things difficult for the batsmen, but they are well set.

After 13 overs, 79/0 (Liton 58*, Mehidy 19*)
The dropped catch seems to have added some pressure on the Bangladeshi batsmen as spinners operate from either ends. The run flow has slowed down a bit.

After 12 overs, 74/0 (Liton 55*, Mehidy 17*)
DROPPED! Liton completes his half-century and then nearly throws it away! But, Chahal floors the high catch off Jadeja! Will it prove to be costly for India?

After 11 overs, BAN 66/0 (Mehidy 16*, Liton 48*)
Kuldeep comes into the attack. Starts off confidently. Concedes just a run as Mehidy offers the dead bat. India will hope the pressure over the past two overs results in a wicket or two quickly.

After 10 overs, BAN 65/0 (Mehidy 16*, Liton 47*)
Bhuvi finally gets an over in for India without conceding a boundary. Sticks to length deliveries just outside off. The batsmen choose not to try anything risky for a change. Just one run off that over.

After 9 overs, BAN 64/0 (Mehidy 16*, Liton 46*)
Bumrah doles out a full toss and Liton gets another boundary. He is now one shot away from reaching his half-century. India desperately need a breakthrough.

After 8 overs, BAN 58/0 (Mehidy 15*, Liton 41*)
Fifty up for Bangladesh!
Liton smashes Chahal for two sixes in an over. Nothing seems to be working for India at the moment. Was it a smart call to field first after winning the toss?

After 7 overs, BAN 42/0 (Mehidy 12*, Liton 28*)
Another over, another boundary for Bangladesh. The openers are dominating the Indian bowlers at the moment.

This is already Bangladesh’s best opening partnership of this Asia Cup! Their previous opening stands: 1, 15, 15, 16, 5.

After 6 overs, BAN 36/0 (Mehidy 11*, Liton 23*)
Chahal comes into the attack. Puts some pressure on the batsmen almost immediately. Starts off with three dots. Mehidy nearly chops the fourth onto the stumps, but is lucky to come away with his wicket intact.

After 5 overs, BAN 33/0 (Mehidy 9*, Liton 22*)
Liton Das with two more boundaries. Back to back. Bangladesh are on a roll. India’s frontline pacers have failed so far. India need a breakthrough quickly.

After 4 overs, BAN 25/0 (Mehidy 9*, Liton 14*)
First ball, Liton gets a boundary through square leg off Bumrah. India bowlers maintaining a disciplined performance, but the Bangladeshi batsmen doing enough to stay on top. Mehidy smashes one through covers off the last delivery to add more misery for Bumrah. He concedes 12 runs in that over.

After 3 overs, BAN 13/0 (Mehidy 5*, Liton 7*)
Bhuvneshwar with another fine over. Mixes it up with his line and length. The Bangladesh openers are quite plucky and look to keep the strike rotating. There was a run-out chance, but Jadeja throws it wide. The batsman was a foot short of the crease.

After 2 overs, BAN 8/0 (Mehidy 5*, Liton 3*)
Another streaky shot past the slips from the Bangladesh openers. This time Mehidy gets an edge of Bumrah. The ball, though, flies between the slip fielders and rolls into the fence for Bangladesh’s first boundary.

After 1 over, BAN 3/0 (Mehidy 1*, Liton 2*)
Bhuvi bowls a tight opening over. Mehidy Hasan in his new position as an opener starts off confidently. His partner Liton, though, is a bit edgy. Chases a wide delivery. The ball flies off his edge but he’s lucky that the ball is wide of the slips. Karthik puts in a dive at gully, but its too quick for him.

Anthems done! The players head into the middle! The first ball in the Asia Cup final to be bowled shortly!

Bangladesh XI: Liton Das, Soumya Sarkar, Mohammad Mithun, Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Imrul Kayes, Mahmudullah, Mehidy Hasan, Mashrafe Mortaza (c), Nazmul Islam, Rubel Hossain, Mustafizur Rahman.

India XI: Rohit Sharma (c), Shikhar Dhawan, Ambati Rayudu, Dinesh Karthik, MS Dhoni (wk), Kedar Jadhav, Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah.

“India are the No. 1 side. There’s always pressure in the final. If we can cope with it, we have a good chance.” - Bangladesh skipper Mashrafe Mortaza.

“Fielding first is something that suits our team and we have done that superbly, no reason to change it.” - India captain Rohit Sharma

India’s big guns are back after a breather against Afghanistan. Rohit, Dhawan will open. Bhuvneshwar and Bumrah will lead India’s pace attack. Chahal rejoins Kuldeep, Jadeja and Kedar in the spin department.

Toss: India win the toss and choose to field first.

Pitch report: Rameez Raja feels the wicket will not help spinners a lot. There are a few grass patches. But, Sunil Gavaskar differs in his assessment. He reckons the heat will help the cracks open up a bit. Both, though, reach a consensus, win toss and bat first,

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Mushfiqur Rahim | AFP

4.00pm: India will be aiming to reassert their continental supremacy while an injury-hit Bangladesh will hope to shrug off stage fright when the two sides square off in the grand finale of the Asia Cup on Friday.

A passionate Bangladesh turned out to be the party-poopers on Wednesday as they wrecked the prospects of an India-Pakistan summit clash with a gutsy performance despite losing key players to injury.

On paper, India will remain overwhelming favourites to win the tournament for a record seventh time while Bangladesh will be hoping to be third-time lucky in a summit clash.

Final of any tournament is a one-off game in complete isolation from how a team has performed in the tournament. Even the most consistent teams have slipped on the proverbial banana peel when it has mattered the most.

Add to this the fact that the Indo-Bangla cricketing rivalry has grown in intensity.

But what is definitely a dampener for Bangladesh heading into the final is the injury woes that the side is facing.

Star batsman Tamim Iqbal is already out with a fractured hand and Bangladesh will also not have premier all-rounder Shakib-Al-Hasan in the line-up owing to a finger injury.

He is expected to undergo surgery which will also force him out of the home series against Zimbabwe starting September 30.