Gourav Mukhi scored Jamshedpur FC’s first equaliser on Sunday night against hosts Bengaluru FC in a thrilling contest. The Indian Super League (ISL) twitter handle and the commentators on TV said that Gourav, at 16, was the league’s youngest goal-scorer.

Gourav, who sports a handlebar moustache that he twirls often, has a physical build that isn’t typical of a 16-year-old.

There have also been reports from 2015 of him being part of the Jharkhand team that was suspended by the All India Football Federation for age fraud.

The report alleges Gourav and four others submitted false birth certificates while playing for Jharkhand in the Coca Cola Cup in 2014-15.

Once he scored the goal in a thrilling finish, there was plenty of debate on Twitter over the age of the forward hailing from Jamshedpur and a debate on age fraud in Indian football, in general.