05.10 pm: That’ll be all from the day. If you are looking for something else to follow this evening, here’s the live blog of the India-China football friendly. The two teams are meeting after two decades!

STUMPS: India 308/4 after 80 overs (Rahane 75, Pant 85)

A testing over from Gabriel ends with a full toss to bring the curtains down on what has been a great day of Test cricket. It started with a Chase century and a six-for for Umesh Yadav. And then the Prithvi Shaw show once again, was followed by a good fightback from West Indies. Ajinkya Rahane and Rishabh Pant had the final say, with an unbroken century stand. No wickets in the final session, means India are back on top.

India 306/4 after 80 overs (Rahane 74, Pant 85)

Two runs from Gabriel’s over, two runs from Brathwaite’s.

Last over coming up, Gabriel with the ball in his hand.

India 302/4 after 78 overs (Rahane 72, Pant 83)

Chase and Brathwaite bowling in tandem — West Indies not opting to give their main bowlers a go at the end of day’s play? Perhaps hoping to lure Rahane or Pant into making mistakes. To their credit, the Indian duo are playing sensible cricket. Just rotating strike, leaving the deliveries that need to be left.

3 overs left.

And Shannon Gabriel comes back.

India 297/4 after 76 overs (Rahane 69, Pant 81)

5 overs left in the day. A boundary for Rahane off Warrican which was a gift by Windies fielders. Two men at midwicket stand looking at each other as the ball goes through the gap between them and for four. Pant is into the 80s.

Chase replaces Bishoo, as Rahane scores another boundary. A well-placed cut through point. He needs a little bit of attention after that, seems like his hands were cramping. A break in play ensues but Rahane is good to continue.

India 285/4 after 73 overs (Rahane 60, Pant 78)

BACK TO BACK SIXES! 8 overs to go in the day and you’d think batsmen would start thinking about shutting up shop. Not Pant, though. Goes after Warrican and how! First, a mishit clears long on. And off the next ball, he shows how far he can hit the ball if he connects well. Massive six! What a cricketer.

India 270/4 after 70 overs (Rahane 58, Pant 65)

After a couple of quiet overs, Pant dances down the track against Bishoo and slams one down the ground for four. Didn’t get the elevation he wanted but powerful enough to beat the fielder at mid-off.

The 100 partnership is up between the two as well.

A look at where Rahane’s runs have come from:

India 260/4 after 67 overs (Rahane 54, Pant 59)

More urgency in India’s scoring now with spinners bowling from both ends. Bishop makes the point on air that we touched upon earlier about Rahane looking much more assured in this game, in defence and while scoring. The self-doubt has been absent. This should augur well for him and the team.

India 251/4 after 64 overs (Rahane 50, Pant 54) - MILESTONES GALORE

Half centuries for both Rahane and Pant! An important fifty (personally and for the team) as Ajnikya Rahane gets to the landmark off 122 balls. And for the third consecutive Test innings, Rishabh Pant goes past 50. The youngster is in fine form. Gets to the landmark in 67 balls.

250 up for India as well in that Bishoo over.

DRINKS: India 245/4 after 63 overs (Rahane 49, Pant 49)

Warrican comes back into the attack and it’ll be spin from both ends now. Both Rahane and Pant move on to 49 as India trail by 66 runs.

India 242/4 after 62 overs (Rahane 46, Pant 48)

Gabriel is now taking forever to finish his overs, often on his knees. About time he’s given a break you’d think. Rahane gets a boundary in that over as Gabriel strays on to the pads. Bishoo from the other end and Pant welcomes him with a wristy sweep past square leg for four. Rahane misses out on a rank short ball, gets hit on the ribs and has a laugh.

India 230/4 after 60 overs (Rahane 40, Pant 43)

Rishabh Pant moves into the 40s with back-to-back boundaries but the second was a reckless shot. A late cut followed by an attempted slog sweep that fell just short of the fielder at long on. Ajinkya Rahane has a word with him and rightly so.

India 220/4 after 59 overs (Rahane 39, Pant 34)

Whisper it, but it looks like Rahane has found a good flow going in this innings now. He’s not really been troubled per se, but the confidence is showing in the shots now. 8 runs from that Gabriel over — a rasping cut to deep point for 2, a gentle straight drive for 4 (another misfield), and a confident pull shot for another 2.

Gabriel looks down and out for the moment, after a lung-busting spell.

India 212/4 after 58 overs (Rahane 31, Pant 34)

Cant’t keep Pant quite for long, especially if your fielding has been as poor as West Indies’ has been today. Pant cuts a short ball from Chase but it was straight to point, let through for four.

50 partnership up between Pant and Rahane.

India 207/4 after 56 overs (Rahane 30, Pant 30)

Chase and Gabriel continue as the runs begin to dry up for both batsmen for the time being. Pant seems to have steadied himself after that dropped chance. Gabriel trying the bouncer tactic against Rahane, which has worked in the past, but Rahane handles it for now. The commentators reckon that pitch has slowed down and the bounce is spongy now.

India 202/4 after 54 overs (Rahane 28, Pant 29)

DROPPED! The stand-in keeper Hamilton, who’s struggled at times with his footwork, makes a meal of what looked like a fairly regulation catch and Rishabh Pant gets a life. Gabriel is not pleased as the ball rolls to third man fence for four.

That could prove mighty costly.

200 up for India.

India 195/4 after 54 overs (Rahane 26, Pant 24)

Just one run from Chase’s over as Rahane goes off strike. You could sense that Pant is itching to go after Chase but is just holding himself back. Looks a tad fidgety, does the youngster.

India 194/4 after 53 overs (Rahane 25, Pant 24)

6 overs in the sessions so far and India have scored 21 runs. Important for India to not go into a shell at this point. Pant will ensure that the team doesn’t do that but Rahane has to keep taking the singles.

India 184/4 after 50 overs (Rahane 25, Pant 14)

Two fours have eased the pressure a bit. Rahane has been kept quiet for far too long by some good bowling. Now, with Pant at the other end, one can expect some shots to be played. Will that help Rahane get his touch back?

India 173/4 after 48 overs (Rahane 19, Pant 9)

A maiden over by Roston Chase to Rishabh Pant to start things off.

2:31 pm: Alright, time for the final session of day two. Can the Windies take a first innings lead?

Ind 173/4 after 47 overs (Rahane 19, Pant 9)

A vital session for India coming up. Rahane hasn’t been in the best of form especially at home and he will have to play a big role today.

Ind 173/4 after 47 overs (Rahane 19, Pant 9)

And that is tea. 31 runs, 93 runs, 3 wickets – good session for the West Indies. The manner in which Shaw was going, it had looked as if the Windies would be chasing leather for much of the session but the visitors have fought back by claiming three big wicket – Shaw, Pujara and Kohli – to put the pressure back on the Indian team. India trail by 138 runs with 6 wickets remaining in the innings.

Ind 162/4 after 42.5 overs (Rahane 18)

WICKET! Out of the blue, we have a wicket. Holder got one to seam back into Kohli. The Indian skippers bat came down at an angle and he was hit on the pads. He decided to go for a review and it showed that the ball would have hit the leg-stump. The umpire had given the batsman out.

V Kohli lbw b Holder 45 (78b, 5x4)

Ind 160/3 after 42 overs (Kohli 43, Rahane 18)

The Windies have slowed things down but Kohli is starting to score a little bit more freely now. Did the West Indies miss a chance to create a wicket? Given that the batsmen weren’t looking to hit shots, Holder perhaps missed a trick there.

Ind 141/3 after 35 overs (Kohli 25, Rahane 15)

Slow and steady by India. They are looking to cut out the risks but the Windies are bowling well too.

Ind 133/3 after 30 overs (Kohli 21, Rahane 13)

Things have slowed down considerably since the fall of Shaw’s wicket in the 19th over. The boundaries have dried up. Bishoo has started well and had bowled two maidens on the trot.

Ind 122/3 after 24 overs (Kohli 18, Rahane 7)

Kohli and Rahane are looking to rebuild after that whirlwind innings by Prithvi. The Windies have put up 311 runs and India just need to be a little careful here.

Ind 102/3 after 20 overs (Kohli 3)

WICKET! Pujara edges that to the keeper and the West Indies have another wicket. The visitors are fighting back but this is another great opportunity for Rahane to get some runs now.

C Pujara c sub (JN Hamilton) b Gabriel 10 (41b, 2x4)

Ind 98/2 after 18.4 overs (Pujara 9)

WICKET! Prithvi throws it away. He got carried away a little. Warrican gave that some air, but Prithvi failed to keep it on the ground. He was probably trying to avoid the fielder but this was another 100 for the taking.

P Shaw c Hetmyer b Warrican 70 (53b, 11x4, 1x6)

Ind 80/1 after 16 overs (Shaw 52, Pujara 9)

And that is lunch. A brilliant first session for India. Umesh cleaned up the Windies tail quickly and then Shaw hammered the Windies bowlers all over the park. India are 231 runs behind at the moment but the pitch seems to be very good for batting.

Ind 74/1 after 14 overs (Shaw 50, Pujara 5)

50 off 39 balls. Prithvi Shaw is making Test cricket look easy. On air, Gavaskar talks about how the 18 year old is making a case to be included in the ODI squad as well.

Ind 72/1 after 12 overs (Shaw 48, Pujara 5)

DROPPED! Prithvi (47) gets a life. Shaped to play the square cut but first slip fails to hold on. Tough chance. It took a deflection off the keepers gloves too. But this was a big, big chance.

Ind 61/1 after 8.4 overs (Shaw 42)

WICKET! KL Rahul falls. Plays on. Bowled. A crisis of confidence. His bad run continues. Would one still take Rahul to Australia? He clearly has a major technical problem. He has been out bowled or LBW in 11 of his last 13 Test innings now.

KL Rahul b Holder 4 (25b)

Ind 61/0 after 8 overs (Shaw 42, Rahul 4)

One can’t help but be reminded of the Sehwag days as Shaw gets started. This is some solid hitting.

Ind 43/0 after 5 overs (Shaw 25, Rahul 4)

The Windies bowlers have been indisciplined and India have made the most of that. There doesn’t seem to be a clear gameplan for either of the openers. Prithvi is particular has been severe on anything loose but Rahul seems to be a tad nervous.

Ind 15/0 after 1 over (Shaw 11, Rahul 3)

India are off to a flyer but that is just what Prithvi does. He will play his shots and Rahul need to just stay in there.

Ind 0/0 after 0 overs (Shaw 0, Rahul 0)

KL Rahul has been bowled or LBW in 10 of his last 12 Test match innings and that is something the WI bowlers would have taken note of. Shaw will look to make a good impression once again. Can the visitors bowl more intelligently at him? Indian innings all set to start.

WI 311 all out after 101.4 overs (Warrican 6)

And that is that. A superb morning for India. Umesh Yadav claimed all the three wickets to fall this morning and has helped the hosted wrap up things rather quickly. Just what Kohli would have been hoping for.

Career-best bowling figures for Umesh (26.4-3-88-6). He got movement and he made it count.

S Gabriel c Pant b Yadav 0 (1b)

WI 311/9 after 101.3 overs (Warrican 6)

WICKET! Umesh gets the big wicket of Chase. Also the fifth innings of the innings for the paceman. The early wickets meant that Chase was looking to force the pace and that didn’t quite go as planned. Umesh has been getting some movement all morning. Good bowling.

R Chase b Yadav 106 (189b 8x4 1x6)

WI 303/8 after 97 overs (Chase 100, Warrican 6)

A quick single to midwicket gets Chase his fourth Test century! Wonderful, wonderful knock. Classy knock.

WI 296/8 after 96 overs (Chase 99)

WICKET! Bishoo doesn’t last long, Umesh Yadav gets his 4th wicket. Played on. The ball seemed to stay a little low, Bishoo chose to play it on the back foot and got the inside edge back onto the stumps.

D Bishoo b Yadav 2 (20b 0x4 0x6) SR: 10.00

Learn from Chase

The trick was reading the match situation better. Chase and the West Indian lower order just seemed understand the rhythms of Test cricket better than the top order. That was the vital difference. The top order went looking for the big shots… for the impact shots while the lower order looked to stay there in the middle, content in the knowledge that if they could do that, the runs would come.”

Read the full piece here

Bishoo can bat

“Bishoo can score runs and keep his wicket intact. Ideally you’d look at the magic number of 400 in the first innings,” said West Indies coach Stuart Law at close on Day 1.

“350, 400 will be ideal for us and obviously the new ball with Shannon Gabriel, with his express pace, and Jason Holder back with his bounce and swing, we can get early breakthroughs and expose the middle order of India and put them under pressure.”

But Law acknowledged that his team will “have to work our socks off to get to 350”.

The pitch

Traditionally, the pitch doesn’t change too much on Day 2 at Hyderabad. It remains good for batting. So the West Indies would love to hang in there for as long as possible. India, on the other hand, will want to wrap up the WI innings as soon as possible and get their batsmen out there.

09.00 am: Hello and welcome to The Field’s live blog of day two of the second Test between India and West Indies in Hyderabad.

Roston Chase hit an unbeaten 98 Friday to give the West Indies hope of setting a challenging total as they battle to level their Test series against India.

The tourists were 295 for seven at stumps after electing to bat first in the second and final Test in Hyderabad.

West Indies at times looked in trouble but Chase built crucial partnerships, including a 104-run seventh-wicket stand with skipper Jason Holder, who made 52. Chase was accompanied by Devendra Bishoo, on two, at the close of play.

Holder made a strong return after missing the opening defeat in Rajkot with an ankle injury, hitting his eighth Test fifty.

The second new ball did the trick for India as paceman Umesh Yadav got Holder caught behind on a rising delivery.

Umesh and spinner Kuldeep Yadav claimed three wickets each to rattle the WestIndies middle order as the tourists slipped to 113-5 and then 182-6.

But Chase kept his calm to counter attack with wicketkeeper-batsman Shane Dowrich in a 69-run sixth-wicket stand, as skipper Virat Kohli mixed and matched the Indian bowlers.