9.05 pm: Right, that’s that then from our end for the first ODI. Stay tuned for match report, Kohli-Rohit appreciation and more. Until next time, thanks for joining us.

Virat Kohli, captain and man of the match: ‘320 targets can be tricky. We needed just one big partnership. Happens very rarely (that Rohit plays second fiddle) because I usually play anchor. I enjoy batting with him. When a team like Windies bat well, it’s hard to contain. You saw how the pitch was, we chased with 8 overs to spare. I won’t be too harsh on the bowlers but we need to apply ourselves better at the end’

Jason Holder: ‘Extremely pleased with the way we batted. Everybody chipped in, I thought it was a decent effort from us. I thought we probably got a par score, looking back. Exciting to watch Hetmeyer, the character he showed today and the way he backed himself was great. Still a young team, and hopefully we come back in the second ODI.’

MILESTONE ALERT: Rohit Sharma becomes the first man in ODI history to score 150-plus SIX TIMES. Sachin and Warner have scored five each.

Ind 320-2 after 42.1 overs (Rohit 152, Rayudu 19)

India win by 8 wickets. Rohit finishes it off with a six – he just got better and better as his innings went on. West Indies got a decent total on board but Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma made it look easy. Both got big hundreds and the visitors just didn’t have a chance.

Ind 303-2 after 40 overs (Rohit 132, Rayudu 19)

Rayudu getting into the act as well. A wonderfully timed straight drive to start things up and then a big six off Thomas.

The focus of the day though will be Kohli’s spectacular knock:

Ind 267-2 after 35 overs (Rohit 115, Rayudu 3)

Rayudu just needs to make sure he stays in the middle. The run-rate isn’t an issue but he needs to play himself in.

DRINKS: India 256/2 after 33 overs - KOHLI DISMISSED!

He’s gone! A masterful innings comes to a end. Virat Kohli is stumped off Bishoo after a splendid 140 off 107 balls. That was a beauty by Bishoo, drawing Kohli out and spinning it away. A standing ovation from the Guwahati crowd!

Now for the audition that Rayudu was promised.

India 248/1 after 32 overs - CENTURY FOR ROHIT!

31st over: Two boundaries for Kohli off Bishoo, a late cut and a punch through offside.

32nd over: Virat Kohli dances down and hits a six over long on, and Rohit Sharma hits one over square one ball later. AND ROHIT SHARMA GETS TO HIS TON WITH AN OFF DRIVE FOR FOUR! 20TH ODI TON! 19 runs from that over

India 217/1 after 29 overs - LAST 30 BALLS 60 RUNS!

Oh dear, this is turning into an absolute thumping for the Windies bowlers. 12 runs from Ashley Nurse’s over followed by 19 runs off Roach’s over. Two fours and a six for each of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. That Kohli six was just ridiculously good, flicked over midwicket off a fast bowler.

200-run partnership - FIFTH BETWEEN THE TWO!

India 186/1 after 27 overs - CENTURY FOR VIRAT KOHLI!

All rise for The King. 36th ODI TON! Goodness, this is just scintillating cricket. A cover drive to the right of point to get to the century followed by a boundary to the left of the fielder at point.


India 177/1 after 26 overs - Rohit 71, Kohli 97

CHANCE! Kohli almost scoops one into the hands of the fielder at midwicket but the chip just evades Rovman Powell. A rare false shot. Another boundary for Rohit in that over, another crunching cover drive.

India 168/1 after 25 overs - Rohit 65, Kohli 94

A long over from Bishoo! Two free-hits in the over as he oversteps twice. One of the free-hits is driven through cover for four. Later in the over, a pull shot for another four. 150 partnership comes up as well.

Kohli into the 90s now and looking more than well set for the ton.

India 157/1 after 24 overs - Rohit 56, Kohli 94

Kohli continues to find the boundaries with alarming ease. Flick off Thomas who’s pace has drastically dropped in the second spell. 150 comes up in the 23rd over.

India 148/1 after 22 overs - Rohit 54, Kohli 87

FIFTY FOR ROHIT SHARMA! It feels like a sedate innings by his usual standards but his strike rate has crossed 100 now. Gets to the fifty and celebrates it by playing an elegant off drive for four. Thomas welcomed back into the attack with a 7-run over.

India 141/1 after 21 overs - Rohit 49, Kohli 85

BACK-TO-BACK SIXES! We don’t often see Rohit Sharma play second fiddle in an ODI innings but that’s what he had been doing — until that over. Down the track, lofted one over long on. Makes Bishoo shorten his length and pulled over midwicket. Clinical ability to clear the boundary rope.Rohit moves on to 49 off 49 balls.

India 121/1 after 19 overs - Rohit 34, Kohli 80

Into the 80s goes Virat Kohli! Just an astonishing off-drive in that over off Bishoo. Driving it inside out for a ball that pitched on middle and leg. All wrist, all class. Finishes the over with a cut through third man, for another boundary.

India 110/1 after 18 overs - Rohit 33, Kohli 70

BOUNDARY! Gosh, how easy did Kohli make that look? Holder gets one to rise up from short of good length but Kohli just took a step forward and cut it down with a straight bat. Just extraordinary.

100 partnership between Kohli and Rohit, yet again.

DRINKS: India 104/1 after 17 overs - Rohit 32, Kohli 65

Bishoo comes on and concedes a couple of singles. The boundaries have dried up in the past few overs but India still very much on track in this run-chase. 219 needed in 33 overs.

India 102/1 after 16 overs - Rohit 31, Kohli 64

100 comes up for India in the 16th over. Three singles conceded by Ashley Nurse.

A look at how good Kohli has been in ODIs in 2018. Stunning numbers.

India 99/1 after 15 overs - Rohit 30, Kohli 62

Three singles from Holder’s overs, six singles from Nurse’s over and India are now consolidating after that scintillating powerplay.

India 90/1 after 13 overs - Rohit 25, Kohli 58

Holder strays on Kohli’s pads and it’s easy pickings for the Indian captain who helps himself to another boundary.

Tight over by Nurse from the other end, just three singles off it.

India 82/1 after 11 overs - Rohit 23, Kohli 53

HALF CENTURY FOR VIRAT KOHLI! His 49th 50 in ODIs. It has taken him just 35 balls. 10 fours. He didn’t even look like he was trying! That four was a bit streaky though as he cut Ashley Nurse uppishly and just about cleared the short third man.

Rohit finishes the over with a pull through fine leg. India motoring along.

India 71/1 after 10 overs - Rohit 18, Kohli 47

END OF POWERPLAY ONE: What a start this for India as Kohli continues to power ahead. Two more boundaries off Jason Holder’s first over. First, a well-timed tuck off the hips that teases the fielder before reaching the fence. Next, a leg-glance that is misfielded by Roach at short-fine.

KOHLI HAS MOVED TO 47. Phenomenal. And more milestones for the Indian captain.

India 61/1 after 9 overs - Rohit 18, Kohli 38

Another four for India. Rohit this time, with a flick through fine leg. 90s kids will know that as the Saeed Anwar shot. That bring up the 50-run partnership for the second wicket. They are making it look easy.

India 57/1 after 8 overs - Rohit 14, Kohli 37

50 up for India and Kohli is racing into the 40s! Three boundaries in the last two overs. Couple of short balls from Roach and Thomas, pulled all the way along the ground for a couple of boundaries. Another short ball outside offstump is smacked over point. This man makes white-ball cricket look like a walk in the park.

India 41/1 after 6 overs - Rohit 14, Kohli 22

17 runs from that over!

An eventful over that. At first look, 17 runs could tell you it was a poor over. Sure enough, there were a couple of poor deliveries but 7 of those runs came from the edges of Kohli’s bat. One, a thick outside edge and the other a leading edge through cover. Kohli helps himself to another boundary when Thomas strays on to the pads. Off the last ball, Rohit hits his first SIX of the match and - surprise, surprise - it’s a front-foot pull.

India 23/1 after 5 overs - Rohit 8, Kohli 11

Another boundary for Kohli, a typical wristy flick through midwicket, albeit a bit uppish. Followed by four dot balls by Roach, who managed to also induce a leading edge by Kohli. Interesting battle, this.

India 18/1 after 4 overs - Rohit 7, Kohli 7

Good, solid over by Roach for just two runs.

There is excitement in the air with Thomas running into bowl at Kohli. The youngster is working up some real pace. Strays in line once and Kohli is too good to miss out, flicked for four.

India 10/1 after 2 overs - Rohit 6, Kohli 0

WICKET! What a first over in ODI cricket! Thomas gets Dhawan to play on to his stumps with a ball that bounced awkwardly from a good length (or just short of). The over started with a series of full balls and the shortish one did the trick. Brilliant set-up.

Dhawan out for 4

India 6/0 after 1 over - Rohit 6, Dhawan 0

A streaky first over all around. First ball is short and wide, Rohit goes chasing and gets the toe end of the bat. Then an overthrow results in a couple of runs. Off the last ball, an outside edge off Rohit goes for four. Not the best advert for quality cricket, that over.

5.45 pm: Right, time for India’s run-chase to begin. Rohit and Shikhar out to to bat, Roach with the new ball in his hand.

INNINGS BREAK: It is a total that will give them hope but will it be competitive enough? Still, India will need to go out there and score the runs. Hetmyer the star for WI with a classic 106 off just 78 balls and the rest did enough to make sure India won’t be able to take this easy. It might just give Rayudu a chance to properly audition for the No 4 slot.

After 50 overs, Windies 322/8 - Bishoo 22, Roach 26

15 runs from the final over!

Couple of boundaries in that over for Roach, one through midwicket and one through fine leg off a streaky inside edge.

An unbroken 44-run partnership at the end between Bishoo and Roach means Bumrah and Bhuvi’s stocks soar every time they are rested from white-ball cricket.

After 49 overs, Windies 307/8 - Bishoo 20, Roach 15

BIG OVER! 300 up for the Windies! Two boundaries for Bishoo. Poor bowling by Shami. Strays on the pads with the fine leg up, Bishoo flicks for four. Then goes full with mid-off up, smacked down the ground for four.

And there’s that psychological boost for this young team. Credit to Bishoo and Roach for steadying the ship after Holder’s wicket.

Shami has been taken to the cleaners - 10 overs, 81 runs for 2 wickets.

After 48 overs, Windies 299/8 - Bishoo 12, Roach 15

Roach smashes Khaleel for a six! He threw his bat at it and connected well, hitting over the vacant cow corner. Not quite the finish Khaleel was looking for. 64/1 after his 10 overs.

After 47 overs, Windies 291/8 - Bishoo 13, Roach 7

Four runs from Shami’s over as he adds some respectability to his Economy Rate. 74/2 after 9 overs.

After 46 overs, Windies 287/8 - Bishoo 12, Roach 5

Four singles in Khaleel’s over and three singles in Umesh’s as Roach and Bishoo pretty much decide to drop anchor and see out the fifty overs. Not bad strategy, to be honest.

Shami comes back.

After 44 overs, Windies 280/8 - Bishoo 9, Roach 1

WICKET! Tossed up, Holder tries to sweep by going across the stumps and misses the ball. Bowled. That ball might just be the difference between a fighting total and a below-par one for Windies. Holder should have known better than to lose his wicket to Chahal in his last over.

Chahal’s figures: 10-0-41-3. Brilliant from him today.

After 43 overs, Windies 277/7 - Holder 38, Bishoo 7

Expensive over from Khaleel as he strays on to Bishoo’s pads.

The projected score is still 320-plus but Windies don’t have wickets in hand. It all depends on Holder.

Chahal into his last over.

After 42 overs, Windies 268/7 - Holder 36, Bishoo 1

DROPPED! Rishabh Pant puts down a sitter at long on. Holder gets a reprieve. He’s not looked quite comfortable as a fielder today and he looked ungainly going for that catch. A loud appeal for stumping against Bishoo and it needs plenty of replays to be ruled not out.

Holder has played a few good looking shots already, has raced on to 37.

Jadeja, meanwhile, finished his 10-over spell for 66 runs and 2 wickets.

After 40 overs, Windies 254/7 - Holder 22, Bishoo 1

WICKET! Chahal strikes. Nurse is LBW. And Windies lose their review as well.

After 39 overs, Windies 249/6 - Holder 20, Nurse 0

WICKET! Hetmeyer’s fantastic innings comes to an end. Rishabh Pant completes the catch at fine leg — an uncomfortable looking take and he has a cheeky smile on his face. Jadeja strikes. Kohli’s delighted!

CENTURY! AND WHAT A WAY TO GET THERE. Shimron Hetmeyer hits his sixth SIX and gets to his 3rd ODI ton off just 75 balls.

After 37.3 overs, Windies 239/5 - Hetmeyer 98, Holder 18

BREAK IN PLAY: Treatment for Hetmeyer (on 98), getting a look at his shoulder. Pant also needs some attention on his ankle, clearly not used to sprinting around so much.

FIFTY PARTNERSHIP IN THAT OVER! Third of the innings for Windies. Comes up with a delightful straight drive for four. And holds his pose. Brilliant shot.

After 35 overs, Windies 219/5 - Hetmeyer 90, Holder 7

SIX! Fifth six of the innings for Hetmeyer as a rank short ball from Jadeja gets the treatment it deserved. Into the 90s with a sweep through midwicket for a couple where Khaleel saves Pant’s blushes.

Shami comes in.

After 34 overs, Windies 207/5 - Hetmeyer 81, Holder 5

After a one-run over from Jadeja, Hetmeyer gets going after the drinks break again with a boundary off Umesh. Using the pace and angle to get a four past short third man. Umesh surprises Holder with a bouncer (why hasn’t that been tried againt Hetmeyer?).

DRINKS: 200 comes up for the Windies at the end of 32 overs. Hetmeyer moves on to 76 with another boundary in Umesh’s over with a lovely off drive, he’s looking in great touch. Captain Holder giving him company. Is 300 on the cards?

After 31 overs, Windies 190/5 - Hetmeyer 67, Holder 1

WICKET! Jadeja comes back and strikes. Kohli’s bowling changes have worked well today. This is a gift though, from Powell. Full ball on the stumps, the batsman goes for an ungainly hoick and misses the ball completely. The over started with a boundary for Hetmeyer as Jadeja erred in his length.

After 30 overs, Windies 183/4 - Hetmeyer 61, Powell 22

End of 30 overs with Umesh Yadav’s comeback over going for plenty. Four leg byes when strays on to the pads of Hetmeyer. Powell then hits a lovely pick up shot to midwicket for another four. 11 from that over.

Jadeja comes back from the other end.

After 28 overs, Windies 170/4 - Hetmeyer 57, Powell 17

Last 5 overs, 44 runs and 0 wickers

FIFTY! After his struggles in the Tests, Shimron Hetmeyer has looked in fine touch in this match. Gets to his 2nd ODI fifty, has taken just 41 balls. Good counterattack!

50 partnership comes up in the 28th over as Powell smacks one down the ground off Khaleel. Hetmeyer finishes the over with a SIX! Another pick-up shot over midwicket. Picked up a slow ball nice and early, it looked like.

BADMINTON UPDATE: Six years back, Saina Nehwal won her first and only Denmark Open. Can she do that again? Her match against Tai Tzu Ying is all set to begin in a few minutes.

Denmark Open final, Saina Nehwal v Tai Tzu Ying — FOLLOW HERE.

West Indies 155/4 after 26 overs - Hetmeyer 47, Powell 12

Khaleel comes back into the attack and Powell cuts him with disdain for a four in what was otherwise a good over.

West Indies 150/4 after 25 overs - Hetmeyer 46, Powell 8

17 runs from Shami’s over! Rovman Powell gets a top edge off a short ball that flies over Dhoni. Hetmeyer comes back on strike and smashes one over midwicket for SIX, clearing his front leg. And follows that up with a straight drive for four.

Quiet over from Jadeja at the other end spoiled by a poor fielding effort by Khaleel. 150 comes up for the Windies.

West Indies 126/4 after 23 overs - Hetmeyer 29, Powell 1

Hetmeyer looks like he has decided to just attack the spinners in this game. Sweeps a good length ball on the pads from Jadeja over square leg for his second six. Has moved on to 29 off 28 balls.

West Indies 118/4 after 22 overs - Hetmeyer 22, Powell 0

WICKET! Short ball from Shami and Dhoni takes a simple catch to dismiss Shai Hope. “Oh no, oh no. Too easy!” says Ian Bishop on air. You could sense the disappointment in his voice as Shai Hope plays a poor pull shot & throws a good start away. Almost typical of Hope.

West Indies 112/3 after 21 overs - Hope 31, Hetmeyer 17

SIX! Hetmeyer is breathing some life back into this Windies innings. A slog sweep off Jadeja clears the boundary with ease. Top shot.

Shami replaces Chahal

West Indies 102/3 after 20 overs - Hope 29, Hetmeyer 9

Spin in tandem now for India as Chahal and Jadeja start hunting in pairs, so to speak. The momentum has been sucked out of the Windies innings.

100 comes up in the 21st over, however, with a good-looking sweep shot by Hetmeyer off Chahal. Some pressure eased off this pair.

West Indies 90/3 after 17 overs - Hope 24, Hetmeyer 2

Windies are stuck at the moment. Hetmeyer almost dismissed by Khaleel as he chips one just past Dhawan at mid-on.

In the last 5 overs, Windies have scored 13 runs and lost two wickets. No surprises there, given India’s great 2nd powerplay record.

DRINIKS: West Indies 86/3 after 15.3 overs - SAMUELS GONE!

GONE FOR A DUCK! Not how Samuels would have wanted to celebrate his 200th match. Chahal strikes. After a beauty that spun and beat Samuels’ bat, this one slides on from middle stump. And despite Samuels’ long stride, looks plumb enough. Replays confirm Windies did the right thing by not reviewing. THREE REDS.

West Indies 85/2 after 15 overs - Hope 22, Samuels 0

WICKET! OH, KIERAN! Tries to go big against Khaleel, and ends of hitting it straight to Shikhar Dhawan at long on. The thigh-five follows. The hoick was mistimed as the bat turned in Powell’s hand.

Veteran Marlon Samuels walks out to bat in his 200th ODI appearance.

West Indies 82/1 after 14 overs - Powell 50, Hope 20

FIFTY FOR POWELL! A fluent, stroke-filled innings from the man who is filling in for Evin Lewis. 9th ODI international fifty, third against India.

A couple of quiet overs from India’s perspective here.

West Indies 77/1 after 12 overs - Powell 48, Hope 18

50 PARTNERSHIP! Chahal comes on to bowl in the 12th over and with a paddle sweep for four, the 50 partnership comes up. Powell follows that up with SIX over square leg. Got into position early and swept it high and long. Lovely shot that. 7 runs from Khaleel’s previous over with Shami putting in a lazy effort at mid-off to concede a boundary.

West Indies 59/1 after 10 overs - Powell 34, Hope 15

Never short on class, when Shai Hope gets going. A brilliant off-drive (Actually more like a push off the front foot) for four off Umesh.

End of a productive enough powerplay for the Windies. As long as the fours are coming, things are fine for the Windies. The problem will come one the field opens up.

West Indies 51/1 after 9 overs - Powell 33, Hope 8

50 up for the Windies! Expensive over to start off for Khaleel. Two boundaries for Powell in that over. Starts with a powerful square cut and finishes with a pull over mid-on. Smartly done.

West Indies 41/1 after 8 overs - Powell 24, Hope 7

Shai Hope with a classy punch off the backfoot as the Windies keep up their boundary scoring rate. That was a majestic shot, Hope played a few of those in the Tests as well. Question is, can he play an innings of a significant length?

Time for Khaleel Ahmed...

West Indies 36/1 after 7 overs - Powell 24, Hope 3

Big over for the Windies, a four to start the over and a SIX to finish it! Powell playing much like he did in Tests. Not really keen to rotate strike, just see-ball-hit-ball. A short-ish ball awkwardly pulled away for four but that six was a stunning. Full ball, sent soaring over long off.

West Indies 26/1 after 6 overs - Powell 14, Hope 3

3 runs off the first ball of that over by Umesh as Powell plays a straight drive that is only half-stopped by Kohli at mid-off. That’s followed by 5 dot balls to Hope. Disciplined start by both pacers for the most part.

West Indies 23/1 after 5 overs - Powell 11, Hope 3

WICKET! Shami strikes! That short of good length ball does the trick, as the ball rises sharply. It’s too close to be pulled but Hemraj goes for it anyway, cramped by the lack of room, and plays on to the stumps. His debut innings is over quickly. Shami getting the ball to zing around nicely.

Hemraj bowled for 9 by Shami

West Indies 18/0 after 4 overs - Powell 9, Hemraj 9

Four boundaries in the first four overs and the Windies are off to a solid start in Guwahati. Umesh starts the over with one on the pads, flicked away by Powell for four.

West Indies 13/0 after 3 overs - Powell 4, Hemraj 9

Ian Bishop said Chandrapaul is a stylish batsman who loves scoring quick runs and he showed just why in that Shami over. Four dot balls followed by two boundaries. A lovely lofted straight drive followed by an uppish square cut. The ball coming onto the bat nicely.

West Indies 5/0 after 2 overs - Powell 4, Hemraj 1

There is some life in this wicket early on. The ball skidding along at pace, good bounce on offer too. A quick over from Umesh, as Chandrapaul gets off the mark in ODIs with a single to fine leg. Swing and miss by Powell followed by a leading edge that falls short of point.

West Indies 4/0 after 1 over - Powell 4, Hemraj 0

Powell starts with a lovely cover drive as Shami bowls a loose half volley. Bad ball, put away. Shami shortens his length straight away. Good length and short of good length deliveries keep Powell quite. Goes back over the wicket to finish the over. Five dot balls after that first ball boundary.

1.30 pm: The players are out in the middle. Shami has the white ball in his hand after a long time. Powell on strike.

1.29 pm: Missing Bumrah? Here’s a video to warm your hearts.

1.26 pm: Time for the national anthems in Guwahati.

1.23 pm: Umesh Yadav makes a comeback to the ODI side after missing Asia Cup. Mohammed Shami last played an ODI for India in September 2017. Another big chance for Khaleel to impress. A new-look pace attack for India today.

1.17 pm: While all eyes will be on Pant making his ODI debut, Kohli spoke at length about another youngster who gets a big opportunity — Khaleel Ahmed.

Kohli said it’s good to see someone coming up the ranks after a long time since the retirement of Zaheer Khan and Ashish Nehra.

“We don’t want to leave any bases uncovered. We thought bringing a left-arm pacer into the mix will give us enough variety. He has the ability to swing both ways and get good bounce as well. He also bowls at a decent pace,” he said.

Kohli said his frontline pace duo of Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Jasprit Bumrah will feed off on the variety provided by Khaleel.

“It’s always an added luxury to have him (Ahmed) in the team. Definitely he makes the job easier for Bhuvi and Bumrah,” Kohli said.


INDIA: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli (C), Ambati Rayudu, MS Dhoni (W), Rishabh Pant, Ravindra Jadeja, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Khaleel Ahmed, Yuzvendra Chahal

WINDIES: Kieran Powell, Chandrapaul Hemraj, Shai Hope (W), Shimron Hetmyer, Marlon Samuels, Rovman Powell, Jason Holder (C), Ashley Nurse, Devendra Bishoo, Kemar Roach, Oshane Thomas

TEAM NEWS: Rishabh Pant’s debut confirmed as Kohli says India are playing 3 seamers — Khaleel gets a go, then. Kuldeep Yadav misses out with Jadeja and Chahal as spinners in the XI. Holder confirms two debutants.

1.03 pm: Virat Kohli wins the toss and opts to bowl first citing dew later in the evening.

1.00 pm: Some numbers to warm you up...

12.59 pm: Oshane Thomas and Chandrapaul Hemraj will be the two debutants for this new-look Windies side.

12.57 pm: The Baraspara Stadium in Guwahati all set to host its first ODI.

12.52 pm: Time for the first ODI of the five-match series. And time for Rishabh Pant to begin his ODI career. What a moment for him as he receives his ODI cap from none other than MS Dhoni.

12:45 pm: Hello all and welcome to The Field’s live blog of the first ODI between India and West Indies in Guwahati.

A formidable India will hope to get more answers for their unresolved middle-order puzzle when they take on a reeling West Indies in the five-match ODI series starting here Sunday, ticking off the home team’s countdown to the 2019 World Cup.

The World Cup in England is less than eight months away and India have 18-odd games left to decide their middle order, mainly the number four position where many have been tried but with little success.

The series will also mark captain Virat Kohli’s return to white-ball cricket as he had taken a much needed break during the team’s triumphant campaign in Asia Cup. He said on Saturday his side’s middle-order puzzle will be solved if Ambati Rayudu cements his place at the crucial No. 4 position in the matches ahead of next year’s World Cup.

Kohli said the challenge was only to find someone for the No. 4 slot and with Rayudu stepping up for that position in recent times, the batting order was more or less settled.

Is it though? We’ll know more as the series progresses.