Full-time: India 4-1 Korea
What a win for India, who continue to top the table. The scoreline doesn’t suggest how threatening Korea looked in the third quarter. Harmanpreet once again impresses with his drag-flick skills. After getting off to a blazing start, India went off the boil somewhat.

GOAL! India 4-1 Korea, 1 minute left in Q4 Harmanpreet scores a hat-trick. Korea are effectively playing without a goalkeeper and the India drag-flicker creams the ball into the bottom corner. Terrific from Harmanpreet once again.

India 3-1 Korea, 2 minutes left in Q4 Another referral taken and India have earned a PC. There was clearly a block with the leg from Mandeep’s shot.

GOAL! India 3-1 Korea 13 minutes left in Q3 Harmanpreet gets his second goal. There was no stopping that. Korea also lose their referral as they think was a foul during the build-up play. India are running away with it.

India 2-1 Korea, 14 minutes left in Q4: India get a PC. Korea take a referral but the original decision stands.

End of Q3. India still have the lead.

In the first quarter India has 68% possession in the opponent’s half. That number is now down to less than 50%. Korea are pushing hard for the equaliser.

India 2-1 Korea, 4 mins to go in Q3
Korea have been the better team in the second half and on more than one occasion, threatened to break away and get the equaliser. Surinder and Jermanpreet have saved India on more than one occasion.

India 2-1 Korea, 10 mins to go in Q3 Korea have PC after the umpire awarded a tricky decision in their favour. India’s defence is tested but does well.

India 2-1 Korea, 14 mins to go in Q3 India once again survive and get their referral right. Koreans had scored but the video umpire thought that Indians had a legitimate shout there. Close shave.

The players are back on the field for the second half

Half-time: India 2-1 Korea
India press for a third goal but off goes the hooter. It was an enthralling quarter of hockey where neither team didn’t want to give away an inch.

India 2-1 Korea, 2 mins to go in Q2: Jermanpreet is down after seeing a stick land on his gut. There was no malice there but the Indian defender was wincing in pain before getting back up on his feet.

India 2-1 Korea, 3 mins to go in Q2: India almost broke through there. From a quickly taken long corner, Chinglensana almost found Gurjant in the circle. No sign of the Indians relenting here.

India 2-1 Korea, 8 mins to go in Q2: Korea have a PC. India’s defensive wall blocks it out. Korea briefly threatened there but Chinglensana had the angle covered.

India 2-1 Korea, 10 mins to go in Q2: GOALL, KOREA! Well, well. Where did that come from?! An attack down the right from Korea and there’s a powerful strike from Lee Suengill that flies into the roof of the net. Sreejesh beaten for sheer power there.

India 2-0 Korea, 12 mins to go in Q2: Mistake at the back by India and Korea have a chance down the right. The umpire calls for a free hit outside the area but the Korean forward wanted a PC there. India have 54% possession, 62% in the opposition half.

India 2-0 Korea, 13 mins to go in Q2: More of the same to start the second quarter. India seeing plenty of the ball. A decisive attack down the left flank fizzles out. Korea counter but India win the ball back quickly.

India 2-0 Korea, end of Q1: It’s been all India in the opening 15 minutes and they are deservedly ahead. India had 61% in the opposition half, that tells you all you need to know.

India 2-0 Korea, 3 mins to go in Q1: A rare foray forward for Korea down the left and after a few neat exchanges a shot comes in from the centre, saved by Sreejesh. (Might have been from outside the circle anyway)

India 2-0 Korea, 5 mins to go in Q1: GOALLL, INDIA! And what a goal! Lovely long pass from Harmanpreet finds Gurjant in the circle and he rifles it home with a powerful reverse hit. That pass from Harmanpreet was just sublime. And the finish, brutal.

India 1-0 Korea, 6 mins to go in Q1: Chance Akashdeep! The ball breaks to him kindly down the left inside the circle, but his reverse hit is high and not very handsome.

India 1-0 Korea, 7 mins to go in Q1: It’s all India since the goal. Circle entries for fun at the moment.

India 1-0 Korea, 9 mins to go in Q1: India pour forward immediately after the goal and Mandeep almost finds the net. Saved by Korean goalie.

India 1-0 Korea, 10 mins to go in Q1: GOALLL, INDIA!! Harmanpreet with a low drag flick and India convert their first PC to take a 1-0 lead.

India 0-0 Korea, 11 mins to go in Q1: PC for India! A good video referral. Dangerous stick in the box.

India 0-0 Korea, 12 mins to go in Q1: Both teams off to a quiet start, with India happy to keep possession early on.

Hello and welcome to the live updates of India vs South Korea in what will be the final group game for Manpreet Singh Co. Defending champions India were held to a 0-0 draw by Malaysia on Tuesday. India, undefeated in the tournament for the fourth match in a row, have almost secured their spot in the semi-finals.

Coach Harendra Singh was no impressed with the team’s performance as the Indians missed several gilt edged chances after entering the circle. “I am not happy at the way our strikers continue to miss scoring opportunities. The strikers need to work harder. Things will not come on a platter every time,” Harendra said.