8.47 pm: Rohit Sharma – “I have been doing some slip-catching practice and it paid off. You got to take the chances that come your way. We were very clinical after losing two wickets. That was a game-changing partnership – all the four games, we have had big partnerships and once you are set, you gotta make it count. It was heartening to see how we bowled as a unit. It was a long time coming and it was a dominating performance.”

8.45 pm: Virat Kohli – “Yes, we are back on track. We ticked all the boxes with our performance today. We are known to bounce back and that is what we did. Rayudu is feeling good about his game and he is feeling confident. We need to back him till the World Cup and we will see him batting intelligently at No 4.”

8.44 pm: West Indies skipper Jason Holder – “We let them score too many runs. The run outs are something you obviously want to avoid.”

8.37 pm: Big win for India and Khaleel Ahmed was one of the stars of the show. The youngster tells Sanjay Manjrekar that he has been working on getting the ball to move back into the right-hander with Bharath Arun (bowling coach) and was able to implement it today.

West Indies all out for 153: Kuldeep Yadav dismisses Kemar Roach with (surprise, surprise) a googly. Off stump rattled. India complete a 224-run win at Brabourne. This is India’s biggest win (by runs) against a Test playing side in ODIs.

West Indies 152/9 after 36 overs - Holder 53, Roach 6

Khaleel might get to celebrate tonight’s performance with a nice little fine from ICC for over-appealing. Has been a bit overzealous with it all night, the youngster. Another one in that over, a celebration-appeal, turned down by the umpire. Pitched outside leg.

West Indies 150/9 after 35 overs

150 comes up for Windies in 35 overs as Kemar Roach is playing a good little Test match innings to delay the inevitable. Couple of half-hearted lbw appeals from Kuldeep in the over, Gould not interested.

Khaleel comes back now, would be fitting if he finishes this match off.

West Indies 148/9 after 34 overs

Bumrah’s yorkers and slower balls and bouncers not doing the trick yet for Kohli if he wants to go home early.

Kuldeep from the other end.

West Indies 145/9 after 33 overs

Fifty! Jason Holder has, quite literally, stood tall for the Windies tonight. A fighting half century for the WI captain. Why does he keep batting this low, we may never know.

One run each from Bumrah and Jadeja’s overs.

West Indies 143/9 after 31 overs

Holder moves on 48 as 9 runs come of Kuldeep’s over. The Windies captain deserves a fifty for his efforts today.

Interestingly, Bumrah brought back into the attack. Kohli wants to head back home early, eh?

West Indies 132/9 after 30 overs

DROPPED! Jadeja denied his second wicket (and us, the ending of this match) by a Shikhar Dhawan dropped catch. That was a sitter. Holder drove it straight at him. Jadeja doesn’t seem too impressed. Dhawan, as always, has a smile on his face.

Maiden over by Kuldeep before this.

West Indies 132/9 after 28 overs

Eventful over! A flat-hit down the ground by Jaosn Holder and Windies avoid their heaviest ODI defeat. Keemo Paul then sends one over cow corner. Jadeja however comes back to take a wicket. Keemo Paul beaten by the turn. And MS Dhoni whips the bails off in a flash. Reaction time: 0.08 seconds! Brilliant.

West Indies 119/8 after 27 overs - Holder 33, Paul 13

Maiden over by Jadeja followed by a three-run over by Kuldeep.

WI need 3 more runs to avoid their heaviest ODI defeat.

West Indies 116/8 after 25 overs - Holder 30, Paul 13

Keemo Paul punishes a short ball from Kuldeep and sends it soaring over the fence. He enjoyed that very much. The previous ball was an under-edge off a pull that Dhoni could catch (tough chance).

Jadeja continues from the other, searching for his first wicket.

West Indies 105/8 after 23 overs - Holder 28, Paul 4

Another Kuldeep Yadav googly, another sharp Rohit Sharma catch at slip. Terrific hands from the Indian vice-captain, his catching has been top-notch all series. This was short-ish, spinning away. The attempted cut from Nurse flies to Rohit at slip and he completes the catch.

Paul opens his account with a four over midwicket.

West Indies 101/7 after 22 overs - Holder 28, Nurse 8

Back-to-back 11-run overs for Windies. How about that! Jason Holder takes the attack to Ravindra Jadeja. A six and a couple of twos in Jadeja’s comeback over. 100 comes up for Windies in the 22nd.

West Indies 90/7 after 21 overs - Holder 18, Nurse 7

Ashley Nurse is still wincing in pain, sweeps Kuldeep Yadav for four and immediately clutches his right shoulder. He has his right arm up as if it’s in a sling when he is running as well. 11 runs for Windies in that over though.

West Indies 79/7 after 20 overs - Holder 16, Nurse 1

Bumrah continues. Just two runs in that over.

Some landmarks that India can look forward to and West Indies can fight to avoid...

West Indies 77/7 after 19 overs - Holder 15, Nurse 0

Kuldeep Yadav comes into the attack. Kuldeep Yadav gets a wicket. Fabian Allen falls to a googly, as he leans into an on-drive way too early. Rohit Sharma with another top catch at first slip. His catching has been superb this series.

West Indies 72/6 after 18 overs - Holder 12, Allen 8

Make that four overs without a wicket! Three runs from Jadeja’s over. Bumrah replaces Khaleel at the other end (might have made sense to stick with Khaleel for the form he was in?). Allen helps himself to a boundary, playing a powerful cover drive. A rare good moment for Windies in the last 30 minutes or so.

Kuldeep Yadav replaces Jadeja now.

West Indies 62/6 after 16 overs - Holder 8, Allen 2

Couple of wicket-less overs seem like a minor victory for Windies here. Three runs each from Jadeja and Khaleel’s respective overs.

West Indies 56/6 after 14 overs - Khaleel strikes again!

Wicket No. 3 for Khaleel Ahmed! Terrific display of swing bowling, this. Full and shaping away from Samuels after a couple that shaped in earlier in the over, and the outside edge taken sharply by Rohit at wide slip.

Drinks taken during that over.

West Indies 52/5 after 12 overs - Khaleel strikes again

Oh, Khaleel Ahmed. What a spell this is turning into. When was the last time we saw an Indian left-arm seamer swing the ball back into the right-hander? Shades of Irfan Pathan there. Powell bowled by a beauty! WI 47/5. Samuels finishes that over with a lofted four over long on to bring up the fifty for Windies.

West Indies 47/4 after 11 overs - Samuels 13, Powell 1

Jadeja is the first spinner to come into the attack and starts off with a good over. Couple of drives going in the air as Windies live dangerously.

End of first powerplay: West Indies 45/4 after 10 overs - Khaleel strikes!

And another big wicket for India in the first powerplay. Khaleel Ahmed with a beautiful delivery to trap Hetmyer in front. Review returns umpire’s call. Khaleel is delighted! It was a wonderful first over where he got the ball to zip around a bit, could have Hetmyer off the first ball too, the edge not carrying behind. WI 45/4 and reeling at Brabourne.

West Indies 43/3 after 9 overs - Samuels 12, Hetmyer 11

Couple of boundaries for Samuels off Bhuvi’s over. Of the first and last balls.

West Indies 33/3 after 8 overs - Samuels 3, Hetmyer 10

Bhuvi denied a second consecutive maiden over as Samuels takes a single off the last ball after playing out five dots. Samuels is a notoriously slow starter but Windies wouldn’t mind not losing a wicket at this stage.

Hetmyer gets going with a couple of boundaries in Bumrah’s over. A slog over cover-point followed by a flick through midwicket. He’s up and running.

West Indies 23/3 after 6 overs - Powell run-out!

WICKET! Oh, wow. Moment of magic from Virat Kohli! A back-handed flick on the dive catches Kieran Powell well short at the non-striker’s end after Sameuls sent him back. Lethargic from Windies but stunning athleticism by Kohli. Fakhar Zaman did something similar in the Pakistan-Australia match a few days back. Lovely fielding by the Indian captain.

Windies top three are back in the pavilion.

West Indies 20/2 after 5 overs - DOUBLE-WICKET MAIDEN FOR INDIA!

4.2: Bhuvi needed that. After going for runs in his first two overs, he comes back and strikes in his 3rd. Hemraj drives one on the up to Rayudu at cover. Sharp catch.

4.4: RUN OUT! Oh, this is a big one for India! The in-form Windies batsman Shai Hope is run out for a duck! And Kuldeep Yadav with a bullet direct hit. His teammates are delighted for him!

West Indies 20/0 after 4 overs - Hemraj 14, Powell 4

REVIEW LOST: For the second match running, India have lost their review in the 4th over of the innings. There was a definite noise as India appealed for caught behind but it came off the pad. This is not a poor review per se. The ball was very close to the edge and there was a noise.

Maiden over by Bumrah, though.

West Indies 20/0 after 3 overs - Hemraj 14, Powell 4

SIX! Oh, what a hit by Hemraj. Lovely hit over midwicket. That wasn’t too bad a delivery, just a top shot. Expensive start by Bhuvi, though. 19 from his first 2 overs. There was a boundary as well earlier in the over. Bhuvi’s pace is ideal to play through the line when he is not getting the ball to move.

West Indies 9/0 after 2 overs - Hemraj 4, Powell 4

Top over by Bumrah to start off. Fuller in length than Bhuvi amd gets the ball to swing a tad bit. Just a single in that over, Powell was beaten by a beauty too.

West Indies 8/0 after 1 over - Hemraj 3, Powell 4

Bhuvi starts off for India and almost has Hemraj’s wicket in that first over, with a leading edge falling just short of Kohli. Powell finishes the over with a lofted shot over midwicket for four.

Innings break: India reach 377/5 after 50 overs

On a day Virat Kohli got out for his lowest ODI score in 2018, India piled on 377 runs thanks to majestic 100s from Rohit Sharma and Ambati Rayudu. Rohit almost got to his 4th double century too, only a tired shot on 162 stopped him from getting there. Lovely batting by the duo.

The thing is, on this pitch, 378 is not un-chaseable. Lets see how the Windies go about this. Join us shortly for the second innings.

India finish on 377/5 after 50 overs

Top finish by India!
49.2: FOUR, Kedar Jadhav picked up the slower ball
49.4: FOUR. Ravindra Jadeja also picked up the slower ball
49.6: FOUR, Kedar Jadhav smacks one down the ground
Last 10 overs: 116 runs

India 362/5 after 49 overs

Jadhav hits one over cover for four to end the 49th over on a good note. 11 runs of that Roach and Dhoni’s wicket.

Last 5 overs, India have scored 49 runs.

WICKET! Oh dear, soft dismissal for MS Dhoni. A quick-fire 15-ball 23 from Dhoni as he flicks one straight to the fielder at short fine leg. Remains one short of 10,000 runs for India in ODIs.

India 351/4 after 48 overs - Rayudu gone!

OUT! Ambati Rayudu is dismissed after his 100, run out by Fabian Allen with a direct hit of his own bowling. Lovely pick up and throw. A fine knock by Rayudu comes to an end.

350 comes up for India at the end of 48 overs. Jadhav and Dhoni in the middle now.

India 344/3 after 47 overs - Rayudu 100, Dhoni 15

MS Dhoni is joining in on the fun! Back-to-back boundaries for the former captain after a break in play immediately after Rayudu’s ton. Dhoni needed treatment after the throw hit him. A cut past point, followed by a flick through fine leg.


Just the third century by an Indian No. 4 batsman in ODIs after the World Cup in 2015.

Free hit for Rayudu when he is on 96 when Roach bowled a beamer. But Rayudu hits it to the fielder at long on (who drops it, inconsequential though). Moves on to 98. Single each for Rayudu and Dhoni, then. Comes back to strike, does Rayudu and gets to the landmark with a tight single.

India 330/3 after 46 overs - Rayudu 96, Dhoni 6

Credit to Allen for not bowling a boundary ball in that over. Just ones and twos.

India 324/3 after 45 overs - Rayudu 92, Dhoni 4

Ambati Rayudu moves in to the 90s with another six off Roach. A low full toss, sent soaring over midwicket.

India 313/3 after 44 overs - Rohit Sharma gone!

WICKET! Only Rohit Sharma can make you feel like he’s missed out on a double century after getting out for 162. A majestic innings comes to an end. Nurse gets the wicket. After the first ball was sent soaring over cow corner for a six, Nurse started throwing it out wide and after leaving one, Rohit throws his bat at another and edges it to short third man.

Bu take a bow, Hitman! What a knock.

India 304/2 after 43 overs - Rohit 154, Rayudu 86

Rayudu sweeps Jason Holder over cow corner. Yes, Jason Holder. And then Rohit Sharma hits two more boundaries to get to his 150. A scoop over fine leg followed by a slice through point.

200 partnerhship comes as well. Mayhem descending in Mumbai.

India 289/2 after 42 overs - Rohit 148, Rayudu 77

SIX No. 197 in ODIs for Rohit Sharma. Short of length, picked up over midwicket. Massive six! And then smacks one through cover. Keemo Paul can only look on.

India 275/2 after 41 overs - Rohit 137, Rayudu 75

The last powerplay is off to a fantastic start for India. Two boundaries off the first two balls by Rohit Sharma. Then Rayudu goes down on his knees to sweep Kemar Roach, Windies’ fastest bowler. What an audacious shot.

India 261/2 after 40 overs - Rohit 128, Rayudu 70

SIX! Rohit Sharma is moving through the gears now... superb lofted shot over long off off Paul. Rohit Sharma goes past Sachin Tendulkar to become the second highest six-hitter in ODIs among Indians.

After 39 overs, India 252/2 - Rohit 112, Rayudu 52

38th over: Marlon Samuels comes into the attack. A six by Rayudu and a four by Rohit Sharma. That six was so well timed, crashing into the sightscreen. Lovely use of the feet.

39th over: Fabian Allen concedes 11 runs. Rayudu is in top gear now! Two more boundaries off Allen’s over. Moving across and sweeping through square leg, and then lofted inside out. Almost same delivery, two very different shots.

250 up for India in the 39th over. 150 of the partnership comes up as well.

After 37 overs, India 227/2 - Rohit 112, Rayudu 52

Fifty for Ambati Rayudu! His 2nd of the series. Gets there in 51 balls. India’s latest No 4 is not doing his case any harm with these crucial knocks. His 10th ODI fifty.

A boundary for Rohit off Holder in the previous over. Both batsmen looking set to up the ante here.

After 35 overs, India 214/2 - Rohit 104, Rayudu 47

Holder comes back into the attack and Rayudu helps himself to a couple of boundaries. To move into the 40s. Just four singles off Allen’s over as India reach 214 with 15 overs to spare. 350 on the cards?

CENTURY FOR ROHIT SHARMA! A fine, composed innings for The Hitman. He gets to a century in the 33rd over, fittingly with a cut past backward point, who’s wrong-footed. Plenty of runs scored there today.

Oh and watch out, West Indies.

DRINKS: After 31 overs, India 181/2 - Rohit 94, Rayudu 24

Into the 90s! Rohit Sharma plays another delightful cut past short third man for four. Has favoured that region heavily today. The Hitman looking good for a big one.

After 30 overs, India 174/2 - Rohit 89, Rayudu 23

Back-to-back boundaries for Rohit Sharma! He’s timing the ball brilliantly. Moves onto 89.

After 29 overs, India 166/2 - Rohit 80, Rayudu 23

Nurse and Allen bowling in tandem as Windies resort to their two main spinners for now. No signs of turn yet on this pitch, it must be said (although both the Windies spinners are not big-turners of the ball).Four singles off Nurse’s over. Rayudu relieves some pressure on himself by stepping out against Allen and hitting his signature inside out lofted cover drive for four.

After 27 overs, India 156/2 - Rohit 77, Rayudu 16

Back-to-back boundaries for Rohit Sharma as he decides to take on the part-time bowling of Rovman Powell. A pull, followed by a nudge past short third man. 150 comes up with a single. Rohit then hits the third boundary off the over, a pull short past short fine leg. 50 partnership comes up as well. 15 runs from that over. That might be it for Powell.

After 25 overs, India 137/2 - Rohit 60, Rayudu 15

Rovman Powell’s medium pace is impressing so far, just one run from that over. Good fielding at point by Allen to prevent a boundary. Rayudu is timing the ball alright but finding the fielders at the moment.

After 24 overs, India 136/2 - Rohit 59, Rayudu 15

Powell with a four-run over, just rotating the strike.

Ashley Nurse, still nursing a shoulder niggle, is back into the attack after a break. Rayudu welcomes him back with a boundary, an outside edge through third man. 8 runs from that Nurse over.

After 22 overs, India 124/2 - FIFTY FOR ROHIT SHARMA!

The Indian vice-captain is looking good for a big one. He gets to his 37th ODI fity in 60 balls. His knock has included five fours and one six so far. Has not looked to be in any great hurry but still maintaining a healthy strike rate. The fifty comes up with a four and he follows up that with another off Paul. Change in gears maybe?

After 21 overs, India 113/2 - Rohit 41, Rayudu 8

Quiet overs from the Windies bowlers. Just one off Paul’s over (the 20th).

Windies part-time bowler Rovman Powell comes into the attack as Ashley Nurse is laid low with a shoulder niggle. He’s been in and out of the field by the looks of things. Just three runs from Powell’s over.

After 19 overs, India 109/2 - Rohit 41, Rayudu 8

All eyes will now be on the Indian middle order to see how they fare. Rohit is still around, mind you. Has moved into the 40s. Rayudu gets going with a delightful cover drive for a boundary off Paul.

Not-so-sweet 16 for Virat Kohli after three consecutive centuries. On the flip side, the middle order gets a chance again to show what they are made of.

After 17 overs, India 102/2 - KOHLI GONE!

You could hear a pin-drop at the CCI. Big wicket for the Windies. Roach has the Indian captain caught behind. Cross seam ball, straightening ever so slightly and the outside edge is taken easily. No celebrations from Roach, who’s bowled a long opening (and second spell) early on here.

After 16 overs, India 98/1 - Rohit 37, Kohli 15

Paul continues after the break. Rohit and Kohli just rotate the strike. Good effort in the deep by Powell off the last ball to prevent a boundary for Kohli.

Interesting Graphic by @CricProf:

More records for Kohli:

DRINKS: After 15 overs, India 93/1 - Rohit 35, Kohli 12

Roach replaces Holder. And Kohli helps himself to a boundary when the bowler pitches it full and just outside offstump. An elegant cover drive unfurled by the King. Later, Roach also goes for the bouncer against Kohli and it almost works. The top edge falls well short of the fielder at deep fine leg.

After 14 overs, India 85/1 - Rohit 33, Kohli 6

Another eventful over by Paul. Starts off with a bouncer to Rohit and the Indian opener upper cuts it for four. Then Paul goes round the wicket for Kohli to try and induce him into playing a false pull shot. Kohli keeps this down and gets a boundary. Interesting ploy from Windies.

After 13 overs, India 75/1 - Rohit 28, Kohli 1

Holder continuing, that’s his 6th over already. Just three runs from that over. Kohli, watchful as ever to start with.

Meanwhile, Nurse is back on the field. Good news for the Windies, then.

After 12 overs, India 73/1 - DHAWAN GONE!

An eventful first over from Keemo Paul! Tries the short ball tactic against Dhawan from the word go, concedes four byes followed by a pull in front of square by Dhawan. Another short ball, but this one is straight to midwicket! Soft dismissal for Dhawan in his 30s once again. And then Paul does the ‘Dhawan thigh-five’ celebration and the Indian batsman smiles as he walks off!

After 11 overs, India 63/0 - Rohit 26, Dhawan 34

Holder continues after the powerplay as the field spreads out. The Windies captain keeps bowling well outside the off (strategy?) for both the batsmen, Rohit punishes him with a boundary off the last ball.

Confirmation that Nurse has walked off the pitch. And correction, it was his right shoulder. The bowling arm. He looked in some pain, will be a blow for Windies if he can’t bowl anymore.

After 10 overs, India 56/0 - Rohit 21, Dhawan 33

End of the first powerplay. This is a good start for India, as they avoid losing a wicket and have scored at a good clip. A typical Dhawan-Rohit powerplay, when they get going.

Ashley Nurse concedes three singles in that over but concern for Windies as he holds his left shoulder repeatedly and looks to be in some pain.

After 9 overs, India 53/0 - Rohit 19, Dhawan 32

Just one run of the bat in that Holder over, that included a wide. Steady from the Windies captain as Rohit seems to have dropped the anchor with Dhawan doing the heavy-lifting.

After 8 overs, India 51/0 - Rohit 18, Dhawan 32

Ashley Nurse is brought into the attack keeping his success against Dhawan in mind? But it’s back-to-back fours for Dhawan to bring up India’s fifty. One confident cut but that’s followed by a lofted off drive. Dangerous.

First 50 opening partnership for India in the series as well.

The openers are setting up for the long haul and that usually means trouble for the opposition

2.05 pm: ODI in Mumbai and the stands are packed. Now that hasn’t happened for a while. Ticket prices playing a role? Or too many free pass holders not turning up?

After 7 overs, India 42/0 - Rohit 17, Dhawan 24

BOOM! Another six! The commentators observe how Dhawan looks so much in control when he’s looking to just time the ball and muscle it. Makes this six look easy, Roach angles it in to his pads from around the wicket and it’s launched over midwicket,

2.00 pm: Some additional reading for you. One man who’s not with this Windies team (and won’t be anymore): the enigma that is DJ Bravo.

After 6 overs, India 34/0 - Rohit 16, Dhawan 17

Another over, another six! Dhawan seems to have got his eye in. Full from Roach and Dhawan just times this over square leg for six.

After 5 overs, India 25/0 - Rohit 16, Dhawan 8

After an outside edge that fell short of slip, Rohit Sharma dances down the track and *almost* hits the ball out of the ground! 99 metres long... monster hit!

Interesting over though. Apart from that six, Roach got Rohit to edge short of first slip on two different occasions and made Dhawan play a false shot that was in the air for a while but fell away from mid-wicket and mid-on.

After 4 overs, India 16/0 - Rohit 10, Dhawan 5

First boundary-less over of the day as Rohit and Dhawan look to rotate strike. Three singles in that over by Holder.

After 3 overs, India 13/0 - Rohit 9, Dhawan 4

Shikhar Dhawan gets going with an elegant off drive off Roach for four. All timing, there. Just a gentle push. And that’s that for the over, the rest five are dot balls. Watchful start by India, this.

After 2 overs, India 9/0 - Rohit 9, Dhawan 0

Another boundary to Rohit Sharma off the first ball of Holder’s over and another lofted shot through the offside. Didn’t seem to be in control of this one. Asks for a change of bat immediately. That boundary is followed by five dot balls, as Rohit shoulders arms repeatedly (almost as if he’s forcing himself to leave the balls wide)

After 1 over, India 5/0 - Rohit 5, Dhawan 0

First ball, short and wide by Roach, and Rohit Sharma helps himself to a lofted cut through point. Intentionally kept high. Loud appeal for LBW against Dhawan, but there was a big inside edge.

1.30 pm: There’s a ringing the bell ceremony at CCI, Mumbai to signal the return of international cricket. And who better than Sachin Tendulkar to do it, eh?

We are all set for the first ball. Roach to Rohit.

1.24 pm: A reminder that India’s opening partnership hasn’t clicked in this series so far.

1.22 pm: Something to keep you occupied till the match starts...



Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli (C), Ambati Rayudu, Kedar Jadhav, MS Dhoni (W), Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Khaleel Ahmed, Jasprit Bumrah


Kieran Powell, Chandrapaul Hemraj, Shai Hope (W), Marlon Samuels, Shimron Hetmyer, Rovman Powell, Jason Holder (C), Fabian Allen, Ashley Nurse, Keemo Paul, Kemar Roach

1.15 pm: This encounter also marks the return of international cricket to the Brabourne stadium, which last hosted a Test in 2009 and an ODI back in 2006. The last international match at the venue was a Test match between India and Sri Lanka back in 2009 when India sealed their ascent to the top of Test rankings for the first time since its inception with Virender Sehwag in supreme form. The last time India played an ODI at this venue? 1995! Rishabh Pant and Khaleel Ahmed wasn’t even born.

While action returns to a forgotten venue steeped in history with drama surrounding the decision, there has been enough intrigue created on the field as well after the first three matches.

1.10 pm: Poll alert:

1.06 pm: Two changes as expected for India: Kedar Jadhav and Ravindra Jadeja back in the playing XI. Rishabh Pant and Yuzvendra Chahal (surprisingly?) miss out. Keemo Paul replaces Obed McCoy for Windies.

1.00 pm: TOSS! Four wins out of four for Virat Kohli... and India will bat first.

12.56 pm: It’s funny how things work in cricket sometimes. Kedar Jadhav, on Thursday, after making a comeback from his Asia Cup injury at the Deodhar Trophy, created a stir when he revealed his surprise at not being selected for the third, fourth and fifth ODIs against West Indies. The chief selector shot back saying he has a history of fitness issues. But a day later, on the night before the third ODI in Pune, he was drafted into the squad for the last two matches, his tryst with fitness not a concern anymore seemingly. And later on Saturday night, his name found a mention in Virat Kohli’s post-match conference, as one of the solutions to restore balance to the Indian side.

Talk about a whirlwind three days and a case of absence making the heart grow fonder.

Preview: India face familiar problems.

12.50 pm: Hello all and welcome to The Field’s live blog of the fourth ODI between India and West Indies.

With predictions of a walk-in-the-park series for India already thrown out of the window, Virat Kohli’s team finds itself in a must-win situation at the Cricket Club of India (CCI) in Mumbai. Credit must be given to the West Indies, who have moved on from a dismal Test series and given the formidable hosts a run for their money in the one-day format.

And with the series on the line, India look to find the ‘perfect’ balance in their playing eleven when they take on a resurgent Windies side on Monday.

Which way is this match going to go?