Left-arm spinner Shiva Singh has opened a new debate after bowling a contentious ‘360 degree swirl’ delivery during an under-23 CK Nayudu match between Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.

Bowling around the wicket, Singh swirled 360 degree just as he was approaching the pop-up crease, only to bowl a normal delivery. The batsman defended the ball, but the umpire declared it a dead ball and pulled up the bowler for his ‘transgression’.

The video of the incident was shared widely, including by former India spinner Bishan Bedi, on social media platforms, sparking debate over the legitimacy of the delivery. The jury is divided, though. While one set feel the run-up is irrelevant as the ball was released normally. Others felt that the swirl was a deliberate attempt to distract the batsman and flouted cricketing laws.

Batsmen are allowed to change their stance mid-delivery and attempt a switch-hit. Bowlers, though, do not have that luxury and have to inform the umpire before hand. The message is then relayed to the batsman before the bowler can begin his run-up.

Under Law 42 of “Fair and Unfair Play”, section 4: “It is unfair for any fielder deliberately to attempt to distract the striker while he is preparing to receive or receiving a delivery.”

Clarification: Shiva Singh was mentioned to be a Bengal player in an earlier version of the article. He plays for UP. The error is regretted.