For all that is wrong about the Indian broadcaster’s promo for India’s latest tour of Australia, one thing is inescapable: When India play in Australia, a controversy is never that far away.

India might not have ever won a series Down Under but over the years, there have been many dramatic moments that neither side can be too proud off, with the benefit of hindsight. Sydney 2008 comes to mind first (or Virat Kohli’s middle finger gesture from the 2014 tour, if you are a younger fan recently taken to the game). But it is not just a modern phenomenon. Even in the decades past, there have been a fair few heated moments.

As we await another Test series involving the two sides, the talk has been about how Australia won’t be the aggressors this time around. Given everything that has gone on off the field for Australian cricket, perhaps we’ll see a series devoid of unnecessary ball-slinging, or name-calling. Or perhaps not.

That being said, here’s a trip down the memory lane, remembering some of the most infamous moments of India’s previous Test tours to Australia.

As always, no googling. No peeking.

Go on, give it a go (not like Mitch Johnson, though).

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