Indian Grand Master Vidit Gujarati, along with compatriots Abhijit Kunte and Lalit Babu, escaped unhurt after being attacked by unidentified assailants in Makati, Philippines.

Gujrathi is in the Philippines for the Asian championship, which is part of the World Championship cycle.

Gujrathi wrote about the incident on his Facebook page. “Me and my colleagues Abhijit Kunte and Lalith Babu went outside to buy water, but then the most unexpected incident happened,” he wrote.

“We were attacked by local goons who possessed weapons. We were cornered and then attacked. We tried to flee but we were chased and finally marginally escaped. We are still trying to recover from this horrible incident.”

Apart from documenting the attack, Gujrathi also complained about poor facilities in the Philippines.

“What kind of an event is this?” he wrote. “Players are charged five times more and forced to stay in this place, where basic necessities like cleanliness, proper food and water are not provided.

“I had to pay $150 for a room which actually costs $35-$50 as per the hotel and other websites. After paying $150, there is no internet in the room. Food provided is awful. There is even no drinking water in the room.

“This is sheer exploitation of players. I am writing this post so that fide and the authorities will take the rightful action.”

Emil Sutovsky, director-general at the world chess federation FIDE said that he had contacted the authorities following Gujarati’s complaints.

“The event is under the auspices of Asian Continental Federation, however as it is a part of World Championship Cycle, FIDE will not stay aside.” Sutovsky was quoted as saying by Chessbase India.

“I already inquired the organisers, and I look forward to hear their side of the story. However no explanation for 300%-400% surcharge is valid. And FIDE will look into the measures to remedy the situation ASAP – not limiting ourselves to just agreeing it is not OK. But before making any strong statements, we will need to hear from the organisers,” he added.