India’s bowling coach Bharat Arun stated that the group of pacers that the team currently had was one of the best-ever Test attacks that the country had ever possessed.

“So far yes, not only what they have done in Adelaide but over a period of time in South Africa and England and now in Australia, this is one of the best group of fast bowlers as far as India have had,” said Arun.

“I think fast bowlers are precious commodity and you have to take care of them like a race horse and that is what is happening,” he further added.

He spoke about the fact that the consistency of the bowlers had gone up a notch and that was pivotal in them taking all 20 Australian wickets at Adelaide.

“I think consistency was a big issue earlier. That is something we have addressed with the bowlers. This is something they have really really worked on. That is something we even insist in practice and the bowlers have responded very well. And that is making the difference.

“Each time they come to net, they need to be aware of their plans and what they need to execute. Each time it is little different what they need to execute and we just test how far they have executed each time. So that feedback allows them to be more consistent,” said India’s fast-bowling coach.

The bowling coach was also pleased with Ravichandran Ashwin’s control in Adelaide and praised the Tamil Nadu tweaker, “I think spinners mature a lot with age. Ashwin has been really good in the last match. He gave us the control bowling 90 overs for 146 runs and gave us six wickets. He would allow the fast bowlers to take turns and he would control from one end.

“Ashwin has been extremely confident and he is aware of what he is doing. A spinner discovers what the things he can do and for that to happen, a coach can give him necessary feedback. Because most often what the bowler think they are doing and what actually they are doing can be much different, If we can bridge the gap that’s when the bowler can actually excel.”

Arun stated that the Indians were expecting pace and bounce in Perth, which would suit the home bowlers and that the batsmen were also aware of the pitch, “I thought they played exceptionally well chasing 320-plus in last innings. The Australians will be coming hard at us. But we will stick to the plan that worked for us. You can be carried away by the extra pace and bounce. We quite expect this. On foreign soil, where wickets are made to suit the home bowlers. Our batsman are also aware that wickets will have enough bounce and pace and they have worked really hard on it.”

He did add that although India hadn’t taken a look at the wicket, the fast bowlers were doing a great job and that they would be happy with any nature of pitch Perth had to offer.