Things didn’t appear too bright for Australia after the end of the second day’s play of the Syndney Test on Friday. India, resuming from the first day’s score of 303 for four, amassed 622/7 before declaring, leaving the hosts 10 overs to face. Australia, at 24/0, have a mountain to climb to bounce back in the Test.

But their skipper, even after a tough day’s play, lightened up the press conference by answering a journalist’s phone.

“Tim Paine speaking,” he said, answering the phone that was on the desk in front of him. “Who is it, sorry? It’s Casey in Hong Kong. Who are you after?”

“Ah Martin, he’s in the middle of a press conference at the moment. Can I get him to call you back?”

“No worries, I’ll tell him to check his emails. Thanks Casey, cheers.”

The Australian skipper previously evoked laughter when he asked Indian wicket-keeper Rishabh Pant if he can babysit his kids.

Despite the tall task ahead, Paine said the Australians were not ready to throw in the towel.

“We certainly won’t be doing that, we will be fighting as hard as we can for the next three days. Cricket’s one of those games, if you keep doing that it can turn really quickly,” he said.

“But you’ve got to tip your cap to India. They have worked extremely hard for three-and-a-half Tests to get us to where they want us today.”

Watch Paine’s funny phone conversation:-