One of the most unluckiest ways to get out in a cricket match is when you hit the perfect straight drive but the non-striker is caught short of the crease and run out, if the bowler manages to get a hand to it. This, we have seen many times over.

But in a cruel twist of fate, for once, the striker had to pay the price for playing a textbook straight drive because her colleague at the other end came in the way.

In a match between Australia’s Governor General XI and New Zealand in Drummoyne Oval on Thursday, White Ferns (as NZ team is known) middle-order player Katie Perkins hit a low straight drive off the bowling of Heather Graham. The ball, hit with some force, was already past the bowler but it had still not hit the turf. And it just ballooned up after striking the bat of non-striker Katey Martin and Graham completed an easy return catch.

If that doesn’t describe how crazy that dismissal was, watch it for yourself here: