2:31 am: New Zealand captain Kane Williamson – “We did put a few down today and it wasn’t our best fielding effort. That paved way for a close contest, I suppose. Too close for comfort. Those sort of games are good for the crowd. Very fortunate to be on the right side of the result. The game ebbed and flowed. Some of their guys were able to hit the ball out of the park and we were able to pick up the wickets and stem the flow. The run-rate came in to the equation and then again they hit a few more out of the park. Was a brilliant game and a lot of learning for us before we move into the next match. I mean of the striking the Windies team are able to achieve is unrivalled. Lot of learning to take and buy your trade.”

2:28 am: West Indies captain Jason Holder – “Tough game at the very end but I’m proud of the guys, especially Carlos. Having said that, still a lot of positives. You can probably pinpoint one or two areas where we fell down. We brought ourselves a long way back into the game, I don’t think you can fault the efforts. We lost wickets at crucial stages. We lost Hetmyer at a bad time. We’ve still got a lot to play for, we’ve got our pride to play for. We can still finish the tournament on a high.”

2:23 am: Player of the match Kane Williamson – “West Indies are incredibly dangerous, the power they generate throughout the order, we saw it even today. Not the best of starts, they got the ball to swing which made life incredibly difficult. They bowled in the right areas for a lengthy amount of time. We did well to put on partnerships which helped us post a decent total on the board. But a great game of cricket. I wanted to be clear in my mind, wanted to play according to the merit of the ball, make the best possible decisions and play according to the situation of the game.”


Carlos Brathwaite goes for another six, when he really didn’t need to, and Trent Boult takes the catch at long-on. James Neesham gets the wicket and New Zealand gets a famous, famous win. What an absolutely extraordinary game of cricket. This World Cup had come alive and how!


After 48.4 overs, West Indies are 286/9 – Brathwaite 101, Thomas 0

CENTURY for Carlos Brathwaite! He gets there in 80 balls! Take a bow! Take a bow! This has been simply sensational!

After 48 overs, West Indies are 284/9 – Brathwaite 99, Thomas 0

2, 6, 6, 6, 4, 1 – 25 runs from that over!

Carlos Brathwaite, you absolute beauty! Unbelievable scenes at Old Trafford. Absolutely unbelievable! Brathwaite is playing a knock for the ages. The right-hander takes Matt Henry apart and West Indies now need 8 off 12.

After 47 overs, West Indies are 259/9 – Brathwaite 74, Thomas 0

SIX! Lockie Ferguson bowls it in the slot and Carlos Brathwaite thumps it straight back over the sight-screen. But just a single more from that over. The right-arm pacer finishes with figures of 3/59 from his 10 overs. West Indies need 33 off 18.

After 46 overs, West Indies are 252/9 – Brathwaite 67, Thomas 0

Carlos Brathwaite hits a four off the first ball, then takes a two and finally single. Oshane Thomas comes on strike and plays out three dot balls. Trent Boult finishes with excellent figures of 4/30 from his 10 overs.

After 45 overs, West Indies are 245/9 – Brathwaite 60

WICKET! There’s the breakthrough New Zealand wanted. And it’s that man Lockie Ferguson again. He bowls a fast and straight delivery to rattle Sheldon Cottrell’s stumps. The right-arm pacer gets his third wicket. Oshane Thomas is the last man in for West Indies.

Cottrell b Ferguson 15 (26)

After 44 overs, West Indies are 244/8 – Brathwaite 59, Cottrell 15

Carlos Brathwaite takes a single off the first ball and Trent Boult bowls five dots to Sheldon Cottrell. Brilliant from the left-arm pacer. He has one over left. West Indies need 48 off 36.

After 43 overs, West Indies are 243/8 – Brathwaite 58, Cottrell 15

Two fours! Well, well, what is happening here?! Sheldon Cottrell, West Indies’ hero with the ball, hits James Neesham for two boundaries in that over. West Indies need 49 off 42. Kane Williamson is bringing his trump card Trent Boult back into the attack.

After 42 overs, West Indies are 235/8 – Brathwaite 58, Cottrell 7

Four! Mitchell Santner pitches it short and Carlos Brathwaite cuts it between point and short-fine for four. Eight runs come from that over. The left-arm spinner finishes with figures of 0/61 from his 10 overs. West Indies need 57 off 48.

After 41 overs, West Indies are 227/8 – Brathwaite 51, Cottrell 6

FIFTY for Carlos Brathwaite! He gets there in 52 balls. This has been a commendable effort from the right-hander. It’ll be a knock for the ages if he can take his team home from here. West Indies need 65 off 54.

After 40 overs, West Indies are 222/8 – Brathwaite 47, Cottrell 5

We’re into the final powerplay. West Indies need 70 runs from 60 balls. New Zealand need two wickets.

After 38.1 overs, West Indies are 211/8 – Brathwaite 41

WICKET! The eighth wicket partnership for the West Indies could add just 47 runs as Kemar Roach has to walk back. Matt Henry gets his first wicket as the right-hander edges it to the ‘keeper. A valiant knock comes to an end. Sheldon Cottrell is the new man at the crease.

Roach c Latham b Henry 14 (31)

After 37 overs, West Indies are 209/7 – Brathwaite 40, Roach 13

Matt Henry returns to the attack and concedes just a single in his seventh over. Kemar Roach has done well so far to play sensible cricket and remain at the crease, but the right-hander isn’t offering much in terms of scoring.

After 35 overs, West Indies are 206/7 – Brathwaite 38, Roach 12

Two fours with identical shots. Colin de Grandhomme pitches it full and on the pads, Carlos Brathwaite flicks it past short-fine for two boundaries. The runs are flowing for the Windies.

After 34 overs, West Indies are 196/7 – Brathwaite 29, Roach 11

Lockie Ferguson helps keep the scoreboard ticking with a wayward bouncer that goes for five wides. Carlos Brathwaite and Kemar Roach have added 32 runs for the eighth wicket. West Indies need 96 off 96.

After 32 overs, West Indies are 185/7 – Brathwaite 25, Roach 10

Two sixes! Carlos Brathwaite and Kemar Roach hit Mitchell Santner for a maximum each. The Windies still have 31 runs more than what New Zealand had at this stage.

After 31 overs, West Indies are 170/7 – Brathwaite 17, Roach 3

Both teams are just going through the motions right now. The West Indian batsmen have shockingly shut shop. If only they’d done that when they were 142/2.

After 26.5 overs, West Indies are 164/7 – Brathwaite 14

WICKET! This is turning into a a nightmare for West Indies. The injured Evin Lewis hobbled onto the field and hobbled back in a hurry. A pull struck well goes straight to deep square-leg and Trent Boult has his fourth wicket.

Lewis c Neesham b Boult 0 (3)

After 26.2 overs, West Indies are 163/6 – Brathwaite 14

WICKET! Aaand another one bites the dust for the West Indies! Trent Boult returns to the attack and gets his third wicket. Ashley Nurse goes for a wild pull and edges it to ‘keeper Tom Latham. The Windies batsmen refuse to learn and keep going for expansive shots.

Nurse c Latham b Boult 1 (8)

After 26 overs, West Indies are 162/5 – Brathwaite 13, Nurse 1

Ashley Nurse offer nothing more than a dead defense and Mitchell Santner slips in a maiden over. West Indies have the luxury of taking their time.

After 25 overs, West Indies are 162/5 – Brathwaite 13, Nurse 1

Ten runs from that over as Carlos Brathwaite hits Lockie Ferguson for two boundaries. West Indies have 50 runs more than what New Zealand had at this stage, but they’ve lost three more wickets.

After 24 overs, West Indies are 152/5 – Brathwaite 4

WICKET! Chris Gayle is gone! This is turning into a meltdown of epic proportions. The left-hande gets a boundary in the over but goes for another almighty hoick. The ball goes high up and Trent Boult takes the catch at long-on. Colin de Grandhomme has his first wicket. Ashley Nurse is the new man at the crease. West Indies have gone from 142/2 to 152/5.

Gayle c Boult b de Grandhomme 87 (84)

After 22.2 overs, West Indies are 142/4 – Gayle 81

WICKET! Jason Holder is gone off the first ball! Lockie Ferguson is on a hat-trick! The West Indies captain goes for an expansive drive first-up and ends up edging it to ‘keeper Tom Latham. New Zealand are right back in this! Carlos Brathwaite is the new man at the crease for the Windies.

Holder c Latham b Ferguson 0 (1)

After 22.1 overs, West Indies are 142/3 – Gayle 81

WICKET! Shimron Hetmyer is gone! The left-hander goes for a reckless heave and is clean-bowled by Lockie Ferguson’s slower ball. That shot was absolutely not needed at this point. West Indies captain Jason Holder is the new man at the crease.

Hetmyer b Ferguson 54 (45)

After 22 overs, West Indies are 142/2 – Gayle 81, Hetmyer 54

Colin de Grandhomme joins the attack and bowls a nothing delivery wide of the pitch, Chris Gayle cuts it with ease and helps himself to a seventh boundary. The runs keep flowing for the Windies.

After 21 overs, West Indies are 138/2 – Gayle 77, Hetmyer 54

FIFTY for Shimron Hetmyer! He gets there in 42 balls. The left-hander pulls a short ball from Lockie Ferguson for a six to get to his fourth ODI half-century. Another good over for West Indies, eight runs come from it. New Zealand simply aren’t able to curb the run-flow at the moment.

After 20 overs, West Indies are 130/2 – Gayle 76, Hetmyer 47

Back-to-back sixes! Chris Gayle is turning it on at Old Trafford! Mitchell Santner, from around the wicket, bowls it right in the slot and the left-hander sends both balls over the long-on fence. To rub salt into the Kiwi wounds, Shimron Heymyer’s mis-timed slog lands safely between two fielders. It’s all going West Indies’ way at the moment.

After 19 overs, West Indies are 115/2 – Gayle 63, Hetmyer 45

Matt Henry bowls a good over after dropping that sitter in the previous over. West Indies are on their way at the moment. They’ve added 95 runs for the third wicket. The Kiwis had added 160 runs for the third wicket.

After 18 overs, West Indies are 114/2 – Gayle 63, Hetmyer 44

DROPPED! TWICE! Chris Gayle survives! Twice! New Zealand, what have you done?! The ball pops right out of Matt Henry’s hands at deep square-leg, before going right through Colin Munro’s hands at deep mid-wicket. Mitchell Santner cannot believe his luck. This could come back to haunt the Kiwis. 12 runs come from that over, West Indies keep motoring on.

After 17 overs, West Indies are 102/2 – Gayle 52, Hetmyer 43

A good over for West Indies as Hetmyer gets back-to-back boundaries off Henry to get 10 and keep the run-rate above the required rate of 5.70.

After 16 overs, West Indies are 92/2 – Gayle 51, Hetmyer 34

Left-arm spinner Mitchell Santner joins the attack and delivers a tidy over for his team, just the three singles come from it. Time for a drinks break.

After 15 overs, West Indies are 89/2 – Gayle 50, Hetmyer 32

FIFTY for Chris Gayle! He gets there in 51 balls. The left-hander has ridden his luck but played some stunning shots as well. These are worrying times for New Zealand. West Indies are well on track.

After 14 overs, West Indies are 84/2 – Gayle 46, Hetmyer 31

Shot! Ferguson bangs it short and Hetmyer pulls it straight back for a boundary. The West Indies are moving along at a steady rate. New Zealand would want to break this partnership soon.

After 13 overs, West Indies are 78/2 – Gayle 45, Hetmyer 26

Decent comeback by James Neesham as well. The right-arm pacer concedes just three singles in his second over. Shimron Hetmyer is throwing his bat hard at almost everything but not connecting on most occasions.

After 12 overs, West Indies are 75/2 – Gayle 43, Hetmyer 25

Decent comeback by Lockie Ferguson. After being hit for nine runs in his previous over, the right-arm pacer gives away just four runs in his second over.

After 11 overs, West Indies are 71/2 – Gayle 41, Hetmyer 24

James Neesham joins the attack, pitches it short and Shimron Hetmyer pulls it away for four. The Kiwi bowlers aren’t learning from each others’ mistakes. The right-arm pacer bowls a similar ball again and Hetmyer pulls it away with the same kind of disdain. The best shot of the over comes off the last ball. The left-hander presses forward and hits a thumping on-the-rise drive that beats the fielder in the deep and hits the ropes. Big over for the Windies, 12 runs from it.

After 10 overs, West Indies are 59/2 – Gayle 41, Hetmyer 12

Lockie Ferguson joins the attack, pitches it short and Shimron Hetmyer pulls it away for four. The over ends with Chris Gayle flicking it past short-fine for four. Nine runs come from that over. That’s the end of the powerplay. New Zealand started with a bang but West Indies are hanging in there.

After 9 overs, West Indies are 50/2 – Gayle 37, Hetmyer 7

Trent Boult bowls an absolutely sizzling yorker which beats Chris Gayle all ends up and runs away for four byes. The left-arm seamer is bowling well at the moment and would want to get the big wicket of Gayle in his opening spell. Six runs come from his fifth over.

After 8 overs, West Indies are 44/2 – Gayle 32, Hetmyer 6

Big over! Chris Gayle survives...and then smashes the next two balls for sixes! The left-hander attempts a pull but gets a top edge, Trent Boult puts in a dive after running behind from short-fine but can’t hold on to it. Gayle then pulls one straight back and one square on the leg side for back-to-back maximums. 18 runs from that over.

After 7 overs, West Indies are 26/2 – Gayle 15, Hetmyer 6

Shot! Shimron Hetmyer gets off the mark with a stylish flick through mid-wicket for four. An eventful over by Trent Boult, a wicket and six runs from it.

After 6.2 overs, West Indies are 20/2 – Gayle 15

WICKET! Trent Boult strikes again and it’s Nicholas Pooran who has to walk back. The left-hander goes for a wild pull but gets a top edge, ‘keeper Tom Latham takes a simple catch. Shimron Hetmyer is the new man at the crease for West Indies.

Pooran c Latham b Boult 1 (7)

After 6 overs, West Indies are 20/1 – Gayle 15, Pooran 1

SIX! Chris Gayle has cut loose! The left-hander pulls one for four and then hoicks the next ball for a maximum over long-on. Good over for the West Indies, 11 runs from it.

After 5 overs, West Indies are 9/1 – Gayle 5, Pooran 1

Nicholas Pooran gets a rare wide delivery and throws his bat at it, but the ball goes straight to third-man and West Indies get a single. Just the three runs come from Trent Boult’s third over.

After 4 overs, West Indies are 6/1 – Gayle 3, Pooran 0

The Kiwi new-ball bowlers are bowling a tight line. Matt Henry concedes just three runs in his second over. Chris Gayle, meanwhile, is playing well within himself. Might cut loose at any moment here.

After 2.4 overs, West Indies are 3/1 – Gayle 2

WICKET! Disastrous start for West Indies as the in-form Shai Hope is gone! Trent Boult pitches it full and wide, the right-hander goes for a drive but chops it on to the stumps. Just the start New Zealand were looking for. Nicholas Pooran is the new man at the crease for the Windies.

Hope b Boult 1 (3)

After 2 overs, West Indies are 2/0 – Gayle 1, Hope 1

Chris Gayle finally gets off the mark after 11 deliveries. Just the two singles from Matt Henry’s over. The right-arm fast-bowler works up good pace but doesn’t get much movement.

After 1 over, West Indies are 0/0 – Gayle 0, Hope 0

Maiden over to start with for Trent Boult! The left-arm seamer strike Chris Gayle on the shoulder with a sharp bouncer. Some away movement there as well. It’s gotten quite cloudy at Old Trafford, should help the Kiwi pacers.

10:27 pm: We’re ready for the chase at the Old Trafford in Manchester. Chris Gayle and Shai Hope will open the batting for West Indies. Trent Boult has the new ball in hand for New Zealand. This match could get really interesting if the Windies get a big opening partnership. Here we go!


Carlos Brathwaite gets his second wicket off the last ball as James Neesham perishes for 28 off 23. And who takes the catch? Sheldon Cottrell, of course. The 29-year-old got four wickets, took three catches, and had one run-out today. Simply incredible!

After 49.5 overs New Zealand are 291/7 – Neesham 28

WICKET! Mitchell Santner smashes a six but perishes off the next ball. It’s that man Sheldon Cottrell again who takes the catch. Carlos Brathwaite gets his first wicket.

Santner c Cottrell b Brathwaite 10 (5)

After 49 overs New Zealand are 281/6 – Neesham 27, Santner 1

Four! It was a decent over by Sheldon Cottrell but got spoiled at the end by James Neesham. The left-hander pulls it hard for a four. 11 runs come from that over. Cottrell finishes with superb figures of 4/56 from his 10 overs.

After 48.1 overs New Zealand are 270/6 – Neesham 18

WICKET! Oh dear, a mix-up between the two batsmen and Colin de Grandhomme is run-out. Sheldon Cottrell does well to pick up ball quickly in his follow through and get the direct hit at the non-striker’s end. Mitchell Santner is the new man at the crease for New Zealand.

de Grandhomme run-out Cottrell 16 (6)

After 48 overs New Zealand are 270/5 – Neesham 18, de Grandhomme 16

SIX! What a stunning shot from Colin de Grandhomme! Carlos Brathwaite bowls it full and wide, the right-hander drives it over covers for a flat six. Great over for New Zealand, 17 runs come from it.

After 47 overs New Zealand are 253/5 – Neesham 17, de Grandhomme 1

Colin de Grandhomme is the new man at the crease for New Zealand. Both he and James Neesham can hit a long ball. The Kiwis will be eyeing at least more than 30 in the last three overs.

After 46.3 overs New Zealand are 251/5 – Neesham 16

WICKET! Sheldon Cottrell gets his fourth and ends an absolutely fantsatic innings. Kane Williamson goes for another slog but the ball takes the edge and goes really high, ‘keeper Shai Hope gets under it and completes a difficult catch. But this has been a champion knock from the New Zealand captain. He bailed his team out of a big hole and put them in the driver’s seat.

Williamson c Hope b Cottrell 148 (154)

After 46 overs New Zealand are 250/4 – Williamson 148, Neesham 15

SIX! James Neesham finally joins the party and slogs one from Carlos Brathwaite for a maximum. New Zealand pick up 11 runs from that over. West Indies are struggling to put the breaks. The Kiwis will be eyeing the 300-run mark.

After 45 overs New Zealand are 239/4 – Williamson 147, Neesham 5

Kane Williamson has taken it upon himself to take his team towards a fighting total. The right-hander slog-sweeps, uncharacteristically, for a four. New Zealand pick up 11 runs from Ashley Nurse’s ninth over.

After 44 overs New Zealand are 228/4 – Williamson 138, Neesham 3

Kane Williamson survives.. well, not really. Sheldon Cottrell gets the right-hander’s inside edge and Shai Hope takes what looks like a brilliant catch. The ‘keeper goes up in appeal and the umpires take a review with the soft signal being out. But the replay clearly shows that the ball had popped out of Hope’s hand and he had quickly picked it up again. Williamson then cuts one for four and follows that up with a flick over square-leg for six. This is turning into a classic knock from the Kiwi skipper.

After 43 overs New Zealand are 217/4 – Williamson 128, Neesham 2

Shot! Ashley Nurse drops it short and Kane Williamson cuts it hard for four. But just seven runs come from the off-spinner’s eighth over. West Indies will take that at this stage.

After 41.5 overs New Zealand are 210/4 – Williamson 123

WICKET! Sheldon Cottrell comes back into the attack and gets his third wicket. Tom Latham goes for a pull but gets a top edge, the ball goes straight up and Cottrell takes a simple catch. James Neesham is the new man at the crease for New Zealand. Kane Williamson needs someone to up the ante from the other end.

Latham c&b Cottrell 12 (16)

After 41 overs New Zealand are 206/3 – Williamson 121, Latham 10

Four! Ashley Nurse does well to concede just three runs of the first five balls, but the last one takes Kane Williamson’s outside edge and runs away to the fence. Chris Gayle, at short-third, didn’t even pretend to chase it.

After 40 overs New Zealand are 199/3 – Williamson 116, Latham 8

Back-to-back boundaries for Kane Williamson! First a pull and then an on-the-rise drive through covers. Good over for New Zealand, 12 runs come from Jason Holder’s seventh. Final powerplay coming up. With seven wickets in hand, the Kiwis would want to go past the 300-run mark.

After 39 overs New Zealand are 187/3 – Williamson 106, Latham 6

Good over from Ashley Nurse. The off-spinner concedes just four singles in his sixth over. New Zealand would want to up the ante now.

After 38 overs New Zealand are 183/3 – Williamson 104, Latham 4


Back-to-back hundreds for the New Zealand skipper. This is his 13th ODI ton. The right-hander was stranded on 99 for a bit but then Kemar Roach bowled a short ball down leg which was pulled away easily for four. This knock has been all class. Williamson is showing, on the biggest stage, why he’s one of the best in the world. Meanwhile, Roach finishes his spell with figures of 0/38 from 10 overs.

After 36 overs New Zealand are 176/3 – Williamson 99, Latham 2

Good over from Jason Holder, just two runs from it. Kane Williamson was stranded on 99 for the last three deliveries of that over.

After 35 overs New Zealand are 174/3 – Williamson 98, Latham 1

Tom Latham is the new man at the for New Zealand. The Kiwis have done remarkably well to get to this position after losing two wickets in the first over, but they need a big finish here. Meanwhile, Chris Gayle is off the field. He seems to have hurt his shoulder while celebrating Ross Taylor’s wicket. Wow.

*Since 214 wickets, now that Ross Taylor has been dismissed

After 34.3 overs New Zealand are 167/3 – Williamson 92

WICKET! Chris Gayle gives West Indies the breakthrough and Ross Taylor has to walk back! The right-hander was looking edgy since the past few overs and ended up throwing his wicket away. He stepped out and tried to lift it over mid-off but the ball went straight to Jason Holder. Gayle enjoyed that! The third wicket partnership ends for 160 runs.

Taylor c Holder b Gayle 69 (95)

After 34 overs New Zealand are 166/2 – Williamson 92, Taylor 69

Shot! A boundary after four overs for New Zealand. Carlos Brathwaite returns to the attack and bowls a short and wide delivery, Kane Williamson gets on his toes and punches it past covers. That was pure class. Eight runs come from that over.

After 33 overs New Zealand are 158/2 – Williamson 86, Taylor 67

Well, well, Chris Gayle comes on to have a bowl. His stylish, reflective sunglasses firmly in place. But the off-spinner fails to trouble the New Zealand batsmen as they pick up five singles comfortably. Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor have now added 151 runs off 194 balls for the third wicket. Simply incredible batting from the two right-handers.

After 32 overs New Zealand are 153/2 – Williamson 83, Taylor 65

A decent over from Oshane Thomas, just three runs from it. The right-arm pacer has figures of 0/30 from 6 overs at the moment. Time for a drinks break.

After 31 overs New Zealand are 150/2 – Williamson 82, Taylor 63

A hundred and fifty for New Zealand! Ashley Nurse continues to operate from one end without much to offer. Kane Williamson has upped the ante a bit over the last few overs and raced well ahead of Ross Taylor. Six runs come from that over.

After 30 overs New Zealand are 144/2 – Williamson 79, Taylor 60

If the four of the first ball showed Williamson is in sublime touch (a punch through off-side) then the dead-bat off the last ball of that over showed he is in complete control at the moment.

NZ will get close to 300 if they double this from year... they certainly look in the mood for it.

After 29 overs New Zealand are 136/2 – Williamson 73, Taylor 58

No risks, no fuss... and 7 runs from Nurse’s over. Superb batting from the NZ star batsmen. Williamson has overtaken Taylor now and getting closer to his 2nd straight World Cup ton.

After 28 overs New Zealand are 129/2 – Williamson 67, Taylor 57

SHOTTT! Almost as if Kane Williamson was telling Cottrell off for taking those early wickets. Gently, though. Like Williamson would. Around the wicket, full on the middle stump, driven down the ground. Jaw-dropping stuff from the Kiwi skipper. Eight runs from that over.

After 27 overs New Zealand are 121/2 – Williamson 60, Taylor 56

New Zealand are cruising at the moment. There’s nothing in Ashley Nurse’s bowling right now. No spin, no drift, no guile. Easy runs all around for the two Kiwi batsmen.

After 26 overs New Zealand are 117/2 – Williamson 57, Taylor 55

Sheldon Cottrell, the only successful West Indian bowler so far, comes back into the attack but fails to provide his team a breakthrough. Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor pick up five runs comfortably.

After 25 overs New Zealand are 112/2 – Williamson 53, Taylor 54

Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor have now added 105 runs for the third wicket. This has been a wonderful stand for New Zealand. The Kiwis were in a deep hole at 7/2 in the first over, their two best batsmen have stood up. Seven runs come from that Ashley Nurse over.

After 24 overs New Zealand are 105/2 – Williamson 50, Taylor 52

FIFTY for Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor! The New Zealand skipper gets there in 75 balls and his partner has taken 68 balls to get there. Taylor ends Kemar Roach’s eighth over with a wonderful straight-drive for four.

After 23 overs New Zealand are 99/2 – Williamson 49, Taylor 47

Jason Holder introduces spin with Ashley Nurse. Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor knock the off-spinner around to pick up four singles.

After 22 overs New Zealand are 95/2 – Williamson 47, Taylor 45

Jason Holder brings Kemar Roach back into the attack in search of wickets. The right-arm pacer does well to concede just a single off the first five balls of his seventh over, but bowls the last one down leg and Ross Taylor helps it to the fine-leg fence.

After 21 overs New Zealand are 90/2 – Williamson 46, Taylor 41

Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor are matching each other shot-for-shot. This time the New Zealand captain slaps a short ball from Carlos Brathwaite for four. Good over for the Kiwis, nine runs come from it. They’ve added 83 runs for the third wicket.

After 20 overs New Zealand are 81/2 – Williamson 38, Taylor 40

Shot! Ross Taylor cuts a short ball from Oshane Thomas between covers and mid-off for four. The right-hander had missed out on a similar ball before that and shares a smile with Kane Williamson. Five runs come from that over.

After 19 overs New Zealand are 76/2 – Williamson 37, Taylor 36

Carlos Brathwaite joins the attack and bowls a short ball to Ross Taylor. The right-hander thinks of going for a pull, backs out at the last moment, and ends up in an awkward position. Luckily for him, the ball lands short of the fielders on the off-side. Three singles come from the right-arm medium-pacer’s first over.

After 18 overs New Zealand are 73/2 – Williamson 35, Taylor 35

Ross Taylor’s turn to showoff his class. Oshane Thomas pitches it full and the right-hander drives it straight back for four. The boundaries are flowing for New Zealand all of a sudden. Not much happening for the West Indies pacers. Six runs come from that over.

After 17 overs New Zealand are 67/2 – Williamson 34, Taylor 30

Classss from Kane Williamson! Jason Holder bowls it full and wide, the right-hander plays a gorgeous cover-drive for four. Shot of the day so far. Good over for New Zealand, eight runs from it. The runners-up from 2015 are slowly starting to dominate.

After 16 overs New Zealand are 59/2 – Williamson 28, Taylor 28

Oshane Thomas strays in line a bit and Kane Williamson flicks it past square-leg to pick up two. The New Zealand captain then dabs the last ball of the over for a single. The innings run-rate is 3.69 at the moment.

After 15 overs New Zealand are 56/2 – Williamson 25, Taylor 28

Another boundary! Third over in a row where New Zealand get a four. Jason Holder pitches it short again and Ross Taylor pulls it between mid-wicket and mid-on. Good over for New Zealand, eight runs come from it. Time for the first drinks break of the match.

After 14 overs New Zealand are 48/2 – Williamson 23, Taylor 22

Shot! It’s Kane Williamson’s turn to find the fence. Oshane Thomas joins the attack and bowls a short, wide delivery. The New Zealand skipper latches on to it and cuts it past point for four. Five runs come fro that over. The Kiwi batsmen are starting to find their groove.

After 13 overs New Zealand are 43/2 – Williamson 19, Taylor 21

FOUR! Yes, New Zealand finally send one to the boundary. Ross Taylor decides he has had enough and steps out to pull a short ball from Jason Holder over mid-wicket. This is New Zealand’s first four since the fourth over. Their innings run-rate at the moment is 3.31.

After 12 overs New Zealand are 36/2 – Williamson 18, Taylor 15

New Zealand get a boundary...almost! Kane Williamson clips one off his hips and it looked like the ball would race away to the fine-leg fence, but Sheldon Cottrell does well to run a fair way across and put his foot in right at the end. Four runs come from Kemar Roach’s sixth over. The right-arm pacer has had a long spell.

After 11 overs New Zealand are 32/2 – Williamson 16, Taylor 15

It’s all going West Indies’ way at the moment. Jason Holder bowls a no-ball but Ross Taylor fails to connect on the free-hit. The Windies skipper skips in dot balls in the rest of the over. The New Zealand run-rate is 2.91 at the moment. They’ve going to have to up the ante soon.

After 10 overs New Zealand are 30/2 – Williamson 15, Taylor 15

That’s the end of the first powerplay, one dominated by the West Indies. Another good over by Kemar Roach, just two runs from it. The right-arm pacer has figures of 0/13 from 5 overs at the moment.

After 9 overs New Zealand are 28/2 – Williamson 15, Taylor 13

West Indies skipper Jason Holder joins the attack and delivers an economical over, just the three singles from it. The boundaries have dried up for New Zealand. The Windies would want to break this partnership soon, though.

Injury update: Evin Lewis is off with right-hamstring trouble. Fabian Allen on the field. Lewis being assessed by the physio.

After 8 overs New Zealand are 25/2 – Williamson 14, Taylor 11

Back-to-back maiden overs by Kemar Roach! Jason Holder packs the off-side field for Kane Williamson and the right-arm pacer bowls a disciplined line. The New Zealand skipper doesn’t go for anything fancy and the Windies get six dot balls.

After 7 overs New Zealand are 25/2 – Williamson 14, Taylor 11

Kane Williamson is looking increasingly comfortable at the crease. He’s reading the length and swing well. The right-hander plays a stylish drive to end Sheldon Cottrell’s fourth over but gets just a single for it. West Indies would want to see his back soon.

After 6 overs New Zealand are 22/2 – Williamson 12, Taylor 10

Ross Taylor survives! Kemar Roach angles one in and the ball holds its line after pitching, the right-hander gets a thick outside edge but it lands just short of Chris Gayle at second slip. Maiden over for the right-arm pacer, the second of the New Zealand innings.

After 5 overs New Zealand are 22/2 – Williamson 12, Taylor 10

Another good over by Sheldon Cottrell, just a single from it. The left-arm pacer is bowling a tight line and mixing his in-swingers well. Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor are doing the smart thing and not taking an risks.

After 4 overs New Zealand are 21/2 – Williamson 12, Taylor 9

Four! Kemar Roach pitches it on a length and Kane Williamson plays it with soft hands, the ball takes a thick edge and runs past a diving Chris Gayle at second slip. Seven runs come from that over. New Zealand are continuing to get the runs but West Indies are doing well to beat the bat consistently.

After 3 overs New Zealand are 14/2 – Williamson 7, Taylor 7

Sheldon Cottrell is spitting fire at the moment! The left-arm pacer is in the middle of an inspired spell. He beats Kane Williamson’s outside edge with a full delivery and with one that was slightly short. He’s angling the ball into the right-handers from over the wicket and creating doubt for the ones that go straight.

After 2 overs New Zealand are 14/2 – Williamson 7, Taylor 7

Shot! Kemar Roach takes the new ball from the other end and Ross Taylor slaps the second ball of the over between point and covers for four. But the right-arm pacer does well to bowl five dot balls. New Zealand have their back to the wall. The track is a belter and they’re going to have to dig deep to get a competitive total.

After 1 over New Zealand are 10/2 – Williamson 7, Taylor 3

A stunning first over from Sheldon Cottrell! Ten runs and two wickets from it. New Zealand have their two best batsmen – skipper Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor – at the crease now. They need a big, big partnership. West Indies can sense the kill.

After 0.5 over New Zealand are 7/2 – Williamson 7

WICKET! WHAT. IS. HAPPENING?! Colin Munro is gone for a first-ball duck as well! Sheldon Cottrell is on fire! This is absolutely sensational bowling from the left-arm seamer. He bowls an unplayable yorker to rattle the left-hander’s stumps. New Zealand are in a deep hole!

Munro b Cottrell 0 (1)

After 0.1 over New Zealand are 0/1 – Munro 0

WICKET! What. A. Start. Martin Guptill is gone for a first-ball duck! Sheldon Cottrell bowls an absolute peach of an in-swinging yorker first up and it hits the right-hander on his back leg. The umpire says not-out but Jason Holder takes DRS and it shows all three reds. What a start to this match!

Guptill lbw Cottrell 0 (1)

5:59 pm: Right, we’re done with the national anthems and are ready for some cricket. Martin Guptill and Colin Munro are opening the batting for New Zealand. Sheldon Cottrell has the new ball in hand for West Indies. This promises to be a cracker. Here we go!

5:46 pm: Unlike last week, when the Manchester weather had everyone on the edge of their seats before the India-Pakistan game, the conditions for today’s contest are near-perfect. The sky is clear, the sun is out, and the pitch looks like a belter. Expect a high-scoring match.

5:43 pm: New Zealand captain Kane Williamson at the toss – “I think the surface will remain similar throughout. We know that they have world class players and can beat any team on their day. We should adapt to the conditions and we’ve done well in that regard so far. You have to put your best foot forward. At the moment, the team remains the same.”

5:40 pm: West Indies captain Jason Holder at the toss – “Looks a pretty good wicket. We know what’s at stake, we’ve got to bring our A-game. We haven’t been consistent. We have got three changes. Darren Bravo is out, Ashley Nurse comes in. Shanon Gabriel is out and Kemar Roach comes in. Carlos Braithwaite is in for Andre Russell.”

5:37 pm: New Zealand playing XI – Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Kane Williamson (c), Ross Taylor, Tom Latham (w), James Neesham, Colin de Grandhomme, Mitchell Santner, Matt Henry, Lockie Ferguson, Trent Boult.

5:35 pm: West Indies playing XI – Chris Gayle, Evin Lewis, Shai Hope (w), Nicholas Pooran, Shimron Hetmyer, Jason Holder (c), Carlos Brathwaite, Ashley Nurse, Oshane Thomas, Kemar Roach, Sheldon Cottrell.

5:32 pm: TOSS – Jason Holder has won the toss and West Indies will field first!

5:27 pm: West Indies were undone by a Shakib Al Hasan classic in their last game. Jason Holder and his men had the runs on the board, but their bowling came up a cropper yet again.

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5:24 pm: In their previous game, New Zealand defeated South Africa on the back of an unbeaten ton by skipper Kane Williamson.

Read about that brilliant innings by Williamson here.

5:20 pm: Hello everyone and welcome to live coverage of match No 29 of this 12th edition of the ICC World Cup. Today, an under-fire West Indies take on a rampant New Zealand at Old Trafford in Manchester.

Their campaign deflated after early promise, the Windies face a do-or-die battle against a confident-looking Kiwi outfit.

New Zealand, on the other hand, are sitting pretty at the second spot with nine points, which includes four wins out of five games with the match against India being washed out.

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