That’s it from us then. England stay alive playing a brand of cricket they have perfected in recent times.

Update: Sri Lanka are out of the running for a spot in the World Cup semi-finals. They have had two washout games. The Lankans play West Indies tomorrow and also have a game against India.

Morgan: I thought we had a perfect start. Winning the toss and batting first wasn’t an easy decision but it turned out to be the best decision. Partnerships throughout took us to a really formidable total. From 10-20 overs we got about 90-95 runs. It lays a huge platform and the two main spinners of India were taken on. Hopefully this is the brand of cricket that we want to play and it has taken off.

Kohli: The toss was not a massive factor. If we were clinical with the bat, the result could have been different, I think. We had a decent chance when they [Pant and Pandya] were in there. We kept losing wickets and that doesn’t help in a big chase, but credit goes to England in the end. It’s up to discussions with the two guys who were in there. They bowled in good areas and the ball was stopping, hence it was difficult to bat towards the end.

Ganguly is still raging: I would have happy if we got 300 all out and lost the game. There were no sixes till the final over of the match. Especially, when one part of the ground was just 59 metres. They should find a way at this level. The intent was not good at the start, the intent was not good at the finish. England were happy to let India do that. They were the better team. Archer was good, Plunkett was exceptional. They have to find a way. The first time they have come against a strong side.

Bairstow is the Man of the Match: “It was important to set a platform and assess the conditions early after winning the toss.

“It’s been frustrating for the guys as we’ve played well but the results have not gone in our favour. We can improve things going forward against New Zealand. I was reacting to each ball. VVS definitely helped me with his knowledge against spin


Good finish for England in the final over with Dhoni hitting a six and Jadhav getting a boundary off Woakes. Some boos go around the ground when the former India captain refused a single. England have their first win over India since 1992 in World Cups.

After 49 overs, India 294/5 - Dhoni 35, Jadhav 7

A misfield gifts India a boundary. Poor effort from Stokes in the deep. Sourav Ganguly in the commentary box is seething and is at a loss for words explaining Dhoni and Jadhav’s approach at the crease. Last over coming up and barring a miracle, England will have their fifth win on the board.

After 48 overs, India 287/5 - Dhoni 29, Jadhav 6

Single. Single. Single. Single. There are some angry Indian fans on social media expressing their displeasure on Jadhav and Dhoni’s approach at the crease. Just six runs from the over.

After 47 overs, India 281/5 - Dhoni 26, Jadhav 4

Slow balls, cutters from Archer and India can only get five singles from the over. Dhoni and Jadhav struggle to find the boundary. This has been smart bowling from England and Archer, unlucky to not pick up a wicket, has been terrific.

After 46 overs, India 276/5 - Dhoni 23, Jadhav 3

Dhoni puts away a short delivery to the fence. Wood has been expensive and he has not been able to get his cutters right. Nine from the over but this wouldn’t do for India.

After 44.5 overs, India 267/5 - HARDIK PANDYA out!

Killer blow in India’s run chase but this was terrific from Plunkett. England have been terrific in the last few overs and Pandya’s run flow was restricted. It was a frustrated hoick from the India all-rounder and substitute at long on takes a simple catch. Some would say that England are in the driver’s seat right now.

After 44 overs, India 260/4 - Pandya 44, Dhoni 11

Just five from Archer’s over and it further dents India’s chase. All deliveries barring one were cutters and slow ones and the batsmen were surprised with the variations. No boundaries once again.

After 43 overs, India 255/4 - Pandya 42, Dhoni 8

Good over from Woakes, seven from it. Aggressive intent from Dhoni as he targets the long on boundary, one bounce four. Pandya is not getting deliveries in his hitting range and repeatedly bashed the ball down the ground for singles.

After 42 overs, India 248/4 - Pandya 39, Dhoni 3

Just five singles from the over. Dhoni missed out on a half-tracker in the first ball of the over, which was dragged down leg. There was a hint of turn and Pandya also was forced to check his shots.

Adil Rashid has been given the ball

After 41 overs, India 243/4 - Pandya 37, Dhoni 1

Pandya continues to go strong but was nearly caught at gully by Rashid. The leg-spinner went flying in but couldn’t get his hands on it. Nine from the over but here, Morgan had men patrolling the long on region.

After 40 overs, India 234/4 - Pandya 29, Dhoni 0

Dhoni leaves the first delivery but this is excellent rotation of strike from Pandya. On atleast three occasions in the over, he was able to thread the ball into the gaps.

After 39.1 overs, India 228/4 - Rishabh Pant out!

What a catch from Woakes at fine leg. The ball was travelling and he made up a lot of ground to pick up the catch on the dive. After a nervy start, Pant was looking good. All upto Pandya and Dhoni now.

R Pant c Woakes b Plunkett 32 (29)

After 39 overs, India 226/3 - Pant 32, Pandya 22

Sixteen from the over. 4,4,4 goes Pandya and the pressure is back on England. Woakes is operating at a fuller length and gets clubbed on the off-side for a couple of times. Pandya’s bottom-hand power was at work in the third boundary of the over. Once again, the pick-up and the transformation of weight into the shot was top notch.

After 38 overs, India 210/3 - Pant 32, Pandya 6

Wood was bowling to the field and didn’t allow the batsmen to free their arms. Then, Pant goes over the infield with a flick off his hips and the ball finds the fence. Two T20I batsmen at the crease and India need them to show their IPL game.

After 37 overs, India 204/3 - Pant 27, Pandya 5

Pandya not wasting any time settling in and gets a couple of twos to get his innings underway. Another fine over from Woakes, who has easily been England’s pick of the bowlers today.

After 36.1 overs, India 198/3 - Rohit Sharma out!

Slow delivery outside off and Rohit Sharma gives it an almighty whack. Thick edge and Jos Buttler takes a simple catch. End of a fine hundred but India have all to do now.

R Sharma c Buttler b Woakes 102 (109)

After 36 overs, India 198/2 - Rohit Sharma 102, Pant 26

First sign of Pant taking the attack to the bowlers. He looses grip of his bat but pulls and lofts it over the top with aplomb. Ten from the over and India’s chase gathers steam. They need more overs like these.

After 35 overs, India 188/2 - Rohit Sharma 101, Pant 17

Rohit Sharma completes his third hundred of the World Cup. He gets there with a couple. He had his luck today but what a player and he is in the form of his life. There are few players who can play the kind of knocks he does. Just five from the over.

After 34 overs, India 183/2 - Rohit Sharma 98, Pant 15

Six singles from Wood’s sixth over. The batsmen look comfortable and there was one occasion where Pant tried to play his trademark flick on the leg while falling over on the off-stump. The required rate is nearly ten at the moment.

After 33 overs, India 177/2 - Rohit Sharma 95, Pant 12

Pant gets his first four with a punch through extra cover and the ball beats Woakes’ dive in the shorter boundary. The left-hander looks more assured now but the momentum has started to shift slightly in India’s favour in the last two overs. Rohit Sharma is nearing his century and is living a charmed life as well. A full blooded heave landed in between the fielders.

After 32 overs, India 166/2 - Rohit Sharma 91, Pant 5

And....the Rohit Sharma show is back and he is into the nineties now. Pant is happy to give his partner the strike. Wood over-pitches and Sharma plays a couple of gorgeous shots with a straight bat, one pull and one down the ground.

After 31 overs, India 155/2 - Rohit Sharma 81, Pant 4

Just three from Plunkett’s over. After Kohli’s wicket, Rohit Sharma has kicked back a touch. No risky heaves from Pant so far and the run rate is a touch over nine now.

After 30 overs, India 152/2 - Rohit Sharma 80, Pant 3

Three runs for Pant to start proceedings. Gentle push on the leg side but a misfield from Stokes allows the batsmen to run three. Sharma was happy to see out the threat of Archer in the over. Four from it.

After 29 overs, India 148/2 - Rohit Sharma 78, Pant 0

Well, well...nervy start for Pant. He nearly runs himself out twice in the space of four deliveries. The second one was close, he was half way down the pitch but got home with a scampering dive.

After 28.2 overs, India 144/2 - VIRAT KOHLI OUT!

Once again, Kohli can’t get it to a hundred. Width on offer but the Indian captain cut the ball straight to substitute James Vince at gully. Much needed breakthrough for England. Plunkett gets the breakthrough

V Kohli c Sub (Vince) b Plunkett 66 (76)

After 28 overs, India 144/1 - Rohit Sharma 77, Kohli 66

Good comeback over from the pacer, just four from it. He beat Kohli with a slow delivery outside off stump and checked him with a short one. The batsmen are happy to see him out.

Archer is back into the attack

After 27 overs, India 140/1 - Rohit Sharma 75, Kohli 64

Seven from the over. There are big overs at a stretch for India here and Sharma’s boundary hitting spree continues. He puts away a full toss from Rashid to the mid-wicket fence. England are running the danger of letting this slip.

After 26 overs, India 133/1 - Rohit Sharma 70, Kohli 63

Three consecutive boundaries for Rohit Sharma. Ben Stokes goes wide and the India vice-captain gleefully pounces on it. He manipulates the deep cover fielder like a master. He is finding gaps with ease.

After 25 overs, India 120/1 - Rohit Sharma 56, Kohli 63

The Indian batsmen are roatating strike with a lot more regularity and once again, Rashid concedes a boundary. England will be feeling a little twitchy here. This partnership now has the potential to take the game away from the hosts. Rohit was beaten outside off close to his body by the leg-spinner but the pressure is on Morgan now. He needs to break this stand.

After 23 overs, India 107/1 - Rohit Sharma 52, Kohli 55

Rohit Sharma gets to his half-century. This was a lengthy grind for the India vice-captain. The partnership is closing in on a 100. Once again, width was on offer for Sharma and he calmly dispatched it to the fence.

After 22 overs, India 100/1 - Rohit Sharma 47, Kohli 53

Good overs for Indians at a stretch here. Sharma drives on the up and gets a boundary off Stokes. Seven from the over. Kohli is delighted with his batting partner finally getting his touch back. 46 from the last six overs.

After 21 overs, India 93/1 - Rohit Sharma 42, Kohli 52

Width on offer to Rohit Sharma and India’s chase, for the first time, gathers momentum. Morgan should have considered putting an extra man in the deep. Two boundaries from the over and ten runs from it.

After 20 overs, India 83/1 - Rohit Sharma 33, Kohli 50

Rohit Sharma survives! Another bowling change by England captain Eoin Morgan as Ben Stokes joins the attack. The right-arm medium-pacer pitches one short of a good length and outside off, Rohit attempts a hoick but mistimes it. Luckily for the right-hander, the ball lands safely between cover and deep extra-cover. Virat Kohli then comes on strike and plays a stunning flick past mid-wicket for four.

FIFTY for Kohli! The Indian captain ends the over by getting his fifth half-century in a row. He has taken 59 balls to get there. He’s looking in complete control at the moment. Ominous signs for the hosts.

After 19 overs, India 74/1 - Rohit Sharma 31, Kohli 43

Adil Rashid comes into the attack and concedes three singles in his first over. Not much turn there for the leg-spinner. The required-rate for India is climbing with each passing over. Both Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are set now, one of them will have to cut loose soon.

After 18 overs, India 71/1 - Rohit Sharma 29, Kohli 42

Drinks called and the Indians are milking ones and twos well compared to the powerplay, where they were pegged back. Wood has come back well in his spell. Kohli moves to the fourties and this partnership is steadily gathering momentum. The encouraging sign for England would be Kohli flaying his bat and missing.

After 17 overs, India 67/1 - Rohit Sharma 28, Kohli 39

India’s best over of the innings so far. Kohli drove with aplomb but Sharma finally found his groove with a pull short from a short delivery. Two boundaries from the over.

After 16 overs, India 57/1 - Rohit Sharma 23, Kohli 34

Good over from Wood, just four from it. Wood drags his length back by just a touch and gets better rhythm in the over. Sharma is now rotating strike with a little bit of ease.

After 15 overs, India 53/1 - Rohit Sharma 22, Kohli 31

Rohit Sharma’s struggle continues. He is stepping out, trying to fend at it, pulls but it just doesn’t connect. He was hit on the helmet with a slow bouncer from Plunkett as well. The India opener looks just a little out of sorts.

After 14 overs, India 51/1 - Rohit Sharma 21, Kohli 30

Crunching cover drive for Kohli as India get past the 50-run mark. It is clear that India have targeted Wood as the bowler they are going to go after. Eight runs from the over. Kohli and Sharma need more of this.

After 13 overs, India 43/1 - Rohit Sharma 21, Kohli 21

There is bounce off the wicket. Kohli fends and misses twice outside off in the first two balls of the over. Another tidy over for Plunkett, just three coming from it. The required run rate is steadily creeping up.

After 12 overs, India 40/1 - Rohit Sharma 20, Kohli 20

Now, Rohit Sharma thinks he has had enough. An ugly slog on the leg side against a delivery slightly short gets him four. But the pull shot to end the over had class written all over it. Two boundaries from the over.

Mark Wood is given the ball.

After 11 overs, India 32/1 - Rohit Sharma 12, Kohli 19

Plunkett immediately goes slightly outside off and there are some runs for India, Kohli gets three. However, Rohit Sharma hasn’t looked his fluent self so far. He swings and misses outside off twice in the over. The pressure is building.

Liam Plunkett comes on.

After 10 overs, India 28/1 - Rohit Sharma 11, Kohli 17

Archer is not offering too many boundary deliveries. Kohli had a wild swing on the leg side but couldn’t connect. The fifth ball of the over was climbing onto the Indian captain and he did well to take evasive action to run it to third man. Wonderful start for the pacers and that is the end of the first powerplay.

After 9 overs, India 27/1 - Rohit Sharma 11, Kohli 16

Kohli has seen enough. He walks into Woakes and lofts him over extra cover for a boundary. However, the pacer does well to make a slight adjustment with his length and the dot-ball spree continues. The required run rate has already crept up north of 7.50.

After 8 overs, India 22/1 - Rohit Sharma 11, Kohli 11

Better over from Archer there. No drive-able balls for Sharma or Kohli there. The pacer is judiciously using the short delivery. In the final ball of the over, Sharma was beaten for pace. Just two from the over.

After 7 overs, India 20/1 - Rohit Sharma 10, Kohli 10

Woakes continues to keep the the pressure on the Indians. Finally, there are some runs but it’s just three from the over. England also have a shot mid-on in place for both batsmen. The runs are hard to come by for Kohli and Sharma at the moment.

After 6 overs, India 17/1 - Rohit Sharma 8, Kohli 8

Archer nearly takes Kohli’s head off with a snorter but gets a streaky boundary, it went just wide of second slip. Archer then over-pitches and Kohli easily tucked it away to the fence with a classy cover drive.

After 5 overs, India 9/1 - Rohit Sharma 8, Kohli 0

This is simply brilliant from Woakes, who now has figures of 3-3-0-1. India are being pegged back in these early overs. Simple stuff, back of a length and asking Sharma to fend at it with slips in place. No runs. Ideal start for the hosts.

After 4 overs, India 8/1 - Rohit Sharma 8, Kohli 0

Good over from Archer. There is slight movement off the seam and Archer beats Rohit outside off stump with a peach. Rohit is not looking to fend outside off now after the earlier chance. He keeps strike with a single.

After 3 overs, India 8/1 - Rohit Sharma 8, Kohli 0

It’s a wicket maiden for Woakes. He has completed two overs without conceding a run. Top stuff from the England pacer.

After 2.3 overs, India are 8/1 – KL RAHUL OUT!

Rahul goes for a nine-ball duck. Disciplined bowling from Woakes and on this occasion, Rahul was caught in two minds against a ball that had a bit of carry. Good return catch for the bowler.

KL Rahul c & b Woakes 0 (9)

After 2 over, India are 8/0 – Rahul 0, Rohit 8

Dropped! Joe Root puts down a dolly at second slip and to add insult to injury, Rohit Sharma drives two full deliveries in emphatic fashion and gets boundaries off it. This could haunt England. What a big let off for India. Rohit Sharma was fishing outside off.

After 1 over, India are 0/0 – Rahul 0, Rohit 0

Maiden over to start! Chris Woakes doesn’t get a lot of movement but manages to bowl six dot balls to KL Rahul. India are unlikely to go too hard in the powerplay. They’d like to keep wickets in hand to chase this big total down. Jofra Archer to start proceedings for England at the other end.

7:19 pm: We’re ready for the chase at Edgbaston. India have a big challenge at their hands in order to remain unbeaten. Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul will open the batting. Chris Woakes has the new ball in hand. England will surely give it their all. Here we go!


Yet again, that was a brilliant finish for Bumrah. Three runs and a wicket from the final over and England can’t get to 340, still a massive total. England would have wanted a few more but India will have to record their highest chase in World Cups to register a win here.

After 49.4 overs, England 336/7 - Ben Stokes out!

Ben Stokes’ fine essay comes to an end. The all-rounder makes room and tries to paddle a full delivery down to fine leg. Jadeja makes no mistake.

B Stokes c Jadeja b Bumrah 79 (54)

Bumrah to bowl the final over

After 49 overs, England 334/6 - Stokes 78, Plunkett 0

Brilliant batting from Stokes. Woakes becomes Shami’s fifth victim but the all-rounder picks apart his back-of-a-length deliveries. Six behind square was followed up by a four wide of long on and long off. He keeps strike and it has been yet another thrilling exhibition from Stokes.

After 48 overs, England 319/5 - Stokes 63, Woakes 7

Bumrah continues to fire those yorkers in but Woakes managed to club a short delivery to the boundary. Nine from the over, another good one for India. Even Stokes is cramped for room and has been restricted to singles and twos so far.

After 47 overs, England 310/5 - Jos Buttler out!

Buttler clubs Shami for a four behind square and thumping six over the long-on fence but the pacer has the final laugh. The short ball does the trick and the ball hits the top part of Buttler’s bat. It’s a simple return catch. Four wickets yet again for Shami.

After 46 overs, England 293/4 - Stokes 54, Buttler 10

Another terrific over from Bumrah, just four from it. Stokes was deceived with a slow yorker that dipped in and a smart short delivery. A dot ball from the final ball of the over and that’s what India needed.

After 45 overs, England 289/4 - Stokes 51, Buttler 9

Brilliant pick-up shot from Buttler and that goes all the way, what a shot. A fumble from Virat Kohli in the deep – a rare one – allows the batsmen to complete a three. Substitute Dinesh Karthik cuts off a boundary in the final ball of the over and it’s another three. That also brings up Ben Stokes’s fifty. The England all-rounder is having a dream tournament.

After 44.1 overs, England 277/4 - Joe Root out!

That’s another one for Shami, who is on a roll. He tries to paddle it down to fine leg and Pandya makes it up with a smart take, attacking the ball by throwing himself forward and completing the catch. Root was unable to up the ante and England needed Jos Buttler.

J Root c Pandya b Shami 44 (54)

After 44 overs, England 277/3 - Root 44, Stokes 48

Pandya misses his yorker and Stokes clubs it away on the leg side for a boundary. Pandya was trying to follow the batsman and was lucky that the left-hander didn’t connect a couple more. Trying another reverse sweep, he missed out on a boundary delivery in the final ball.

After 43 overs, England 268/3 - Root 42, Stokes 41

Just three singles from the over. Three dot balls for Bumrah after Root takes a single of the first ball. The pacer gets the better of Stokes, who was targeting the shorter boundary on his leg side. India won’t mind this.

After 42 overs, England 265/3 - Root 40, Stokes 40

Stokes welcomes Chahal with a massive six wide of long on. He continues to play with the spin and and seven from the first two overs. Then, Root cuts through point and a careless misfield from Pandya in the deep allows the ball to run through his legs and into the boundary. Chahal concedes just one from his final three but he finishes with 0/88, his most expensive figures.

After 41 overs, England 253/3 - Root 35, Stokes 33

Bumrah is back into the attack but that has not changed Stokes’ approach, who continues to take his front leg out and go for the big hits. There were ones, a two and a three as well. Eight from the over.

5.58 pm: Bumrah comes on for his final spell, he has 5 overs to go... will bowl through till the 49th.

Here’s a look at that Stokes reverse sweep.

After 40 overs, England 245/3 - Root 33, Stokes 27

Stokes takes on Chahal once again, time time with the spin and nails a sweep shot. Not the best of efforts on the boundary line as the ball goes for four. And then plays an extraordinary reverse sweep FOR SIX! The short boundary is on the offside for Stokes but he gets into position early and almost digs out a yorker... that’s just ridiculously good! Root tries a reverse paddle, but cannot get enough bat. Gets a single.

Good start to the final phase of the innings for England. 10 over coming up. Can they get close to 350? Will still be a mighty good score.

After 39 overs, England 230/3 - Root 31, Stokes 15

Root and Stokes content with rotating the strike for now. Six runs (a double and four singles) off that Pandya over.

Chahal continues from the other end for his 9th as we enter the decisive period of this innings.

After 38 overs, England 224/3 - Root 27, Stokes 13

A good over for England after a while as Chahal returns to the spell. Stokes ends the wait for a boundary with a late cut off Chahal past third man. Much-needed for England. That four was followed by a couple of doubles.

5.46 pm: A measure of how the game has turned in the last hour or so... 25 runs from the last 10 overs.

After 27 overs, Eng were 191/1

After 37 overs, Eng were 216/3

After 37 overs, England 216/3 - Root 27, Stokes 5

More tight bowling by India, this time by Hardik Pandya. Just three singles from that over. Just 11 runs from the 5 overs with the loss of Morgan’s wicket.

After 36 overs, England 213/3 - Root 26, Stokes 3

A single each for Stokes and Root. Shami’s first spell was 4-0-22-0 while second spell figures read 3-1-3-2. The run-rate has fallen before 6 now, was nearly 7.5 at one point!

5.40 pm: Update on Rahul’s situation in the game. This is slightly better news for India. Remains to be seen how serious the injury was.

After 35 overs, England 211/3 - Root 25, Stokes 2

England avoid a mix-up off the first ball and Stokes just about evades the fielder at first slip when he gets an outside edge off Kuldeep’s penultimate delivery. The left-arm spinner finishes with figures of 1/72 in his 10 overs. His first 7 overs went for 64 so that’s a fantastic finish to his spell.

After 34 overs, England 207/3 - Root 23, Stokes 0

A look at that Morgan dismissal as Kuldeep comes on to bowl his last over. Last 5 overs have gone for 2/11.

After 33.4 overs, England 207/3 – SHAMI STRIKES AGAIN! MORGAN GONE!

One brings two for India... Shami is delighted. Virat Kohli is overjoyed. Captain Morgan falls to the short ball for the second game in a row, top edging a pull to fine leg. He was, in fact, welcomed with a bouncer by Shami. Clear plan, worked perfectly. Shami has his second wicket! India are fighting back.

5.27 pm: The difference a wicket makes. Kuldeep’s last two overs have just gone for 4 runs. The new batsmen aren’t reading him. His match figures: 9-0-68-1. Shami will continue.

After 33 overs, England 207/2 – Root 23, Morgan 1

Morgan was trying to deploy the reverse sweep but couldn’t get the ball past short third-man. The England skipper is off the mark. This has been a fine comeback from Kuldeep has well. Just a couple from the over.

After 31.4 overs, England 205/2 – Jonny Bairstow out!

Shami comes back into the attack and Bairstow hits it straight to Pant at deep cover. The pressure of not getting a boundary was getting to the opener and he cuts it straight to Pant. The damage, though, is done. It was an exhibition on how to face the Indian spinners.

J Bairstow c Pant b Shami 111 (109)

After 31 overs, England 202/1 – Bairstow 111, Root 21

Good comeback over from Chahal. He is a lot flatter but Bairstow, hell bent on clubbing it to the parking lot, struggles. Just a single and wide from it and it is received with huge cheers around the ground.

After 30 overs, England 202/1 – Bairstow 111, Root 20

Six from the over and it’s another good over from Pandya, who sticks to his template of slow deliveries. No boundaries in the last few overs and it’s a much-needed breather.

After 29 overs, England 196/1 – Bairstow 109, Root 16

Just a couple from the over from Kuldeep. Much needed breather for the left-arm leg-spinner. Root managed to get just a two and was cramped behind square. Huge applause from the Indian crowd.

After 28 overs, England 194/1 – Bairstow 109, Root 14

Another fine return over from Pandya. The slow ball has worked well for him and it’s just three singles from the over. The last ball saw him use the slow bouncer to good effect as well. India need more of this.

After 27 overs, England 191/1 – Bairstow 108, Root 12

This is incredible from Bairstow. He artfully manipulates the field and gets two more boundaries. Both shots came from exquisite reverse sweeps. India’s troubles are far from over.

After 26 overs, England 183/1 – Bairstow 100, Root 12

Hundred for Jonny Bairstow. As Nasser Hussain says in commentary, he has walked the talk after a bit of a verbal stouch with some of the pundits. He gets there with a pull off Hardik Pandya. He has had a bit of luck but has clobbered the spinners at will.

After 25 overs, England 180/1 – Bairstow 98, Root 11

Reverse sweep from Bairstow and he gets another boundary on the board. Kuldeep was trying for the wrong ‘un but the batsmen played out his over harmlessly. The opener moves to 98.

After 24 overs, England 173/1 – Bairstow 92, Root 10

Ten from Bumrah’s over. The pacer was trying for the yorker but it ended up being full-tosses. Root gets a thick edge but the ball fell well short of Dhoni and raced to the boundary.

Bumrah is back in the attack

After 22.1 overs, England 160/1 – Jason Roy out!

Finally, India have the breakthrough and Roy falls to a brilliant catch from Jadeja in the deep. He comes running in from long on, throws himself forward and plucks it. What a catch and the crowd finally finds its voice.

J Roy c Sub (Jadeja) b Kuldeep Yadav 66 (57)

After 21 overs, England 155/0 – Roy 63, Bairstow 87

More sixes from Bairstow. This time, it was a little wide of long on. There is little respite for Kuldeep and the openers are not allowing the spinners to settle down. England continue to be on it.

Over 1-10 – England: 47/0 Overs 10-20 – England: 98/0

After 20 overs, England 145/0 – Roy 62, Bairstow 78

There is some calm amidst the storm as Pandya comes back and has Bairstow to check his shot. Just three from the over, which included four dot balls.

After 19 overs, England 141/0 – Roy 59, Bairstow 77

Another six from the over and yet again, that went the distance from Bairstow’s blade. This is sumptuous hitting and the spinners leak runs yet again. Kuldeep Yadav is too full and that was playing into Bairstow’s hands.

After 18 overs, England 130/0 – Roy 57, Bairstow 68

Five dot balls after Chahal dragged the length back by a touch and drifted it slower in the air. Bairstow wasn’t picking up his googly either. The last ball was slightly short and Bairstow heaved that just over the deep mid-wicket fence. Another six.

After 17 overs, England 124/0 – Roy 57, Bairstow 62

Roy completes his fifty with a couple and then launches into Kuldeep Yadav again. He steps out and hammers a huge six over long on. Kuldeep and Chahal have been put to the sword at well. And they are doing it with some ease.

More worries for India....KL Rahul has walked off the field for treatment. He hurt his back while going for a catch at long-on in the previous over.

After 16 overs, England 112/0 – Roy 46, Bairstow 61

This is an incredible assault by the openers and make that two sixes from Bairstow from the over. His first six went just over Rahul’s leap and it brought up his fifty. Fifteen from the over and it’s raining boundaries.

After 15 overs, England 97/0 – Roy 44, Bairstow 48

Expensive start for Kuldeep and now, Roy and Bairstow are toying with the field right now. Roy steps out and hammers the left-arm spinner for a boundary – it could easily be the shot of the day so far. There was a full-toss as well which Bairstow clubbed for a boundary.

After 14 overs, England 84/0 – Roy 38, Bairstow 41

This is exquisite batting from Jonny Bairstow. Roy gets a boundary in the first ball of the over with a cut behind point and Bairstow follows that up with a huge six over deep mid-wicket. Worrying times for Kohli as the openers are getting the boundaries at will.

After 13 overs, England 73/0 – Roy 33, Bairstow 35

Two boundaries for Bairstow, who is steadily growing in confidence. He pulls Pandya to the square leg fence and then plays an exquisite straight drive to the fence. Two singles as Pandya tries to cut the ball back into the batsmen but it’s another expensive over, ten from it.

After 12 overs, England 63/0 – Roy 32, Bairstow 27

Chahal continues. He beat Bairstow’s outside edge with a peach of a leg-spinner. Just three singles from the over. England are happy to play out these overs.

After 11 overs, England 60/0 – Roy 31, Bairstow 25

Drama-filled over that. India didn’t take a review. Roy had swatted at a short delivery. Umpire Aleem Dar had given it wide but replays showed that the opener got a glove on it. Then, Pandya over-pitches and he is clubbed for a huge six over long-on and the following delivery is chipped just wide of mid-off for a four.

Hardik Pandya comes into the attack.

After 10 overs, England 47/0 – Roy 20, Bairstow 25

Shami is back in the attack and he concedes just one from it. Roy takes a single from the fourth ball of the over, England’s first in 11 deliveries. Yet again, the pacers keep the run flow in check for India.

After 9 overs, England 46/0 – Roy 20, Bairstow 25

Maiden over for Bumrah. All deliveries were coming back into Bairstow from the awkward angle we had mentioned earlier. Bairstow was happy to see it out. Top stuff from the India pacer yet again.

After 8 overs, England 46/0 – Roy 15, Bairstow 25

Jason Roy is growing in confidence. Chahal goes slightly wide the England opener punches it through the off-side and then clubs it away to cow corner. These are good signs for the hosts, who have batted sensibly so far.

After 7 overs, England 37/0 – Roy 11, Bairstow 24

Classic Bumrah...shaping it back in from wide of the crease and the batsmen are caught in two minds. Roy and Bairstow are happy taking just a couple of singles.

After 6 overs, England 35/0 – Roy 10, Bairstow 23

Well, well...there is a bit of turn for Chahal when he was slower through the air. This over saw Bairstow go over the top of mid-on for a boundary. A cut gives Bairstow a couple from the last ball of the over, seven from it.

Chahal is given the ball

After 5 overs, England 28/0 – Roy 9, Bairstow 17

Bairstow is living dangerously and nearly drags on once again off Shami. Another streaky boundary for the Yorkshireman. There is movement in the air and Dhoni was struggling to hold on to the ball.

After 4 overs, England 19/0 – Roy 9, Bairstow 9

The England openers continue to be watchful against Bumrah. Roy takes a single in the first ball and then Bairstow finds the square leg boundary with a flick, Pant tried to cut it out but couldn’t get around it.

After 3 overs, England 14/0 – Roy 8, Bairstow 5

Bairstow is living dangerously and there are clear signs of nerves in the middle. The ball kept low in the final ball of the over. We haven’t seen variable bounce so far. The England opener nearly dragged on in the first ball of the over but the ball missed the stumps narrowly and got a boundary.

After 2 overs, England 10/0 – Roy 8, Bairstow 1

There was a hint of movement for Bumrah and Bairstow was happy to play out the over. The final ball of the over saw him nudge the ball to third man for a single.

After 1 over, England 9/0 – Roy 8, Bairstow 0

Good start for England but there were encouraging signs for Shami as well. Slight width on offer from Shami and Roy cuts it away to the fence. The Indian pacer was trying to bring the ball back into the England opener. The fourth ball of the over was a peach that missed the off-stump by a couple of inches; Roy let it go. The fifth ball was a touch over-pitched and was clubbed past mid-off for a boundary. Shami nearly got the edge in the final ball of the over.

Wide from Shami to start proceedings.

Mohammad Shami has the ball in his hand. Jason Roy to take strike. Jonny Bairstow is at the other end. We are set to take away.

2:45 pm: Sachin Tendulkar says that this will be a “315-plus wicket” with a little movement for the pacers later in the game.

Morgan says that picking Jason Roy was not a big risk. “He’s trained well and he’s fit to play,” the England captain said.

India: KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli (c), Rishabh Pant, Kedar Jadhav, MS Dhoni (wk), Hardik Pandya, Mohammed Shami, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah

England: Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan (c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler (wk), Chris Woakes, Adil Rashid, Liam Plunkett, Jofra Archer, Mark Wood

Kohli says: “Love chasing. But honestly we would have batted first today. We haven’t chased after the first game in the tournament, so it’s a good challenge for us. We haven’t really focused on the opposition in this tournament, that’s why we have been consistent.”

2:38 pm: Morgan says: “Tactical move to bring in Plunkett in place of Moeen. There could be a bit more pace and bounce and not much of spin. We are rejigged and reset as a team.”

2:33 pm: ENGLAND WIN TOSS and Eoin Morgan opts to bat first. Rishabh Pant comes in for Vijay Shankar for India. Kohli says that the all-rounder has a toe niggle.

2:32 pm: The players are in the middle for the toss. Sachin Tendulkar, an ambassador, is also at the toss.

2:29 pm: Minutes away from the toss. All eyes are on Jason Roy’s fitness. At first look, it looks like a good batting surface.

2:24 pm: Well, well. Sanjay Manjrekar has also confirmed that Vijay Shankar won’t be playing in the XI today.

2.20 pm: “Let’s not get into Dhoni so quickly in the #CWC19 because his experience, the quality and the ability he has, he will definitely succeed”

Ganguly has backed Dhoni to succeed today. Read more.

2.14 pm: Well, well, well. ESPNCricinfo reporting that Rishabh Pant is set to replace Vijay Shankar!

2.09 pm:

“I think critics are there to be critical. We haven’t performed well, so they are going to be critical. They’re entitled to their own opinion. I think the support that we’ve had from our fans and everybody around the country has been unbelievable. It has been outstanding. There’s been an enormous amount of good faith and goodwill going around.

“As regards to conditions, they are what they are. We can’t control them. It’s not a talking point for us. It’s a matter of us being better at adapting to conditions.”

— England captain, Eoin Morgan

2.05 pm: The last time these two sides met at the World Cup it was... a tie. Imagine that happening today!

India v England at World Cup

Edition Result Ground
1975 ENG won by 202 runs Lord's
1983 IND won by 6 wickets Manchester
1987 ENG won by 35 runs Mumbai
1992 ENG won by 9 runs Perth
1999 IND won by 63 runs Birmingham
2003 IND won by 82 runs Durban
2011 Tied Bengaluru

02.00 pm: Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the highly-anticipated clash between the No. 1 and No. 2 sides at the tournament. Well, that would have been England and India ahead of the tournament but now, Virat Kohli’s men have overtaken their rivals for the crown and are sitting atop the ODI rankings. Just one of the many sub-plots that will dominate the discussions today as we get ready for a potential blockbuster.

It is also a clash where the entire subcontinent will be rooting for India...

There were two clear favourites in the eyes of most watchers when then the 2019 World Cup began. India because they had the world’s best batsman and a dangerous bowling attack and hosts England, the world’s no 1 ODI team then, because they had a batting line-up that was the envy of the world.

But while India have gone from strength-to-strength despite some key players missing out due to injury, England have crumbled under pressure; pressure they are now saying that they are not feeling at all. Still, the results speak for themselves.

England captain Eoin Morgan has urged his side to be flexible now that their World Cup hopes are in the balance.

An England team widely tipped to end their World Cup drought will be on the verge of a first-round exit if they lose to unbeaten India at Edgbaston before their concluding round-robin match with New Zealand.

Despite coming into the World Cup as the top-ranked side in one-day internationals, England have lost three pool matches, including their last two against Sri Lanka and reigning champions Australia.

To make matters worse for the home side, opener Jonny Bairstow has found himself involved in a public row with former England captain Michael Vaughan, who labelled his fellow Yorkshire cricketer’s claim that people are waiting for the hosts to fail at the World Cup “negative” and “pathetic”.

England’s white-ball revival from the depths of their first-round exit at the 2015 World Cup was built on aggressive top-order batting that saw them compile huge totals.

But they have been unable to adjust their game on the more bowler-friendly surfaces at this World Cup.

(With AFP inputs)