10:11 pm: England captain Eoin Morgan – “Absolutely delighted. I would like to thank the fans who’ve come out, our fans have been exemplary. We talked about wanting to get better from game to game and we wanted to take control from ball one. Extremely happy for Woakes; he is a cool customer and has been one of the best bowlers in the world in the last year. The guys coming after that really backed him up well. Roy and Jonny at the top of the order are really imposing when they get themselves in. They set the tone for us. I was six in 1992, I don’t remember it, but I have seen a lot of it. It is an opportunity for us on Sunday, a huge one at that too. It is a massive leap from where we were in 2015. Everyone in that dressing room must take a lot of credit for that.”

10:07 pm: Australian captain Aaron Finch – “We were just totally outplayed today, The way they set the tone with the ball and got to 27/3 was too hard for us to get back from. You do expect the new ball to seam first up, but they bowled really well by targeting the stumps. But plenty of positives for us in this World Cup, especially given where we were last year when we came here. Lot of positives to take from our World Cup campaign. Lot of hard work gone in... still hurts. You want to win, but really proud of the boys to get us here. You’ve got to beat everyone in every condition. But things didn’t go for us with the injuries, but that’s not really an excuse.”

9:53 pm: Player of the match Chris Woakes – “Pretty speechless actually, incredible performance form the team, starting with the bowling and the way the guys finished that off was outstanding. There were some nerves around, a few anxious people in the dressing room – that’s natural in the semi-finals of a major tournament. The way we produced the goods showed how good we are and how we perform as a team. I don’t think it was a bad wicket by any means and when you get wickets at the top they have to rebuild, and we kept the pressure on. We got off to a flyer chasing a relatively small total and that’s probably the difference. We try not to look at what people are saying, could have bowled fuller at Lord’s (against Australia in the group stage), but we’ve had momentum from playing two good games against India and New Zealand and carried it on today. It probably hasn’t sunk in, to win in the fashion we have against Australia on the best ground in the world is incredible and really looking forward to Sunday.”

Joe Root and Eoin Morgan embrace after England book their place in the final


Morgan hits the winning runs by hitting Behrendorff over mid-on. What a win for England, who have battered their arch-rivals by a country mile. This was quite a statement but Root doesn’t get to his fifty. England just blew their opponents away with their batting firepower, something that was discussed quite a bit before the tournament.

England and New Zealand face each other in the final. We will have a new World Cup champion.

After 30 overs, England 210/2 – Root 39, Morgan 40

Morgan creams Lyon through the covers and England continue to motor away to the target. Root deploys a deft reverse sweep later in the over to bring the crowd on its feet. England are in a hurry to get to Lord’s. This has been a crushing win.

After 28 overs, England 197/2 – Root 33, Morgan 32

The boundaries are starting to come thick and fast for Morgan, who sweeps and cuts with carefree abandon. He wants to end things in a hurry and scores 11 from the Lyon over. With the pacers, he is going over the top of the ring for runs. Root has been a mere spectator for the last two overs.

After 26 overs, England 178/2 – Root 31, Morgan 16

Morgan continues to be nervy at the crease, trying hit over the top and reverse-sweep their way out of trouble. Both batsmen are ticking the strike over with ridiculous ease. Morgan has already got his third boundary. We are in the trademark England zone of hit out or get out.

After 24 overs, England 166/2 – Root 25, Morgan 10

Morgan goes over the top this time and gets a boundary. Cummins continues to persist with the short delivery but the runs keep coming. The runs keep coming for England, who are inching towards the target with sumptuous ease.

After 23 overs, England 158/2 – Root 23, Morgan 5

Pressure, what pressure? Short delivery from Starc and the England captain lofts it over the ring and goes to the boundary. Finch has brought his fielders in.

After 22 overs, England 153/2 – Root 22, Morgan 1

As expected, Cummins is bowling plenty of short-pitched stuff to Morgan. Just two singles from the over. Australia need wickets as the equation is well and truly in favour of England, who need 71 from 28 overs.

After 21 overs, England 151/2 – Root 21, Morgan 0

The short ball is on straightaway with Morgan at the crease. Root is punching the ball well through the gaps and keeping the scoreboard ticking. We are still coming to terms with Dharmasena’s decision, which is getting a lot of flak on social media.

After 19.4 overs, England 142/2 – JASON ROY OUT!

That was a howler from umpire Dharamsena and Jason Roy can’t believed it. He was engaged in a long discussion with Erasmus and Dharmasena but has to go off the field. Roy is furious and let his feeling be known to the officials. Hope this doesn’t earn him a ban. He can be proud of this knock.

J Roy c Carey b Cummins 85 (65)

Starc now has the highest wickets in a single World Cup, going past Glenn McGrath.

After 18 overs, England 136/1 – Roy 79, Root 12

Root is surprised by Starc’s short delivery but somehow dabs it to the fine-leg fence. There are two other deliveries – one short on the leg and full and wide – but they get the treatment and they race away to the fence again. No respite for the Aussies. No respite for Starc. They are bleeding runs and England are playing like men possessed.

After 17.2 overs, England 124/1 – JONNY BAIRSTOW OUT!

Full and straight, coming back in and Starc gets his 27th wicket of the tournament. England also lose their review. Poor one from Bairstow, the impact was in line and crashing on middle.

After 17 overs, England 124/0 – Roy 79, Bairstow 34

No mercy on Stoinis either. He started well and the last delivery of the over was shot and Roy flat-bats it, almost like a tennis bat shot to the fence. Eight from the over.

After 16 overs, England 116/0 – Roy 73, Bairstow 33

6,6,6.....Steve Smith was handed the ball and he was taken to the cleaners by the irresistible Jason Roy. The third one landed on the roof and this could well be game over at the moment. England need just over a 100 runs now and Roy is picking them apart. There are fans already hugging each other in the stands. This is batting of the highest quality and Finch seems to be running out of ideas.

After 15 overs, England 95/0 – Roy 53, Bairstow 32

Fifty for Jason Roy! The boundary-hitting spree continues as Starc continues to go full and wide. Sensational stuff this and the openers are making it look very easy at the moment. The first two boundaries had them go over the top of mid-off and mid-on. Roy gets to his half-century with another glorious punch through the covers.

After 14 overs, England 80/0 – Roy 45, Bairstow 27

First sign of the ball stopping on the pitch and Roy had to take rearguard action, taking his bottom hand out of the way. Tidy over from Cummins, just four from it.

After 13 overs, England 76/0 – Roy 41, Bairstow 27

Bairstow gets a lucky boundary off Lyon. He got a top edge and the ball beat Cummins’ despairing dive at third man. While carrying an injury, one suspects that Bairstow will be targeting the boundaries a lot more.

After 12 overs, England 71/0 – Roy 40, Bairstow 23

Bairstow finishes the over by playing off a couple of dots against Cummins. Australia need a wicket desperately. The required rate is just about four an over.

Bairstow is back on his feet and batting.

After 11.4 overs, England 71/0 – Roy 40, Bairstow 23

Bairstow is struggling and he pulled up while going for a double. This is trouble for England. The opener has taken off his pads and the physio has rushed onto the field for treatment.

After 11 overs, England 63/0 – Roy 39, Bairstow 21

Six! Lyon is greeted to a thumping six over long-on. In fact, there was a man stationed there as well. Then, the opener deploys a reverse sweep to take the ball past the short third-man fielder. This is brilliant from Roy, putting pressure on the off-spinner straight away. England are cruising.

After 10 overs, England 50/0 – Roy 27, Bairstow 20

What a start for England, 50 partnership up. You just don’t bowl full to Roy and he ones again shows a colourful repertoire of drives. Six from the Behrendorff over and the crowd finds its voice.

After 9 overs, England 44/0 – Roy 23, Bairstow 18

Now, Roy is beaten by a slow delivery from Cummins but the ball goes over the stumps. Signs of restlessness from the batsman as he moves across the stumps to unsettle Cummins. Roy, however, ends the over well with a classy flick off his hips targeting the short boundary on the leg side. This is just the start England wanted.

After 8 overs, England 40/0 – Roy 19, Bairstow 18

As we say that, we see the first sign of Roy trying to belt the ball out of the park, playing and missing an off-cutter from Behrendorff. Meanwhile, Bairstow is steadily picking up momentum with a gorgeous straight drive down the ground for four. Another good over for England.

After 7 overs, England 33/0 – Roy 19, Bairstow 12

Two more to Bairstow to end the over. Cummins was off to a decent start with a mix of full length and and short deliveries. England are not going after anything extravagant so far.

Pat Cummins comes on.

After 6 overs, England 31/0 – Roy 19, Bairstow 10

Bairstow finally cuts lose with a fine cut shot that gets to the boundary. Roy, meanwhile, gets a six with a superb flick that just beats Nathan Lyon’s run at fine leg. On another day, that could gone straight down his throat. Once again, Starc was short and was punished. This is superb from the England openers so far and the left-armer shows his frustration by kicking the ball away in disgust in the final ball of the over.

After 5 overs, England 19/0 – Roy 13, Bairstow 5

Roy, in the over, tried to move his front leg across and heave it over mid-on. Three runs from the over as England are happy to leave deliveries on the off-stump corridor.

After 4 overs, England 16/0 – Roy 11, Bairstow 4

Ten from the over. Starc’s first two deliveries were full and short and it’s in Roy’s hitting range. Six from it. The last ball of the over was once again too full and Roy dispatched it to the extra-cover fence.

After 3 overs, England 6/0 – Roy 1, Bairstow 4

Maiden over. Behrendorff makes Bairstow fend outside off-stump with a peach that seamed away from the right hander. Much better second over from the left-armer. England have to see off this early phase.

After 2 overs, England 6/0 – Roy 1, Bairstow 4

Just a wide from the over as Starc is on target. He surprised Roy with a short ball. The England opener was happy to show a dead straight bat in defence. Good start from Starc.

After 1 over, England 5/0 – Roy 1, Bairstow 4

Behrendorff was slightly short and Bairstow is on it in a flash with a cut shot for a four. Roy is off the the mark with a glide down to third man. Decent start for England.

The players are back on the field. Behrendorff has the ball in his hand and Roy will take strike. England need 224 to reach their fourth World Cup final. Remember, Australia have never lost a semi-final game.


Wood finishes things off with a perfect yorker to dismiss Behrendorff. Australia finish their innings without completing an over. Smith was brilliant but England will be happy with what they have done. Starc and Alex Carey made useful contributions. Wokaes is England’s MVP in the last few games but don’t you think chase will be easy.

After 47.2 overs, Australia 217/9 – MITCHELL STARC OUT!

Woakes gets another one and he is on fire. Slightly back of a length and Starc tries to go for a big heave and nicks it. England are pulling it back nicely but what an important hand this has been from the fearless Starc.

M Starc c Buttler b Woakes 29 (36)

After 47.1 overs, Australia 217/8 – STEVE SMITH OUT!

As Australia try to sneak in singles and twos, Smith is dismissed trying to cross over for a single. Brilliant work from Buttler, whose pickup and direct hit is surely one of the moments in the game so far. Boos welcome Smith as he walks back to the pavilion.

S Smith Run out 85 (119)

After 46 overs, Australia 217/7 – Smith 85, Starc 24

Review was taken as Woakes rapped Smith on the pads but England retain it. The impact was outside off and the umpire’s call was not out. The England pacer consolidates, four from the over.

After 45 overs, Australia 206/7 – Smith 82, Starc 22

Fourteen from the over! Brilliant pickup outside off from Starc and the ball sails over the long-on fence. The over ends with Smith tucking it away to the deep square-leg fence. Big runs from these two and the partnership has moved to 40.

After 44 overs, Australia 191/7 – Smith 77, Starc 14

Well, well...Starc might have played the shot of the day. Over-pitched from Wood and he drives it like a dream past the reach of mid-off. The Australian pacer scored all five runs from the over. Valuable runs these for Australia.

After 43 overs, Australia 186/7 – Smith 77, Starc 9

This might well be a game where every run counts. Sloppy work at mid-on allows the batsmen to take a single. Another five-run over and Australia have to keep constructing these. It might well be another low-scoring thriller.

After 42 overs, Australia 181/7 – Smith 74, Starc 7

Wood’s length, once again, is a hit and a miss. He strays on leg stump and gives away batsmen easy singles on either side of the wicket. It also included two leg-byes. It doesn’t matter now. Smith shows confidence in handing Starc strike and the batsmen are doing everything to get the ones and twos.

After 41 overs, Australia 176/7 – Smith 73, Starc 5

Just one from the over. Plunkett started the over by inviting Starc to drive on the up but the batsman couldn’t get the ball past mid-on or mid-off. The last ball of the over was plodded down the ground from Starc for a single.

After 40 overs, Australia 175/7 – Smith 73, Starc 4

Four singles from the Wood over as Smith continues to anchor Australia’s innings. Wood started the over well by beating Smith’s outside edge with a delivery that nipped back in.

After 39 overs, Australia 171/7 – Smith 70, Starc 3

Archer also finishes his spell and finishes with excellent figures of 10-0-32-2. Cometh the hour and the pacer finishes with excellent figures. He nearly snaffled Starc in the over as England continue to pile on the pressure.

After 37.4 overs, Australia 166/7 – PAT CUMMINS OUT!

Add another for Rashid, who is bowling his final over. Just like Stoinis earlier, Cummins doesn’t pick up the leg-spinner’s googly and nicks it to first slip. Good low catch from Root. England’s job, though is far from finished.

After 37 overs, Australia 165/6 – Smith 67, Cummins 6

Archer is causing all kinds of problems and gets steep bounce on Cummins. He nearly gets a caught and bowled chance but the bowler loses his length in the final delivery of the over. Cummins clips it away and get a couple.

After 34.5 overs, Australia 157/6 – GLENN MAXWELL OUT!

WICKET! Big, big breakthrough for England, Glenn Maxwell is gone! And it’s that man Jofra Archer again who has done it for his team. The ball holds up a bit, the right-hander check his shot and the ball balloons up to Eoin Morgan at covers. Soft dismissal.

Maxwell c Morgan b Archer 22 (23)

After 34 overs, Australia 152/5 – Smith 63, Maxwell 21

Shot! Adil Rashid drops it short and Glenn Maxwell pulls it over mid-wicket for four. That was a nothing ball from the leg-spinner. Good over for Australia, eight runs from it. The defending champions will be in a strong position if Maxi hangs around for another ten overs.

After 33 overs, Australia 144/5 – Smith 62, Maxwell 14

Another good over by Jofra Archer, just two singles from it. The right-arm pacer has been brilliant today. He has figures 1/18 off 7 overs. Steve Smith and Glenn Maxwell not keen to take risks against him.

After 32 overs, Australia 142/5 – Smith 61, Maxwell 13

We have the first six and it’s Maxwell who clubs Rashid on the full and dispatches the ball way over the long on boundary. The over started well for the leggie with Maxwell not reading his googlies. This is another important stand for Australia.

After 31 overs, Australia 135/5 – Smith 60, Maxwell 7

Maxwell anticipates the short ball well and Archer has been clubbed in front of square for a boundary. The pacer, though, responds well with one that beats Maxi’s outside edge and a quick short ball. This should be another spicy battle.

Archer is back into the attack.

After 30 overs, Australia 130/5 – Smith 59, Maxwell 3

Just three from the Rashid over. Importantly, he draws a couple of edges off Maxwell’s blade and luckily, the ball just falls short of first slip. The leg-spinner is enjoying a fine spell.

After 29 overs, Australia 127/5 – Smith 57, Maxwell 1

Stokes is treated to an immaculate cover drive from Smith that pierces cover and mid-off. The runs are coming at the other end. The former Australia captain needs support from the other end.

After 28 overs, Australia 118/5 – MARCUS STOINIS OUT!

Adil Rashid is the man and he picks up two in an over. Dharmasena ponders before raising the finger. Stoinis did not read the googly and Australia have no reviews left. Close call that, replays show the ball just about hitting the top of off.

After 27.2 overs, Australia 117/4 – ALEX CAREY OUT!

England finally get the breakthrough and it’s Rashid who gets the wicketkeeper. The ball was in the slot and Carey steps out and goes for a slog sweep and it’s a simple catch for substitute James Vince.

A Carey c Sub (Vince) b Rashid 46 (70)

After 27 overs, Australia 116/3 – Smith 48, Carey 46

Stokes comes back into the attack and it’s a tidy one, three from it and the batsmen cross the 100-run stand. This has been a solid partnership. Smith and Carey are pinching singles with ease.

After 26 overs, Australia 113/3 – Smith 47, Carey 44

Ten runs from the Rashid over. The runs are coming thick and fast and Carey slog sweeps the leg-spinner to the fence. This is excellent from the Australian duo, whose partnership is now worth 99. Carey, what a warrior, take a bow son.

After 25 overs, Australia 103/3 – Smith 44, Carey 38

Australia have taken just 54 balls to bring up their second fifty. The extras keep mounting and Smith is looking at ease. Decent finish from Plunkett in his previous over. At the moment, Carey is playing second fiddle and is happy doing that.

After 23 overs, Australia 92/3 – Smith 37, Carey 36

Carey drives like dream and once again, an over-pitched delivery from Plunkett past mid-off. The misfields right now would worry Morgan. The batsmen are ticking over strike well.

After 22 overs, Australia 87/3 – Smith 37, Carey 31

More sloppiness on the field from England. We see a misfield from Rashid off his own bowling and Roy at long-on also fumbles. How the tables have turned. Is the pressure on England at the moment?

After 21 overs, Australia 80/3 – Smith 35, Carey 26

A rare misfield from Stokes at point and the sun is out in all its glory at Leeds. Just two from the over but the conditions continue to get better for the batsmen.

After 20 overs, Australia 78/3 – Smith 34, Carey 25

Rashid goes full and Carey clubs it square of mid-off and gets another boundary on the board. These are dangerous times for the English and the partnership is now worth 64. They now have 51 from the last nine overs.

After 19 overs, Australia 72/3 – Smith 33, Carey 20

If the ball is short and Smith will pounce on it. Here again, Wood loses control and the ball is pulled away square of the fine leg fielder. Another good over for the Aussies.

After 18 overs, Australia 66/3 – Smith 28, Carey 19

Slow cutters outside off from the from Plunkett and it’s four from the over. They are rotating well and the seam movement that we saw early has died out. The pitch looks much better for batting now.

After 17 overs, Australia 62/3 – Smith 27, Carey 16

Wood bowls a good line and mixes length deliveries with a short delivery. The last delivery, though, is short and wide and Smith cuts it away to the fence at point. The partnership is getting stronger with every over. Just what the doctor ordered for Australia here after they were in all sorts of problems.

After 16 overs, Australia 55/3 – Smith 21, Carey 15

Smith plays a gorgeous straight drive to greet Plunkett at the crease and that takes Australia past the 50-run mark. Carey is also crisp down the ground and Wood cuts it off well to save a run for his team. Australia are steadily stabilising their innings.

After 15 overs, Australia 47/3 – Smith 16, Carey 12

Better over from Wood, once again bowling from wide of the crease and trying to bring the ball back in. Just two from the over. This is a vital partnership for Australia, who are still far from comfortable.

After 14 overs, Australia 45/3 – Smith 15, Carey 11

Carey now has extra bandage to cover the cut he suffered on his jaw. Meanwhile, Smith’s innings finally gathers some momentum with a pull off Stokes, he gets a boundary at deep square-leg.

After 13 overs, Australia 36/3 – Smith 7, Carey 10

Bad start for Wood. There were three wides. There were a couple of deliveries sprayed down leg as well and Woakes superbly cuts off a boundary at fine leg. Stokes also shows how good he is on the field by saving a certain four at point. The pacer, however, ends the over well by drawing a false shot outside off from Smith.

Mark Wood has the ball in his hand.

After 12 overs, Australia 29/3 – Smith 6, Carey 9

Stokes is full to start with but goes slightly shorter against Carey. The Australians continue to be happy to leave deliveries outside off. Yet another one-run over and England keep piling the pressure on the Aussies.

Ben Stokes is given the ball.

After 11 overs, Australia 28/3 – Smith 5, Carey 9

Another one run over off Woakes, who has been excellent yet again. There is a sweeper in place for Smith. Morgan might consider getting his field in for the former Australian captain, who continues to look scratchy.

After 10 overs, Australia 27/3 – Smith 4, Carey 9

Much better intent from Carey and Smith, nudging the ball around for singles and showing. Archer ends the over well and with this, we have the third lowest powerplay score of the tournament. England had also restricted India to just 27 after 10 overs when the two teams met in the group stage at the same ground.

After 9 overs, Australia 24/3 – Smith 2, Carey 8

Carey plays a superb cover drive for a boundary to end the over. Woakes continues to trouble the Aussies outside off, though. England on the money so far but have to be wary of a Carey counter-attack.

After 8 overs, Australia 19/3 – Smith 2, Carey 4

Nasty bumper from Carey and it draws blood. The helmet came off after the impact. Ooooh...it took off from a length and there was not a lot that Carey could do. We are hoping Carey is fine.

After 7 overs, Australia 15/3 – Smith 1, Carey 1

Yet again, just one from over. Carey also gets off to a nervous start, nicking it to second slip but soft hands saves the day for him. England are purring and Smith and Carey are vital now.

Chris Woakes picks up Peter Handscomb

After 6.1 overs, Australia 14/3 – PETER HANDSCOMB OUT!

This is simply superb from England. Once again, there is nip back back into the batsman and the ball takes an inside edge and clips the stumps. Big gap between bat and pad there. The English players are cock-a-hoop and Australia are in all sorts of trouble.

P Handscomb b Woakes 4 (12)

After 6 overs, Australia 14/2 – Smith 1, Handscomb 4

Just three singles from the last three overs. Archer draws two false shots outside off against Handscomb which nearly draws an edge. The England pacer has been outstanding so far. Handscomb keeps strike by running the ball down to the third man region.

After 5 overs, Australia 13/2 – Smith 1, Handscomb 3

Another tidy over, just one from it. There is movement for Woakes again and Handscomb is rapped on the pads yet again. This time, though, the inside edge saves the batsman and Morgan smartly opts against taking the review. Smith is scratching away – one from 13 balls so far for him. Handscomb looks uneasy at the wicket as well.

After 4 overs, Australia 12/2 – Smith 1, Handscomb 2

Smith has not got his timing in order so far and there are a couple of play and misses outside off against Archer. He plays out four dot balls and the England pacer ends the over with a good short ball. Just one from the over and England have a spring in their step.

After 3 overs, Australia 11/2 – Smith 1, Handscomb 1

England retain their review after they went for a leg-before shout off Handscomb. Woakes ends with a loose delivery outside off and the World Cup debutant is off the mark.

After 2.4 overs, Australia 10/2 – DAVID WARNER OUT!

England are off and running like trailblazers and the extra bounce deceives Warner. He had thumped Woakes in the first ball of the over with a lofted drive down the ground. It’s a simple catch for Bairstow at first slip. The crowd finds its voice.

D Warner c Bairstow b Woakes 9 (11)

After 2 overs, Australia 6/1 – Warner 5, Smith 1

The batsmen get off strike with a quick single. The final ball was drifted down leg and Warner ticks it down to fine leg for a single.

After 1.1 over, Australia 4/1 – AARON FINCH OUT!

What a start for Archer and Australia lose their review as well. There was bat that was after the ball crashed onto Finch’s pad after pitching from a length. Big shout from England, umpire Dharmasena took his time before raising his finger. Booooooooooooooos welcome Smith at the crease.

A Finch lbw b Archer 0 (1)

After 1 over, Australia 4/0 – Warner 4, Finch 0

Over-pitched from Woakes and Warner punches it through the covers for a four. The pacer, though, recovers well and milks out five dot balls from the over. The rest of the deliveries in the over were a touch fuller and Warner was happy to block them out. Ominous signs for England.

Finch and Warner are at the crease. Woakes has the ball in his hand. Do we have another nail-biter on our hands.

For all the folks tuning in, here’s Chetan Narula’s take on India’s chinks in the middle-order.

2:50 pm: The players are making their way onto the field. There are a lot of empty seats in the stands. The second semi-final is underway.

2:45 pm: In case you didn’t know already, here are Australia’s strengths and weaknesses. Here are England’s strengths and weaknesses.


Australia: David Warner, Aaron Finch (c), Steven Smith, Peter Handscomb, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Alex Carey (wk), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Jason Behrendorff, Nathan Lyon

England: Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan (c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler (wk), Chris Woakes, Liam Plunkett, Adil Rashid, Jofra Archer, Mark Wood.

Australia have Peter Handscomb coming in for Usman Khawaja and England are unchanged from their previous game. Some of the good folks may have already decided on watching another Trans-Tasman final.

2.32 pm: Australia have won the toss and Aaron Finch says his team will bat first at Edgbaston.

2.26 pm: The last time Edgbaston hosted a World Cup semi-final.... if we get a game half as good as that one today, it would be pretty great.

2.20 pm: A look at England’s road to the semi-finals

Opponent Venue Result
South Africa The Oval Won by 104 runs
Pakistan Trent Bridge Lost by 14 runs
Bangladesh Sophia Gardens Won by 106 runs
West Indies Rose Bowl Won by 8 wickets
Afghanistan Old Trafford Won by 150 runs
Sri Lanka Headingley Lost by 20 runs
Australia Lord's Lost by 64 runs
India Edgbaston Won by 31 runs
New Zealand Riverside Ground Won by 119 runs

2.17 pm: It’ll be the battle of the opening partnerships at Edgbaston today most likely... both pairs have been prolific at the World Cup while the England combination strikes at more than 6 RPO, with the Aussie pairing going at a tad less than 5.

2.15 pm: The openers – captain Aaron Finch and David Warner – have been in superb touch for Australia and have accounted for 1,145 runs between them. Will Warner go past Rohit Sharma and get closer (or past) Sachin’s 673-mark?

2.08 pm: Looking back at Australia’s run at the World Cup so far...

Opponent  Venue Result 
Afghanistan  Bristol  Won by 8 wickets
West Indies Nottingham  Won by 15 runs 
India  The Oval, London  Lost by 36 runs 
Pakistan  Taunton  Won by 41 runs 
Sri Lanka  The Oval, London  Won by 87 runs 
Bangladesh  Nottingham Won by 48 runs 
England Lord's, London  Won by 86 runs 
New Zealand  Lord's, London Won by 86 runs 
South Africa  Manchester  Lost by 10 runs

2.05 pm: Hello all and welcome to the live coverage of the second semi-final at the 2019 World Cup. The Ashes starts early this summer! It’s the blockbuster clash between England and Australia at Edgbaston. Who will make it to the Lord’s on Sunday to take on New Zealand?

England will aim to reach their first World Cup final in 27 years when they face Australia at Edgbaston on Thursday.

Since their disastrous first-round exit from the 2015 edition, Eoin Morgan and Co have undergone a remarkable transformation in One-Day Internationals and their mettle will be tested against the defending champions.

Morgan’s side have established a proud recent record against Australia, winning 10 of the last 11 ODIs between the old rivals prior to this tournament.

That counted for nothing in the group stages, when Australia claimed a 64-run win at Lord’s that left England’s hopes of top-four finish in doubt. England recovered, however, to keep their title dreams alive.

Australia are bidding for a sixth World Cup title, having won four of the last five editions. Will we see a repeat of 2015 final or is the 2019 edition going to witness a first-time World Champion?

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