Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 19-21, 18-21

The number two seeds Sonoda-Kamura win on their second match point. Two straight games. 41 minutes. Satwik-Shetty had their chances in both games but they finished stronger and that is what matters. The Japanese pair is through to the semi-finals.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 19-21, 17-20

Three match point opportunities for the Japanese.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 19-21, 16-19

The Indians are giving it their best but at the moment, the Japanese are too quick, too strong, too experienced.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 19-21, 14-18

Superb rally which ends with Satwik on his back. The Japanese pair has just raised their game since the mid-game interval and the Indians have had no answer.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 19-21, 14-16

When Shetty does intercept at the net, he is superb. He needs to do that more often.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 19-21, 12-15

Five of the six point since the players have come back on court have gone to the Japanese. The Indians need to regain their focus here.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 19-21, 11-13

Three points since the players have come back on court and all three have gone to the Japanese pair.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 19-21, 11-10

And we go into the mid-game break with the Indians just ahead. They have a single point advantage and that may not mean much from a pure points perspective but from a confidence point of view, it is important.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 19-21, 10-10

Two errors from the Japanese and we are all even at 10-10.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 19-21, 8-10

The Indians are hanging in there but it is the Japanese who are running the show.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 19-21, 6-8

A barrage of smashes before Shetty intercepted at the net to finish the point off. They just haven’t got enough chances to show off their power so far.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 19-21, 5-7

And just like that the Japanese move ahead. Their experience is proving to be a vital difference. They are reading the plays better.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 19-21, 4-3

A powerful smash by Satwik makes it 4-3 in favour of the Indians but the Japanese pair are in a good rhythm now. They will not make it easy for the Indians.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 19-21

The Japanese pair came back from a six-point deficit at 7-13 to win the first game with a few clutch points at the end. Veteran stuff.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 19-20

And the first game point opportunity goes to the Japanese.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 19-19

No room for error now.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 18-18

Sonoda all the way! What a wonderful rally – 28 shots. The Indians had the Japanese on the defensive throughout but Sonoda somehow found a way.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 17-17

This has been a superb comeback by the Japanese but the Indians have to believe they are still in it.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 16-16

Wow and we are back level. After a furious exchange, Shetty sends one wide.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 15-14

Just one point in it. Satwik sends a forehand into the net. Nothing in this now.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 15-12

It remains a tight game but still points are being mostly decided by errors. The Japanese pair is slowly starting to take more initiative now.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 13-10

Fast and furious rally and the Indians end it by sending one long. They need to be careful here, the lead is now down to three points.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 13-9

The second seeds are fighting their way back. Satwik and Shetty are much taller and they need to not get drawn into a flat game.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 13-7

The Indians have not let up after the break. Good placement and power from the Indians. This is some smart play.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 11-7

At the mid-game interval, Satwik-Shetty have a four-point advantage.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 10-5

Superb interception from Shetty gives the Indians a huge lead. They have been steady if not spectacular so far.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 4-3

Quick fast exchanges at the moment. Nothing like the long rallies that doubles can throw up.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: 3-1

The young Indian pairing has jumped to an early lead.

Satwik-Shetty vs Sonoda-Kamura: Next up

Time for the doubles competition. The Satwik/Shetty pair are taking on the second seeds Sonoda-Kamura. They have met twice before and the Japanese pair has won both those matches.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 18-21, 15-21

She only needed one. In 50 minutes, Yamaguchi is through to the semi-final. Another down the line smash on the backhand side forced the wide return from Sindhu.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 18-21, 15-20

Five match points for Yamaguchi.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 18-21, 15-19

Now, Yamaguchi gets a challenge wrong and Sindhu follows up with a quick point.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 18-21, 13-19

Another unsuccessful challenge for Sindhu and this now looks beyond the realm of hope.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 18-21, 13-17

Once again, Yamaguchi forces the short lift and finished the point off with an accurate smash. This has been a pattern in the match.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 18-21, 13-16

The gap is down to three. This is Sindhu’s opportunity. Here and now.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 18-21, 11-16

The five-point deficit is staying as it is and Sindhu desperately needs to close the gap.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 18-21, 10-15

Two points in a row for Sindhu before a lucky net cord gave Yamaguchi a point. This is not looking good for Sindhu.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 18-21, 8-14

The momentum is all with Yamaguchi and Sindhu needs a run of points to force her way back into the match but it is not just happening. The points are shorter and flatter at the moment.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 18-21, 7-12

Yamaguchi challenged and she got it right. The shuttle just caught the line but the line of attack was once again down Sindhu’s backhand.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 18-21, 7-11

At the mid-game break in the second game, Yamaguchi has a four-point advantage. She has targeted Sindhu’s backhand side and the Indian’s defence just hasn’t been good enough.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 18-21, 6-10

Sindhu’s lift just wasn’t deep enough and Yamaguchi finished it off.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 18-21, 6-8

Now, Yamaguchi returns the favours. She finishes a brilliantly constructed point with a body smash.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 18-21, 6-6

And we are all even. A body smash and flat overhead crosscourt helps Sindhu even things out.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 18-21, 4-5

A tight opening and an important phase in the game for Sindhu. She will not want to fall behind in the early going here.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 18-21, 2-4

Errors from Sindhu hand Yamaguchi an early lead. A forehand into the net and the Indian is not looking very pleased with herself.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 18-21, 1-1

Can Sindhu make this a battle of endurance? Yamaguchi has been defending brilliantly and running all over the court but will that take a toll on her if the match goes into the third game?

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 18-21

Yamaguchi was 7-12 down at one stage but she found her rhythm after that to take the opening game 21-18 in 25 minutes. Her defence was superb as was the rest of her game. Sindhu fought hard but she really had no answers to the game of the young Japanese.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 17-20

Sindhu saves her second game point with a crosscourt smash. Three more to go...

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 15-19

Perfect netplay gives Yamaguchi another point. This is Yamaguchi at her very best.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 15-17

Yamaguchi was down on her knees at one point in the point but she somehow found her way back into the point and won the 40-shot rally after forcing a short lift from Sindhu. Stupendous stuff. What defence!

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 15-16

A successful challenge helps Sindhu close the gap. The linesman initially called it out but then changed his mind. Sindhu challenged right away.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 14-16

A fantastic down-the-line smash give Yamaguchi a two-point lead as we reach the business end of the first game.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 14-14

And we are back level. Now, the crowd will start to become a factor too. Sindhu wants the shuttle changed now. Errors creeping into Sindhu’s game now.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 13-12

A short lift from Sindhu see Yamaguchi finish the point off with a smash. Too close for comfort now.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 12-11

Two quick points for Yamaguchi and the gap has been closed in an instance. Sindhu needs to keep her focus now.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 12-9

Sindhu’s challenge goes in vain. The line judge had called it in but Sindhu thought otherwise. Point to Yamaguchi, who will be looking to get into her short, quick exchanges – something she hasn’t been allowed to do so far.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 11-7

At the mid-game interval, Sindhu has things well under control. She hasn’t allowed Yamaguchi to force the pace and controlled the flow of the match well.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 10-6

Lovely drop shot keeps Sindhu is a comfortable position in the first game. She has mixed her game well today.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 9-5

Sindhu has now opened up a decent advantage and the pressure will now be on Yamaguchi to make her move.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 6-4

Sindhu moves ahead after a 25-shot rally, the longest in the match so far. She is steadily exerting more control over the proceedings now.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 4-4

Nothing to separate the players at this point. Some good strokes interspersed with errors. It has been that kind of game so far.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 2-3

Both players just getting a feel of things. But some wonderful defence from Yamaguchi gets her the fifth point of the match.

Sindhu vs Yamaguchi: 1-0

And here we go. This won’t be easy for either player.

11.51 am: The players have taken the court and we should be a go soon.

11.49 am: Nozomi Okuhara has beaten Nitchaon Jindapol in an 80-minute thriller to make it to the semis. And it is now time for the Sindhu-Yamaguchi match.

11.36 am: In her last match, Sindhu rallied back from a game down against Aya Ohori to win 11-21, 21-10, 21-15. Ohori’s wonderful technical skills gave her the early advantage but Sindhu clawed her way back and was dominant by the end.

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11.31 am: In the last five matches between the two, Sindhu has won four.

11.28 am: Sindhu has a positive record against Yamaguchi despite her defeat last week.

Hello and welcome to live updates of the Japan Open women’s singles quarter-final between India’s PV Sindhu and Japan’s Akane Yamaguchi.

The two players played each other in the final of the Indonesia Open last week, with the Japanese emerging victorious in straight games. Sindhu will surely look to get one back today and seal a semi-final berth.