QPR have called for Uefa to take the “strongest possible action” after the Championship club’s Under-18 players walked off the pitch during a friendly in Spain following alleged racist abuse.

QPR defender Trent Mahorn took the step of leading his team-mates off the pitch after they were allegedly subjected to monkey noises and racist taunts from opposition players in a game against AD Nervion FC on August 8.

The referee is reported to have had no option but to abandon the game.

QPR are fully supportive of the decision taken by Mahorn and want Uefa, European football’s governing body, to get involved.

“We take a very strong stance against racism and will not tolerate one of our players being subjected to the despicable comments experienced,” QPR chief executive Lee Hoos said.

QPR are in dialogue with the Football Association over the matter, but Hoos feels more should be done by the European governing body to address the issues head on.

“I applaud Paul Furlong and his staff for reacting in such a manner and doing everything within their powers to protect the players. I am also very proud of our Under-18s who showed such maturity in the face of unacceptable provocation,” he said.

“Had this incident occurred in England I have no doubts the issue would be dealt with swiftly with a strong punishment by the FA.

“Unfortunately, it seems some countries have a long way to go in this respect and I urge Uefa to take the strongest possible action as incidents of this nature are happening far too often.

“At QPR we must not, and will not, stand for it. There is an opportunity here for Uefa to make a strong statement. I hope it is an opportunity they take.