10.30 pm: Right, time to wrap this up. You can check out our complete coverage of the Worlds here, where you can find Sindhu and Sai Praneeth’s quotes about their wins as well. Thanks for joining us! What an evening.

10.25 pm: And the women’s semifinals lineup is complete:

Intanon vs Okuhara in a battle of former World Champions.

Sindhu vs Chen Yufei in a repeat of 2017 semifinals

9.59 pm: And there we go, we now know who PV Sindhu will play. It’s a repeat of the 2017 Worlds semi-final! Sindhu vs Chen Yufei.

9.37 pm: Chen Yufei and Mia Blichfeldt are playing their decider now. They will be coming into the semifinals on the back of a long match as well, which should be good news for Sindhu.

9.21 pm: We now wait to find out who Sindhu’s opponent on Saturday will be. Chen Yufei won the first game but Mia Blichfeldt is looking good to force the decider.

9.15 pm: Here’s some reading for you on India’s memorable day in Basel...

Women’s doubles combination of Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponnappa had started that dream run when they won a medal for India after 28 years at the Worlds in 2011. PV Sindhu, with four medals in five editions since, and Saina Nehwal, with her two medals (2015 and 2017), had ensured that India had not returned empty handed from the championships.

Whether anyone admitted or not, that run was under serious threat this year.

How that sentiment has changed today!

READ: Sindhu and Sai Praneeth’s historic wins make Basel 2019 a pleasant surprise for India

8.35 pm: Here are some reactions to Sindhu and Sai’s brilliant wins.

8.13 pm: WHAT AN EPIC DOUBLES MATCH! A 126-minutes it lasted! Madness.

7.32 pm: If you are just joining us, it has been a historic day for Indian badminton.

PV Sindhu beats Tai Tzu Ying - match report here.

B Sai Praneeth beats Jonatan Christie - match report here.

7.27 pm: With Sai Praneeth and Sindhu reaching the semi-finals, this will be the second time that India will have two medallist from the same edition. Saina and Sindhu had achieved that feat in 2017. India’s medals tally now stands at 10 with Sindhu bagging 50%

7.13 pm: Sai Praneeth, who is yet to drop a game at the tournament, will take on world No 1 Momota in the semifinals, who is also yet to drop a game.

7.01 pm: Read this by Abhijeet Kulkarni from earlier today where he spoke about his confidence and risk-taking in the previous round was a sign of things to come.

6.58 pm: Sai Praneeth has shown a knack in his career to upset the big-name players... and now he has done it at the biggest stage on back-to-back days to etch his name in Indian badminton history.


6.49 pm: SAI PRANEETH IS ON THE FLOOR, ON HIS BACK! The biggest win of his career.

Chirstie hits a smash wide to win in straight games 24-22, 21-14 to end India’s 36-year wait for a world championship medal in men’s singles. Prakash Padukone had won a bronze in 1983.

Jonathan Christie 22-24, 14-21 Sai Praneeth


Jonathan Christie 22-24, 14-20 Sai Praneeth

Now Sai has the smile on his face of a kid stealing candy, tries to go for a big smash and hits it in the middle of the net. Follows that up with 2 good points and he has SIX MATCH POINTS!

Abhijeet Kulkarni: Christie is going for broke now. He is going for the expansive winners at the slightest of opportunity and has closed the gap to 12-15. Sai Praneeth will have really keep his cool.

Jonathan Christie 22-24, 13-18 Sai Praneeth

Another rally where Sai kept staying in the point... kept retrieving the shuttle and an attempted smash from Christie is in the middle of the net. Big error. And another from the Indonesian! Sai is three points away.

Jonathan Christie 22-24, 12-16 Sai Praneeth

Sai being two passive? Christie is on the charge and he has four on the trot again to close the gap to three! The Indonesian, however, makes another unforced error to give the serve back.

Jonathan Christie 22-24, 8-15 Sai Praneeth

Five points out of the seven for Christie after the mid-game break and the Indonesian fights back... the tempo has gone up. Sai looks to be just content in keeping the shuttle in play (which is not a bad idea with the lead he has, really). Sai gets the serve back and opens up a 7-point lead.

Jonathan Christie 22-24, 3-11 Sai Praneeth

Error after error from Christie and Sai is actually coasting at the moment! The No 4 is in deep trouble and Sai Praneeth has one leg in the semi-final!

Jonathan Christie 22-24, 3-10 Sai Praneeth

Christies stops the run of form but for just a point, Sai wins two on the trot after that. Christie is trying too many things at the moment, not finding the lines often enough.

Jonathan Christie 22-24, 1-6 Sai Praneeth

Great start to the second game for Sai Praneeth as he races into a 5-point lead. Errors piling up from the Indonesian.

First game stats: Both players had their chances, both players made errors, both players made some great shots... in the end Sai prevails.

Jonathan Christie 22-24 Sai Praneeth

More relief than celebration but Sai Praneeth has clinched the opening game! A jump smash that beats Christie’s defence and the Indian draws first blood. Superb start for the Indian against the world No 4.

Jonathan Christie 22-23 Sai Praneeth

ON THE LINE! Longest rally of the match at 32 shots, with Sai trying his best to kill the point with his smashes. Christies returns everything and his backhand lift is good enough to land on the line. And soon after Sai has another game point.

Jonathan Christie 21-22 Sai Praneeth

A lethargic crosscourt slice from Christie and Sai has another game point.

Jonathan Christie 21-21 Sai Praneeth

Sai’s turn to save a game point! A booming inside-out smash, Christie’s backhand block hits the net.

Jonathan Christie 21-20 Sai Praneeth

And now the Indonesian has a game point after thwarting Sai’s chance to close the opener out. Christie has Sai scrambling around the court and finishes the point with a good lift-smash combo.

Jonathan Christie 19-20 Sai Praneeth

Sai pounces at the net and has a game point.

Jonathan Christie 18-19 Sai Praneeth

And now a misjudgement at the baseline by Christie followed by a smash into the middle of the net. Nerves for the Indonesian? Sai is not doing too hot either, nets a simple lift. Game of errors at the moment.

Jonathan Christie 17-17 Sai Praneeth

A rather bad error from both players (Christie on the crosscourt forehand, Sai on the overhead slice) and we are still level in this opening game.

Jonathan Christie 16-16 Sai Praneeth

Sai takes the lead back but then a proactive Christie wins the serve back with a high tempo point. All square again.

Jonathan Christie 15-14 Sai Praneeth

More fantastic badminton from the two players, another long back-forth rally but this time Christie finishes on the winning side with an alert smash at the net. Sai is then punished for a short lift as the Indonesian moves into the lead.

Jonathan Christie 13-14 Sai Praneeth

The crowd seems to be on Chrtistie’s side but Sai is definitely not bothered by that. A superb up-tempo rally at 12-12, followed by a delicious drop at 13-12 gives Sai a crucial lead. Christie pulls one back with a successful challenge.

Jonathan Christie 10-11 Sai Praneeth

A couple of loose points from Sai lets the Indonesian level things up but the Indian, with a superb deft touch at the net, takes the lead at the mid-game interval.

Jonathan Christie 7-9 Sai Praneeth

Six straight points for Sai from 2-4 down and then soon after Christie wins the longest rally of the match (28 shots) to close the gap down.

17.59 pm: OK then, a few tweets for Sindhu and move straight on. It’s Sai Praneeth vs Jonathan Christie on court 2!

5.57 pm: Sindhu falls to the ground in delight! Gopichand is all smiles... how about that! WHAT A WIN!

PV Sindhu 12-21, 23-21, 21-19 Tai Tzu Ying


PV Sindhu 12-21, 23-21, 20-19 Tai Tzu Ying

Big smash from Sindhu! And the sheer power in her game has earned her the first match point!!!

PV Sindhu 12-21, 23-21, 19-19 Tai Tzu Ying

And two points on the trot for Tai! We are back level again. The crowd is on their feet. (Or at least it feels so)

PV Sindhu 12-21, 23-21, 19-17 Tai Tzu Ying

Sindhu two points away! Superb leave at the baseline.... another roar!

PV Sindhu 12-21, 23-21, 18-17 Tai Tzu Ying

Come on!! yells Sindhu as she plays a delightful reverse slice that catches Tai off-guard. She has the serve at 16-17. Tai misses the lines this time with her smash and we are back level again. Sindhu is pumped up again as Tai nets a drop!! Sindhu in the lead!!!

PV Sindhu 12-21, 23-21, 15-17 Tai Tzu Ying

A big roar from Sindhu as she inches ahead and a fist bump from Tai as she levels the score. Sindhu then sends a lift long and another fist bump by Tai. A bigger yell from her as her backhand lift just lands in! What precision.

5.47 pm: Sai Praneeth will now be in action on court 2.

PV Sindhu 12-21, 23-21, 14-14 Tai Tzu Ying

Big smash from Sindhu to Tai’s backhand and the Taiwanese has not time to react. That is followed by the brute force of Sindhu’s body smash! And we are level again...

PV Sindhu 12-21, 23-21, 12-13 Tai Tzu Ying

A brilliant drop from Tai that is retrieved by stretching every muscle by Sindhu but the former finishes off the point. An error from Tai followed by a good drop by Sindhu means we are back to a one-point game.

5.45 pm: Match points for Okuhara in the adjacent court.

PV Sindhu 12-21, 23-21, 10-12 Tai Tzu Ying

Drop-smash combo from Sindhu and Tai’s left evading: you don’t see that often. Tai immediately gets the serve back though.

PV Sindhu 12-21, 23-21, 9-11 Tai Tzu Ying

It truly is amazing how often Tai Tzu Ying puts the opponent under pressure when she is playing a defensive shot. Genius. Sindhu was controlling a rally well and out of nowhere Tai makes a backhand block land as a winner. Great entertainment as we change ends.

PV Sindhu 12-21, 23-21, 9-10 Tai Tzu Ying

“She’s got the magic potion out again!” says the commentator as Tai plays another impeccable drop shot. She misses the smash next up and the Indian has the serve back at 8-10. She lets out a mini-roar as Tai sends the shuttle long.

PV Sindhu 12-21, 23-21, 5-8 Tai Tzu Ying

Tai delights everyone with a drop, Sindhu wows everyone with her jump smash. What a battle.

PV Sindhu 12-21, 23-21, 4-7 Tai Tzu Ying

A superb rally again with both players moving each other to the four corners of the court but it’s Tai’s drop shot that proves decisive again. Sindhu wins a good exchange at the net to get the serve back.

PV Sindhu 12-21, 23-21, 3-5 Tai Tzu Ying

Sindhu, not for the first time this match, on her knees! Another drop at the net, helped by the net chord, lands right underneath the chair umpire. Sindhu not doing much wrong in the decider but Tai looks to have found a new gear. A superb rally follows where Sindhu is on the backfoot mostly but finishes the point strongly. Great badminton this!

PV Sindhu 12-21, 23-21, 2-4 Tai Tzu Ying

“She’s got the shuttle on a string!” She indeed does. Tai plays a stunning drop that Sindhu retrieves and then she shapes to play another drop and changes into a push to the forehand corner! No way Sindhu was ready for that. Tai then makes it 4 points in a row followed by an error that ends in a wrong challenge. Sindhu has the serve again.

Second game stats: Sindhu earns her fourth game point with a fantastic service return and then wins the game with a forehand cross court drive. All to play for in the decider and the pressure will be on Tai Tzu Ying now.

PV Sindhu 12-21, 23-21 Tai Tzu Ying

Good pressure from Sindhu on Tai’s serve and she wins a quick exchange at the net, Another gamepoint. And Sindhu forces the decider at the third time of asking!!! SUPERB FROM SINDHU!

PV Sindhu 12-21, 21-21 Tai Tzu Ying

Two shuttles falling wide for Sindhu and the second one, the Indian wants to challenge! So close! She can’t though and TTY has saved two game points. A big roar from Sindhu as he has another game point... another big smash down the line, called out! And Sindhu yells in frustration, TTY roars in delight!

PV Sindhu 12-21, 20-18 Tai Tzu Ying

Two game points Sindhu!

PV Sindhu 12-21, 18-18 Tai Tzu Ying

And back comes Tai. A body smash followed by a superb leave at the baseline. Challenged by Sindhu, not in. She is out of challenges.

PV Sindhu 12-21, 18-16 Tai Tzu Ying

There it is, a clear window of opportunity for Sindhu. A big body smash followed by an error from Tai.

PV Sindhu 12-21, 16-16 Tai Tzu Ying

A yell of delight from both players as we go neck and neck in this second game.

5.19 pm: At the adjacent court, Okuhara has raced through the opening game against He Bingjao. Sai Praneeth in action there up next.

PV Sindhu 12-21, 15-15 Tai Tzu Ying

Sindhu opens up a two-point lead and Tai plays another shot that makes your jaw drop. Approaches the net as it to play a body smash and plays a drop. Sindhu then challenges a call on the side line. It’s well on the line. Tai back level.

PV Sindhu 12-21, 13-13 Tai Tzu Ying

“Beautiful racket head control,” says Morten Frost as Tai shapes up to play a lift at the net and then turns into a drop shot! Ridiculous.

PV Sindhu 12-21, 13-12 Tai Tzu Ying

Back-to-back drop shots from Tai Tzu Ying, that are quite literally out of the world. And she is back level. Sindhu plays an aggressive point from the forecourt and takes the serve back.

Abhijeet Kulkarni: Sindhu has managed to win points when she has upped the tempo in the rallies and not allow Tai Tzu to play at a pace she is comfortable with. A slightly lucky point for Sindhu there but she will take it as she goes into the mid-game interval lead 11-9.

PV Sindhu 12-21, 11-9 Tai Tzu Ying

Sindhu has won five straight points to lead 10-8 now. She misses a crosscourt after that but has a 11-9 lead at the interval as her forehand block lands in!

PV Sindhu 12-21, 9-8 Tai Tzu Ying

Yes, more like that Sindhu! A super quick rally that ends with a big smash from Sindhu. The Korean coach says more of the same from her chair. Tau then sends a shuttle wide. And then another big smash from Sindhu from a short lift by Tai. The Indian is into the lead!

PV Sindhu 12-21, 5-8 Tai Tzu Ying

Sindhu is on the floor.... down on her knees, and taking a bump as she tried to retrieve a crosscourt smash. That looked painful. But she is back up. Tai is opening up a lead here.

PV Sindhu 12-21, 4-5 Tai Tzu Ying

Two high-tempo rallies from Tai in response to Sindhu’s fast start... the Indian then gets the serve back with a good drop shot of her own. She cannot let Tai run away with a big lead.

PV Sindhu 12-21, 2-2 Tai Tzu Ying

Oh that looked like a good winner from Sindhu down the line, but it is called out and Sindhu doesnt challenge.

Abhijeet Kulkarni: Definitely the kind of start to the second game Sindhu’s coaches would have liked. A 38-shot rally in which Sindhu was aggressive and forced Tai Tzu Ying into making a mistake.

PV Sindhu 12-21, 2-0 Tai Tzu Ying

What a rally to start the second game! And it was crucial for Sindhu to win that, to know she is still in this match. And she does just that. More pace from Sindhu, making Tai work hard, move around the court. And Sindhu forces the error from Tai off the next point with a drop.

First game stats: After 2-2, Sindhu was never in the game.

PV Sindhu 12-21 Tai Tzu Ying

Nine game points for Tai and the former world No 1. A bit of a careless error from Tai on the first game point after the longest rally of the match so far. And then Sindhu puts the shuttle wide with the point there for the taking! Oh dear. First blood, TTY.

PV Sindhu 11-19 Tai Tzu Ying

An angry yell by Sindhu as she plays a good one-two punch to get the serve back but Tai Tzu plays another perfect rally to go 9 ahead. Sindhu with a body smash to get the serve back again. Can she go on a run?

PV Sindhu 9-18 Tai Tzu Ying

Yikes, that’s a bad miss from Sindhu at the baseline as she lets the shuttle drop well in. And then a backhand error. Massive lead for Tai Tzu.

PV Sindhu 9-14 Tai Tzu Ying

“This looks like the Asian Games final,” says the commentator, something no Indian fans wants to hear. Sindhu plays a good crosscourt drop to close the gap. First real rally of the match and a lucky net chord helps Sindhu. Well played by the Indian.

PV Sindhu 6-12 Tai Tzu Ying

Little yell of come on from Sindhu as she reads a flick serve well and sends back a booming smash. Error from Tau next point. Way back in? Nah, Tai takes the serve back immediately.

PV Sindhu 4-11 Tai Tzu Ying

Tai Tzu seems in complete control so far. She is moving Sindhu all across and then finding the winner with ease. Drops, smashes... everything going well for the former world No 1. This is TTY at her best.

PV Sindhu 3-8 Tai Tzu Ying

Yikes! Tai is in the mood. She is dropping shuttles in unreturnable areas for fun here. That’s a dangerous sign. And then nails a down-the-line smash too.

PV Sindhu 3-5 Tai Tzu Ying

And just like that, TTY opens up a three-point lead! The first of many slice-drop shot winners gives her a 5-2 lead. Tai then sends a push long. Good leave by Sindhu.

PV Sindhu 2-2 Tai Tzu Ying

Tight start to the opening game, both players exchanging points.

4.42 pm: This match could be the final and no one would bat an eyelid. As things stand, Sindhu and Tai Tzu Ying are taking on each other for the 15th time for a place in the semis. HERE WE GO!!!

4.38 pm: Players on court and Sindhu wins the toss, chooses side. Tai asks the Indian to serve.

Abhijeet Kulkarni, our badminton correspondent: For all her domination on the BWF Tour in the last two years, Tai does not have a single world championship medal while Sindhu has four. Can the Taipei shuttler open her account or will Sindhu add a fifth to her tally?

4.34 pm: PV Sindhu has looked in great touch, Tai Tzu Ying looked shaky in the round of 16 yesterday... but make no mistake, the latter starts firm favourite. Here’s a look at the last 9 meetings between the two.

4.31 pm: It’s PV Sindhu time! (Kento Momota storms into the semifinals...)

4.27 pm: Kento Momota is on the verge of finishing off his quarterfinal match in no time. Sindhu is up next!

4.20 pm: Hello all and welcome to the coverage of the quarter-finals at the BWF Badminton World Championships! It’s quarter-finals day and PV Sindhu, B Sai Praneeth are one tantalising win away from ensuring a medal.

Two-time silver medallist Sindhu produced yet another commanding performance as she demolished Beiwen Zhang of United States in straight games to advance to the quarterfinals of the BWF World Championships in Basel on Thursday.

Sindhu won 21-14 21-6 in the women’s singles pre-quarterfinals match that lasted just 34 minutes. The fifth seeded Indian had lost to the ninth seeded American opponent in the Indian Open final last year.

Sindhu now face second seed Tai Tzu Ying of Chinese Taipei in the quarterfinals.

World No 19 Sai Praneeth, who had reached the finals at Swiss Open this year, took just 42 minutes to dispatch sixth seeded Anthony of Indonesia 21-19 21-13 to set up a another tough clash with another Indonesian Jonatan Christie, seeded fourth and the reigning Asian Games champion.