3.40 pm: Confirmation of the final result here and you can find the stats of the match from the link in the tweet below. That will be all from us. Stay tuned for the match report.

Momota 21-13, 21-15 Kashyap:

The Kento Momota juggernaut rolls on. Just 40 minutes it took for the world No 1. Ninth final in 12 tournaments in 2019! What a player. Well fought too, Kashyap. He continues to impress with his form this year!

Momota 21-13, 20-15 Kashyap:

An error from Momota gives the serve back to Kashyap but the Indian promptly gives it back. Six match points for Momota. Kashyap saves one with a good smash.

Momota 21-13, 18-12 Kashyap:

Alright, never mind. 6 points on the trot for Momota from 12-12 and he is on the verge of a win.

Momota 21-13, 16-12 Kashyap:

And just like that, four straight points for Momota. Kashyap with a couple of errors but Momota has decided he needs to take charge.

Momota 21-13, 12-12 Kashyap:

Make it 9 out of 11 and it’s all level in the 2nd at 12-12 with a superb net shot by the Indian. Great fightback from Kashyap from 3-9 down.

Momota 21-13, 12-11 Kashyap:

Seven of the last 9 points for Kashyap and he is onto something here. Closes the gap to two points again at 10-12. Make it 8 out of last 10 as Kashyap nails a body smash. Well, well.

Momota 21-13, 11-7 Kashyap:

Kashyap closes the gap to just 2 points but Momota finds his footing once again to go into the interval with a four-point lead. The commentator, however, seems to think Momota is not a 100% at the moment. Can Kashyap keep this momentum going?

Momota 21-13, 9-3 Kashyap:

Couple of careless errors from Momota, unlike him at this stage. Kashyap has a look in. A superb rally follows where both player display stunning retrieval skills but the point ends with a the world No 1 netting a lift. Best point of the match, by far. And Kashyap wins the rally to make it 6-9.

Momota 21-13, 9-3 Kashyap:

A rare short lift from Momota and Kashyap does well to pounce on it. This after a few errors on the trot. Momota quickly reestablishes superiority with a superb crosscourt smash.

Momota 21-13, 6-2 Kashyap:

Tempo has picked up in the second game but Momota has an answer to everything Kashyap is throwing at him. The world no 1 opens up a 6-2 lead.

Momota 21-13, 2-1 Kashyap:

Wonder if Kashyap will look to put Momota under pressure in the second game. A couple of quick points to start but Momota takes both. A return winner from Kashyap after that. He needs to stay in this match early on here or Momota will run away with it.

Momota 21-13 Kashyap:
There were long rallies in the game and Kashyap’s strategy (if one has to guess) was to tire Momota out with those drawn out points. Worked initially but like we said, Momota is the master at playing percentages. He takes the first game easily.

Momota 20-13 Kashyap:

Three points on the trot from Kashyap, the second of those a superb crosscourt drop at the net. But Momota quickly fights back to have 7 game points.

Momota 17-10 Kashyap:

Every time Kashyap tries to build tempo, Momota reacts sharply. A misjudgement from Kashyap at the baseline and then he responds with a stunning backhand block. Kashyap makes it 10-16 by showing good judgement at the baseline and Momota does the same to take the serve back.

Momota 14-8 Kashyap:

‘Not sure how Kashyap is going to win too many points like that,’ says the commentator and on cue Kashyap nails a smash down the line just as Momota was running away with the opener. Has the serve back at 8-13. But promptly won back by the No 1.

Momota 11-7 Kashyap:

It feels like a practice session at the moment between Momota and Kashyap. Maybe that’s the Indian’s strategy? Momota happy to play the percentage game, he’s the master at that. Leads 11-7 at the interval.

Momota 9-6 Kashyap:

Both players playing the waiting game for now but Momota has the early lead, ahead 9-5. As commentator Clark says, Kashyap just happy to play a steady game for now, not exactly taking the initiative to press Momota. A lovely drop from the Indian as we say that to close the gap again.

Momota 5-4 Kashyap:

Four straight points for Momota now and the latest at the end of another long rally. Kashyap once again did well to stay in the point but makes an error at the end. Both players playing in 2nd gear so far. Kashyap then picks up the tempo and closes the gap to 4-5.

Momota 3-2 Kashyap:

Rally and a long one at that, goes in Kashyap’s favour. Good patient badminton by the Indian results in an error. And another from Momota. And now an error down the line by Kashyap. Momta then plays a superb inside-out half smash to kill the next point.

Momota 1-0 Kashyap:

Momota, the reigning world champion, starts off with a straightforward point on serve.

2.56 pm: Kashyap, the former world No 6, is playing Momota for the third time. The last time they met was in JUNE 2016! A different era almost. Here we go.

2.50 pm: Hello all and welcome to the live blog of the semi-finals between India’s P Kashyap and world No 1 Kento Momota. Parupalli Kashyap progressed to the men’s singles semi-finals of the Korea Open World Tour Super 500 with a straight-game win over former world no 2 Denmark’s Jan O Jorgensen in Intanon on Friday.

In a clinical display, the 33-year-old from Hyderabad, who is the lone Indian left in fray, outsmarted Jorgensen 24-22 21-8 in 37 minutes to make it to his second semifinal of the season. He had reached the last four at the India Open Super 500 tournament.

The 2014 Commonwealth Games gold-medallist will now face world no 1 and two-time world champion Kento Momota of Japan on Saturday.

Just a little while back, former world champ Ratchanok Intanon put up a show in Incheon! She extended her H2H record over Tai Tzu Ying to 14-12 in what is surely one of the most intriguing rivalries in the sport. Brilliant from the Thai star again. One world No 1 ousted, can Kashyap do that to Momota?