9.58 pm: That will be all from us for the night, watch out for the match reports and analysis from Kaushal Shukla who was at the venue to witness Pro Kabaddi history being made.

9.55 pm: TWO FIRST-TIME FINALLISTS IN SEASON 7! It’s going to be Dabang Delhi KC vs Bengal Warriors. The two best teams over the course of the season, fittingly.

Kaushal Shukla: Just like Dabang Delhi. Bengal Warriors reach their first-ever final by the skin of their teeth. Great fight by U Mumba who taste their first defeat in semi-finals in Pro Kabaddi. But what a game

9.50 pm: FULL TIME! BENGAL WARRIORS HAVE HELD ON FOR A 37-35 WIN! Arjun cannot get a point in the final raid and U Mumba’s incredible fightback ends.

Second half, Bengal Warriors 36-35 U Mumba: Oh dear, an empty raid from Arjun but luckily for U Mumba there is one raid left in the match.

Second half, Bengal Warriors 36-35 U Mumba: Mumbai level the score at 35 and then Warriors come up with a big play in defence. 75 seconds left.

Second half, Bengal Warriors 35-35 U Mumba: !!! Bonus point for Abhishek Singh and then U Mumba defence pulls off a tackle. Scores level. Another tie on our hands?

Second half, Bengal Warriors 35-33 U Mumba: Another timeout. Warriors are rattled. They need to regroup. U Mumba have stormed back in this match. What a finish we have on our hands!

Second half, Bengal Warriors 35-23 U Mumba: A Super 10 for Abhishek and Warriors are now down to one! An all out will change it all around now. And it does! WARRIORS ALL OUT! U MUMBA ARE ON FIRE!

Second half, Bengal Warriors 33-29 U Mumba: WOW! WHAT A RAID! Ajinkya Kapre pulls off a stunning effort to pick up four points and U Mumba are back in this!

Second half, Bengal Warriors 33-25 U Mumba: A timeout called and Bengal Warriors, even in Maninder Singh’s absence, have done enough between their raiders to see this through, one thinks. Five mins left.

Second half, Bengal Warriors 32-25 U Mumba: A delay in play for a review which Warriors lose. There is some confusion over the scoring even after the review. More discussions between the officials after Fazel’s arguments. One point each given finally. Little over five mins left. Warriors will now look to wind the clock down.

Second half, Bengal Warriors 30-24 U Mumba: Well, never say never in this game. An error from Warriors with a double-entry and a great tackle from U Mumba defence. Gap is closing in!

Second half, Bengal Warriors 30-20 U Mumba: Second all out of the night as Warriors move ahead big time against U Mumba. The Kolkata side have one foot in the final. And one feels U Mumba do not have the raiding quality to bounce back from this deficit.

Second half, Bengal Warriors 25-17 U Mumba: BIG PLAY! Sukesh Hegde makes a BIG PLAY for Bengal Warriors! Four players out in one go as U Mumba miss a tackle. U Mumba are struggling now as Nabibaksh picks up another raid point. Fazel is struggling for U Mumba, think the commentators.

Second half, Bengal Warriors 21-16 U Mumba: Another self out for U Mumba. The errors are piling up. But Arjun does well in the next raid to keep his team in the hunt. This is still a tight game.

Second half, Bengal Warriors 20-15 U Mumba: There is the play from the U Mumba defence. Fazel and Co (down to 4) tackle Prapanjan in a do-or-die raid. And then Abhishek picks up another point. Mumbai are back in this! Bengal Warriors are paying the price for taking the foot off the pedal.

Second half, Bengal Warriors 18-12 U Mumba: Four self–outs for U Mumba proved crucial in that half. Errors not helping Fazel’s side and the Iranian is yet to make his mark defensively in the game too. Final 20 minutes underway.

HALF-TIME! Bengal Warriors 18-12 U Mumba: Kaushal Shukla wrote in his preview, “Keeping the Bengal Warriors’ combined raiding might down is going to be a tough ask even for the U Mumba defence simply due to the number of options available to coach BC Ramesh in the raiding department.” It’s proven to be the case so far!

First half, Bengal Warriors 18-12 U Mumba: Ninety seconds left in the half and Bengal keep the lead thanks to some all-round display in the last few minutes. Managing well, in Maninder’s absence. Rinku especially good in defence.

First half, Bengal Warriors 14-10 U Mumba: There is the first big moment in the match. Abhishek is left as the last man for U Mumba and he cannot avoid an ALL OUT. Bengal move ahead.

First half, Bengal Warriors 9-9 U Mumba: Mohammed Nabibakhsh makes a mistake in defence for Bengal but Prapanjan does well on the raid to pick up a couple of points and Fazel is out for Mumba. Abhishek then picks up another point for Mumba.

First half, Bengal Warriors 7-7 U Mumba: Neither side is allowed to run away with this match early on. A few errors from Mumbai’s defenders, though. Will worry them.

First half, Bengal Warriors 4-4 U Mumba: Raiders are getting into this game. Prapanjan for KOL and Abhishek for MUM as it is 4-4 after a cagey tactical start in this second semis.

First half, Bengal Warriors 3-3 U Mumba: This is a more defence-dominated start and the raiders are yet to make an impact from both sides, unlike the first match.

First half, Bengal Warriors 1-2 U Mumba: Will this be a closer battle than the first semis? All eyes on Fazel, the U Mumba captain.

KOL 0-0 MUM: Time for the 2nd semi-final as Bengal Warriors take on U Mumba. No Maninder Singh for Bengal due to injury.

FULL-TIME! DELHI 44-38 BENGALURU: A superb team effort from Naveen Kumar and Co as Dabang Delhi reach their first ever final. Bulls were yet again a one-man army. Got to feel for Pawan Sehrawat who gave it his all yet again tonight but he was let down by his defence.

Second half, Dabang Delhi 44-38 Bengaluru Bulls: A do-or-die raid and Ranjit steps up!! IF he had been tackled, Bulls had a serious shot. But it’s over now.

Second half, Dabang Delhi 41-36 Bengaluru Bulls: Well, a quick 2-pointer from Pawan and the lead is down to 6 as Delhi try to wind the clock down. And then another point for Pawan! Wow.

Second half, Dabang Delhi 41-32 Bengaluru Bulls: Now, up to Rohit to revive Pawan but he can’t. His poor season continues tonight. Naveen comes back and takes another point. An all-out coming in. Indeed, Bulls give it up to bring Pawan back. But it is all but over. Less than 3 mins.

Second half, Dabang Delhi 35-30 Bengaluru Bulls: A mistake from Naveen!? He’s called out of bounds and that means a super tackle for Bulls! That was rash from the raider. Still, Pawan doesn’t get revived yet - it’s Rohit first. Delhi review it and it is no good. Well, well. A late twist?

Second half, Dabang Delhi 35-28 Bengaluru Bulls: Clever from Delhi to give up bonus points and keep Pawan Sehrawat on the bench. Bulls are not going to win the match with their star man spending so much time off the mat. 4 mins left and the Bulls coach says pretty much the same thing to his three remaining players - bonus points not helping!

Second half, Dabang Delhi 35-27 Bengaluru Bulls: Delhi happy to give a bonus point for Bulls as that does not help Pawan get back on the mat. Clever tactics. And then Naveen gets another raid point! The match is all but over now, you think. Just over 4 mins left.

Second half, Dabang Delhi 34-26 Bengaluru Bulls: When Delhi needed a reassuring raid, Naveen steps up. Another point for him (one after a while) and Delhi extend their lead.

Time out called by Delhi and here’s Kaushal Shukla’s update: Smart tactics from coach Hooda to substitute Chandran Ranjit and play with four defensive players against Pawan Sehrawat. Unlike UP Yoddha, Dabany Delhi have managed the game well. So far...

Second half, Dabang Delhi 33-26 Bengaluru Bulls: Less than 8 mins to go after Vijay does well to pick up a point as the Delhi supporting cast continues to step up in crucial moments. And then Pawan gets tackled to revive Naveen! Bulls are running out of time despite staying just about alive in this match.

Second half, Dabang Delhi 31-26 Bengaluru Bulls: Pawan is back on after Bulls tackle Sheik in a do-or-die raid. And Pawan makes the play right away. Lead down to 5! Well, well.

Second half, Dabang Delhi 31-24 Bengaluru Bulls: The defenders are making the plays with the clock winding down as Naveen is tackled by Bulls. Delhi defence steps up too and keep their 7-point lead. Pawan stays off the mat, crucially.

Second half, Dabang Delhi 30-23 Bengaluru Bulls: Pawan has tried his best but he is back on the bench after a good tackle by Ranjit! Delhi keep Bulls at an arm’s length.

Second half, Dabang Delhi 29-23 Bengaluru Bulls: Ranjit picks up a raid point after Pawan Sehrawat completes his SUPER 10! That sums up the match. One-man army Bulls vs support cast of Delhi. Pawan then produces two points on his raid.

Second half, Dabang Delhi 27-20 Bengaluru Bulls: A few empty raids to start off with both Pawan and Naveen on the bunch. Under pressure to deliver, Bunty gets tackled and Naveen will now come back for Delhi. A super tackle from the Bulls... well, well. Start of the turn-around?

8.00 pm: Second half underway, 20 mins for Bulls to mount another comeback this season.

HALF TIME, Dabang Delhi 26-18 Bengaluru Bulls: There is nothing to separate the two star raiders, but the defending has been chalk and cheese. 8 points for Delhi’s rearguard while Bulls have made just one tackle!

HALF TIME, Dabang Delhi 26-18 Bengaluru Bulls: 10 points from 12 raids for Naveen Kumar is the story of the match. The Bulls coach has some harsh words for his defence as we head into the break. 12 failed tackles for the defending champs. Can Pawan inspire another comeback?

First half, Dabang Delhi 26-18 Bengaluru Bulls: A mistake from Naveen... he is timed out on a do-or-die raid. A costly mistake? A reprieve for Bulls again? Pawan is still on the bench though.

First half, Dabang Delhi 26-16 Bengaluru Bulls: Finally, a tackle point for Bulls! And they send Naveen to the bench for the first time as well. Could that turn it around for the defending champs? Rohit gets tackled in the next raid by Delhi. Crucial moment.

First half, Dabang Delhi 24-13 Bengaluru Bulls: WOW. 20th consecutive SUPER 10 for Naveen Kumar! And we are still in the first half of this semi-final. Pawan is spending far too much on the bench to make an impact. Bulls have no answers at the moment to Naveen.

Kaushal Shukla: Over 10 minutes into this game and Bengaluru Bulls are yet to have a tackle point. This is a big problem against a raider like Naveen who keeps picking up single-point raids. He won’t give away many empty raids. The Bulls have suffered their second all-out and it is already now a mountain to climb even with Pawan Sehrawat in their ranks

First half, Dabang Delhi 21-10 Bengaluru Bulls: ANOTHER ALL OUT! There is absolutely no stopping Naveen Kumar at the moment and Delhi defenders are doing just enough to support him. This has been some start!

First half, Dabang Delhi 14-8 Bengaluru Bulls: Bulls are struggling on the defence (more than Delhi) and Pawan is on the bench after a good tackle. Delhi extend their lead again. Bulls are being far too generous with their defending.

Kaushal Shukla: Bengaluru Bulls have been the best team in super tackle situations but Naveen Kumar has been the best raider when opposition is down to three or less. Naveen has won that early battle cleaning up Bengaluru who already have a deficit to cover so early in the game

First half, Dabang Delhi 11-7 Bengaluru Bulls: A super raid from Pawan! Bonus plus two points from the star man for Bulls as the early markers have been laid down by the two main raiders.

First half, Dabang Delhi 9-3 Bengaluru Bulls: An early ALL OUT! Naveen Kumar has started off on fire as have the Delhi defenders. The Bulls are under early trouble. Some questionable defending by the defending champions.

First half, Dabang Delhi 4-1 Bengaluru Bulls: Correction, Sehrwat did pick up a bonus point. But he is tackled in the second raid. Delhi laying down the early marker.

First half, Dabang Delhi 2-0 Bengaluru Bulls: Ranjit starts off with a 2-point raid and then Pawan makes an empty raid.

7.31 pm: BLR have won the toss and Delhi will be raiding first. Chandran Ranjit starts off for the team in blue.

7.29 pm: 17 Super 10s in the season for Pawan Sehrwat while Naveen Kumar has 20 to his name. It really could boil down to who has the better game tonight but don’t count out the importance of Dabang Delhi’s supporting cast in Chandran Ranjit, Joginder Narwal and Ravinder Pahal.

7.24 pm: The teams make their way out in Ahmedabad. Atmosphere building up nicely, says Kaushal Shukla from the venue. Can defending champs Bulls make it to back-to-back finals?

7.21 pm: A lack of raiding support for last season’s MVP Pawan Sehrawat may put too much of a burden on his shoulders against an experienced defence of Dabang Delhi. But Pawan was on fire in the incredible Eliminator between Bulls and Yodha, can he do it again? We are all set for the first match.

7.18 pm: More stats on BLRvDEL:

H2H Overall: Matches – 13 | Dabang Delhi – 7 | Bengaluru Bulls – 5 | Tie – 1

  • Similar to UP Yoddha, Bengaluru Bulls will be taking on another team they couldn’t beat this season during the league phase.
  • In both matches, the team trailing at half-time mounted a comeback to win/tie the match.

7.15 pm: Here’s how the last 5 meetings between Bengaluru Bulls and Dabang Delhi panned out.

H2H Bengaluru vs Delhi

Match No. Bengaluru Bulls Dabang Delhi Result
PKL 7, M#105 39 39 Match Tied
PKL 7, M#56 31 33 Dabang Delhi won by 2 points
PKL 6, M#97 31 32 Dabang Delhi won by 1 point
PKL 5, M#119 35 32 Bengaluru Bulls won by 3 points
PKL 5, M#63 30 38 Dabang Delhi won by 8 points

7.05 pm: We are coming to the end of 7 seasons of Pro Kabaddi, a league that has changed the face of the sport in India. Kaushal Shukla looks back at the evolution of the game from mud to mat. It’s a must-read story, even if we say so ourselves.

From mud to mat, the Kabaddi journey in India: read here.

6.53 pm: Team news is in...all eyes will be on Naveen Kumar & Pawan Sehrawat

Delhi’s starting 7: Joginder Narwal (C), Chandran Ranjit, Anil Kumar, Naveen Kumar, Vishal Mane, Vijay, Ravinder Pahal

Bengaluru’s starting 7: Rohit Kumar (C), Amit Sheoran, Ankit, Sumit Singh, Mahender Dhaka, Pawan Sehrawat, Saurabh Nandal

6.50 pm: The eliminators saw the raiders take the mantle in their own hands as Bulls’ Pawan Sehrawat and U Mumba’s Abhishek Singh and Arjun Deshwal scored 51 points among themselves in the two matches on Monday. The defences of all four teams in action that day were left wanting in the wake of the raiding brilliance that defined the first part of the playoffs. Will it be more of the same tonight?

Kaushal Shukla previews the semi-finals here.

6.42 pm: First up tonight will be the team of the season so far (Dabang Delhi KC) taking on defending champs (Bengaluru Bulls).

6.40 pm: Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the semi-finals of Pro Kabaddi 2019!

Defending champions Bengaluru Bulls will take on Dabang Delhi KC in the first semi final of the seventh edition of Pro Kabaddi League in Ahmedabad on Wednesday. U Mumba will take on Bengal Warriors in the second semi final, to be played later on.

The final will be held on October 19 at TransStadia here, a release informed.

Bengaluru Bulls beat UP Yodhas in the Eliminator 1 after a thrilling tie in regulation time. The match initially ended 36-36 and it needed extra-time to decide a winner. Two massive raids from Pawan Kumar Sehrawat in the first-ever extra-time in Pro Kabaddi history ensured victory for Bengaluru Bulls, setting up a showdown against Dabang Delhi.

U Mumba, then, defeated Haryana Steelers in the second Eliminator. The Mumbai side are on a five-match unbeaten streak but will face a confident Bengal Warriors, who are well-rested after their final league stage match. U Mumba will have the momentum on their side after beating Haryana Steelers convincingly

Our correspondent Kaushal Shukla is at the venue and with his insights, we will bringing you the updates from what promises to be a cracking night of Kabaddi action.