Batting legend Sachin Tendulkar called for tweaks in the 50-over format and suggested two innings of 25 overs each with a 15-minute break between each innings, reported Times of India.

“The 50-over format is the first thing that needs a look-in,” Tendulkar said. “As I had suggested, the format needs a tweak of two innings of 25 overs per side with a 15-minute break between each innings [a total of four innings between two teams].”

Tendulkar further explained the changes he had wanted: “The number of innovations that can be brought in are huge. Let’s say there’s a 50-over-a-side match between Team A and Team B. Team A wins the toss, bats 25 overs; then team B bats for 25 overs; Team A resumes innings (with whatever wickets left) from the 26th over; Team B then resumes the last innings to chase the target.

“If Team A has lost all their wickets within the first 25 overs itself, then Team B gets 50 overs [25 overs plus 25 overs with a break] to chase the target. Now, look at the number of ideas that can be adopted in a format like this.”

The 46-year-old also wanted changes in the domestic limited-overs format. “Look at the Challenger....players come from different states, zones, play together for a few days and disperse. There’s no team bonding.”

Tendulkar added: “Do we even remember these games? Teams are randomly chosen. The same applies to the Duleep Trophy in certain ways. It doesn’t serve any purpose when players arrive overnight from different zones and play a few matches and go their separate ways. Even in IPL, teams stay together for two months.”

Tendulkar also called for a more competitive structure to be implemented in the Duleep Trophy, where younger players are fighting for places with a more experienced batsman.

He said: “The four semi-finalists from Ranji should play the Duleep [Trophy]. The additional two teams should be carved out of the rest of the domestic players, and those who’ve done exceedingly well should be included. Here, the Under-19 and Under-23 players should be promoted. A player who doesn’t fit in the senior team could well be playing against players in this space.”