Dutch Grandmaster Anish Giri on Monday said India have a talented bunch of youngsters who need time to bridge the gap with the legendary Viswanathan Anand. The five-time world champion, who will turn 50 next month, continues to remain the best bet among the Indians with a world ranking of 11.

“I don’t think there’s a big gap. Harikrishna is very strong, while Vidit Gujrathi is also a top player,” Anish said on the sidelines of Tata Chess 2019 in the Grand Chess Tour. “The young generation of talents are just 13-14 years-old, and are too young to make a breakthrough. I think you just need to give them some time,” he said, referring to the two youngsters, R Praggnanandhaa and Nihal Sarin.

The 25-year-old halted the Magnus Carlsen express, holding the reigning world champion with Herculean defensive technique in round two of the Blitz on Monday.

Terming it an ordinary and dull show, he said: “I did not prepare much for the blitz. I just played something I already knew. It was not a highlight or low light. It was an ordinary game. There were many more games that I was on the lucky side or on the unlucky side. It was a pretty dull game actually.”

Anish, who won the Shenzhen Masters this year, said he’s keen on putting a good show at the 2020 Candidates in Yekaterinburg, Russia from March 15 to April 5.

“Right now, I am not completely thinking about anything. I’m thrilled to make it to Candidates. I have a lot of plans and have to work very hard. If things go my way there are some hopes,” he said.