9.30 pm: Well, what a day for Indian cricket: India A won their warm-up match in New Zealand with Shaw smashing 150. India U-19 won by 90 runs in #U19WorldCup against SL. India won the series decider in Bengaluru with a good all-round display. Thanks for joining us during the live blog. Stay tuned for reports and more.

Player of the match: Siddhesh Veer starred with both bat and the ball and picks up the award. He made an entertaining 44 off 27 balls and had figures of 2/34 with the ball.

45.2: WICKET! INDIA U-19 WIN BY 90 RUNS! A mix-up between the Lankan tailenders and a direct hit by Divyansh Saxena results in Sri Lanka being all out. A winning start for the defending champions!

After 45 overs, SL 203/9 (Matheesha 0, Dilshan 0)

Another loud appeal from Singh turned down by Gould. Don’t be surprised if there is a charge coming from the umpires.

44.3: WICKET!!! Akash Singh finally gets umpire Gould to say yes! After many an appeal, he gets the SL captain with a superb yorker. Plumb LBW. His 2nd wicket. SL 203/9

After 44 overs, SL 203/8 (Nipun 50, Dilshan 0)

Just a matter of time for India to register their first win. A flurry of wickets have made it a formality now.

43.4: WICKET! A couple of deliveries after hitting a four, Amshi mishits one to the fielder at point. Veer gets the wicket. Garg takes an easy catch. SL 203/8

43.2: HALF CENTURY! Fifty comes up for the Sri Lankan captain much like the counterpart. It’s been a patient innings from Nipun Dhananjaya. Looks like a good player.

Meanwhile in Bangalore: India win by 7 wickets with 15 balls to spare. Kohli missed his ton but Iyer and Pandey finish things off as India win with ease.

41.5: WICKET!!! Ravi Bishnoi finishes with back-to-back wickets.

After waiting so long for his first wicket, the leg-spinner has two in two. Ashian is given LBW first ball. Plumb. The leg-spinner finishes with 2/44 in his 10 overs.

41.5: WICKET!!! Ravi Bishnoi gets a well deserved wicket.

One leg-spinner gets another as Bishnoi fires one through the defence of Kavindu. A ball after keeper Jurel put down a tough chance, Bishnoi gets a wicket his bowling has deserved today. SL 195/6.

After 41 overs, SL 192/5 (Nipun 45, Kavindu 3)

Not really sure if the Lankans are even looking at a win here. Good over by Akash Singh, where he bent his back again and just a single came off it. Singh also gets an earful from Gould for excessive appealing.

After 40 overs, SL 191/5 (Nipun 44, Kavindu 3)

Ravi Bishnoi is unlucky not to take a wicket so far. Another edge goes past keeper for a boundary as Nipun moves into the 40s. So does the over count....SL need 107 from the last 10 overs. Not impossible, but becoming improbable.

38.2: WICKET!!! Akash Singh strikes immediately on his return to the bowling crease.

Dinusha doesn’t last long after hitting that six. Singh gets a wicket he deserved. Lovely seam presentation, length ball, straightens a tad bit. Edge is taken by Jurel. SL 181/5.

After 38 overs, SL 180/4 (Nipun 37, Dinusha 16)

WHAT A HIT ! Dinusha is a frustrated man after his captain’s lax running resulted in a run being missed but he lets it all out with a big hit over midwicket. A massive six. SL need more of that. Bishnoi’s googlies to the left hander becoming a little too predictable at the moment.

After 37 overs, SL 170/4 (Nipun 34, Dinusha 9)

Captain Nipun Dhananjaya has looked very compact and classy during his innings but the required rate is creeping up constantly and he doesn’t seem to have that higher gear. Tidy over by Sushant, just three singles (the third off an unnecessary overthrow). SL need 128 off 13 overs, nearing 10 RPO.

After 36 overs, SL 167/4 (Nipun 33, Dinusha 7)

Spin of Bishnoi on display here. Slightly sloppy from the Indian fielders to allow the Sri Lankans to complete a couple. Another tight over from the leggie, six from it. The pressure continues to build for the Lankans.

After 35 overs, SL 161/4 (Nipun 32, Dinusha 2)

Nipun with a ferocious pull shot gets a six to breathe life in the Sri Lankan chase. Mishra is surprised by that. Little more urgency shown by the batsmen, who need to string together a few big overs.

WICKET: After 33.2 overs, SL 148/4

What a ripper from Tyagi. Thavisha had no answer to the hostile short delivery. While trying to fend it off, the right-hander gloves it to the waiting hands of Tilak at first slip. Sri Lanka are in further trouble. Raw pace there from the Indian quick.

Thavisha c Tilak b Tyagi 15 (33)

After 33 overs, SL 147/3 - Target 298

Big shout from the left-armer for a delivery that struck the batsman well outside leg, umpire Ian Gould is unmoved. Mishra’s cutters make it difficult for Thavisha to go after him. Just a wide from the over. Top stuff from the Indian quicks.

Sushant Mishra is back into the attack.

After 32 overs, SL 146/3 (Thavisha 14, Nipun 20) - Target 298

Tyagi hurls in from slightly wide of the crease and the angles forces Thavisha on the defensive. There is some bounce on offer too for the young speedster. He is mixing it up nicely and the required run rate continues to creep up. Just a wide and a single from the over.

After 31 overs, SL 144/3 (Thavisha 14, Nipun 20) - Target 298

DRINKS: Kartik Tyagi, India needs your shoulder for bowling! Twice in that Veer over he has put in desperate dives, running from short-third man to prevent two boundaries. Sensational effort from the pacer though, A+ for the hard work. “He deserves the drinks break,” says Alan Wilkins.

After 30 overs, SL 135/3 (Thavisha 11, Nipun 14) - Target 298

Not quite the pace he hit in the first spell, understandably, but still close to 140 kph from Tyagi consistently. Just a couple of singles in that over. India were 166/2 at this stage. Required rate has crossed 8.0 RPO now.

Correction: Tyagi comes on to bowl the 30th over, not 29th

Just as we said that, Tyagi is back into the attack...

After 29 overs, SL 132/3 (Thavisha 10, Nipun 12) - Target 298

Garg must look to get his wicket-takers now. The two new batsmen are rotating strike a bit too easily even if the required rate is getting close to 8.

After 28 overs, SL 125/3 (Thavisha 7, Nipun 8) - Target 298

Nipun fails to put away an absolute dolly of a full toss from Jaiswal. Just three singles from that over.

Earlier, Pakistan won against Scotland by 7 wickets after dismissing the latter for 75.

After 27 overs, SL 125/3 (Thavisha 7, Nipun 8) - Target 298

For a while, SL were neck and neck with the Indian scoring rate but the scoring warm has started to fall away now, coinciding with the loss of wickets. Nipun Dhananjaya, Sri Lanka’s captain, has a task on his hands to bring his side back into this game.

After 26 overs, SL 120/3 (Thavisha 6, Nipun 6) - Target 298

Tremendous ground fielding on display by India today. Three runs saved off Jaiswal’s last ball in the 26th over. Two new batsmen in and India will look to keep the pressure up with the required rate constantly climbing.

Meanwhile in Bangalore, a century for Rohit Sharma as India are cruising towards a series win.

24.4: WICKET!!! Siddhesh Veer is back into the attack with a bang. SL 114/3

Kamil Mishara’s struggles in the middle have come to an end. A bizarre reverse sweep attempted and he plays all over the ball. Bowled. India are in complete control now in Bloemfontein.

After 24 overs, SL 112/2 (Kamil 39, Thavisha 4) - Target 298

Tilak Varma is the eighth bowler to come into the attack for India! Bowling changes galore from Garg. Six runs from the over. Thavisha, the new batsman, hit a three through midwicket.

After 23 overs, SL 106/2 (Kamil 37, Thavisha 0) - Target 298

The Jaiswal over started with a six and ended with a wicket of Rashantha, one short of 50. The scoreboard pressure got to the right-hander.

22.5: WICKET!! Rashantha goes for a big shot against the turn, completely misses the ball and Yashasvi Jaiswal is delighted. Stumps are rattled. Pressure pays for India. SL: 106/2.

22.1: SIX! First big hit of the Sri Lankan innings as Jaiswal comes on to bowl his leg spin. Much-needed for SL after the runs had dried up in the past few overs. 100 comes up with that short ball that was sent over the square leg fence by Kamil.

After 22 overs, SL 97/1 (Kamil 29, Rashantha 48) - Target 298

This is better from the Sri Lankans, at least keeping the strike rotating even if the big shots have dried up. Bishnoi’s over goes for five singles but he still has good figures of 0/19 off 6 overs.

After 21 overs, SL 92/1 (Kamil 26, Rashantha 46) - Target 298

Shubhang Hegde is struggling badly with his bowling action. After stopping repeatedly in the delivery stride in the previous over, he drops one shot and follows that with up a high full toss. Free hit is OK though and he finally seems to have come to grips with his action.

After 20 overs, SL 89/1 (Kamil 25, Rashantha 45) - Target 298

39 runs have come in the last 10 overs after an impressive powerplay 1. Will Sri Lanka look to get a move on here?

After 19 overs, SL 86/1 (Kamil 24, Rashantha 43) - Target 298

An interesting over from Shubhang Hegde as he fails to deliver thrice after landing in his stride. Some issues with his grip. AND FINALLY, KAMIL MISHARA MOVES ON FROM 23 TO 24! He reached 23 in the 10th over and it has taken 9 overs since for him to move to 24. GOODNESS.

Last 5 overs, just 19 runs have come.

After 18 overs, SL 79/1 (Kamil 23, Rashantha 37) - Target 298

Another lovely over of googly-bowling by Bishnoi. A loud appeal for caught behind was turned down and rightly so. Kamil, meanwhile, IS STILL ON 23!

After 17 overs, SL 75/1 (Kamil 23, Rashantha 34) - Target 298

A much-needed boundary for SL as Rashantha continues to handle the run-scoring for the moment. Akash strays on the pads, put away the batsman. Six from that over.

After 16 overs, SL 69/1 (Kamil 23, Rashantha 29) - Target 298

Fifty-partnership comes up for this pair, striking at just above 65.00 for now. Not a bad partnership but Kamil has gone into a shell, having not scored a run for nearly 3 overs! Another good over from Ravi Bishnoi, with a couple of close appeals.

After 15 overs, SL 68/1 (Kamil 23, Rashantha 28) - Target 298

DRINKS BREAK: Akash Singh has been really impressive so far, looks like Royals have bought themselves a couple of gems from this side as far as pace bowling is concerned. Just one run from that Akash over, that finishes with an appeal for caught behind. SL, however, will be happy with this start.

After 14 overs, SL 67/1 (Kamil 23, Rashantha 27) - Target 298

It’s Rashantha doing all the scoring at the moment as he takes on Bishnoi and hits a four down the ground. But the leg-spinner bounces back well in that over, troubling the left-handed Kamil with his googlies.

After 13 overs, SL 62/1 (Kamil 23, Rashantha 22) - Target 298

Akash continues to test the right-handed Rashantha. Just 2 runs from the over. Another bouncer handled awkwardly. India continue to have a slip in place, indicating that they are looking for wickets but SL are handling this run-chase sensibly.

After 12 overs, SL 60/1 (Kamil 23, Rashantha 21) - Target 298

Wrist-spin time and it is Ravi Bishnoi into the attack. Has the reputation of being a wicket-taker and the pitch did take spin in the first innings. Tidy start from him, and good control on display. Unlucky to concede a four as both the batsmen and keeper are beaten by a loopy delivery.

After 11 overs, SL 55/1 (Kamil 23, Rashantha 20) - Target 298

Akash Singh continues to hit 140-plus regularly as well. But it is another solid over for Sri Lanka.

Correction: 8 runs came off Veer’s first over.

After 10 overs, SL 50/1 (Kamil 23, Rashantha 15) - Target 298

Time for spin and it’s Siddhesh Veer with his off-spin. First ball is short, cut away by Kamil for four. And the last ball sees an absolutely superb effort to save a boundary. But 10 runs come off Veer’s first over as SL finish the powerplay strongly.

After 8.5 overs, SL 40/1 (Kamil 18, Rashantha 10) - Target 298

Another left-arm pacer Akash Singh in to the attack and he is unlucky not to get a LBW off the first ball. Rashantha looked to be struck plumb in front but Gould gives not out. A mishit results in a boundary and then Rashantha is hit on the helmet by a nasty short delivery from Singh. Concussion test underway after the Indians rushed to make sure he is ok.

After 8 overs, SL 36/1 (Kamil 18, Rashantha 6) - Target 298

Good over by Sushant, there is still a hint of movement for the left-armer here. Keeping things tight.

After 7 overs, SL 34/1 (Kamil 18, Rashantha 5) - Target 298

Tyagi strives for a wicket-taking yorker but ends up being a full toss which is put away by Rashantha for a four, his first scoring shot. Tyagi gets the yorker right next, but it misses the stumps. Good over other than that full toss.

Both teams on the same score after 7 overs.

After 6 overs, SL 28/1 (Kamil 16, Rashantha 0) - Target 298

Another over where Sushant almost makes the most of the pressure created by Tyagi. A rash couple of cut shots from Kamil, but one falls in no man’s land and one narrowly misses the stumps.

After 5 overs, Sri Lanka 21/1 (Kamil 5, Rashantha 0) - Target 298

Oooh, another impressive over from Tyagi. Two wides (one down leg, and one over the head) to the new right-hand batter Rashantha but other than that not a single run conceded and plenty of plays-and-misses. And words from Tyagi too, which does not impress Moody in the commentary box.

After 4 overs, Sri Lanka 19/1 (Kamil 5) - Target 298

WICKET! BREAKTHROUGH FOR INDIA! Sushant gets Navod, a pull shot top-edged to midwicket. Not the best of starts for the Lankans. A gift of a short ball from Sushant to start his 2nd over is put away by Kamil for four but its a good comeback from the left-armer as he takes a wicket off the last ball.

After 3 overs, Sri Lanka 13/0 (Navod 6, Kamil 5) - Target 298

CHANCE! Tyagi’s pace is a bit too much for Kamil, who’s pull shot loops up but Tilak (running back from slip) could not get his hands on to it. Great effort. Another pacy over from Tyagi.

After 2 overs, Sri Lanka 9/0 (Navod 2, Kamil 5) - Target 298

The left-arm pacer Sushant Mishra from the other end and it is an erratic start. After getting decent swing off the first couple of balls, he bowls a wide over the head and followed by a short and wide delivery, slapped by Kamil for four.

After 1 over, Sri Lanka 3/0 (Navod 1, Kamil 1)

Consistently hitting 140-plus in his very first over, Kartik Tyagi. Solid start from him.

5.48 pm: Can Sri Lanka pull off an upset like Afghanistan did on the opening day? Kartik Tyagi is starting off for the defending champs.

5.45 pm: Not far away from the resumption now. Watch out for Kartik Tyagi, who is India’s strike bowler.

5.37 pm: A look at India’s impressive batting card:
Jaiswal: 59
Saxena: 23
Tilak: 46
Garg: 56
Jurel: 52*
Veer: 44*

Meanwhile in Bangalore: AUSTRALIA FINISH WITH 286 IN 50 OVERS. Mohammed Shami gives away just five runs in the last over and finishes with top figures of 4/63 in his 10 overs.

India’s innings progress:

First 10 overs: 54/0 

Second 10 overs: 44/1  

Third 10 overs: 68/1

Fourth 10 overs: 43/1

Last 10 overs: 88/1

End of 50 overs, India 297/4 (Jurel 52, Veer 44)

After a quiet start to the over, a REVERSE SCOOP by Veer. What can a fast bowler do when a low full toss is hit over third man for a four with that sort of innovation. All said, it was a decent last over by Dilshan as just 8 runs came off it. India will be happy though. A superb collective batting effort by the defending champions.

After 49 overs, India 289/4 (Jurel 51, Veer 37)

FIFTY! The Indian vice-captain also gets to his landmark. Dhruv Jurel joins Jaiswal and captain Garg in reaching the landmark this innings. Batting on 51 off 47 balls. And then, Siddhesh Veer hits another scoop shot for four and it brings up the fifty-run partnership. Superb finish for the Indians.

After 48 overs, India 281/4 (Jurel 49, Veer 31)

SIX! Well, well. Siddhesh Veer is wearing the No 7 jersey and producing a fitting finish. First, a FOUR! SCOOP! That’s a lovely improvisation by the left-handed Veer. A full ball hit over fine leg with great hands. And then goes on his knees and a sweep shot over long on off a pacer! What a shot that. He has raced to 31 off 18 balls. Amshi bowls a wide as well in that expensive over.

After 47 overs, India 266/4 (Jurel 47, Veer 19)

HAT-TRICK OF BOUNDARIES! For the third time by our count, an absolute gift of a boundary for India due to a misfield in the deep, as Veer gets a first boundary. WOW, and then another midfield results in another boundary. This is poor from the Lankans. The frustrated bowler bowls a short ball which is put away well by Veer. Another wide from Dilshan at the end of the over.

After 46 overs, India 251/4 (Jurel 46, Veer 6)

Kavindu finishes his spell with an over where he conceded 5 singles. No big shots from India at the moment. It’s a good over from Ashian as well who also finishes his spell with 1/39 in 10 overs. Has been the best SL bowler on show. 250 comes up for India in the 46th over.

The commentators talk about how impressive the SL keeper Kamil Mishara has been behind the stumps. The two stumpings were actually top-class from him and he has been chirping away through the innings.

After 44 overs, India 241/4 (Jurel 40, Veer 2)

No real intent from India to accelerate at this point: maybe they have realised 280 is a good score here? Maybe they won’t look to lose wickets going for big runs? Just 5 runs off Ashian’s over.

After 43 overs, India 236/4 (Jurel 35, Veer 1)

The onus is now on the well-set Jurel to take India to a winning score. Siddhesh Veer is the new batsman in.

42.2: WICKET! Priyam Garg goes for the big shot, but is stumped.

Leg-spinner Kavindu gets the wicket as Sri Lanka look to halt India’s charge. Garg out for 56 off 72 balls. Kavindu has gone for runs but he has picked up an important wicket here. End of a solid innings by the Indian captain.

After 42 overs, India 232/3 (Garg 54, Jurel 35) - BIG OVER!

We have jinxed Navod it would seem. First, a short ball is pulled away by Jurel for a four past deep midwicket. Then the left-armer bowls a high full toss which is smacked over midwicket again by the vice-captain. No ball as well, and Jurel hits a lovely six over extra cover off the free hit for the first six of the match. MOMENTUM BACK WITH INDIA! 20 runs conceded in that over.

After 41 overs, India 212/3 (Garg 52, Jurel 18)

This is another tidy over from Dilshan. Accuracy on the off-stump and bowling to the field, with cover and sweeper cover in place.

India’s innings progress so far:

First 10 overs: 54/0 

Second 10 overs: 44/1  

Third 10 overs: 68/1

Fourth 10 overs: 43/1

After 40 overs, India 209/3 (Garg 51, Jurel 16)

FIFTY! After opener Jaiswal, it’s captain Priyam Garg’s turn to lift his bat and acknowledge the milestone. It’s been a well-built, responsible innings from Garg and he will now hope to kick on in the last 10 overs.

After 39 overs, India 203/3 (Garg 47, Jurel 14)

Another good over by Navod. Wonder why he came on to bowl so late. He has kept things very tight since he came on. After a few overs on the trot of spin, left-arm pacer Dilshan comes into the attack. And it is another tidy over. Are India waiting for the final 10 to accelerate? Cannot help but think this phase is turning out to be a bit too conservative for the men in blue. The Dilshan over finishes with another misfield in the deep that results in four. A gift to Garg.

After 37 overs, India 192/3 (Garg 38, Jurel 12)

Momentum not with India at the moment, it must be said. The spinners in tandem are drying up the runs. The intensity with which Garg was batting earlier seems to be missing at the moment. Just two runs each from the last two overs by Kavindu and Navod. Just 17 runs in the last 5 overs for India.

After 35 overs, India 188/3 (Garg 36, Jurel 10)

Seven runs from leg-spinner Kavindu’s over, all run between the wickets. Solid risk-free cricket once again.

After 34 overs, India 181/3 (Garg 33, Jurel 6)

Spin in tandem at the moment. Kavindu and Navod concede just three runs each in their overs. India looking to rebuild again. India will be secretly happy with how difficult it is proving to put the spinners away as the innings progresses.

After 32 overs, India 175/3 (Garg 29, Jurel 4)

Vice-captain Jurel is the new man in and he starts off with a lovely off-drive for four. The skipper and his deputy out in the middle for India now.

31.3: WICKET! Tilak Varma falls short of a half century.

The umpire needs a plethora of replays but eventually decides against the batsman. No benefit of doubt as Tilak Verma is stumped. A superb delivery by the impressive Ashian Daniel, beats Tilak with drift and turn and the ‘keeper whips the bails off with the batsman’s feet in the air. Tilak falls for a 53-ball 46.

After 31 overs, India 171/2 (Tilak 46, Garg 29)

Navod Paranavithana is the new bowler in and he concedes five runs in his first over.

India’s innings progress so far:

First 10 overs: 54/0 

Second 10 overs: 44/1  

Third 10 overs: 68/1

DRINKS: After 30 overs, India 166/2 (Tilak 42, Garg 28)

The mantra in ODI cricket is to double the score from 30-over mark (even if it rarely works out that way). But India have put themselves in a brilliant position to do that. The highlight has been the calmness with which the boys in blue have gone about building this innings.

After 29 overs, India 162/2 (Tilak 41, Garg 25)

Tilak Verma moves into the 40s with a lovely sweep shot for four off Kavindu’s bowling.

After 28 overs, India 153/2 (Tilak 34, Garg 23)

Short ball from Matheesha, pulled away with authority by captain Priyam Garg. Authoritative. The 150 comes up for India in the 28th over.

Meanwhile in Bengaluru, Virat Kohli has taken a stunning catch to break the Labuschagne-Smith stand.

After 27 overs, India 146/2 (Tilak 34, Garg 16)

This is a solid run-a-ball partnership between the No 3 and No 4. Using the left-right combination to good effect.

After 26 overs, India 141/2 (Tilak 32, Garg 13)

Matheesha back in the attack and Tilak picks up a boundary on the leg side with a lovely flick, placed perfectly past fine leg. A slower ball almost has Tilak in trouble but a chip shot falls away from fielders. More cutters from SL from here on?

After 25 overs, India 134/2 (Tilak 26, Garg 12)

Better from Kavindu that time, just four singles from that over.

After 24 overs, India 130/2 (Tilak 24, Garg 10)

More good running between the wickets by Garg. And more wides by Sri Lanka. Dilshan errs in line and the number of wide balls has now gone up to 13! Two extra overs and counting.

After 23 overs, India 122/2 (Tilak 23, Garg 5)

The commentators reckon Garg has brought an intensity to the middle immediately, just with his running between wickets. Another expensive over by leg-spinner Kavindu as Tilak hits a boundary off the last ball.

Captain Priyam Garg the new man in. India 113/2 after 22 overs.

21.4: WICKET! Yashasvi Jaiswal throws his wicket away. Out for 59.

Yashasvi Jaiswal looked a class apart during his innings. Such elegance in shot-making, but loses his wicket after a rush of blood. Short ball from Dilshan, went for an expansive pull shot but was caught behind. Was in total control, threw it away with a rash shot. Will learn from this hopefully.

After 21 overs, India 109/1 (Jaiswal 59, Tilak 16)

HALF CENTURY! With a cut shot for four, Yashasvi Jaiswal brings up India’s first fifty of this World Cup. 7th boundary of the innings and he took 70 balls to get there. He earlier crossed 1000 runs in this format. There is another near mix-up in the middle between the two batsmen but after that another classy backfoot punch for four. Wrist-spinner Kavindu concedes 11 in his first over. 100 comes up in that over for India as well.

After 20 overs, India 98/1 (Jaiswal 49, Tilak 15)

First 10 overs: 54/0; next 10 overs: 44/1. India are going steady at the moment, with Jaiswal one short of a half century.

After 19 overs, India 95/1 (Jaiswal 48, Tilak 13)

Jaiswal is getting stuck close to his half century. Another over where he faces three dot balls. Good control from Ashian. The left-handed opener has scored 8 off the last 18 balls he has faced.

After 18 overs, India 92/1 (Jaiswal 47, Tilak 11)

A close call there for Jaiswal against the returning left-arm pacer Dilshan. Tried to guide one past the keeper but missed it.

After 17 overs, India 89/1 (Jaiswal 47, Tilak 8)

Ashian is back with his off-spin as the pacers lost control in the last couple of overs. A little bit of mix-up between the batsmen after a couple of dot balls. Jaiswal moves on to 47 with a double off the last ball of that over down to third man.

After 16 overs, India 84/1 (Jaiswal 44, Tilak 6)

Another over, another wide, this time over the head by Amshi. A brief break in play as Gould is a bit surprised by the non-striker Tilak standing the same side as the bowler! Not seen often in cricket, that. All good though.

After 15 overs, India 81/1 (Jaiswal 43, Tilak 5)

A couple more wides in that over by Matheesha as the extra balls bowled hits double figures for Sri Lanka.

DRINKS: After 14 overs, India 75/1 (Jaiswal 40, Tilak 4)

It’s been a good second spell for Amshi as he almost bowls a maiden over. Tilak manages to squeeze a single off the last ball of the over.

After 13 overs, India 74/1 (Jaiswal 40, Tilak 3)

Matheesha is back into the attack as well but from the other end. An attempted yorker is flicked superbly by Jaiswal for four. He continues to search for the full ball, Tilak keeps out an yorker as well. This is a nice little spell for Sri Lanka.

After 12 overs, India 68/1 (Jaiswal 35, Tilak 2)

Saxena had lost rhythm in his innings and Amshi, returning to the attack, gets the wicket. Sri Lanka finally have a breakthrough. Tilak Verma almost edges the first ball to slip but it flies wide.

11.2: WICKET! Saxena is out, India 66/1

Amshi comes back to the crease after an erratic opening spell. And his cross-seam deliveries to control the swing pay off! A short ball rushes Saxena and the mishit pull goes straight to the midwicket fielder. Saxena was struggling a bit for rhythm and he has paid the price for it. India 66/1 as Tilak Verma walks out.

Update from India-Australia: Warner and Finch are back in the pavilion but the Aussies are scoring at a good pace. 56/2 after 10 overs.

After 11 overs, India 64/0 (Jaiswal 34, Saxena 23)

Ashian was keeping things under control but Jaiswal decides he needs to impose himself so plays a powerful sweep shot for four. He has moved on to 34. Saxena is then gifted a boundary at the end of the over by the cover fielder who lets one roll through his feet. The last 2 overs have fetched 20 runs for India.

After 10 overs, India 54/0 (Jaiswal 29, Saxena 18)

Shot of the morning from Yashasvi Jaiswal! Good length ball outside offstump from Dilshan, he moves across the pitch and flicks it past midwicket for four. CLASS! Follows that up with a guided four past keeper to bring up the fifty for the opening partnership. Another good over for India as the first powerplay comes to a close.

After 9 overs, India 44/0 (Jaiswal 20, Saxena 17)

Ashian is really bowling a superb spell at the moment. Great pressure from the offie. He bowls 11 dot balls in a row before Jaiswal takes a single. Beat the opener with another lovely off-break. He has figures of 0/3 in his 3 overs.

After 8 overs, India 43/0 (Jaiswal 19, Saxena 17)

Another bowling change and it is left-arm medium pace from Dilshan. Jaiswal welcomes him into the attack with a stylish cover drive. CLASSY! Saxena finishes the over with a wristy flick past midwicket for four followed by a dot ball.

Correction: It was Saxena who played out the maiden over.

After 7 overs, India 34/0 (Jaiswal 14, Saxena 13)

Well, there is definitely some assistance for spin here. One ball grips and turns to beat Jaiswal’s outside edge as Ashian bowls a maiden over.

After 6 overs, India 34/0 (Jaiswal 14, Saxena 13)

Jaiswal is alright to continue and plays out the over watchfully. Seventh wide of the innings as Matheesha loses his line towards the end of the over.

After 5.2 overs, India 33/0 (Jaiswal 14, Saxena 13)

Jaiswal hits is first boundary of the day and it is a lovely cover drive. He has been patient to start off but is looking comfortable in the middle. OUCHH! As we say that he is hit on the elbow by a surprise bouncer from Matheesha. That will hurt. Nothing funny about that bone. A break in play.

Meanwhile, 1000 runs at this level for Jaiswal.

After 5 overs, India 29/0 (Jaiswal 10, Saxena 13)

Spin already from Sri Lanka as offie Ashian Daniel comes into the attack. It’s a steady over, just 2 singles.

After 4 overs, India 27/0 (Jaiswal 9, Saxena 12)

Six wides already in the match from the Sri Lankan bowlers! India doing the right-thing by taking their time to settle down and just finding the gaps with placement. Risk-free cricket and the scoring rate is still healthy. Saxena with another well-timed shot in that over through cover for three runs.

After 3 overs, India 20/0 (Jaiswal 6, Saxena 9)

Amshi struggling from over the wicket for the right line. After bowling another wide, he goes around the wicket and then the full ball is in the zone for Saxena, who drives well for the first boundary of the match. Amshi bowls another wide, this time from around the wicket. Nerves!

After 2 overs, India 8/0 (Jaiswal 5, Saxena 2)

Good over from Matheesha, going for a very full length. Decent pace on the ball. Alan Wilkins says that this is the first time the pacer has donned the colours of Sri Lanka, coming straight to the big time from college cricket.

1.40 pm: Sri Lanka’s No 99 at the U19 level has an action similar to the more famous No 99 from the island nation! Matheesha has a slingy action not different from Lasith Malinga’s.

After 1 over, India 5/0 (Jaiswal 3, Saxena 1)

Amshi starts off with an interesting over. A lot of swing on offer but the right-arm pacer cannot get his line right to the two left-handers. Too much on the leg side. Luckily, no boundaries conceded with fielders in the deep.

1.37 pm: Not just players, even umpires comeback after announcing retirement these days! Ian ‘Gunner’ Gould is umpiring the U19 World Cup match between India and Sri Lanka. The Englishman had bid farewell during the World Cup last year.

1.30 pm: Yashasvi Jaiswal and Divyansh Saxena are opening the batting for India. Can they bat the Sri Lankans out of the match? All set for action to begin.

1.29 pm: The national anthems are done. WE are all set for the start.

1.24 pm: India’s Yashasvi Jaiswal will look to make a mark early in the tournament. Read more about his journey below. From living at Azad Maidan to a world record double ton, Yashasvi Jaiswal looks back on his journey

1.22 pm: The pitch in Bloemfontein is expected to be a batting beauty, says former SA all-rounder JP Duminy. Garg was happy to be batting first despite losing the toss.

1.20 pm: Here are the playing XIs for India and Sri Lanka. Which player are you most looking forward to watch in action?

1.13 pm: The first match in India’s Group A was a washout between New Zealand and Japan on Saturday. Garg’s side are favourites in this group to progress as toppers.

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1.07 pm: In Bengaluru, Aaron Finch has won the toss for the third time in this series but this time opted to bat first. Kohli more than happy to chase. We will keep you posted here about that match.

1.05 pm: TOSS NEWS! India will bat first.

1.00 pm: Hello and welcome to our U19 World Cup coverage and it is time for the boys in blue to begin their campaign!

Reigning champions India begin their campaign on Sunday against Group A rivals Sri Lanka, as they begin their bid for a record-extending fifth crown.

Paras Mhambrey’s men were an all-conquering force in 2019, winning the Under-19 Asia Cup in September and a Tri-Nations tournament with England and Bangladesh held on English soil.

They have not lost a bilateral series since the 2017 U19 World Cup, beating South Africa, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan away from home, while they beat Zimbabwe in their warm-up match by 23 runs thanks to half-centuries from Tilak Varma and captain Priyam Garg.

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Sri Lanka and New Zealand are yet to win the tournament, although the Black Caps did finish runners-up in 1998 and have hosted the event three times, including in 2018.

Japan cannot be ruled out in a tight group. Eleven of their squad will be eligible for the 2022 U19 World Cup and their players will doubtless soak up plenty of experience from competing against established Test nations.

But for today, the focus will be India and Sri Lanka. Can Garg’s side lay down the marker?