9.10 pm: That will be all from us for this match. Stay tuned for the match report and game analysis tomorrow morning. Have a good night, thanks for joining us!

India captain Priyam Garg: Our openers gave us a good start but the middle of the innings we did not get going and lost our way. It was a good score, even 180-190 would have been on this pitch with our bowling attack. When we got 233, we knew we had the bowlers to win this match. Our team spirit does not come from just two months of being together, we have been together for a year and a half. We back each other. Every match is the same for us, all teams want to win so we treat all matches the same.

Australia captain Harvey Mackenzie: Gave it all with the ball and gave ourselves a fighting chance. Credit to India for being on the money from the first ball. We were on top for the first 40 overs. The Indian batsmen played really from there. Unfortunately our top order couldn’t get going. Did not get off to the start that we wanted, would have been a different story otherwise.

9.00 pm: Kartik Tyagi says he worked on controlling the wides by practising with one stump & happy to bounce back after two not-so-good outings.

Player of the match: Kartik Tyagi for his brilliant four-wicket haul. 4/24 in his 8 overs.

43.3: WICKET! IT’S ALL OVER! Akash Singh seals the deal for India as the defending champions show why they are the favourites with a gritty display with the bat followed by some cracking bowling and fielding. INDIA WIN BY 74 RUNS!

AUS: 159 (43.3)

After 43 overs, Australia 158/9 (Sangha 1, Willans 2)

Tyagi goes searching for his five-for with a series of yorkers but the tailenders keep him at bay in that over.

After 42 overs, Australia 157/9 (Sangha 0, Willans 1)

The final nail in the coffin is all that remains after that over. Akash Singh has turned the game on its head in just one over.

41.5: WICKET! India have three wickets in one over for the second time in the match and it’s a beauty from Akash Singh to dismiss Murphy. Bowled! India are on the brink of reaching SF. AUS: 155/9

41.4: WICKET! Another disastrous runout. Hero of the run-chase against England, Connor Sully has been runout by Jurel as Sangha called for a non-existent single. Indians are pumped!

41.3: WICKET! Akash Singh strikes! Sam Fannings gritty innings comes to an end as he gloves a bouncer to keeper Jurel. He can’t believe it. India back on top! AUS: 155/7

After 41 overs, Australia 155/6 (Fanning 75, Sully 5)

Sully, the hero of the run-chase against England, has started off with a four past short fine leg as Bishnoi gets his googly wrong. Aus need 79 off 54 balls.

40.1: WICKET! There’s the breakthrough. Ravi Bishnoi has his first of the match and 11th of the tournament! Scott edges one behind, sharp catch by Jurel. Scott is disappointed with the decision but there is a noise heard on replays. AUS: 149/6

After 40 overs, Australia 149/5 (Fanning 74, Scott 35)

SIX! Short ball from Akash, pulled away Rohit Sharma-style by Liam Scott for a massive six. The concussion substitute is starting to up the tempo too. We head into the last 10 overs with Australia needing 85 runs. India scored 78 in this period.

Akash Singh into the attack...

After 39 overs, Australia 141/5 (Fanning 73, Scott 28)

Bishnoi comes back into the attack. Big appeal for a caught behind against Fanning but turned down. A top over by the leg-spinner as he concedes just 2.

After 38 overs, Australia 139/5 (Fanning 72, Scott 27)

SIX! A good over spoiled by a superb hit by Fanning off the last ball as he takes on Veer, hitting one over extra cover for six. Nine from the over means Australia get what they needed.

After 37 overs, Australia 130/5 (Fanning 66, Scott 24)

This is looking like it will go down to the wire. Two balls short and wide from Tyagi and Fanning hits a four and almost has another. Saxena prevents the second with a good stop. The required rate is 8.00 now.

8.12 pm: Remember how we said nothing malicious about Fanning’s run-in with Akash? Well, consider us wrong. This was naughty.

After 36 overs, Australia 123/5 (Fanning 60, Scott 23)

Some intent from Scott as he looks to target Siddhesh Veer with the spin. Couldn’t find the gaps well enough, five runs from that over. Australia need 111 off 84 balls. This is definitely not over yet. The partnership crossed 50 too a little while back.

After 35 overs, Australia 118/5 (Fanning 57, Scott 21)

Kartik Tyagi comes back and starts off with a wide. But just one single from that over otherwise.

After 34 overs, Australia 116/5 (Fanning 57, Scott 20)

In his 7th over, Ankolekar concedes his first boundary of the day! Scott finally manages to find the gap on the leg side. A good over for Aussies as Fanning slogs one over midwicket for a six.

After 33 overs, Australia 105/5 (Fanning 51, Scott 15)

Fanning’s taken 105 balls for his 51. He has to figure out a way to change gears now, otherwise it’s going to be too late. Just two runs in Akash Singh’s over. Scott is struggling to get going at 15 off 45 balls.

After 32 overs, Australia 103/5 (Fanning 50, Scott 14)

FIFTY! With wickets tumbling around, Fanning has his first half century of the tournament. Was the culprit in the first-ball runout but has bounced back well. Once again, just two singles in that Ankolekar over as we head for a drinks break. Aussies need 131 off 108 balls.

After 31 overs, Australia 101/5 (Fanning 49, Scott 13)

Two singles in Akash Singh’s over that saw a brief collision between Fanning and the bowler. Nothing malicious, players move on. A direct hit off the last ball by Ankolekar could have had Fanning in trouble.

After 30 overs, Australia 99/5 (Fanning 48, Scott 12)

Feels like the most defining phase of the match is upon us. Something’s gotta give at this point with the required rate steadily climbing for the Aussies. 31/1 in the last 10 overs. Attritional cricket at the moment with just 2 runs off Ankolekar’s fifth over. He has been miserly so far, 0/9 in his 5 overs.

After 29 overs, Australia 97/5 (Fanning 47, Scott 11)

Clever from Fanning as he paddles one behind the wickets to pick up a boundary off Bishnoi.

After 28 overs, Australia 92/5 (Fanning 43, Scott 10)

Ankolekar and Bishnoi in tandem now. The former concedes three in his return to the bowling attack.

After 27 overs, Australia 89/5 (Fanning 42, Scott 8)

Fanning holds the key for Australia. The opening batsman has moved into the 40s albeit with a streaky four. He has looked compact at the crease and is starting to score a bit more freely. A good over from Bishnoi at the other end, the right-handed Scott is not reading the googlies. Just a single in that over.

After 25 overs, Australia 82/5 (Fanning 37, Scott 6)

Bishnoi comes back into the attack and concedes just a couple of singles. Scott is beaten by the googly but the ball did a bit too much to be LBW.

After 24 overs, Australia 80/5 (Fanning 36, Scott 5)

A good over from Sushant spoiled by a bad final delivery. Short and wide, upper cut by Fanning for four. He holds the key for Australia here.

After 23 overs, Australia 74/5 (Fanning 31, Scott 4)

Ravi Bishnoi has been sensational on the field (as have been his teammates too, actually). What a complete package he is turning out to be for India in this tournament. A brilliant diving stop at point to prevent a certain boundary in that Tyagi over. Just one run from the 23rd over. The required rate is inching towards 6.00.

After 22 overs, Australia 73/5 (Fanning 30, Scott 4)

Just a single from Ankolekar’s over. An attempted slog by Fanning but he misread the flight and lucky he didn’t connect. Good over by the spinner.

After 21 overs, Australia 72/5 (Fanning 29, Scott 4)

Tyagi nearly got another breakthrough. Scott couldn’t get his bat down on time to block the yorker. It may have been sliding down leg by millimeters. Scott gets off the mark with a good-looking drive but Bishnoi, take a bow. He put in a brilliant effort in the deep with a full-length dive but replays show his finger touching the ropes.

WICKET! After 20.2 overs, Australia 68/5

That’s four for Tyagi. Once again, he got a lovely shape on the delivery, seaming it back in by just a tough. Rowe is drawn forward and nicks it to the keeper.

Rowe c Jurel b Tyagi 21 (40)

Karthik Tyagi, who had a dream first spell, is back into the attack.

After 20 overs, Australia 68/4 (Fanning 29, Rowe 21)

Atharva with another tight over there. He keeps the batsmen guessing with his variations and Australia are unable to cut lose. Just a single from the over and the required rate now is steadily creeping up.

After 19 overs, Australia 67/4 (Fanning 29, Rowe 20)

50 partnership between Fanning and Rowe. This has been vital for the Aussies. Veer continues and the batsmen show a little more attacking intent. The off-spinner was slightly short on this occasion. First sign of sloppiness from the Indian fielders as Garg lets one burst through his fingers.

After 18 overs, Australia 62/4 (Fanning 27, Rowe 17)

The left-arm spinner cuts down the pace on the delivery and flights it well. Fanning and Rowe are happy to play him out. Just a couple of singles from the over.

Time for Atharva Ankolekar...

After 17 overs, Australia 60/4 (Fanning 26, Rowe 16)

CLOSE! A big drive from Rowe against Veer, who is bowling from around the wicket to the right-hander as well. But the batsman missed the ball, which straightened and almost went through to the stumps. Missed by inches.

CORRECTION: After 16 overs, Australia 58/4 (Fanning 25, Rowe 15)

The fact that Fanning and Rowe are not being troubled at the moment by spin or pace will bother Priyam Garg but India must be patient with their lines and lengths. Will be interesting to see how Garg goes about rotating his bowlers. He still has a slip in place for Akash Singh. The final ball of the over is a poor one; short and wide, punished by Fanning.

After 15 overs, Australia 52/4 (Fanning 19, Rowe 11)

Siddhesh Veer comes on to bowl before Atharva Ankolekar and concedes four runs. The 50 comes up in the 15th over, same as it did in the India innings. Australia have lost a few more wickets though.

After 14 overs, Australia 48/4 (Fanning 19, Rowe 11)

A reminder that Australia have once already pulled off a miraculous recovery in this World Cup during a run-chase. This partnership is starting to look comfortable in the middle even if the scoring rate is not threatening. Another good effort in the field by Jaiswal in that Akash Singh over.

After 13 overs, Australia 47/4 (Fanning 19, Rowe 10)

A good over by Akash Singh, getting good bounce with his angle to the right-handed Rowe. A couple of loud appeals by Bishnoi in the next over. Both correctly turned down. More good fielding by India too.

After 11 overs, Australia 43/4 (Fanning 18, Rowe 7)

Ravi Bishnoi has not quite settled into a rhythm here so far. A bit all over the place with his line, probably hampered by the right-left combo. A couple of wides and a four in that over.

UPDATE: Australia’s Corey Kelly has been ruled out of the match after a concussion test. He fell awkwardly in the field while attempting a catch. Liam Scott will replace him in the batting lineup.

After 10 overs, Australia 37/4 (Fanning 14, Rowe 7)

Left-handed Sam Fanning has looked compact with his technique. He gets a four off Akash Singh’s first over as the first powerplay is over. Completely belonged to India.

After 9 overs, Australia 30/4 (Fanning 13, Rowe 1)

A moment of controversy. A big appeal from Indian players for obstructing the field as Fanning puts his hand out to block a throw. It goes up to the third umpire and given not out. Tom Moody not happy with the appeal itself, feels it was against the spirit of the game (sigh). But, according to the rules: A batsman shall not be out Obstructing the field if obstruction or distraction is accidental, or obstruction is in order to avoid injury. A case could be made for the second scenario even if the ball was not quite heading towards his body.

Bishnoi concedes just one his second over.

After 7 overs, Australia 25/4 (Fanning 8, Rowe 1)

Not the best of starts by Ravi Bishnoi as most leg-spinners take some time to get their length right. But a couple of rank short balls are not put away by Fanning, thanks to good work by Sushant on the field.

After 6 overs, Australia 24/4 (Fanning 8, Rowe 0)

Just a wide in that Sushant over as he went for a bouncer. Still, the Indian bowlers need to make the Aussies play a bit more. Too many easy leaves.

After 5 overs, Australia 23/4 (Fanning 8, Rowe 0)

Another tight over in terms of the runs conceded but the line is still a bit all over the place for the Indian pacers. Meanwhile, Sushant gives the thumbs up from the sidelines and he is ok to continue bowling.

After 4 overs, Australia 22/4 (Fanning 7, Rowe 0)

In the last 10 balls or so, the Indian pacers have just repeatedly bowled outside offstump. Not making the Aussies play and the new ball is being wasted, feels commentator Alan Wilkins. OUCH! A PAINFUL FALL FOR SUSHANT OFF THE FIFTH BALL. His backfoot completely gives away at the landing stride and his ankle turns. The ball is wide. He is up and about though and finishes the over with a good short ball.

After 3 overs, Australia 19/4 (Fanning 6, Rowe 0)

A few wides, a gift on the pads for four leg byes but THREE WICKETS in his first two overs for Kartik Tyagi. Reminds one of Ajit Agarkar: not the greatest of economy rates, erratic but an out-and-out wicket-taker!

2.3: WICKET!!! THIRD FOR KARTIK TYAGI!! The Indian pacer has completely wrecked the Australian batting line-up. Hint of an away movement, loose shot by Davies & an easy catch at first slip. AUS: 17/4

After 2 overs, Australia 13/3 (Fanning 6, Davies 2)

No ball, free hit, six! Not the best of starts by Sushant Mishra and it is all happening in Potchefstroom. The left-arm pacer comes back with a series of dot balls. Gets his line right.

AUSTRALIA IN BIG TROUBLE: WICKET! KARTIK TYAGI ON FIRE! Two in two balls for him as he sends down a superb yorker to Hearne. BOWLED! Golden duck! The hat-trick ball is a full toss though but what a first over. AUS: 5/3

0.4: WICKET! Oh dear! The Aussies in disarray at the start of the run-chase and the Indians are PUMPED UP! Tyagi gets the LBW decision in his favour, captain Harvey has to walk back one ball after hitting a lovely cover drive for four. AUS: 4/2

0.1: WICKET!!! What a disastrous start for the Aussies! Fraser-McGurk is out without facing a ball as his opening partner Fanning sells him down the river off the first ball. RUN OUT! There was no need for a run there even if the non-striker was guilty of ball-watching. AUS 0/1

5.30 pm: India are in a huddle before heading out to the middle. Can they defend 233 and stay alive in the tournament?

INNINGS BREAK: India have recovered from 144/6 to reach 233/9. The last 10 overs saw them score 78 runs. Momentum with India? Or is the pitch easing out? We’ll find out soon.

End of India’s innings: The defending champions finish with 233/9 at the end of 50 overs and it is a superb recovery led by the two main spinners. Ankolekar unbeaten on 55. India have a fighting total to defend.

49.4: WICKET! Tyagi sacrifices his wicket to keep Ankolekar on strike.

49.3: SIX & FIFTY! What an innings by Atharva Ankolekar. Gets to the fifty with a six down the ground in the final over. IND: 229/8

After 49 overs, India 222/8 (Ankolekar 45, Tyagi)

Another good over for India despite the wicket as Ankolekar moves on to 45 with a couple of boundaries in that over. Lovely scoop followed by a cheeky dab at the end of the Willans over.

48.3: WICKET! A lovely catch running backwards from cover by Aus captain Harvey. Sushant’s out, Willans takes the wicket. IND: 215/8

After 47 overs, India 209/7 (Ankolekar 33, Sushant 4)

Sushant hits a four off the first ball he faces to make it a good over for India ultimately.

47.5: WICKET! It’s ironic that the partnership that was defined by great running between the wickets comes to an end because of a run out. Bishnoi couldn’t make it despite a dive, out for 30. IND: 205/7

200 comes up for INDIA: A superb extra cover drive for four by Ankolekar brings up the 200 for India. A brief stoppage in play as the third umpire is called on to check for a catch but it is a bump-ball. More good hustle between the wickets as they pounce on a misfield at the deep and take a double. India 201/6.

After 46 overs, India 197/6 (Ankolekar 26, Bishnoi 29)

Batting for the first time in the tournament, Ravi Bishnoi and Atharva Ankolekar have put together a superb 50-run partnership with sensible batting and good running. Rotating the strike so well. Giving themselves a decent total to defend.

After 46 overs, India 190/6 (Ankolekar 23, Bishnoi 25)

FOUR! This time Atharva Ankolekar with a good lucking shot behind square on the off-side. India 10 away from 200 now. Partnership now 46 off 49 balls. Match-changing partnership?

After 45 overs, India 183/6 (Ankolekar 17, Bishoi 24)

FOUR! Superb cut shot by Bishnoi. It was short from Sangha and put away well his counterpart leg-spinner. Crucial runs being added as the final five overs come up.

After 44 overs, India 176/6 (Ankolekar 16, Bishoi 19)

Great application being shown by the Indian lower order batsmen here. Doing the right thing by taking the singles on offer as another over of spin from Davies comes to an end.

After 43 overs, India 171/6 (Ankolekar 14, Bishoi 17)

A good over under the circumstances by Sangha, just 2 runs. Calls for great character to be a spinner to be bowling in the death overs, and Sangha is showing that.

After 42 overs, India 169/6 (Ankolekar 13, Bishoi 16)

Lucky boundary for Ankolekar as an outside edge flies wide of the keeper. An expensive over by Kelly to finish what was otherwise a superb spell. He finishes with 2/45 in 10 overs.

After 41 overs, India 160/6 (Ankolekar 7, Bishoi 13)

Sangha still has five overs remaining, wonder how many he will bowl at the death. More sensible batting from the Indian spinners. Five of that over.

After 40 overs, India 155/6 (Ankolekar 5, Bishoi 10)

Good hustle being shown while running between the wickets by the Indian spinners. 43/2 in the last 10 overs: another phase of play that has gone well for the Aussies.

Time for the last 10 overs now...

After 39 overs, India 150/6 (Ankolekar 4, Bishoi 6)

SIX! Well, Ravi Bishnoi decides he will take the spinner on. A risky slog sweep just about clears the fielder at deep square leg. 150 up for India. Can they cross 200? India’s bowlers have to now take the side to a fighting total to give themselves enough to defend.

37.6: WICKET! Poor judgment from Veer as he goes for a big shot when two boundaries had already come in the over. Out caught at third man. Kelly strikes. Tom Moody strongly critical about the game awareness or lack thereof from Veer. IND: 144/6.

37.5: FOURs! Much-needed boundaries for India as Siddhesh Veer puts away a couple of short balls from Kelly either side of the pitch. India desperately need some runs from their No 7.

After 37 overs, India 136/5 (Veer 17, Ankolekar 4)

Murphy with another good over. Six an over from here takes India to 216. But that looks daunting at the moment.

After 36 overs, India 133/5 (Veer 16, Ankolekar 2)

Oliver Davies comes on bowl to a few overs, presumably given how spin has been useful. Just one run from that over too. India’s innings is going nowhere at the moment.

After 35 overs, India 132/5 (Veer 15, Ankolekar 2)

Willans bowls a massive no ball but Veer cannot make the most of a free hit next up. Tidy over otherwise by the tall left-armer, who we are told wears a SIZE 16 SHOE!

After 34 overs, India 125/5 (Veer 11, Ankolekar 0)

A rare loose ball from Todd Murphy to start the over as he bowls a wide that goes for four. No run off the bat in that over though as he comes back well. Time for a drinks break.

After 33 overs, India 120/5 (Veer 11, Ankolekar 0)

Good over to start a new spell by Willans, continuing to extract bounce. Gets the outside edge off Ankolekar but it falls short of the slip fielder. Just a single from that over.

STAT: The Veer-Jurel partnership was 12 off 35 balls. Sucked the momentum out of the innings that Jaiswal had built.

After 32 overs, India 119/5 (Veer 10, Ankolekar 0)

Veer will have to do bulk of the scoring from here on out and he hits a powerful drive down the ground for four and then retains strike with a single off the last ball.

30.6 WICKET! Jurel’s struggles come to an end. He is out for a 48-ball 15. Ran out of patience with the pressure building, plays a rash shot and the keeper takes a skier. Murphy strikes. Came down the pitch but misjudged the length completely. From here on, no Indian batsman has spent time in the middle in the tournament so far.

After 30 overs, India 112/4 (Jurel 13, Veer 5)

Jurel batting on 13 off 42 balls. He has looked edgy all innings and India might end up paying the price for not rotating the strike enough. Credit to Aussie bowlers and fielders but just too many dot balls. Veer hits his first boundary with an interesting shot behind the stumps off Sangha.

After 29 overs, India 107/4 (Jurel 12, Veer 1)

Sangha has hit his strides after an expensive over first up. There is bounce on offer for the spinners too and the leggies usually love that. JP Duminy on air says he is a bit surprised about the bounce for spinners.

Sully, next over, gets another to rise from a good length and beat Jurel’s outside edge. Just one from that over.

After 27 overs, India 103/4 (Jurel 9, Veer 0)

New batsman Siddhesh Veer and Jurel put together a super partnership against Sri Lanka and they have to do it again. Last recognised batting pair for India and they have a massive task on their hands. Just one run from Sully’s over and a mix-up averted.

25.1: WICKET!! WHAT A MOMENT IN THE GAME! Sangha strikes back. Australia have dimissed the in-form batsman to leave India in a massive spot of bother. Yashasvi Jaiswal looks to up the ante against Sangha but pays the price. Played on. It was there to be hit but Jaiswal got into a tangle, the bottom edge hits his thigh and falls on the stump.

After 25 overs, India 102/4 (Jaiswal 62, Jurel 8)

India cross 100 at the halfway stage. This is a crucial phase of the innings.

After 24 overs, India 99/3 (Jaiswal 59, Jurel 8)

HALF CENTURY: SIX! A superb shot by Yashasvi Jaiswal and he brings up his THIRD FIFTY of the tournament with a six over midwicket. Hits a four next ball for good measure. A top innings under pressure.

The impressive Tanveer Sangha for the first time in this match...

After 23 overs, India 87/3 (Jaiswal 48, Jurel 7)

Jaiswal moves on to 48 with a lovely flick for four off Sully. Murphy continues from the other end and Jurel offers Australia a couple of chances. Almost gets stumped first and then plays another uppish flick that just evades the fielder. He has just not settled down in this innings.

After 21 overs, India 80/3 (Jaiswal 44, Jurel 6)

Jaiswal once again looking to be positive against the off-spinner Murphy. Moves in to the 40s.

After 20 overs, India 75/3 (Jaiswal 39, Jurel 6)

Just a single off another excellent Corey Kelly over. Jurel looking more comfortable against spin than pace.

After 19 overs, India 74/3 (Jaiswal 38, Jurel 6)

This is much better from India, in terms of rotating the strike. Should have been the intent from early on. Jaiswal and Jurel keep the scoreboard ticking in that Murphy over.

After 18 overs, India 69/3 (Jaiswal 34, Jurel 5)

Jurel looking a bit more assured now, middling the ball. Jaiswal showed some intent in that over, but found the fielder in the deep with a powerful cut shot.

After 17 overs, India 63/3 (Jaiswal 29, Jurel 5)

OUCH! Jurel ducks to a short ball and it goes to the boundary off his helmet. Awkward technique by the Indian vice-captain and the physio is out to presumably enact the concussion protocol. He had survived a massive LBW appeal earlier. Finishes the over with an uppish flick for four. Good over by Kelly, despite 8 runs coming off it.

After 16 overs, India 55/3 (Jaiswal 29, Jurel 1)

Nervy start by the vice-captain Dhruv Jurel. Lucky to survive an inside edge.

15.3: WICKET! Big man Sully gets his first of the match and it is the big wicket of Priyam Garg. Full ball, the Indian captain plays all over it. Bowled. India in big trouble now. The Aussies are pumped, India under the pump. IND 54/3.

After 15 overs, India 53/2 (Jaiswal 28, Garg 5)

Another nervy over for the Indians. Jaiswal gets an outside edge that goes to third man region for three runs. Fifty comes up in the 15th over.

CORRECTION: After *14 overs, India 49/2 (Jaiswal 25, Garg 4)

India under real pressure for the first time in the tournament as Australia have been disciplined and there is bounce on offer in the pitch. Big partnership this, between Jaiswal and Garg. 67 dot balls in the first 14 overs is not good enough though by the Indian batsmen. Rotation of strike has been entirely absent.

12.5: WICKET! Todd Murphy strikes. The introduction of spin brings about another wicket for Australia. There is more bounce on offer, the ball lands in a good length area and turns, rises a bit too high for Tilak Varma. The outside edge goes to the captain at slip. India 44/2

After 12 overs, India 42/1 (Jaiswal 24, Tilak 1)

CHANCE! Kelly is really turning it on for the Aussies. Another brilliant delivery that goes with the angle, the outside edge from Jaiswal goes between the keeper and slip fielder. Getting good bounce again from good length.

After 11 overs, India 36/1 (Jaiswal 19, Tilak 0)

Just one run in that over. Incidentally, for the first time in the tournament India have lost a wicket in the first powerplay. It’s been a good start by the Aussies. India’s cautious start is in danger of becoming too slow.

After 9.5 overs, 35/1 India (Jaiswal 18)

WICKET! Kelly has struck with a superb delivery. He got the ball to bounce on the batsman as it left him. It found the outside egde and Saxena is walking back. Tilak Varma is in next.

Saxena c Patrick Rowe b Corey Kelly 14(26)

After 9 overs, 34/0 India (Jaiswal 18, Saxena 14)

Williams has been miserly. The tall, lanky left-armer has been very accurate but on air, they are making a point about him not using the crease well enough. He is not managing to get the Indian batsmen to play enough. Just one run from the over – a wide.

After 8 overs, 33/0 India (Jaiswal 18, Saxena 14)

A solid start by India despite the Australian bowlers getting some movement. India will be happier at this point. They still have the wickets in hand and they can accelerate later in the innings. This is an important phase in the match.

After 7 overs, 27/0 India (Jaiswal 18, Saxena 8)

That four of the last ball was something. Jaiswal, in a stroke straight out of the textbook, hit that through the off-side. Saxena starting to find his feet a bit too.

After 6 overs, 18/0 India (Jaiswal 14, Saxena 3)

India’s openers starting to get into the groove a little more. Jaiswal is looking solid but the Australian bowlers needed to have done more with the new ball.

After 5 overs, 13/0 India (Jaiswal 10, Saxena 2)

This is very similar to what we saw in India’s batting innings against New Zealand. The Indian openers do not mind leaving the balls and taking their time in the first powerplay. There was a period in that match where there close to 20 dot balls on the trot. There is a similar phase unfolding here with no runs off the bat in the last 2 overs. Jaiswal missed out on a free hit in that Willans over.

After 4 overs, 12/0 India (Jaiswal 10, Saxena 2)

It’s another maiden over, this time by Sully. Bounces back well from the costly first over. This is probably the first time an Indian opener has played so many loose shots as Saxena goes chasing at a couple of deliveries and misses them. The over ends with a peace from Sully. On another day, Saxena would have edged at least one of those.

After 3 overs, 12/0 India (Jaiswal 10, Saxena 2)

Willans is really bowling very well from one end. Another probing over, just a single for Saxena off it. The Indian openers are cautious against the left-hander.

After 2 overs, 11/0 India (Jaiswal 10, Saxena 1)

Yashasvi Jaiswal continues to look in superb touch in the tournament! Gets off the mark with a superb shot. Length ball from Sully, driven the ground by Yashasvi Jaiswal. Oozing class. And then finished the over with a flick over square leg to hit the first six of the match. Sully goes for 11 in his first over.

After 1 over, 0/0 India (Jaiswal 0, Saxena 0)

The tall left-arm pacer Matthew Willans starts off with a superb maiden over to start. Wonderful line and length to keep Jaiswal pegged back and got a couple to shape away nicely.

1.31 pm: The openers are out in the middle for India. Here we go!

1.28 pm: Here are the playing XIs for the marquee quarter-final.

1.21 pm: Australia won the toss and opt to field against India.

Update from Melbourne: Roger Federer SAVES 7 match points to BEAT Tennys Sandgren in a tough five-setter and reach the Aus Open semi-finals again.

1.18 pm: Toss news imminent...

1.12 pm: Still no update on the toss but here’s a preview video of the rematch of the 2018 U19 World Cup final.

1.09 pm: The top two teams from each of the four groups have advanced to the Super League. These are India, West Indies, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. They are seeded into quarter-finals and it is winner-takes-all from the start.

1.00 pm: The venue for this cracking quarter-final match-up is....

12.59 pm: As we wait for the toss, here is a look at another inspiring background story of Yashasvi Jaiswal.

Hello and welcome to live updates from the ICC Under-19 World Cup quarter-final match between India and Australia.