Salma Khatun, Bangladesh captain: Didn’t bowl well in powerplay. We made mistakes in the field. We have only played 3-4 games under lights and to improve our game in the powerplay.

“Hopefully, Smriti will be ready for New Zealand. She is doing better now,” says Harmanpreet Kaur at the post match interview. “The way Shafali and Richa played today, they showed how capable they are for the team. Veda’s innings was turning point. We needed boundaries at that point and she did a great job. We are looking at one game at a time,” she added.

“I have been practicing my hitting for a long time,” says player of the match Verma. “I want to put in more good performances. In Smriti’s absence, the onus was on me to take more responsibility. I want to win games for my team.”


Excellent final over from the brilliant Pandey, who is coming into her own. Another team effort from India. Verma and Krishnamurthy’s runs were vital in what was a below-par batting show. The bowlers, led by Poonam Yadav, were on target once again. India become the first team to get to four points in the T20 World Cup.

WICKET! After 19.1 overs, Bangladesh 121/8

Shikha Pandey gets her second and removes Rumana Ahmed with an inch-perfect yorker. What a sight that is for a pacer. India are marching towards another win.

R Ahmed b Pandey 13 (8)

After 19 overs, Bangladesh 121/7 (Salma Khatun 1, Rumana Ahmed 13)

Gayakwad also completes her spell and Bangladesh need four big hits to win the game. Is there a twist in the tale? Shikha Pandey has the ball in her hand.

Poonam Yadav completes another exceptional spell. She finishes with figures 4-0-18-3. Bangladesh need 33 from the last two overs.

WICKET! After 17.3 overs, Bangladesh 108/7

Another dismissal in Taniya Bhatia’s kitty and Poonam Yadav deceives Alam in flight. The batter had walked a long way down and the keeper whipped off the bails in a flash.

J Alam St Bhatia b P Yadav 10 (10)

Bangladesh need 35 from 18 balls to win.

WICKET! After 16.4 overs, Bangladesh 106/6

Sultana goes! Going for a full blooded sweep, she only finds the waiting hands of Reddy at mid-wicket. Gayakwad gets in among the wickets and one wonders if Bangladesh’s hopes of a win faded with that dismissal. India are chipping away.

N Sultana c Reddy b Gayakwad 35 (26)

WICKET! After 15.1 overs, Bangladesh 94/5

Khatun mistimes her sweep and Poonam Yadav gets another. Good reflexes by the teenager, who moves a step to her right to complete the catch. And just like that, Bangladesh’s momentum is lost.

Fahima Khatun c Verma b P Yadav 17 (11)

After 15 overs, Bangladesh 94/4 (Nigar Sultana 32, Fahima Khatun 17)

Another good over for Bangladesh, getting nine off it. 49 needed from 30 deliveries. The two batters are sweeping well behind square. They need more of this.

After 14 overs, Bangladesh 85/4 (Nigar Sultana 24, Fahima Khatun 14)

Shafali Verma might have gifted two extra runs for Bangladesh after doing all the hard work to cut things off in the deep. Arundhati completes her spell with an expensive over. Bangladesh are going hell for leather and they need more of this.

After 13 overs, Bangladesh 73/4 (Nigar Sultana 23, Fahima Khatun 5)

Deepti Sharma comes back into the attack and Bangladesh still can’t get boundaries. The required run rate is getting out of hand from a Bangladesh POV.

WICKET! After 11.3 overs, Bangladesh 66/4

Arundhati Reddy strikes again. Once again, Taniya Bhatia displays brilliant hands whilst standing up to the stumps as Hoque gets a nick. The umpire takes a few seconds before ruling the decision in India’s favour.

WICKET! After 10.3 overs, Bangladesh 61/3

Islam’s ordeal comes to an end as India take a successful review. Bhatia was convinced but Harmanpreet wasn’t. Going for a big sweep, the batter got a tickle on her bottom edge and the Indian keeper took a safe catch. Fifth wicket for Yadav in this T20 World Cup. India are dictating terms in this contest.

Sanjida Islam c Bhatia b P Yadav 10 (17)

After 10 overs, Bangladesh 60/2 (Sanjida Islam 10, Nigar Sultana 14)

Sultana is able to piece the gaps well as Reddy sprays it wide outside off. Two boundaries for Bangladesh as they finally get double figures from an over. The equation is well and truly in India’s favour at the moment.

After 9 overs, Bangladesh 50/2 (Sanjida Islam 10, Nigar Sultana 6)

Sultana get underway with a fine cut shot off Poonam Yadav. Six from the spin ace’s first over. There was no big spin on offer in that over. Once again, stump-to-stump seems to be India’s go-to line so far.

After 7.5 overs, Bangladesh 44/2

Simple catch for Ghosh, at cover. This wicket was a result of the Indian bowlers applying significant pressure on the batters. The required rate has climbed to eight. Khatun went for a big heave but the ball hit only the top end of the bat.

Murshida Khatun c R Ghosh b Reddy 30 (26)

Arundhati Reddy comes into the attack.

After 7 overs, Bangladesh 38/1 (Murshida Khatun 25, Sanjida Islam 9)

This time, the batters stutter as they try to rotate strike. Five more from Rajeshwari Gayakward’s over. Indians won’t mind this as the boundaries have been hard to come by for Bangladesh.

After 6 overs, Bangladesh 33/1 (Murshida Khatun 22, Sanjida Islam 8)

The top edges are flying everywhere but definitely not into the hands of the fielders. Khatun and Islam are not letting the bowlers settle and are getting ones and twos. Pandey impresses again, just four from the over and that’s the end of the powerplay.

After 5 overs, Bangladesh 29/1 (Murshida Khatun 21, Sanjida Islam 5)

Not a bad start for Gayakwad but the Bangladesh batters are rotating strike well. Five singles from the over. India wouldn’t mind that at this stage. The Tigers need to keep an eye on the asking rate.

After 4 overs, Bangladesh 24/1 (Murshida Khatun 19, Sanjida Islam 2)

Good running from Bangladesh and it allows the batter to pinch a couple in the final ball of the over. Pandey is mixing it up nicely and is trying to use the extra bounce on offer at the WACA wicket. Just five from it.

After 3 overs, Bangladesh 19/1 (Murshida Khatun 16, Sanjida Islam 0)

Some width on offer from Sharma and Khatun finds gaps on both sides of the wicket with some ease. Three boundaries, one chipped over the field, one cut away behind point, and the third, a flick off the hips. But India will rue a drop catch by Shafali Verma. Khatun got a top edge while going for a sweep and the teenager was never in the line of the ball’s trajectory. How costly will it prove to be?

WICKET! After 2 overs, Bangladesh 5/1

Shikha Pandey bends her back early on and this time, the ball holds up on the surface and Shamima Sultana can’t get it over the infield. It’s a simple catch for Deepti Sharma at extra cover. Just the start India and their pace spearhead were looking for.

Shamima Sultana c D Sharma b Pandey 3 (7)

After 1 over, Bangladesh 3/0 (Shamima Sultana 2, Murshida Khatun 1)

The Bangladesh openers start with singles, testing the fielders in the ring square of the wicket. Cutting down the pace on the ball, Deepti Sharma starts with a tight over.

The players are back onto the field. Shamima Sultana and Murshida Khatun are at the crease. India will open with spin and Deepti Sharma has the ball in her hand.

Bangladesh need 143 from 20 overs: India could have got more after Shafali’s blitzkrieg at the top of the order. Smriti Mandhana was sorely missed as the middle-order batters continue to find their mojo back. “With the kind of bowling and batting we have, we should be able to restrict them,” says Rodrigues. As things stand, India have the highest score of the World Cup.

After 20 overs, India 142/6 (Veda Krishnamurthy 20, Shikha Pandey 7)

Fine finish from Alam, giving away just five in the over. Panna Ghosh drops a sitter off Shikha Pandey. The ball was travelling but that should have been taken. They lost a review as Alam thought she had Krishnamurthy trapped leg-before. The impact was outside off. India could have got more but yet again, one feels the middle-order could have done more.

After 19 overs, India 137/6 (Veda Krishnamurthy 19, Shikha Pandey 4)

The sweep continues to pay rich dividends for Krishnamurthy, another boundary for her. India are getting some momentum in the back end. Alam to bowl the last over of the innings. Can Krishnamurthy take her side’s score to the 150 mark?

After 18 overs, India 129/6 (Veda Krishnamurthy 14, Shikha Pandey 3)

Three boundaries for Veda Krishnamurthy! A sweep gets Krishnamurthy a boundary, a much needed one that for India. Then, the 27-year-old steps out and pierces the gap between deep cover and long off to get four more. She finishes the over with a slog sweep into the vacant leg-side region. Who said Veda has lost her touch?

WICKET! After 16.5 overs, India 113/6

Terrible mix-up between Veda Krishamurthy and Deepti Sharma and there are more worried faces in the Indian dug-out. Both batters, comically, are found scampering to the crease at the non-striker’s end. Sultana takes all the time in the world to take off the bails.

D Sharma Run Out 11 (16)

WICKET! After 16.2 overs, India 111/5

Salma Khatun gets rid of Richa Ghosh, who went for a slog over long-on but Akter held her nerve near the ropes to pluck it out of thin air. India’s momentum continues to suffer.

R Ghosh c Akter b S Khatun 14 (14)

After 16 overs, India 111/4 (Deepti Sharma 10, Richa Ghosh 13)

Decent over from Akter, conceding just four from the over. Ghosh continues to latch onto anything short and wide and Bangladesh’s ring fielding has improved by leaps and bounds in the last few overs. The Indian dug out don’t look pleased.

After 15 overs, India 107/4 (Deepti Sharma 9, Richa Ghosh 11)

Fahima Khatun undoes her good work from the previous over. Width on offer for Ghosh, who cuts it between short-third and point to get back-to-back boundaries in identical fashion. The momentum was with Bangladesh till that point as Indians were struggling to find the ropes.

After 14 overs, India 95/4 (Deepti Sharma 7, Richa Ghosh 2)

Alam has struggled for rhythm today and the landing of the deliveries continue to be a problem for her. Richa Ghosh, sent ahead of Veda Krishnamurthy, is off the mark with a chip over the ring.

WICKET! After 13.2 overs, India 92/4

Oh dear, that was a needless run-out. Sharma sent Rodrigues back mid-pitch and the latter can’t make it back to the crease on time. The throw from Akter from point was accurate and keeper Sultana removed the bails while losing her balance momentarily. Pity, that. Rodrigues was looking set for a big score.

J Rodrigues Run Out 34 (37)

After 13 overs, India 91/3 (Jemimah Rodrigues 34, Deepti Sharma 6)

Where has Salma been hiding Fahima Khatun? She gets turn and bounce and classic leg-spinner almost takes the outside edge of the bat. Just three from the over and the slow bowlers are bringing the Tigers back in this contest. The boundaries have dried up for India.

After 12 overs, India 87/3 (Jemimah Rodrigues 33, Deepti Sharma 4)

Panna finishes her spell with yet another boundary-free over. She deserves credit for bringing her side back into the game after Shafali’s carnage. Bangladesh now have a spring in their step.

After 11 overs, India 83/3 (Jemimah Rodrigues 31, Deepti Sharma 2)

Ahmed bowls a tight over and there are further signs of nervousness on the field. Deepti Sharma is off the mark with minimum fuss. Five singles from the over.

WICKET! After 10 overs, India 78/3

Soft dismissal after it looked like Bangladesh’s sloppiness on the field let India have another good over. That was short and wide and Harmanpreet slashed it straight to point. Ahmed makes no mistake and Panna Ghosh has a second wicket. Another poor outing for the Indian captain.

Harmanpreet Kaur c R Ahmed b P Ghosh 8 (11)

After 9 overs, India 71/2 (Jemimah Rodrigues 21, Harmanpreet Kaur 8)

Ahmed comes on for her first over and goes full. Just three singles from the over and some much needed breathing space for the Tigers. Umpire Wharf, on two separate occasions, warned the bowler of stepping onto the danger area.

After 8 overs, India 68/2 (Jemimah Rodrigues 19, Harmanpreet Kaur 7)

We spoke to soon. Rumana Ahmed with a howler at long-on and it allows Rodrigues to get another boundary on the board. And there are overthrows too which allows Harmanpreet and Rodrigues to complete a double. Good end from Panna, bowling stump to stump with a packed off-side field in place.

After 7 overs, India 61/2 (Jemimah Rodrigues 14, Harmanpreet Kaur 5)

Good start for Harmanpreet, playing a classy cut shot that beat short-third and the lightning-quick outfield does the rest. India are not compromising on the scoring rate. Akter is the bowler. Bangladesh have showing good intent on the field, something we have come to except from them.

WICKET! After 5.2 overs, India 53/2

Panna Ghosh strikes for Bangladesh, who have the big wicket of Verma. The teenager hit another six, which was more of a push over long-on. She doesn’t get the distance on this one and Shamima Sultana, who almost makes a meal of it, somehow latches on to it at mid-off. Another thrilling cameo from Verma.

S Verma c S Sultana b Ghosh 39 (16)

After 5 overs, India 47/1 (Shafali Verma 33, Jemimah Rodrigues 11)

It’s infectious, isn’t it? Rodrigues steps out to Nahida Akter and deposits the ball over the ropes back over the bowler’s head. India will be thrilled with this powerplay, which has one more over to come. Rodrigues missed out on dispatching a juicy full-toss over the ropes.

After 4 overs, India 39/1 (Shafali Verma 32, Jemimah Rodrigues 4)

Tight over by Khatun as India milk out just five from it. There isn’t much spin on offer but by varying the pace of the ball and bowling to the field, the big hits from Shefali take a momentary rest. Rodrigues got a couple from the last ball of the over after edging it to the vacant slip cordon.

After 3 overs, India 34/1 (Shafali Verma 29, Jemimah Rodrigues 2)

No stopping Verma as she continues to deal in boundaries, 16 from the over. Add another six to her collection and this one would have been a six at any ground in the world. Don’t let her free her arms, Alam! Tremendous exhibition of boundary hitting from the teenager. The six was followed up by two boundaries down the ground. Oh, Shafali!

WICKET! After 1.5 overs, India 16/1

Bhatia is flummoxed by Khatun. The India wicketkeeper steps out and is beaten all ends up. Terrific comeback from the Bangladesh skipper after Verma smashed it over long-on this time. Big six and this time she connects well. The Bangladesh bowlers have been going around the wicket to Verma but yet another disappointing outing for Bhatia, who had the chance to impress at the top.

Taniya Bhatia St Joty b Khatun 2 (5)

Salma Khatun has the ball in her hand as Bangladesh opt for spin in the powerplay.

After 1 over, India 8/0 (Shafali Verma 6, Taniya Bhatia 1)

Verma gets her first six, carting the ball just over the deep cover fielder. Wide delivery from Alam gets the first runs for India. Harsh call from umpire Wharf as the ball flirted dangerously with the white line outside off. Bhatia is off the mark with a crisp cover drive off a full-length delivery. Action packed start to proceedings.

Jahanara Alam has the ball in her hand. She will have a key role to play to boost her side’s chances today. As always, early wickets will be the key.

4:30 pm: The Bangladesh side are pumped up in the team huddle. Taniya Bhatia is Shafali Verma’s batting partner today.

4:27 pm: India have managed to record victory in five of their last six ICC Women’s T20 World Cup (L1), including a win last time out versus Australia; they had endured a three-match losing steak in the tournament before this current run.

4:26 pm: The national anthems are underway. A huge Bangladesh contingent has turned up at the WACA.

4:16 pm: This will be Bangladesh’s fourth ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, each of their two wins at the tournament came in their inaugural edition (2014 against Sri Lanka and Ireland).

4:14 pm: Poonam Yadav comes into this match having taken figures of 4/19 in India’s opening game of this ICC Women’s T20 World Cup against Australia, in doing so becoming the first Indian bowler to take 20+ wickets at the tournament (22).

4:12 pm: This will be the third ICC Women’s T20 World Cup match between India and Bangladesh; India have won each of the previous two encounters, having batted first on each of those occasions.

4:10 pm: Harmanpreet Kaur says India would have chosen to bat first anyway. Ian Bishop at the pitch report says there will be turn.

4:05 pm: India will be batting first after Salma Khatun decides to field first after much deliberation. Well, well.....Smriti Mandhana is out with a viral. Richa Ghosh will make her World Cup debut.

Hello and welcome to the live updates of India’s second match of the tournament. Here, they will be facing neighbours Bangladesh. After a thrilling win against hosts Australia, Harmanpreet Kaur and Co have raised hopes of going having yet another good run. Despite several important contributions in the Indian ranks, Poonam Yadav was easily the star of the show against the Southern Stars, bagging four wickets and spinning a web around the batters.

There is no doubt that she will be the key for India once again. The wounds of the Asia Cup loss in 2018, where Bangladesh pulled off a fairytale win in the final. Both teams will enjoy plenty of support in the stands. For the Tigers, the spinners will be the key. Salma Khatun has shown that she is an able leader and will be the key for them. India’s middle-order will be under the scanner again but all eyes will be on the formidable top four comprising of Smriti Mandhana, Jemimah Rodrigues, Harmanpreet, and of course, teenage sensation Shafali Verma.