Former Indian footballer PK Banerjee suffered a cardiac arrest on Friday and he has been put on pacemaker support, according to family members. He has been on life support since Monday.

“His condition is critical after suffering a cardiac arrest. He’s been put on pacemaker,” a family member told PTI.

The 83-year-old Asian Games gold medallist is suffering from respiratory problem due to pneumonia. He has an underlying history of Parkinson’s disease, dementia and heart problem.

“We don’t see much improvement in his condition. When you have lungs problem it keeps on fluctuating. He’s conscious and responding. We are trying our best,” Dr Kunal Sarkar of the Medica Superspecialty Hospital said in the medical bulletin earlier in the day.

“Hopefully we will reach a stage from where we can think of removing ventilators. But we are still worried about some parameters. We do not want to rush and waiting for a few days. We are keeping a close watch. He’s battling eyelids and has been sedated,” he added.