India’s Test vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane on Wednesday said that Indians are not bad players of short-ball despite the flak they received after the New Zealand series.

Rahane said the criticism that the Indian players are bad players of the short-ball well does not hold any merit. “People are speaking too much about it [short balls],” Rahane said.

“If you see Melbourne innings, we have dominated. All of us play short-balls well. One game doesn’t make you bad players of short ball,” he added.

“They [New Zealand bowlers] used the breeze factor very well because, in New Zealand, it was biggest factor, cutting the angle and pace. We have to stay focussed and positive and the next series is in Australia and there is a long way to go. I am looking forward to that.

“We have really done a good job in the last three-four years. Now Test Championship has started. In this journey, you are going to win and lose some matches.”

Rahane also said that he was not overtly worried about his own poor run. “I am not too worried about that. The Test Championship is all about one match and one series at a time, one match at a time because points are involved, because one bad game or two bad games will not make us bad team,” Rahane said.

“We learnt a lot from New Zealand series, they played well. As a team, there is some learning as batting and bowling unit.”