Grandmaster P Iniyan will be organising a Chess Marathon from May 15 to 17 in an effort to raise funds for Covid relief.

Several chess players including former world champion Viswanathan Anand have taken part in online events in recent times to raise funds for coronavirus relief.

The 17-year-old player from Erode, Tamil Nadu will take on several players in blitz games during the three-day event with the money collected going to the PM CARES Fund and the state Chief Minister’s relief fund. He said the three-day event could be extended for a couple of days more if needed. Iniyan will take on all the participants in this unique attempt.

“I am hoping to have over 200 players in the event. I will also be analysing the games. It will be a challenge but I am ready for it and it will also be a test of my skills,” Iniyan, who became the India’s 61st GM in 2019, told PTI.

Asked what made him come up with the idea of organising such an event, Iniyan said: “It was tough to see so many people getting affected due to Covid-19 and I was keen to do something from my end. My father came up with the idea of a fund-raising event in which my chess skills would be put to use. Then we started working out the plan and keen to do our bit for a cause,” he added.

The event would be held on an international playing portal. Iniyan announced that all interested candidates can join event. The minimum donation to take part in the event is Rs 150 with no upper limit. The participants would also get their games annotated by the GM himself.