Former Pakistan pacer Shoaib Akhtar revealed that he went to Harbhajan Singh’s room to have a fight with him after the pair clashed during India’s Asia Cup game against Pakistan in the 2010 Asia Cup in Dambulla.

“I went looking for Harbhajan Singh in the hotel room to fight with him,” said Shoaib Akhtar in a video interview on Helo app.

“He eats with us, roams around with us in Lahore, culture is similar to us, he is a Punjabi brother and yet he will misbehave with us? I thought I will go and fight with him in the hotel room. He knew that Shoaib was coming. But I couldn’t find him. I calmed down the next day and he had also apologised,” he added.

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Harbhajan had said in the past that Akhtar had threatened him after the game.

“Shoaib once threatened me he would come to my room and beat me. I told him ‘come, let’s see who beats whom.’ I was really scared. He is a great hulk. He once bashed me and Yuvi (Yuvraj Singh) inside a room. Since he was heavy, it was difficult to catch him,” Harbhajan said.

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Harbhajan and Akhtar clashed in the 47th over when the Indian smashed Akhtar for a six. The Pakistan pacer then peppered the Indian with a few bouncers triggering a verbal spat.

Eventually, Harbhajan’s cameo took India home as he celebrated with his arms raised, clearly directing his roars at Akhtar.

However, the two have buried the hatchet and are good friends off the pitch with the duo appearing in many TV shows together.