Former captain Mohammad Azharuddin has said he wouldn’t bat an eyelid if given an opportunity to coach the Indian cricket team in future.

Azharuddin, who represented India in 99 Test matches and 334 One-Day Internationals, is currently president of the Hyderabad Cricket Association.

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Speaking to the The Gulf Times on coaching the Indian team in the future, he said: “Yes, I am ready to give it a shot. If I get an opportunity to work with the Indian team, I would jump at it without batting an eyelid.”

The Indian team is currently coached by another former captain Ravi Shastri, whose new contract runs till the 2021 T20 World Cup.

Azharuddin also expressed surprise at the number of people that are part of the support staff in a cricket team – from state to national level.

He said: ‘’I am amazed to see so many people accompanying the team these days. For example, my specialisation is in batting and fielding and hence if I coach any team, I don’t really need a batting coach. Isn’t it?”

Azharuddin further said that he found his role as HCA president more challenging that captaining the Indian team.