These are uncertain times. We don’t quite know what the future will bring. We don’t know when things will get back to normal. But even in these times, there are certain moments that bring us joy; certain moments that help us move forward and certain moments that tell us it is not all bad.

And the new Nike ad brings together those moments with astonishing editing and delivers the message in a great way.

The ad is about the unifying power of sport, even as the specter of the pandemic still hangs heavily over all professional sport and it also shows how sport helps create an equal playing field by athletes looking to create change.

The Wieden + Kennedy team that created the ad researched 4,000 sports action sequences and chose 72 of them to combine into 36 split-screen moments, where the action on both sides appears to meld into one. It is seamless and it is stunning.

Watch the ad below:


Twitter reactions

The reactions to the ad expectedly praised the makers and the message.