This was a must-win game for defending champions Supernovas and despite the late scare, it was a complete performance from Harmanpreet Kaur and Co. The thrilling two-run win means they reach the final again, which will be a rematch of today against the Trailblazers.

Tune in for the final on Monday evening

Winning captain Harmanpreet Kaur: “It was very close. Hats off to our bowlers, they soaked in the pressure and bowled to their fields. With the start we got, we were looking at least 160 runs but we knew that the ball was turning and our spinners will come into play so this was enough.

Losing captain Smriti Mandhana: “We would have loved to get past the line but it was a brilliant effort from Deepti and Harleen. There was quite a bit of dew around. We were looking to win the match and didn’t think about any other scenario, which team to play in the final.”

Chamari Athapaththu is the Player of the Match for her blistering knock of 67 off 48 that set the basis for the highest ever score in the Women’s T20 Challenge. “I played my normal game. I have to score runs as I am a senior player in this team. I know my responsibility and role in the team,” she says.


The final will be a rematch of this encounter as Trailblazers are already in and Supernovas needed the win to keep Velocity out.

The 20th over..

Radha Yadav, not Poonam, with the ball under pressure and gives away a double off the first ball, followed by two singles.

That brings up the 50-RUN PARTNERSHIP between Deepti and Harleen who have been superb.

And Harleen IS OUT! Played a blinder of a knock getting 27 off 15 but hit straight to the fielder at point on the penultimate ball!

Ecclestone the new bat in to face the final ball with 4 needed and Radha bowls a tight line to SEAL A THRILLING 2-RUN WIN!

After 19 overs, Trailblazers are 137/4, need 10 in 6 balls

Make that FOUR back-to-back boundaries as Deepti Sharma joins in on the first two balls of Selman’s over and they score 14 off the penultimate over to bring this on the verge of a last-over thriller!
Deepti Sharma is batting on 42 off 39 and Harleen Deol is on 22 off 11.

After 18 overs, Trailblazers are 123/4, need 24 runs in 12 balls

Look at that, Poonam Yadav is finally into the attack with three overs to go! Harleen Deol gets back-to-back boundaries off the last two balls to make it 11 runs of it and give some hope of maybe taking this to the wire.

After 17 overs, Trailblazers are 112/4, need 35 runs in 18 balls

Nine runs off the over by Radha Yadav as the required rate inches towards 12.

After 16 overs, Trailblazers are 103/4, need 44 runs in 24 balls

Rearguard action from Deepti and Harleen incoming? The duo get a boundary each in the over bowled by their national T20I captain Harmanpreet to make it 12 runs off it. This brings up the 100 for Trailblazers, even as the required rate is 11.

After 15 overs, Trailblazers are 91/4, need 56 runs in 30 balls

Radha Yadav strikes with a lovely delivery as another WICKET falls in the Trailblzers’ chase. Hemalatha is caught behind by Taniya Bhatia, who continues to impress with the gloves.

Harleen Deol in the new bat in.

After 14 overs, Trailblazers are 86/3, need 61 runs in 36 balls

Harmanpreet gets herself into the attack and gives away just 3 runs off it. The required rate is above 10 and Trailblazers’ hard-fought momentum is gone here...

After 13 overs, Trailblazers are 83/3 – Mandhana is out for 33 off 40

WICKET, and this is a crucial one! Just as Smriti Mandhana started to look set for a big one, she is dismissed by a simple return catch. An amazing over from Anuja Patil, a wicket and two runs off it. Might just be the point of no return in the match and take Supernovas to the final.

Hemalatha is the new bat in.

After 12 overs, Trailblazers are 81/2, need 66 runs in 48 balls

And another solid over! Siriwardene is hit for a four by Sharma and a smooth Six by Mandhana to make it 12 runs off the over. The shackles breaking, will this partnership be the one Trailblazers need?

After 11 overs, Trailblazers are 69/2, 78 runs in 54 balls

They needed a good over and here it comes with 10 runs off Selman’s third over. Deepti Sharma gets a boundary and they run a couple of double. Will need a lot more of this from here on.

After 10 overs, Trailblazers are 59/2, need 88 runs in 60 balls

Supernovas are applying the choke here, only two runs off the over from Siriwardene. At the halfway mark, they are placed precariously and one of Mandhana or Sharma have to take up the onus to go for the runs.

After 9 overs, Trailblazers are 57/2, need 90 runs in 66 balls

Selman delivers another superb over giving away just 4 singles as the run rate climbs to over 8. Need the two Indians on crease to get regular boundaries now to keep the chase under control.

After 8 overs, Trailblazers are 53/2

Deepti Sharma is the new bat in as Siriwardene comes into the attack and gives away just 5. The Trailblazers’ momentum is almost gone after the twin strikes in the last over.

After 7 overs, Trailblazers are 48/2

What an eventful over!
Dottin falls, Ghosh hits a gorgeous shot over the bowler’s head for four on her first ball, Selman knocks back her stumps on the second.
2 wickets and 5 runs off the over.

After 6.3 overs, Trailblazers are 44/1 – Deandra Dottin is out for 27 off 15

WICKET! Shakera Selman gets her compatriot and the dangerous Dottin in her very first over. The ball hits her on the pads and the umpire raises his finger in response to the appeal for LBW. Dottin doesn’t take the review but a second look at that call might be needed. And review shows she was SAFE!

Richa Ghosh is the new bat in

After 6 overs, Trailblazers are 43/0, need 104 runs in 84 balls

Dottin gets another sweetly-struck boundary to make it 7 runs off the over.
Not as big a Powerplay as Trailblazers would have liked given Dottin’s proclivity for trying to attack everything but a good one with no early wickets. The openers have got their eye in, now it’s time to build on it.

After 5 overs, Trailblazers are 36/0

Radha Yadav comes into the attack and Deandra Dottin smacks two boundaries off the over to keep the scoreboard ticking with 10 runs off it. Run rate is important here.

After 4 overs, Trailblazers are 26/0

DROPPED! A boundary off the first ball, a drop from Harmnpreet off the second as Mandhana gets an early life. But Patil bowls four straight dots after that to keep the scoring in check.

After 3 overs, Trailblazers are 22/0

Mandhana starts the over with a quality four but a much better over from Khaka with only six runs from it.

Meanwhile, in case it wasn’t already clear, Velocity players are cheering for Trailblazers! They need a Supernova defeat to reach the final

After 2 overs, Trailblazers are 16/0

Anuja Patil’s off spin from the other end and bowls a much tighter over with only 5 runs off it.

After 1 over, Trailblazers are 11/0

Dottin starts with her foot on the gas! Is she still annoyed about the missed chances towards the end of the last innings? A cracking Six (78 metres!) and a four to start the big chase, just what her team needs.

Time for the Trailblazers’ chase!

Smriti Mandhana and Deandra Dottin to open, Ayabonga Khaka has the new ball. Here we go...

The Supernovas end with 146/6 after an opening blast from Chamari Athapaththu and a late flourish from Harmanpreet Kaur. They looked good for plenty more at one point having scored 80 in the first ten but a good back from Mandhana and Co.

Trailblazers need 147 to win

After 20 overs, Supernovas finish on 146/6

Three WICKETS in the final over as Radha Yadav is run out off the last ball while trying to take the second.

After 19.5 overs, Supernovas are 145/5 – Harmanpreet is run out on 31 off 29

Dottin saves a boundary and this time, she gets her target as Ghosh completes another run out.

After 19.1 overs, Supernovas are 143/4 – Siriwardene is run out on 2 off 2

That was a unexpected WICKET but Trailblazers will take it. The ball is dabbed towards the third-man area and two runs are completed. But Chantam puts in a dive, retrieves the ball and it is relay passed to keeper Ghosh who knocks the bails off this time. They appeal and the third umpire gives it out.

After 19 overs, Supernovas are 141/3

MISSED CHANCES AND BIG RUNS! Harmanpreet trying her best to go big off every ball, keeping Dottin at the long-on boundary very busy. The West Indian saves a certain boundary, then drops the catch and the misery compounds when keeper Ghosh misses a run out chance. Harmapreet needs a physio after the dive but follows it with a massive Six that Dottin can’t stop. A HUGE over with 15 runs of Deol, just what Supernovas needed.

After 18 overs, Supernovas are 126/3

A economical over after the first-ball wicket for Goswami with just 4 runs off it. Two overs left, perfect time for Harmanpreet to go bang bang here.

After 17.1 overs, Supernovas are 122/3 – Jemimah Rodrigues is out for 1

Jhulan Goswami is back for her last over and the legend strikes on the very first ball! Rodrigues plays it with a straight bat but chips one straight back to the bowler and she was never going to miss the low, simple catch. A second straight low-scoring outing for the young Indian.

Shashikala Siriwardene is the new bat in

After 17 overs, Supernovas are 122/2 – Athapaththu is out for 67 off 48

Athapaththu is OUT! That’s the huge one and the WICKET Trailblazers wanted. She comes down the track and swings it down the ground only for it to go straight to the long-off boundary fielder Hemalatha. It is Harleen Deol who gets the breakthrough with her part-time spin.

Jemimah Rodrigues is the new bat in

After 16 overs, Supernovas are 117/1

Salma Khatun, so economical in the her first three, is carted for 14 runs in her final over. A massive Six and a splendid drive for Four from Athapaththu, what a knock this is turning out to be from the Sri Lankan!

After 15 overs, Supernovas are 103/1

Sophie Ecclestone is back with the power-hitting duo of Athapaththu and Harmanpreet on crease and gives away only 3 runs in the over. Five overs to go here and we might just see bigger hitting soon!

After 14 overs, Supernovas are 100/1

The 100 comes up for Supernovas in the 14th over. Another tidy over from Khatun with only 4 runs off it. Trailblazers need a lot more of this though.

After 13 overs, Supernovas are 96/1

FIFTY up for Chamari Athapaththu! The opener brings up her half-century off 37 balls, with a first boundary in a while. A misfield from Goswami helps but the Sri Lankan has been all clean-hitting and good shots.

After 12 overs, Supernovas are 89/1 – Priya Punia departs for 30 off 37

Finally, a WICKET and it takes a good, running catch from Deepti Sharma to break the partnership! It’s a just reward for a superb over from Salma Khatun with just 2 runs off it. On the final ball, Priya Punia tries to go big but doesn’t get the distance and three fielders converge under it but not close enough. However, Deepti Sharma completes the sprint and the dive and takes it safely.

Much needed wicket for Trailblazers and it brings in captain Harmanpreet Kaur on crease.

After 11 overs, Supernovas are 87/0
Harleen Deol is given the ball and she goes for 7 runs as the opening partnership goes on strong. Seven runs off the over

After 10 overs, Supernovas are 80/0

Trailblazers bring in the off-spin of Salma Khatun right after the time-out and get an over without a boundary after a while. Five runs off it and at the halfway mark, Supernovas are 80/0 and set for a solid target here with Chamari Athapaththu set on 40 off just 26.

After 9 overs, Supernovas are 75/0

DROPPED! Rajeshwari Gayakwad almost had the first wicket as Priya Punia came down the track and hoisted her to long-off but a running Deandra Dottin misjudges the catch and it goes for a boundary. Just that kind of a day... 8 runs off the over.

After 8 overs, Supernovas are 67/0

Even Sophie Ecclestone is unable to stop this flow of boundaries as Priya Punia hits her for another four. A much better over though, with only 6 runs off it.

After 7 overs, Supernovas are 61/0

Rajeshwari Gayakwad comes in from the other end but the boundaries are not stopping. Athapaththu smashes another Six as the ball comes right into her zone and makes it yet another good over for Supernovas. Trailblazers need wickets here

After 6 overs, Supernovas are 50/0

World No 1 and last match’s hero Sophie Ecclestone into the attack as Trailblazers look to contain the momentum Athapaththu is getting. But this time, Priya Punia steps up and finally gets her first boundary as the final Powerplay over fetches 7 runs and brings up the 50 for Supernovas.

After 5 overs, Supernovas are 43/0

Now, Athapaththu takes the attack to Goswami and comes up with a glorious Six. A keeping error and extras adds on to the misery as her third over goes for 15 runs after two very good ones to start with. Just the start Supernovas wanted from the big-hitting Sri Lankan.

After 4 overs, Supernovas are 28/0

Athapaththu continues to attack Deepti Sharma and does it with style. The Sri Lankan hits the first Six of the innings – a clean strike over long-off – a couple of wides later follows with a quality sweep down on a knee. 15 runs off the over as the Indian off-spinner continues to leak runs.

After 3 overs, Supernovas are 13/0

Another tidy over from Goswami and Priya Punia survives a couple of close calls close to the stump and gets off the mark on the final ball with a single. Just one run off the over.

After 2 overs, Supernovas are 12/0

This time, it’s Deepti Sharma sharing the new ball and Athapaththu decides to go after her. Two boundaries – a slog sweep through square and a clean hit down the ground – and Trailblazers gets 10 runs from the over.

After 1 over, Supernovas are 2/0

A great start from the veteran Jhulan Goswami... who can say she is weeks away from her 38th birthday! The line is consistent as ever and the openers manage just two singles.

7.30 pm: Here we go!

Priya Punia & Chamari Athapaththu with the bat for Supernovas, Jhulan Goswami has the new ball for Trailblazers

Qualification equation

Thanks to their massive win on Thursday, Trailblazers are all but through to the final with 2 points and NRR. If Supernovas win, they will have a better NRR than Velocity. If they lose, Velocity will be in the final.


Trailblazers: Deandra Dottin, Smriti Mandhana, Richa Ghosh, Deepti Sharma, D Hemalatha, Harleen Deol, Nattakan Chantam, Salma Khatun, Sophie Ecclestone, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Jhulan Goswami.

Supernovas: Priya Punia, Chamari Atapattu, Jemimah Rodrigues, Harmanpreet Kaur, Taniya Bhatia, Shashikala Siriwardene, Radha Yadav, Anuja Patil, Poonam Yadav, Shakera Selman, Ayabonga Khaka

Quick recap of the two matches so far

In the opener, Velocity beat Supernovas by five wickets after a stellar fighting stand by Sune Luus and Sushma Verma for the fifth wicket.

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In the second match, played less that 24 hours after the first, Trailblazers got a dominant nine-wicket win. Velocity crumbled to 47 all out after a stunning new-ball show by veteran pacer Jhulan Goswami and world No 1 spinner Sophie Ecclestone.

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7.00 pm: TOSS TIME!

Harmanpreet Kaur has won the toss and Supernovas will bat first. Smriti Mandhana says she would have fielded first anyway, so that worked out well.

“It’s a must win game for us. Usually we like to chase, but it’s a must win game for us and we have an extra spinner in the side,” says Harmanpreet. Supernovas had batted first in their opener as well.

6.40 pm: The top-of-the-table Trailblazers face Supernovas in the final league match of the ongoing 2020 Women’s T20 Challenge at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium.

The Trailblazers defeated Velocity by nine wickets on Thursday, to grab the top spot in the table while Supernovas had lost to Velocity by five wickets.

The Trailblazers are captained by Smriti Mandhana and Supernovas have Harmanpreet Kaur at the helm.