SRH 172/8 after 20 overs (Nadeem 2, Sandeep 2): Delhi Capitals beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 17 runs. They got it right today. They batted well, fielded well and bowled well. SRH were just not on the ball today in the field and paid the price for it. Dhawan was great for DC but Stoinis did the star allround show.

SRH 168/8 after 18.4 overs (Nadeem 0): WICKET! Goswami gone for a duck. Went for the big shot, found Stoinis in the deep. Third wicket in the over for Rabada. Goswami c Stoinis b Rabada 0(1)

SRH 167/7 after 18.4 overs (Goswami 0): WICKET! Rashid Khan follows Samad back into the dugout. Great length from Rabada. Two wickets in two balls. Rashid Khan c Axar b Rabada 11(7)

SRH 167/6 after 18.3 overs (Rashid 11): WICKET! One ball after smashing Rabada for a six, Samad hit it to the fielder at long-off. Game over. Abdul Samad c (sub)Keemo Paul b Rabada 33(16)

SRH 160/5 after 18 overs (Samad 25, Rashid 10): Some old-fashioned slogging by Rashid keeps SRH’s hopes alone. He got a six and four off those balls to make it a 12-run over. Hyderabad need 30 runs in 12 balls.

SRH 147/5 after 16.5 overs (Samad 25): WICKET!! Williamson finds the fielder in the deep after a brilliant 67. It was wide from Stoinis and he sliced it to Rabada. Hyderabad need 43 runs in 19 balls. Williamson c Rabada b Stoinis 67(45)

Iyer seems to have hurt his left shoulder while throwing the ball. He has injured it earlier in the tournament. Staying on but in the circle.

SRH 138/4 after 16 overs (Williamson 62, Samad 22): Hyderabad need 51 runs in 24 balls. Williamson and Samad have helped them make a game of this. One big over can change things.

SRH 129/4 after 15 overs (Williamson 56, Samad 18): 16 runs from the Nortje over. Nortje went short to Samad and Samad pulled that over the ropes for a six. Followed it up with a four the next ball. And then another four. Hyderabad need 61 runs in 30 balls.

SRH 113/4 after 14 overs (Williamson 55, Samad 2): Williamson gets 50 off 35. He is playing a lone hand but he has kept SRH in the game for now. Hyderabad need 78 runs in 37 balls.

SRH 104/4 after 13 overs (Williamson 48, Samad 1): Williamson keeps the sixes rolling in. It is keeping SRH in touch with the chase. But Samad will have to get into the act soon enough.

SRH 90/4 after 11.4 overs (Williamson 35): Wicket! Holder finds the fielder in the deep. This will hurt SRH. Axar strikes. Just when SRH were finding some momentum, they lose a wicket. Holder c Praveen Dubey b Axar 11(15)

SRH 83/3 after 11 overs (Williamson 28, Holder 11): It looked like it was going to be a very good over but then Williamson picked one from Rabada and deposited it beyond the ropes. Classy shot. Hyderabad need 107 runs in 54 balls.

SRH 75/3 after 10 overs (Williamson 21, Holder 11): 11 runs off the Dube over – keeps the required rate in check... just about. One lovely six by Williamson in the over. Used his feet and hit it straight. Hyderabad need 115 runs in 60 balls.

SRH 64/3 after 9 overs (Williamson 12, Holder 9): 9 runs off the Axar over but the required rate is 11.45 now. Hyderabad need 126 runs in 66 balls. Simply put, they need someone to play a blinder or their season ends here.

SRH 55/3 after 8 overs (Williamson 6, Holder 6): Another good over for DC. Dubey into the attack and he gives away just 3 runs.

SRH 52/3 after 7 overs (Williamson 4, Holder 5): Axar into the attack and he gives just 3 runs away. Every good over builds pressure on the SRH batsmen. One of them has to go on the attack. Can’t leave it too late.

SRH 49/3 after 6 overs (Williamson 2, Holder 4): Williamson and Holder can play the calm innings but today, they will need to do so much more. Can they?

SRH 44/3 after 5 overs (Williamson 1): WICKET! Stoinis strikes again!!! This time Pandey is walking back. Disaster for SRH. Scrambled seam, came back into the batsman a bit again. Manish Pandey c Nortje b Stoinis 21(14)

SRH 43/2 after 4.4 overs (Pandey 21): WICKET! Stoinis into the attack and he sends back Garg. He did the job with the bat. And he does it with the ball too. It was straight and moved into the batsman a bit. Garg made 17. Priyam Garg b Stoinis 17(12)

SRH 28/1 after 3 overs (Garg 14, Pandey 10): SRH fighting fire with fire though. They aren’t just hanging around. One lovely straight drive by Pandey for 4 and then a six by Garg off a bouncer.

SRH 12/1 after 1.1 overs (Garg 8): BOWLED!!! Rabada first ball sends Warner walking back. Curved back into him, off the pads onto the stumps. WHAT A BALL!! This will give DC a huge boost. Warner b Rabada 2(3)

SRH 12/0 after 1 over (Garg 8, Warner 2): Garg clearly has the license to go for the big shots. One ball from Ashwin was in the slot for the slog sweep and Garg lay into it, smashing it for six.

Garg is out to open with Warner today. A change at the top of the order for SRH too.

‘The pitch is fantastic to bat on’, says Shimron Hetmyer, who scored 42* off 22. SRH will want a good start to even things out. Warner will be key and how they’ll miss Saha today.

DC 189/3 after 20 overs (Hetmyer 42, Pant 2): Brilliant last over by Natarajan keeps DC from getting to 200. Lots of yorkers. No boundaries in the last two overs. Still, 190 to win is anything but easy.

DC 178/3 after 18.3 overs (Hetmyer 35): WICKET! Dhawan misses a reverse hit and is trapped LBW by Sandeep after a brilliant 78. Looked like it hit outside the line of the off-stump though. Should have reviewed it. Dhawan lbw b Sandeep Sharma 78(50)

DC 176/2 after 18 overs (Dhawan 77, Hetmyer 34): 18 runs off the Holder over – 4 fours. This is not looking good for SRH. Dhawan has been superb for DC.

DC 158/2 after 17 overs (Dhawan 72, Hetmyer 21): Big over for DC – Natarajan got his line and length wrong once and he was punished. Hetmyer smashed him for a six. 13 runs from the over.

DC 145/2 after 16 overs (Dhawan 71, Hetmyer 10): Dhawan and Hetmyer just play out Rashid’s final over. Smart cricket. The leg-spinner despite an expensive first over finishes with 4-0-26-1.

DC 140/2 after 15 overs (Dhawan 68, Hetmyer 7): Expensive over by Nadeem, he finishes with figures of 0/48. Last five overs remaining, how much will Delhi want to finish with? They’d ideally want to get close to 200-210.

DC 126/2 after 14 overs – OUT! Iyer tries to up the ante but hits it straight to mid-off, Jason Holder gets his first wicket. Iyer departs for 21 off 20.

DC 120/1 after 13 overs (Dhawan 62, Iyer 16): Just not Nadeem’s day. 8 runs off the over. His 3 overs have gone for 35 today. Dhawan has attacked him and Iyer got a four off him in the last over too.

DC 112/1 after 12 overs (Dhawan 60, Iyer 10): Another good over for SRH. Natarajan gives away just 5 runs. DC need to be careful here.

DC 107/1 after 11 overs (Dhawan 58, Iyer 8): Just 5 runs off the Rashid over but the great start means DC have the luxury of just playing out Rashid’s remaining overs.

DC 102/1 after 10 overs (Dhawan 56, Iyer 5): A brilliant first 10 overs for DC. Dhawan is not letting the fall of the wicket result in a loss of momentum. He continues to attack Nadeem. 13 runs from the left-armer’s second over.

Meanwhile, Dhawan got to his 50 with a slog sweep for six. 51* from just 26 balls. This is already his best IPL season now.

DC 86/1 after 8.2 overs (Dhawan 45): WICKET!! Rashid Khan strikes. Got the ball to turn just enough, beat Stoinis’ bat and hit the top of the off-stump. Can’t keep Rashid out of the match. Stoinis b Rashid Khan 38(27).

DC 85/0 after 8 overs (Stoinis 38, Dhawan 44): Natarajan into the attack. A few yorkers come into play. But a few loose balls as well. Stoinis started this off but Dhawan has come into his own now.

DC 76/0 after 7 overs (Stoinis 36, Dhawan 38): An overthrow by Rashid Khan, the bowler, went for four. It was a sign of the times. SRH are under pressure and looking frustrated by their inability to get a wicket today.

DC 65/0 after 6 overs (Stoinis 33, Dhawan 30): End of the Powerplay overs and DC have made the most of them. Stoinis kicked things off but Dhawan has joined in the fun as well. Warner turned to Nadeem for a change of pace but that didn’t go too well. 15 runs from the over.

DC 50/0 after 5 overs (Stoinis 31, Dhawan 19): Now, Dhawan getting into the act as well. This is the start DC would have been hoping for. Stoinis has already done his job. The start put pressure on Warner, it will make him look for wickets.

DC 39/0 after 4 overs (Stoinis 30, Dhawan 9): 4-.-4-.-6-4. Big over for DC and Stoinis. 18 runs off the over. He took the attack to Holder. He has gone very hard after being dropped.

DC 21/0 after 3 overs (Stoinis 12, Dhawan 9): Sandeep almost got Stoinis. Holder, at short mid-on, failed to hold on to a tough chance. Then, Stoinis spanked two fours off the next two deliveries. Will the dropped chance come back to haunt Holder and SRH?

DC 11/0 after 2 overs (Stoinis 3, Dhawan 8): Holder gets the new ball and he continues the good work from the last few matches. He has been SRH’s wicket-taking bowler in the last few games.

DC 3/0 after 1 over (Stoinis 2, Dhawan 1): Sandeep makes a steady start. Keeps Stoinis and Dhawan quiet. Got the inswinger going in the first over.

7.29 pm: Stoinis, as opener, was the leading run-scorer in the BBL 2019/20. He scored 705 runs at 54.23, SR of 136.62. He has come out to open the innings for DC today in place of Shaw.

7.09 pm: Shaw has lost the trust of the management completely. He has admittedly looked very out of touch in the middle in the last few games. This will hit his confidence in a big way. One day you’re on top of the world and then the next moment, you come crashing down. That’s cricket... no, that’s life.

7.07 pm: Here are the playing XIs:

Delhi Capitals XI: S Dhawan, A Rahane, S Iyer, M Stoinis, R Pant, S Hetmyer, P Dubey, A Patel, R Ashwin, K Rabada, A Nortje.

Sunrisers Hyderabad XI: D Warner, S Goswami, M Pandey, K Williamson, P Garg, J Holder, A Samad, R Khan, S Nadeem, S Sharma, T Natarajan

7.03 pm: Delhi Capitals win toss and chose to bat first. They batted second in the previous two games against SRH, so wanted to change that today.

Key battle No 3: Rashid vs Iyer
Perhaps the finest bowler in the middle overs this season, Rashid has once again proven to be a massive asset for Hyderabad. The Afghan leg-spinner is deadly accurate with his variations and we have seen the best of players show him respect by not taking risks against him. In Qualifier 2 on Sunday, his battle with Shreyas Iyer will be one to watch out for. The Delhi captain is due some runs for his team and if he manages to up the ante against Rashid, the Sunrisers will definitely be under pressure.

Key battle No 2: Holder vs Dhawan

With back-to-back centuries this season, Dhawan has been close to his best for Delhi Capitals. He can set the game up for his team with his free-flowing strokeplay and with Delhi’s middle-order struggling, his wicket becomes all the more important for Hyderabad. SRH would want to attack Dhawan with Holder, as the tall right-arm medium-pacer could trouble the left-hander with his bounce and sideways movement off the pitch.

Delhi have had starting troubles with the bat in their last 10 outings, to put it mildly: (via Star Sports)

Key battle No 1: Ashwin vs Warner

Warner, as always, has been among the runs for Hyderabad and his wicket will be crucial for Delhi. One key battle in the match will be between Warner and Ashwin. The senior off-spinner has taken the new ball consistently this season and picked up key wickets for his team. He loves bowling to the left-handers as well. Delhi will be hoping Ashwin can get rid of Warner for the sixth time in their faceoffs and put Hyderabad under pressure early on.

6.37 pm: Delhi will be desperately hoping for a good start with the bat. And Shikhar Dhawan is going to be crucial. He hit a half century in the must-win game against RCB, but has gone off the boil in the last 5 matches.

Dhawan’s first 10 matches: 465 runs
Dhawan’s last 5 matches: 60 runs

6.24 pm: Delhi’s form is not great, Delhi’s record in playoffs is not great.

06.20 pm: Hello all and welcome to the live coverage of the second qualifier in Indian Premier League 2020. A place in the final is at stake, as Delhi Capitals take on Sunrisers Hyderabad in Abu Dhabi.

We are two matches away from the end of IPL 2020. With Mumbai Indians comfortably reaching the final, the fight is on between DC and SRH tonight. The former has never reached the IPL final before, while Sunrisers have been part of two finals before, winning one in 2016 and losing the other in 2018.

Before we look forward to tonight’s match, here’s a look back at the highlights of the previous meetings this season.

Match 47 (Dubai): Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 88 runs

Match 11 (Abu Dhabi): Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 15 runs