Aus 21/0 after 6 overs: And that is stumps. Australia have survived to the close of play without losing any wickets and they lead by 54 runs. Warner (20 off 22) has looked positive and that is a great sign for the hosts.

Last session: 30.4 overs, 104 runs, 4 wickets, RR 3.39

Aus 20/0 after 5 overs: Washington into the attack. Clearly a ploy to try and get Warner to do something silly.

Washington Sundar into the attack.

Aus 17/0 after 4 overs: India will be feeling good after that Washington-Thakur stand but they need to be careful here. The match isn’t over. Not by a long shot.

Aus 13/0 after 3 overs: Warner has come out looking to be aggressive. This is when he can be dangerous. We have see the cut, the pull and the drive in the Siraj over. Three fours.

Aus 1/0 after 2 overs: Australia will be desperately be hoping for a good start. They have a series to win here. A draw is good enough for India but not for Australia.

The Aussie openers are out in the middle and we are a go!

Ind 336 all out after 111.4 overs: Hazlewood finally pitches one up and knocks back Siraj’s off-stump. The pacer finishes with rather brilliant figures of 24.4-6-57-5. Superb bowling. But the highlight of the innings has to be the Washington-Thakur partnership. It got India back into the match when all seemed lost.

Ind 332/9 after 111 overs: Siraj and Natarajan throwing their bats about. Good fun. Come Day 5, time might be a factor too. Every little thing counts.

Ind 328/9 after 108.5 overs: WICKET! Washington’s brilliant innings comes to an end. Starc gets the wicket, caught at gully by Green. 62 off 144. Washington Sundar c Green b Starc 62(144)

Ind 320/7 after 107.4 overs: WICKET! Saini’s stay at the wicket comes to an end. Edges it to the slips off Hazlewood. Pretty regulation. Navdeep Saini c Smith b Hazlewood 5(14)

Ind 320/7 after 107 overs: Washington hanging in there. Slightly more troubled since Thakur is gone. But he continues to fight on. Took a short ball on the body. Maintains composure. Calmly walks away. He is not giving an inch there. Gutsy stuff.

Ind 319/7 after 106 overs: Saini not looking as comfortable in the middle as Thakur was. Washington trying to farm the strike a bit. India trail by 50 runs.

Ind 315/7 after 104 overs: The NO-LOOK six from Washington Sundar against Nathan Lyon. That’s just incredible. No stopping him today.

Ind 309/7 after 102.3 overs: WICKET! When nothing else works for Australia, they just go back to Cummins. He strikes and Thakur is walking back after a brilliant 67 off 117 balls. The fight and resilience shown by him was special. India trail by 60 runs. Thakur b Cummins 67(115)

India 307/6 after 102 overs: Allan Border reckons this partnership has looked to be one of the most comfortable out of any in this series. That’s high praise, right there.

India 307/6 after 101 overs:

Ind 297/6 after 98 overs: The thing about this 111-run stand is that they have not just made runs. They have also batted out time (190 balls). Australia have seemingly run out of ideas.

Ind 292/6 after 97 overs: Now, Sundar gets to his fifty now. Classy knock. He has played the short ball well. No big celebration from either Thakur or Sundar. They have set their sights on something even bigger. 50 off 110 balls, 7 fours.

Ind 289/6 after 96 overs: Thakur gets to his fifty with a six. What a knock this has been – brilliant shots interspersed with leaves. Proper Test match batting. The kind that would have done even Tendulkar proud. 55 off 93. 8 fours and 2 sixes. The partnership is now worth 104(180).

Ind 273/6 after 94 overs: McGrath on the comms, “I don’t mind it when Starc gets angry. Sometimes he just doesn’t get angry enough for a fast bowler.” Starc starting with the short stuff now. Still hasn’t got his line right yet. But the pace is there.

Ind 273/6 after 94 overs: Lyon is bowling well from one end but Starc has had little control. Last 10 overs: 33 runs, 0 wkts.

Ind 272/6 after 93 overs: India trail by 97 runs. This partnership must be so frustrating for Australia. They have tried everything – short ball, full ball, spin but these guys are just standing tall.

Ind 267/6 after 91 overs: That was imperious from Thakur. Stood tall and just dismissed that ball from his presence. Too good. Not a bad ball from Starc but Thakur is clearly feeling it.

Ind 261/6 after 89 overs: Starc has been a gift to India. Just hasn’t got his bowling together. Driven down the ground by Thakur for four and then goes short and wide and Thakur cuts him away to square leg boundary. Thakur now 41*, Sundar 38*. Stand worth 75(136).

Ind 253/6 after 88 overs: Lyon to start things off after the break. And Sundar plays him carefully.

10.32 am: The heartwarming story behind Washington Sundar’s unique name

“M Sundar, Washington’s father, also played cricket in his day. But coming from a poor background, he didn’t always have the resources to follow the sport. However a neighbour, an ex-army man called PD Washington, helped him out early in his career.”

Great stand between Washington-Thaku but time to reset. India trail by 116 runs. Time for the final session.

India 253/6 after 87 overs: Back-to-back fours for Thakur. One lovely timed push down the ground and then the other was steered to third man for four. This is really good batting. Steady stuff. The stand is now worth 67(123). And that is tea.

In the session: 27 overs, 92 runs, 2 wickets, RR 3.41

India 241/6 after 85.2 overs: Thakur gets rapped on the fingers by a short ball from Hazlewood. Extended treatment session. He will bat on.

India 240/6 after 85 overs: Australia going back to line and length basics. Nothing too short or strange from Cummins and Hazlewood now. They realise they are bowling to ‘proper’ batsmen.

India 240/6 after 84 overs: Big appeal for LBW and for once, Paine does NOT take the review. Replays showed that there was bat involved.

India 239/6 after 82 overs: Another four brought up the fifty-run stand between Sundar and Thakur. 53 off 95 balls. How good have they been? They have looked solid and in control.

India 235/6 after 82 overs: One ball from Hazlewood hit a crack and just seemed to cut Thakur into two. It beat the keeper too. Shows why this partnership is so vital.

India 227/6 after 81 overs: Sundar played out that over well. He really does look the part. Given that he has opened the innings in age-group cricket, it won’t intimidate him.

India 225/6 after 80 overs: Lyon bowls a maiden over and the second new ball is now available.

India 224/6 after 77 overs: The new ball is just around the corner and Starc has clearly been asked to go full speed ahead. He is quick but not really troubling the batsmen. The Sundar-Thakur stand is worth 38(66).

India 219/6 after 76 overs: Lyon trying to keep things steady from the other end.

India 218/6 after 75 overs: Starc starting to build up a head of steam. Short balls the order of the day and one of them almost got a wicket. Thakur tried to upper cut it, it lobbed up high and just evaded Green, who ran back from gully.

India 215/6 after 73 overs: Sundar continues to impress. Starc strayed onto his pads and was hit for four and then he pitched it up and was driven down the ground. These are proper shots. Just to make that clear.

India 205/6 after 71 overs: Strange by Australia. Not been aggressive enough with their field setting. One would have imagined they would have more slip fielders now. Sundar and Thakur can bat but this is the best seam bowling attack still standing. An edge from Sundar goes through the slips... a fourth slip would have caught that.

India 201/6 after 69 overs: Sundar playing steadily. He is letting Thakur be more adventurous.

India 199/6 after 68 overs: Shardul Thakur has come in and played some spanking shots. One pull shot for four and then a brilliant cover drive. He can play the big shots, he can bat. India now have two people who can bat but are primarily bowlers in the middle.

India 186/6 after 66.3 overs: WICKET! The Pant show ends rather quickly. Short ball, he tried to uncomfortably guide it past gully but Green was waiting and he has taken a blinder. Wicket to Hazlewood. This hurts India. This hurts big time. Pant c Green b Hazlewood 23(29)

India 186/5 after 66 overs: The Rishabh Pant show has begun. The first ball was cut away for four. The second was left alone. The third was a defensive push. The fourth a wonderful straight push for four. The fifth, a short ball from Cummins, almost gets the wicket. It landed in the middle of nowhere. 21 off 26 runs for the left-hander. Something happening all the time. Anything could happen.

India 175/5 after 65 overs: Steady over by Hazlewood. Just one run off it. Australia have their two best bowlers in operation. India need to get through this.

India 174/5 after 64 overs: So much rests on Pant now. India do not want to give Australia a big lead here.

India 169/5 after 63 overs: Lovely straight drive for four by Sundar. He is watching the ball well, dropping his hands against the short ball. The early signs are good. Pant needs support.

India 164/5 after 62 overs: The worst part of the dismissal might be how Pant will react to it. Will he feel the need to go for *even* quicker runs now? Or will he think about batting more responsibly? Sundar can bat but not much after him.

India 161/5 after 60.2 overs: WICKET! Just two balls into the new session, Australia have the wicket. Hazlewood stuck to his line but Agarwal strangely decided to throw the kitchen sink at it. The edge flew to Steve Smith above his head, he got his hands to it, tapped it up and took it on the second take. Agarwal c Smith b Hazlewood 38(75)

The players are back in the field. Big session for both teams. If Australia get a few early wickets, India could be in trouble.

India 161/4 after 60 overs: And that is lunch. An even session. India got runs. Australia got Pujara and Rahane. In the session: 34 overs, 99 runs, 2 wickets at a RR of 2.91

India 159/4 after 59 overs: There is something in the wicket for Starc but he needs to get his line right. And he hasn’t managed to do that enough. India will be thankful for that.

India 154/4 after 58 overs: Agarwal didn’t last long enough in the first two Tests to face Lyon but he is pretty good against spin and he showed that by using his feet to the spinner and hit is straight down the ground for a six. Super shot!

India 147/4 after 57 overs: Pant and Agarwal in the middle for India. Expect Pant to play as he does but it would great if he can do what he did in Sydney. Take his time initially and then break loose if he wants to.

India 144/4 after 55 overs: WICKET!!! Australia finally put in a fourth slip and Rahane hit it straight to him. He played a similar shot twice earlier in the day. Each time Australia didn’t have a fielder there. But this time, the gap was plugged. India have lost their captain and Starc has the wicket with a wide ball that Rahane could well have left alone. Rahane c Wade b Starc 37(93)

India 143/3 after 54 overs: Lyon isn’t getting as much turn as he has in the earlier Tests. So maybe he wants to looking at changing his line a little closer to the stumps.

India 141/3 after 53 overs: Starc continues to struggle. His line is still all over the place and he just hasn’t been at his best. There were a couple of streaky shots by Rahane early in the day but the left-armer has not been in the mood. Rahane now has 39, Agarwal has moved on to 23. The stand is already worth 36.

India 137/3 after 52 overs: India keep it going. Green not making much of an impression with the ball. Either too short or too wide. Hasn’t managed to threaten the batsmen.

India 127/3 after 49 overs: Australia lose a review. Cummins bowled one down the leg-side and it seemed to hit something on way to Paine, who reviewed right away. But replays showed that it was nowhere close to the bat.

India 126/3 after 47 overs: Rahane starting to look solid now. His feet seem to be moving better and he just seems to be covering the line better.

India 123/3 after 46 overs: Kind of odd to see Paine going back to Green. He just doesn’t have the same impact as the other bowlers. We saw the same thing yesterday too.

India 120/3 after 45 overs: Some rain forecast for the last two days and that makes today a big one for both teams. You don’t want to fall behind.

India 118/3 after 44 overs: Green into the attack and he starts off with a maiden over.

India 118/3 after 43 overs: Agarwal looking less jittery in the middle than he has when he was opening the innings and that is a good sign too. Time for drinks.

India 116/3 after 42 overs: In the last 10 overs, India have got 38 runs. Australia haven’t been able to control the flow of runs as they would have liked.

India 110/3 after 41 overs: Hazlewood is just producing the goods at the moment. Rahane and Agarwal will need to be especially careful against him.

India 108/3 after 40 overs: Lyon continues from the other end. Rahane and Agarwal are both comfortable against spin and this won’t worry them too much for now.

Agarwal in ahead of Pant. No left-right combination.

India 105/3 after 38.5 overs: WICKET! Hazlewood zones in and gets the big wicket of Pujara. The batsman didn’t do much wrong. Just the perfect line and length from the big Aussie pacer. Earlier in the over, Pujara has fended off a short balll and was lucky that it fell safely but this time, he edged it to the keeper. Pujara c Paine b Hazlewood 25 (94)

India 105/2 after 38 overs: Double change. Lyon comes on from the other end and Pujara immediately jumps out of crease. Rahane starting to look more settled too.

India 98/2 after 37 overs: Hazlewood into the attack. Replaces Cummins.

India 97/2 after 36 overs: Pujara gets three with a firm down the ground. He has generally looked like he has better intent today.

India 94/2 after 35 overs: Rahane with his best shot off the morning. Just stood tall and punched it for three runs. India have got through the first 30 mins and the sun is now peeking out too.

India 89/2 after 34 overs: Pujara showing the willingness to punish the loose ball and showing a lot more adventure than he usually does. He is riding the bounce well so far.

India 82/2 after 33 overs: The only runs in the over came off a short ball that went way over Paine’s hand. There is bounce in this wicket and Cummins was just testing it out.

India 78/2 after 32 overs: Another edge from Rahane’s bat goes through the gap between third slip and gully. Starc is getting the ball to move and troubling the India skipper. Pujara follows it up with a four through point off a wide delivery.

India 69/2 after 31 overs: Pujara plays out another maiden over. No rush. No rush.

India 69/2 after 30 overs: Edged and four. Genuine edge from Rahane, a nervy push and it went straight between third slip and gully. Good catchable height too. India trail by 300 runs now.

India 65/2 after 29 overs: One short delivery and Rahane helped it along for a single. Didn’t get too high and the India skipper was in control.

India 64/2 after 28 overs: Starc in from the other end for just his fourth over, Paine took him out of the attack after the initial spell and just didn’t bring him back yesterday. Pujara plays out a maiden over.

India 64/2 after 27 overs: Cummins starts things off with a test over. Rahane gets two runs to get his day going.

Overcast conditions to start Day 3. Pujara, Rahane hold the key for Team India as they resume on 62/2.

Day 2 review: The deciding fourth Test between Australia and India in Brisbane hung in the balance on Saturday after a massive thunderstorm caused play to be abandoned following the tea break on the second day.

The Gabba was saturated during the storm, which began during the tea break, and while the ground drained quickly, the umpires decided the outfield was too wet to allow play to continue.

India will resume on Sunday at 62 for two, 307 runs behind Australia’s first innings total of 369, with Cheteshwar Pujara on eight alongside skipper Ajinkya Rahane, who was on two.

Australia had earlier claimed the vital wicket of Rohit Sharma 20 minutes before tea to seize the momentum.

Sharma had been in full flow, striking 44 stylish runs from 74 deliveries with six boundaries.

But with the score on 60 for the loss of opener Shubman Gill (7), Sharma threw his wicket away when he charged off-spinner Nathan Lyon, only managing to sky a ball to Mitchell Starc at deep mid-on.

The Australian off-spinner is playing his 100th Test match and is closing in on 400 wickets – Sharma was his 397th.

Earlier, after resuming at 274 for five on Saturday morning, Australia lost five wickets in the first session including the overnight batsmen Tim Paine and Cameron Green.

Paine and Green had started aggressively on a flat batting wicket and looked to push the score beyond 400.

But shortly after reaching his half-century, Paine chased a wide ball from Shardul Thakur (3-94) and edged to Sharma at third slip to leave Australia 311 for six.

Green survived a sharp chance on 45 off Washington Sundar but two runs later, the off-spinner got his revenge when he bowled the Australian number six for 47.

Thakur, playing only his second Test, took his third wicket when he trapped Cummins leg-before for two to leave the hosts struggling at 315 for seven.

However, Lyon and Starc went on the attack and the score raced to 354 before Sundar bowled Lyon around his legs after his quickfire 24 off 22 deliveries.

When T. Natarajan bowled Josh Hazlewood to end the innings, the inexperienced Indian attack had completed an impressive comeback on a hot and humid Brisbane morning.