The nonstop nature of international cricket can often take the fun out of the game and now with the additional physical distancing norms, it becomes even more important for cricketers to let loose in the nets. And that’s exactly what Jasprit Bumrah has been doing in the nets as he gets ready for the Test series against England.

The fast bowler has been brushing up on his Anil Kumble’s impression ahead of the series and you never know when he might need it.

Watch the video below:

Bumrah has done this before. In September 2020, he imitated not one but six bowlers in the nets.

Of course, he isn’t the only one to have tried this. There are some who have done this is a match too. Sunil Gavaskar impression of Abdul Qadir is bang on.


But when it comes to imitations, Javed Miandad bowling like Bob Willis, Dennis Lille and Rodney Hogg simply takes the cake.