Stuart Baxter was on Tuesday sacked as coach of Indian Super League side Odisha FC with immediate effect forhis remarks mentioning rape following the team’s defeat to Jamshedpur FC.

The club stated that an interim manager for the remainder of the season will be announced soon.

Odisha FC club president Rohan Sharma confirmed that the sacking was only because of the remarks made by Baxter and not the team’s form.

Odisha FC lost a tightly-contested encounter with Jamshedpur FC on Monday night, leaving Baxter displeased by the refereeing.

The 67-year-old coach from England, in an interview after the match with broadcasters Star Sports, ended up making a statement that didn’t go down well with the club.

“I have to say, you need decisions to go your way and I don’t know what we have to do to get a penalty. One of my players would have to rape or get raped in the box to get a penalty,” said Baxter.

The club was quick to issue an apology for the remarks and put out this statement on Monday night: “The Club is appalled at the comments made by Head Coach, Stuart Baxter during the post-match interview today. It is completely unacceptable whatever the context and does not reflect the values of the club. We, at Odisha FC, unreservedly apologize and the club management will handle this matter internally.”

Odisha are last on the table after just one in 14 matches.