Ind 300/6 after 88 overs (Pant 33, Axar 5)
And that is close of play on Day 1. India have done well in testing conditions to reach 300. Rohit Sharma scored 161 of those runs and at a pace that unsettled England and gave the hosts a huge advantage. 34 overs, 111 runs, 3 wickets in the final session of the day.

Ind 295/6 after 86 overs (Pant 28, Axar 5)
Second new ball has been taken midway through the over. Stone getting it.

Ind 290/6 after 84 overs (Pant 27, Axar 1)
Root is doing well. Firing them in and then bowling it a little slower. Good variation of pace.

Ind 284/6 after 82.3 overs (Pant 22)
WICKET! Root strikes to send back Ashwin. India look like they are in a hurry when they have no reason to be. Ashwin c Ollie Pope b Root 13(19)

Ind 284/5 after 82 overs (Pant 22, Ashwin 13)
4, 4, successful review. Pant still in the middle and his approach will not change. Moeen thought he had his man there and the on-field umpire agreed with him but the review showed that it hit the pocket of his pants.

Ind 276/5 after 81 overs (Pant 14, Ashwin 13)
Pant and Ashwin have put on 27 off 34 balls. India have done well to keep the scoreboard ticking today.

Ind 266/5 after 79 overs (Pant 12, Ashwin 5)
SIX! Here we go! Jack Leach tosses it up and lands it in the rough, but Rishabh Pant dances down the track and whacks it a long way. Just like he did multiple times in the first Test.

Ind 258/5 after 78 overs (Pant 5, Ashwin 4)
Moeen Ali is suddenly bowling maiden overs!

Ind 258/5 after 77 overs (Pant 5, Ashwin 4)
Pant vs Leach is going to be a battle worth watching. The left-hander gets off the mark with a four. Rocked onto the back foot and then cut it away.

Ind 249/5 after 75.2 overs (Pant 0)
WICKET! One wicket follows another. Rahane went for the sweep, missed the ball completely and was clean bowled. Vital knock but India will need to be careful here now. Rahane b Moeen Ali 67(149)

Ind 249/4 after 75 overs (Rahane 67, Pant 0)
Suddenly, a lot more seems to be happening. That is what happens as soon as a long partnership ends. The balance has been disturbed.

Ind 248/4 after 73 overs (Rahane 66)
That is the wicket that England desperately needed. Rohit goes for the sweep, finds the fielder in the deep. A brilliant, brilliant knock comes to an end. Rohit c Moeen Ali b Jack Leach 161(231)

Ind 243/3 after 72 overs (Rohit 161, Rahane 61)
Steady over from Root. He is managing to control things more than Moeen.

Ind 240/3 after 71 overs (Rohit 159, Rahane 60)
Leach starts things off after the drinks break and he almost gets Rohit stumped out. Very, very close decision.

Ind 233/3 after 70 overs (Rohit 153, Rahane 59)
England’s plans have not worked today. Partly because of how India have played Moeen and partly because of the rate Rohit has scored the runs at.

Ind 230/3 after 68 overs (Rohit 150, Rahane 59)
150! Rohit Sharma cruises to his 150. Brilliant knock so far. Got off to a flyer, took it down a few notches in the second session and now has found a comfortable rhythm.

Ind 225/3 after 66 overs (Rohit 148, Rahane 56)
Root got the first ball to somehow beat the well-set Rohit but then pretty steady stuff.

Joe Root into the attack now.

Ind 225/3 after 65 overs (Rohit 148, Rahane 56)
The Rahane-Rohit partnership rolls on and on. Time is a factor too. The longer India bat now, the worse the pitch is going to be later in the match.

Ind 222/3 after 64 overs (Rohit 146, Rahane 55)
Nine runs from the Moeen over. It might be a better idea to take him out of the attack. He is giving England no control.

Ind 213/3 after 63 overs (Rohit 139, Rahane 53)
Stuart Broad back into the attack. One run from the first ball and then nothing else. 9 overs, 24 runs in the session so far.

Ind 212/3 after 62 overs (Rohit 138, Rahane 53)
No respite for Moeen. India keeps the runs coming against him and that means at no point has the lack of runs become an issue. Root has a problem on his hands.

Ind 207/3 after 61 overs (Rohit 135, Rahane 50)
Stone with another maiden. He has run in hard all day and bowled with good control.

Ind 207/3 after 60 overs (Rohit 135, Rahane 50)
Fifty! Wonderful knock by Rahane. Just what his team needed. 23rd fifty in Test cricket. Off the fifth ball of the over, Moeen got one to turn and bounce sharply. Just exploded off the wicket.

Ind 205/3 after 59 overs (Rohit 135, Rahane 49)
Stone’s getting the ball to reverse now. A few big shots against Rahane in the over but they decided not to review.

Ind 200/3 after 58 overs (Rohit 134, Rahane 45)
Two four for Rahane in the Moeen over. Exceptional batting by India against a spinner on a track aiding spin.

Ind 192/3 after 57 overs (Rohit 134, Rahane 37)
Another steady start to the session for Rohit and Rahane.

Ind 189/3 after 56 overs (Rohit 132, Rahane 36)
Moeen from the other end and he too bowls a maiden over. The off-spinner just has to find a way to control the runs. On this wicket, he should not be going at over 4.5 RPO.

Ind 189/3 after 55 overs (Rohit 132, Rahane 36)
Stone starts the session off with a maiden over. England will be desperately seeking to end this partnership.

Players coming back on the field for the final session on Day 1. Can England find a way to take wickets or will India push forward their advantage?

Ind 189/3 after 54 overs (Rohit 132, Rahane 36)
And that is tea. Brilliant unbroken partnership of 103 runs between Rohit and Rahane. 28 overs, 83 runs, 0 wickets in the session. The RR in the session was 2.96 – way lower than the first session but this was just the kind of session India needed.

Ind 187/3 after 52 overs (Rohit 131, Rahane 35)
100-run partnership off 180 balls. Two hours and six minutes. Rohit Sharma’s contribution – 66(109). Ajinkya Rahane’s contribution – 35(71). Fabulous stuff.

Ind 185/3 after 51 overs (Rohit 129, Rahane 35)
Moeen changing his angle now. Going around the wicket. He just hasn’t been able to control the flow of runs and that has hurt England.

Ind 179/3 after 49 overs (Rohit 123, Rahane 35)
Rohit keeps finding the boundary line when Moeen is bowling. The off-spinner has bowling figures of 14-0-65-1.

Ind 174/3 after 48 overs (Rohit 118, Rahane 35)
The partnership between Rohit and Rahane is now worth 88 runs. There has been odd poor shot but this has been a high-class stand.

Ind 169/3 after 47 overs (Rohit 114, Rahane 34)
Moeen getting more out of the wicket now but Rohit and Rahane are determined to not let him settle down.

Ind 164/3 after 46 overs (Rohit 112, Rahane 31)
Leach back into the attack and he continues to trouble the batsmen. Almost got one arm ball through Rohit’s defences. Off the next ball though, Rahane with a delightful late cut for four.

Ind 157/3 after 45 overs (Rohit 109, Rahane 27)
No reverse swing for the bowlers. Broad trying out a few cutters. But pace isn’t troubling the batsmen as much.

Ind 156/3 after 44 overs (Rohit 108, Rahane 27)
India’s first target will be 300 runs. Rohit and Rahane look like they are batting with that in mind. Showing the value of experience.

Ind 152/3 after 43 overs (Rohit 105, Rahane 26)
The Rohit-Rahane partnership is already worth 66. After they lost Pujara and Kohli in quick succession, they needed this.

Ind 148/3 after 42 overs (Rohit 101, Rahane 26)
CENTURY! A century for Rohit. This has been simply brilliant. Runs came at a very, very good pace in the first session and now he is showing great application. What more can a captain want!

Ind 144/3 after 41 overs (Rohit 98, Rahane 25)
The drinks break has come at a good time for Rohit, who suddenly seems to have lost a little rhythm. Trying things to get going again but Rahane will have the opportunity to calm him down.

Ind 143/3 after 39 overs (Rohit 97, Rahane 25)
Broad back into the attack but still no reverse swing. One four to third man off Rahane’s bat. Not a great shot.

Ind 139/3 after 38 overs (Rohit 97, Rahane 21)
Watchful, watchful, watchful. Then Moeen throws one up and Rohit comes down the wicket and smacks it for six. Solid connection there.

Ind 130/3 after 36 overs (Rohit 89, Rahane 20)
Watchful has been the keyword for India after the break. 10 overs, 24 runs in the session so far. More importantly, no wickets.

Ind 128/3 after 35 overs (Rohit 88, Rahane 19)
A single for Rahane in an otherwise tight over by Leach. Spin from both ends now.

Ind 127/3 after 34 overs (Rohit 88, Rahane 18)
Moeen back into the attack and the watchful Rohit helps himself to another four.

Ind 121/3 after 33 overs (Rohit 83, Rahane 17)
Very interesting phase of play. England have got some control back. India trying to make sure they get that big first innings total and don’t throw away this start.

Ind 120/3 after 32 overs (Rohit 82, Rahane 17)
Stone bowling quickly and then watching the ball disappear to the boundary line just as quickly. Lovely shots by Rahane.

Ind 112/3 after 31 overs (Rohit 82, Rahane 9)
A single off the second ball to Rahane and then Rohit played out the rest of the Leach over.

Ind 111/3 after 30 overs (Rohit 82, Rahane 8)
Another solid over by Stone. Rohit presenting the straight bat to multiple deliveries in the over. He is taking his time at the start of the new session. Good to see.

Ind 110/3 after 29 overs (Rohit 82, Rahane 7)
Leach continuing to trouble Rohit. He hit the right-hander on the pads a few times and then Rohit responded by hitting one over the infield. Not in complete control. Quite the battle, this.

Ind 108/3 after 28 overs (Rohit 80, Rahane 7)
Stone from the other end. He is producing some good pace and the odd ball is stopping on the batsmen. One delivery got a leading edge from Rahane’s bat.

Ind 106/3 after 27 overs (Rohit 80, Rahane 5)
Leach starts off with a maiden over. They would have had a chance to reassess their plans against Rohit.

Players are back on the field for the post-lunch session.

Ind 106/3 after 26 overs (Rohit 80, Rahane 5)
Rohit Sharma has put on a show on a tough pitch. And that is lunch. The opener has done the bulk of the scoring and holds the key for India. Gill, Pujara and Kohli fell early but Rohit’s positive intent has helped India move the match along.

Ind 100/3 after 25 overs (Rohit 75, Rahane 4)
Rohit continues along his merry way. Love straight drive for four off Leach. He is seeing the ball well and is determined to make the most of every scoring opportunity.

Ind 96/3 after 24 overs (Rohit 71, Rahane 4)
Rohit continues to attack Moeen. The off-spinner has found it difficult against Rohit, who has been very positive against. him.

Ind 91/3 after 23 overs (Rohit 66, Rahane 4)
Leach continues. He is bowling arm and throwing in the arm ball as well now.

Ind 86/3 after 21.2 overs (Rohit 65)
WICKET! Moeeeen Allliiiii! He gets one to go through the gap. Kohli tried to drive the ball. It turned and hit the stumps. Big, big wicket and just like that England are back in this. Two wickets in two overs. Kohli b Moeen Ali 0(5)

Ind 85/2 after 20.2 overs (Rohit 63)
WICKET! Leach strikes. Pujara edges one to first slip where Stokes takes a good low catch. The ball seemed to grip and turn. England needed this. Pujara c Stokes b Jack Leach 21(58)

Ind 84/1 after 20 overs (Rohit 63, Pujara 21)
Moeen Ali has just not been allowed to settled. He has been taken for 22 runs in 4 overs. Rohit and Pujara are playing him well.

Ind 77/1 after 19 overs (Rohit 57, Pujara 20)
Decent over from Leach, who has looked the best of England’s bowlers so far. He has got a few edges too.

Ind 75/1 after 18 overs (Rohit 56, Pujara 19)
Runs coming a bit too easily for India at the moment. That may be the Rohit Sharma effect but England should be concerned. India’s CRR is 4.18 and that means England have no control over the proceedings.

Ind 67/1 after 17 overs (Rohit 51, Pujara 16)
Wickets might fall in a flurry on this pitch and that is why India need to make their start count, they need to make their partnership count.

Ind 60/1 after 15 overs (Rohit 50, Pujara 10)
Fifty for Rohit Sharma. It has taken him just 47 balls. He has punished anything loose and that just might be the way to play on this wicket. 8 fours and 1 six in the half-century.

Ind 51/1 after 14 overs (Rohit 42, Pujara 9)
Moeen into the attack now. Three runs from the over but he will find his line soon. There is a puff of dust every time the ball hits it. Not good, not good at all.

Ind 48/1 after 13 overs (Rohit 41, Pujara 7)
Maiden over by Leach and he got Rohit to glove one. It dropped just short of Stokes at first slip. Kind of shocking England don’t have spin on from both ends.

Ind 48/1 after 12 overs (Rohit 41, Pujara 7)
Stokes got his line wrong and he was punished by Rohit. Time for a drinks break. After losing Gill early, India have done well. Rohit going at faster than a run-a-ball.

Ind 37/1 after 11 overs (Rohit 30, Pujara 7)
Steady stuff from Leach, who has a huge disparity in how he bowls in the first innings of a Test compared to the second. 14 wickets at over 55 in the first innings. 36 wickets @ 20 in the second essay.

Ind 36/1 after 10 overs (Rohit 29, Pujara 7)
A bit too full from Stokes and Rohit sent it to the boundary line. How much longer before England go to spin from both ends?

Ben Stokes into the attack now.

Ind 31/1 after 9 overs (Rohit 24, Pujara 7)
First ball from Leach and huge puff of dust from the wicket. This wicket is as dry as dry can be.

Leach coming into the attack. A first look at spin on this dry wicket.

Ind 29/1 after 8 overs (Rohit 23, Pujara 6)
Rohit gets another four but the odd ball is stopping on the batsmen already. India need to bat as big as they can in the first innings.

Meanwhile, a puff of dust with a fast bowler bowling in the 7th over of the day.

Ind 22/1 after 7 overs (Rohit 17, Pujara 5)
Rohit starting to play a few more strokes now. Another one down the ground but this was hit in the air.

Ind 16/1 after 6 overs (Rohit 12, Pujara 4)
Pujara continues to bat on. But he has got hit on the hands so often of late. Reminds one of Graeme Smith, who also got hit a lot of his arm/hand.

Physio out as Pujara gets rapped on the fingers by Stone.

Ind 16/1 after 5 overs (Rohit 12, Pujara 4)
Lovely four down the ground for Rohit in the over. Firm push and it sped away. He seemed to trust the bounce of the wicket already.

Ind 10/1 after 4 overs (Rohit 6, Pujara 4)
Stone has looked good in the early going. Control and pace on display by the England pacer. The wicket of Gill would have given him a confidence boost.

Ind 9/1 after 3 overs (Rohit 5, Pujara 4)
A couple of fours in the Broad over – one for Rohit and one off an edge for Pujara.

Ind 0/1 after 1.3 overs (Rohit 0)
Gill shouldered arms and Olly Stone got it to come in. Hit him just around the knee roll and would have probably crashed into the stumps. India decided not to review the decision. Gill gone for a duck.

Ind 0/0 after 1 over (Rohit 0, Gill 0)
Broad starts off with a maiden over. Rohit playing his carefully. A good start is important for India – they need to take advantage of winning the toss.

The players are on the field and the second Test is all set to begin.

Playing XIs: Lots of changes for both teams.

India XI: R Sharma, S Gill, C Pujara, V Kohli, A Rahane, R Pant, A Patel, R Ashwin, K Yadav, I Sharma, M Siraj.

England XI: R Burns, D Sibley, D Lawrence, J Root, B Stokes, O Pope, B Foakes, M Ali, J Leach, S Broad, O Stone.

England news: Chris Woakes misses out from the 12-man England squad

Toss: Kohli wins the toss. Bumrah rested. Siraj comes in. Axar Patel and Kuldeep Yadav get a game too.

“We will bat first. We expect the pitch to slow down and roughen up drastically from Day 2.”

08.54 am: Murali Kartik during his pitch report felt that the wicket is very dry and it feels ‘very crumbly’. The team that wins the toss will want to bat first. The toss is going to be even more important this time around.

08.53 am: The fans are going to be back in the stadium today.

08.48 am: Left-arm spinner Axar Patel will make his Test debut. He has got his India Test cap in Chennai.

Preview: India warned England to watch out for its spinners in the second Test as the hosts look to level the series.

India suffered a crushing 227-run loss in the opening Test after England won the toss and kept the spinners at bay on a flat track to rack up a monster first innings total that put them in control.

Chennai’s M A Chidambaram stadium remains the venue for the second of the four Tests, but on a different pitch, and India vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane backed his spinners to cause the visitors problems this time.

“(The pitch) looks completely different, I am sure it will turn from day number one,” Rahane told reporters.

“But again as I said before first Test match, but as I had said before first Test, you have to wait and see how it plays in the first session and take it from there,” he said.

“We have to forget what happened in the last match, focus on this and play a good game. We know these conditions really, so we have to put our best foot forward.”

Senior spinner Ravichandran Ashwin claimed nine wickets in the first Test, but got little support from the other end as Shahbaz Nadeem and Washington Sundar leaked too many runs in England’s first innings total of 578, which was helped by a 218-run haul by England skipper Joe Root.

Changes for England

England have left out James Anderson and Dom Bess for the second Test, with the visitors naming Stuart Broad, Moeen Ali, Chris Woakes and paceman Olly Stone in their 12.

With speedster Jofra Archer ruled out due an elbow injury, Olly, who played his only Test in July 2019, or Woakes are expected to partner Broad in the Test.

“(Stone) is certainly looking very good in and around training,” captain Joe Root told reporters on the eve of the Test.

“As with a lot of players in the current time that they are in, they have to make the most of the little chances we get to play.”

Root said: “(Stone) has a big heart, huge amount of skill and pace as well, and will give variety within the attack if he gets the opportunity to play.”

The England skipper said they can have either Stone or Woakes making the starting line-up which will be decided after looking at the pitch.