A Decision Review System referral was on Saturday restored to England after an error by the third umpire on the opening day of the second Test against India in Chennai.

England were left frustrated and their captain Joe Root miffed after a blunder by third umpire Anil Chaudhary denied them the wicket of India vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane and a DRS review.

However, a few moments after it became clear that Chaudhary had erred, England’s review was reinstated.

The incident took place in the 75th over of the day when a Jack Leach delivery brushed Rahane’s gloves on the way to the forward short-leg fielder Ollie Pope.

As England appealed for a catch off the gloves, it was turned down by the on-field umpire before Chaudhary, failing to read the correct passage of play, also rejected the review thinking that there was no edge when the ball passed the bat for the first time. After some delay, the LBW mode was checked as it should be and it was ruled that the ball had landed outside the leg-stump.

However, the visitors appeared to clarify that they were appealing for a catch off the glove when the ball was on the way up and not the bat initially.

Seeing the replays on the big screen, Root was left unimpressed and the skipper also raised the matter with the on-field umpires. Chaudhary seemingly was happy with what he had seen as England lost a review.

The correct replay was later showed on the broadcast with one of the commentators rightly reading what was going on. The glove was evident on a slow motion replay and the Ultraedge confirmed it as well.

The review was later restored to England as per ICC playing conditions, but it’s not clear if that was the right call either.

As per 3.6.8 of the ICC’s playing conditions: A Player Review categorised as ‘’Unsuccessful’’ may be reinstated by the ICC Match Referee at his/her sole discretion (if appropriate after consultation with the ICC Technical Official and/or the television broadcast director) if the Player Review could not properly be concluded due to a failure of the technology.

Courtesy: ICC Handbook

Rahane, though, was dismissed six balls later, bowled by Moeen Ali for 67.

There was also some issue over a stumping attempt by Ben Foakes against Rohit Sharma when he appeared to drag his backfoot to a Leach delivery.

Though TV replays showed Rohit’s backfoot to be on the line (and hence out), the third umpire reckoned some part of it was behind the line and ruled him not out.

While there was criticism that went the Chaudhary’s way for the failure to arrive at the correct decision, there were calls for more help for the third umpire with the referral system.

Here are some reactions to that controversial call.

And then there were some that saw the funny side to it.

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