The next match between India and England is the T20I on March 12.

Virat Kohli: “The comeback pleased me the most. The first game was a bit of an aberration. Our bench-strength is as strong as it has ever been.”

R Ashwin: “I couldn’t be happier for Rishabh Pant. He is being compared with some of the greats of the game. Hope he continues performing for us.”

Player of the match Rishabh Pant: “Confidence is the main thing (improvement in wicketkeeping). I’ve been working very hard.”

England skipper Joe Root: “The first game was a positive. But we were outplayed by India in the series and full credit to them. We will learn and improve.”

Ravi Shastri on Rishabh Pant: “We were hard on him. Nothing comes easy and he was told in no uncertain terms that he has to respect the game a little more. He has to lose a bit of weight, he has to work hard on his keeping... and he has responded.”

Shastri: “Team work is most important. There’s no one individual who is calling the shots. We were the irrepressibles in Australia, we were the irrepressibles here too.”

Shastri: “First Test would have been different if we would have had a few days off. No excuse. England played better but the boys were like zombies. The lack of crowds didn’t help.”

Ravi Shastri: “It’s a great feeling (to be a mentor). It’s particularly satisfying to see youngsters come through the ranks and perform. What Rishabh Pant and Washington Sundar did yesterday was amazing.”

Washington Sundar: “The pitch was very good to bat on. Credit to Anderson and Stokes for bowling really well. But we felt today as well that the pitch was good to bat on.”

Eng 135 all out after 54.1 overs (Anderson 0)
WICKET! India win by an innings and 25 runs. Complete domination. Ashwin takes the final wicket to send India to the final of the World Test Championship. India’s 13th home series win in a row. Dan Lawrence b Ashwin 50 (95)

Eng 134/9 after 54.1 overs (Dan Lawrence 50)
WICKET! Ashwin sends back Leach thanks to another good catch by Rahane. Jack Leach c Rahane b Ashwin 2(31)

Eng 134/8 after 54 overs (Dan Lawrence 50, Jack Leach 2)
Lawrence gets to his fifty off 93 balls. A fine innings given the circumstances. If only a few other England batsmen could have followed his example.

Eng 132/8 after 53 overs (Dan Lawrence 49, Jack Leach 1)
Leach gets the review right after being given out caught off Ashwin. The ball had come off the thigh pad.

Eng 132/8 after 52 overs (Dan Lawrence 49, Jack Leach 1)
Time for a drinks break. Lawrence edging closer to his fifty and showing that there is nothing wrong with the pitch. England’s other batsmen just weren’t patient enough.

Eng 125/8 after 50 overs (Dan Lawrence 42, Jack Leach 1)
Lawrence continues to impress. He seems to have worked out some sort of method.

Eng 111/8 after 45.1 overs (Dan Lawrence 30)
WICKET! Axar gets five wickets in the innings again. Bess went for the sweep again, got the underedge through to the keeper. Dom Bess c Pant b Axar 2(6)

Eng 109/7 after 43.1 overs (Dan Lawrence 30)
WICKET! And India get the breakthrough they needed. Foakes edged that to first slip where Rahane took a fine catch. But the fielder wasn’t sure and the umpire’s went up to the TV umpire. Foakes c Rahane b Axar 13(46)

Eng 106/6 after 41 overs (Dan Lawrence 28, Ben Foakes 12)
England trail by 54 runs. They are getting closer. The ball is that little bit softer and it isn’t skidding on to the batsmen.

Eng 104/6 after 40 overs (Dan Lawrence 27, Ben Foakes 11)
Quiet few overs for England and they won’t mind this. The last wicket fell with the total on 65.

Eng 99/6 after 38 overs (Dan Lawrence 25, Foakes 8)
Lawrence getting a single every over. That is his strategy.

Eng 98/6 after 37 overs (Dan Lawrence 24, Foakes 8)
Axar continues. England continue. The tourists still trail by 62 runs.

Eng 97/6 after 36 overs (Dan Lawrence 23, Foakes 8)
Ashwin comes into the attack. England get another run.

Eng 96/6 after 35 overs (Dan Lawrence 22, Foakes 8)
Spin from both ends. Axar keeps it tight. The odd ball turning sharply.

Eng 95/6 after 34 overs (Dan Lawrence 21, Foakes 8)
Four singles from the Washington over.

Players are back on the field for the final session of Day 3. Will be the final session of the Test series too?

Eng 91/6 after 33 overs (Dan Lawrence 19, Foakes 6)
Lawrence survives a review off the last ball before tea. Ashwin convincing Kohli to go for the review. Would have missed leg. England trail by 69 runs.

In the session: 30 overs, 85 runs, 6 wickets

Eng 88/6 after 32 overs (Dan Lawrence 17, Foakes 5)
Washington into the attack and he almost got a wicket off the last ball. The ball almost carried to the fielder in the deep.

Eng 83/6 after 31 overs (Dan Lawrence 13, Foakes 4)
As so it rolls on. England’s batsmen haven’t found any rhythm at all.

Eng 72/6 after 27 overs (Dan Lawrence 6, Foakes 0)
Steady stuff from India. Would it better for England to shake hands and concede the Test?

Ashwin has become the first Indian to take 30 or more wickets in a Test series twice.

Eng 72/6 after 27 overs (Dan Lawrence 6, Foakes 0)
Just a matter of time now. 24 overs, 66 runs, 6 wickets for England in the session. It just hasn’t gone their way.

Eng 65/6 after 25.1 overs (Dan Lawrence 0)
WICKET! Ashwin removes Root! That’s the wicket India wanted. The England captain walks back for 30 off 72 after after getting trapped plumb in front. The visitors lose a review too.

Eng 65/5 after 24.5 overs (Joe Root 30)
WICKET! Superb glovework by Rishabh Pant and Ollie Pope is out stumped. Axar Patel gets his third. India break the partnership and England lose half their side.

Eng 64/4 after 24 overs (Joe Root 29, Ollie Pope 15)
India’s lead is under 100 now. It’s 96, to be precise. Joe Root and Ollie Pope have added 34 runs for the fifth wicket.

Eng 54/4 after 22 overs (Joe Root 28, Ollie Pope 12)
Pope suddenly decides to charge Ashwin and hits a six off the second ball.

Eng 48/4 after 21 overs (Joe Root 28, Ollie Pope 6)
Back to Axar and he delivers a maiden over.

Eng 48/4 after 20 overs (Joe Root 28, Ollie Pope 6)
Ashwin starts things off after the drinks break. Nothing loose from him. Lovely dip and flight.

Eng 46/4 after 19 overs (Joe Root 27, Ollie Pope 5)
Siraj continues from one end. A change of pace perhaps. Time for a drinks break.

Eng 41/4 after 18 overs (Joe Root 24, Ollie Pope 3)
A sweep shot for four by Root. He is going to continue to trust that shot.

Eng 37/4 after 17 overs (Joe Root 20, Ollie Pope 3)
Siraj coming into the attack. A change of ends for the spinners? England trail by 123 runs.

Eng 30/4 after 15 overs (Joe Root 19, Ollie Pope 2)
India’s spinners continue to do their things. Axar will keep it tight for as long as it takes and he will bowl the long spell. England used Leach in a very strange manner yesterday.

Eng 30/4 after 13.1 overs (Joe Root 16)
Stokes walking back. He lap-swept that straight to Kohli at leg slip. What was he thinking... was he thinking? Stokes c Kohli b Axar 2(9)

Eng 28/3 after 11 overs (Joe Root 16, Stokes 0)
Root taking the aggressive route. Two fours off Ashwin. Two fine shots too... through the cover region. No sweeps.

Eng 20/3 after 9.5 overs (Joe Root 8)
WICKET! Nothing going England’s way. Sibley swept it well, but it hit the fielder at short leg and popped up to Pant for an easy catch. Wicket for Axar. Sibley c Pant b Axar 3(21)

Eng 19/2 after 9 overs (Dom Sibley 3, Joe Root 7)
Ashwin continues to bowl well. England fighting for their lives... fighting to take the match into Day 4.

Eng 17/2 after 8 overs (Dom Sibley 2, Joe Root 6)
A top-edged sweep got England the two runs in the over. Such a risky shot to play on a pitch that has turn and bounce. Root plays it well but there is a fair bit of risk involved.

Eng 15/2 after 7 overs (Dom Sibley 2, Joe Root 4)
Ashwin continuing to do all the right things. Keeping things simple and throwing in subtle variations.

Eng 12/2 after 6 overs (Dom Sibley 1, Joe Root 2)
Axar getting turn and bounce. Were England bowling on the same wicket? What a difference.

Eng 10/2 after 4.5 overs (Dom Sibley 1)
WICKET! Two in two balls from Ashwin. The ball pitched on middle and leg and Bairstow helped it straight to leg slip. Easy does it. Third duck in four innings for Bairstow. Bairstow c Rohit b Ashwin 0(1)

Eng 10/1 after 4.4 overs (Dom Sibley 1)
WICKET! The ball held its line, Crawley edged it to Rahane at first slip. Ashwin has the wicket. Zak Crawley c Rahane b Ashwin 5(16)

Eng 6/0 after 4 overs (Zak Crawley 5, Dom Sibley 1)
Axar starts off the session with a maiden over. He is getting some bounce.

Time for the second session to start. Siraj seems to be okay.

Eng 6/0 after 3 overs (Zak Crawley 5, Dom Sibley 1)
Siraj getting injured while fielding on his follow through and that is the end of the first session of play on Day 3 as well. India, well and truly, in control. But the conditions are still decent for batting. Do England have the belief?

Eng 2/0 after 2 overs (Zak Crawley 2, Dom Sibley 0)
One run from the Axar over and a few close calls. This is not going to be easy for England. Can they last the day?

Axar Patel into the attack from the other end.

Eng 1/0 after 1 over (Zak Crawley 1, Dom Sibley 0)
A single off the first over from Siraj. England will hope for a good start.

Ind 365 all out after 114.4 overs (Washington Sundar 96)
WICKET! Siraj is clean bowled by Stokes and Washington is left stranded on 96 (174). The last three deliveries fell in five deliveries. India’s lead is 160. Siraj b Stokes 0(3)

Ind 365/9 after 114.1 overs (Washington Sundar 96)
WICKET! Stokes traps Ishant Sharma LBW. First ball of the over. Ishant’s first ball too. Will Washington get his century? Ishant lbw b Stokes 0(1)

Ind 365/8 after 114 overs (Washington Sundar 96)
Run out! The only way England could have got a wicket. Axar, at the non-striker’s end, charged down the wicket for a nonexistent single and got caught out of his crease by a good throw. What was the rush! Axar run out (Bairstow/Root) 43(97)

Ind 363/7 after 113 overs (Washington Sundar 95, Axar Patel 42)
Washington and Axar have now put on 100 runs for the 8th wicket. England have no answers at the moment... no energy too. Just highlights how wrong England have got their selection again.

Ind 357/7 after 112 overs (Washington Sundar 91, Axar Patel 40)
India lead by 152 runs. A bit too easy for the hosts at the moment.

Ind 351/7 after 111 overs (Washington Sundar 90, Axar Patel 37)
Stokes is low on energy and for now Washington and Axar will have their eyes on some personal milestones. A hundred and a fifty... for the taking.

Ind 347/7 after 109 overs (Washington Sundar 88, Axar Patel 35)
Easy does it. India are not in a rush at all. Both Washington and Axar are batting like proper batsmen.

Ind 344/7 after 107 overs (Washington Sundar 86, Axar Patel 34)
Root into the attack and he gets one to turn sharply and it is time for a drinks break. India have got through the first hour without losing any wicket.

Former England fast bowler Harmison said it was no surprise that the 23-year-old Dom Bess had not been at his best.

“Dom Bess was chucked under the bus by the whole hullabaloo with Moeen Ali,” Harmison told Talksport radio.

“The minute they asked Moeen Ali to stay was the minute Bess was going under that bus.... That’s culminated in the day’s cricket that we’ve got today (Friday). 

“He sat and watched for the last two or three weeks and all he can think about is Moeen Ali staying – ‘everybody’s wanting Moeen Ali’.

“I feel so sorry for the kid, I really do. I have so much sympathy with him, I’ve been in that place and I know where he’s at.”

Ind 342/7 after 107 overs (Washington Sundar 85, Axar Patel 33)
India have now reached their highest score in the series and Washington has reached his highest Test score. Plenty more run on offer.

Ind 338/7 after 106 overs (Washington Sundar 81, Axar Patel 33)
India’s batsmen looking very comfortable in the middle. England have simply run out of bowlers and energy.

Ind 333/7 after 105 overs (Washington Sundar 76, Axar Patel 33)
Stokes into the attack, replacing Anderson. And India just play him out peacefully.

Ind 332/7 after 104 overs (Washington Sundar 74, Axar Patel 33)
Axar is facing some difficulties against Anderson but looks completely at home against the spinners. Another six off a spinner – this time off Leach shows that Axar is growing in confidence. In the session so far, 10 overs, 38 runs for India.

Ind 323/7 after 103 overs (Washington Sundar 73, Axar Patel 26)
Just one leg bye in the over. Axar plays out the over from Anderson, who got one to go past the outside edge. Still no luck for England. But the intent has been lacking from Root.

Ind 322/7 after 102 overs (Washington Sundar 73, Axar Patel 26)
Another steady over for England. India lead by 117 runs.

Ind 321/7 after 101 overs (Washington Sundar 72, Axar Patel 26)
Anderson is keeping things as tight as possible from one end but it won’t matter if India keep getting the runs from the other. 30 minutes of play has taken place on Day 3 and still no wickets for England.

Ind 320/7 after 100 overs (Washington Sundar 71, Axar Patel 26)
Leach into the attack and Axar playing a few shots now. Two fours in the over.

Jack Leach coming into the attack, replacing Dom Bess.

Ind 311/7 after 99 overs (Washington Sundar 71, Axar Patel 17)
England just going through the motions. Their body language is poor. India won’t mind this. They won’t mind it at all.

Ind 309/7 after 98 overs (Washington Sundar 70, Axar Patel 16)
A six and a four in the Bess over. Washington turning on the class. India lead by 104 runs. Washington and Axar have already put on 50 off 79 balls.

Ind 299/7 after 97 overs (Washington Sundar 60, Axar Patel 16)
A maiden over from Anderson to Axar, who isn’t your regular tailender. He averages 33 in first-class cricket.

Ind 299/7 after 97 overs (Washington Sundar 60, Axar Patel 16)
India lead by 94, England need wickets and who do they start with? Dom Bess. One would have imagined they want to go with their best bowlers at the start of the day but they go with Bess.

Ind 294/7 after 96 overs (Washington Sundar 60, Axar Patel 11)
The first hour is crucial for England before fatigue becomes a factor again. India will want to bat for as long as possible. Steady over from Anderson to begin the day.

The players are on the field ahead of the start of play on Day 3. India have a vital lead but England will look to wrap up things quickly. Hope floats but only just. Batting is not going to be easy.

Day 2 review: Rishabh Pant hit a defiant 101 to put India in control of the fourth and final Test against England on Friday.

India reached 294 for seven at the end of the second day in response to England’s 205. Washington Sundar was at the crease on 60 with Axar Patel on 11.

India, leading 2-1 in the series, struggled to make runs and lost crucial wickets early in the day, including skipper Virat Kohli who failed to score.

But Pant put on 113 for the seventh wicket with Sundar to hit back after the England bowlers reduced India to 146 for six at one stage.

“I like to play the situation and I just see the ball and react - that’s the unique selling point of my game,” said Pant.

“The team plan was to get to 206, pass the England total and then get as many runs as possible.” India made it work again in the Ahmedabad stadium where they crushed England in two days in the third Test.