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Chochuwong 21-17, 21-9 Sindhu: Takeaways from that match are: Chochuwong’s results in Bangkok were certainly no flash in the pan. And Sindhu’s weakness against up-tempo badminton needs addressing. Worth noting that she was also involved in a brutal quarterfinal last night so being off the pace is understandable but she needs a plan B in those cases where she can stay in points more when her attacking game is being neutralised.

Chochuwong 21-17, 21-9 Sindhu: If there were any doubts over how much Chochuwong had improved this year, this would be a statement to prove those doubts wrong. Just 45 mins that lasted.

Chochuwong 21-17, 21-9 Sindhu: That’s a brilliant win for Chochuwong. Utterly dominant.

Chochuwong 21-17, 20-9 Sindhu: Match points galore for PC.

Chochuwong 21-17, 17-7 Sindhu: Another big roar from PC as Sindhu’s nets a simple forehand from the backcourt. 10-point lead.

Chochuwong 21-17, 15-6 Sindhu: It would take a brave human to bet against Chochuwong at the moment. Sindhu struggling to get her lengths right while trying to push PC to the backcourt. Errors.

Chochuwong 21-17, 13-6 Sindhu: Kind of like the first game, PC not allowing Sindhu more than a point at best. The Indian has the serve back again at 12-6 with a winner, but there was no reaction at all from her. That’s a bad sign. PC gets the serve back, leaving Sindhu on the court with another smash.

Good news from shooting:

Chochuwong 21-17, 11-4 Sindhu: Cannot quite recall Chochuwong allowing Sindhu to dictate tempo in this match so far. It’s all been on her racket! Superb from her. 10-3 in the second and Sindhu looks to be out of this one at the moment as the Thai takes a massive lead into the mid-game interval. No let up at all from PC, the intensity of shots as well as her energy on the court. A very Marin-esque performance if you will.

Chochuwong 21-17, 8-3 Sindhu: Sindhu is not able to get the lengths right on her lifts but also, she is on the backfoot almost in every point. Scrambling around to keep the shuttle in play, just not been able to dictate tempo. A call of mighty fine margin goes PC’s way, followed by a body smash and she has a handy lead.

Chochuwong 21-17, 3-1 Sindhu: Success at the backcourt on both sides for PC to start the second game. Sindhu definitely looking sluggish here, more than she did earlier. This *could* slip away quickly.

FIRST GAME: While Sindhu definitely played better as the game went on, she might be worried that even her gear shift did not really put PC off.

Chochuwong 21-17 Sindhu: FIRST GAME, PORNPAWEE CHOCHUWONG! The second game point is converted by the Thai youngster.

Chochuwong 20-16 Sindhu: A lovely kill at the net from PC and she has four game points!

Chochuwong 19-16 Sindhu: There she is now. The crosscourt around-the-head downward shot has been working superbly well for Sindhu and it is with that she closes the gap to 16-17. And the biggest roar of the day so far from her too. But PC steadies herself to win the next couple of points and go up 19-16 as Sindhu loses her second challenge. It was a bruising rally.

Chochuwong 17-13 Sindhu: PC’s turn to get a challenge wrong, she was certain that her down-the-line shot landed in but it is a superb call by the judge. Sindhu reduces the gap to two. A big release of tension from the Thai as she pounces on a short lift from Sindhu. She then catches the Indian flatfooted with a superb block.

Chochuwong 15-12 Sindhu: The attacking downward shot crosscourt is proving to be Sindhu’s best bet here. (In fact for both shuttlers). Sindhu sets up a winner after a good punch to the backcourt. PC ends the run of points at 4 for four Sindhu but the Indian quickly has the serve back.

Chochuwong 14-10 Sindhu: Well, two points on the trot for Sindhu for the first time since the early exchanges of the match. She puts together a patient rally and induces the error from PC. Make it 3 points in a row as PC sends a shuttle wide.

Chochuwong 14-7 Sindhu: The Indian ends the run of points in four but once again unable to put together more than one point together. A terrific crosscourt smash from PC gives her the serve back.

Chochuwong 12-6 Sindhu: 35-shot RALLY! Brilliant control from both players but it is a defensive block from PC that sets up the point for her as Sindhu’s lift is short.

Chochuwong 11-6 Sindhu: Sindhu is unable to put together a series of points. Just in ones at the moment as PC takes a 5-point lead into the mid-game break. Just a bit off the pace here, is Sindhu but credit to PC for her near-perfect start.

Chochuwong 9-6 Sindhu: Sindhu is just struggling a bit here with her judgement at the back court. The clears as well as a long serve both land in when she let it go. Sindhu ends a run of points for PC with a superb overhead crosscourt slice winner.

Chochuwong 6-4 Sindhu: PC is getting her punch clears right at the early stages and that is causing some problem for Sindhu. The Indian loses a challenge as the Thai goes up 6-4.

Chochuwong 3-3 Sindhu: It is a good start to the match by both players. A good review is followed another point for the Thai as we stay level in the opening stages.

Chochuwong 1-3 Sindhu: Three straight points for Sindhu after Chochuwong started with a point. At the toss it seemed like the Thai chose sides.

Players are on the court, and we are all set.

5.10 pm: Here’s a little bit about Pornpawee Chochuwong:

  • Has a 1-4 H2H record against Sindhu, including a defeat at the World Tour Finals earlier this year. They met at the All England in 2018 where Sindhu was pushed to three games.
  • Has been one of the rising stars on the circuit. The recently turned 23 year old has made a great start to 2021. At the World Tour Finals, making her first appearance, she beat her idol Ratchanok Intanon on the way to a semifinal appearance. She also beat Tai Tzu Ying at that event in the group stage.
  • “It’s a big moment for me,” said Chochuwong about her win against Intanon. “I have admired her for a long time. This is my first time at the World Tour Finals and this is a huge achievement for me. I’m very excited. This win today has made me confident for the upcoming matches. I didn’t play well in the first game but in the second I forced her into my game and kept the pressure on her.
  • At the Swiss Open earlier, she pushed Carolina Marin to the hilt before losing in a brilliant semi-final.
11 World Ranking 7
189-111 (300) CAREER W-L 341-147 (488)
8-5 (13) THIS YEAR W-L 7-5 (12)
1 win in 5 HEAD TO HEAD 4 wins in 5

4.58 pm: Before we look forward to tonight’s match, a look back at last night. Have you seen this point by Sindhu yet?

Hello all and welcome to the live coverage of PV Sindhu’s semi-final at the All England Open Championships in Birmingham. After an epic quarterfinal against one of her established rivals, Sindhu takes on a rising star today in what will be her second semifinal at the prestigious event. If she wins, she’d be reaching the final for the first time at All England.

Sindhu, seeded fifth, staged a remarkable comeback after losing the opening game to notch up a 16-21 21-16 21-19 win over world number five Yamaguchi in a pulsating contest that lasted an hour and 16 minutes to make only her second semifinals appearance at All England on Friday night.

The Indian had come into the match with a 10-7 head-to-head count against the Japanese even though she had lost the last three meetings. So, it was Sindhu’s first win in last four meetings against Yamaguchi.

Report and highlights: PV Sindhu clinches epic thriller against Akane Yamaguchi to reach semifinals