Player of the match: Kate Cross for her five-for.

Harmanpreet Kaur: It wasn’t a winning total, we needed more than 250. But proud of the way how our bowlers and fielders did. Credit goes to the England batters. Every game is important for us.

Heather Knight: Really pleased with the series win. We were tested today, it was a good game of cricket. Mature innings from Sophia on debut (first batting innings). So chuffed for Crossy (five-for), she has been consistent in hitting the decks. Was thinking about the five-for when the ball went up for my catch! Our middle order hasn’t had a lot of chances. So composed from Sophia, such a natural ball-striker.

Zenia D’Cunha: Improvements from the first ODI but the result remains unchanged for India. Series done but lots of work yet to do for last World Cup’s runners up before the next World Cup as the reigning world champions have exposed.

ENGLAND WIN BY FIVE WICKETS: Brunt swats one through midwicket for four and celebrates the win with Dunkley, the star of this run-case. India fought hard but let the game drift in the middle overs when this pair got together. India trail 0-2 in the series, and 2-6 on points.

ENG 218/5 after 47 overs: Dunkley 70, Brunt 29 (Target 222)

Easy singles with less than 10 to get. Sums up India’s day.

ENG 213/5 after 46 overs: Dunkley 67, Brunt 27 (Target 222)

Goswami’s spell comes to an end. She gave it her all in the first spell but the youngster in Dunkley has the last laugh, so to speak. 1/39 from her 10 overs, quality as ever.

ENG 203/5 after 44 overs: Dunkley 59, Brunt 25 (Target 222)

Goswami’s back and England continue to take singles. The game has completely drifted away from them, unfortunately. Just not enough pressure, could have tried a few different tricks and twists. Brunt too, meanwhile, has played a feisty little innings.

HALF CENTURY! Just like she did on Test debut, Sophia Dunkley has scored a half century in her first ODI innings as well (2nd match). Gets there with a lofted cut past the two fielders behind square. She is delighted. What a talent! It’s been a brilliantly paced innings, England are cruising.

ENG 184/5 after 41 overs: Dunkley 48, Brunt 17 (Target 222)

Deepti with a 2-run over. Thought Goswami might bowl out from one end but Pandey comes back.

ENG 181/5 after 40 overs: (Target 222)

Good over from Goswami, a big appeal for LBW turned down by umpire. Review taken (Dunkley after all) but there’s an inside edge. Into the last 10 we go, India can still find their way to put pressure if a wicket or two fall here.

ENG 178/5 after 39 overs: Dunkley 45, Brunt 15 (Target 222)

Required rate is 4 now (was 4.7 at one point) and England are cruising. Poor fielding in that over by Deepti didn’t help either as she let one through her for four at cover.

ENG 168/5 after 37 overs: Dunkley 37, Brunt 13 (Target 222)

A bit too easy at the moment. Three singles in that Rana over. Commentators make the point that India don’t have fielders in singles saving positions.

ENG 165/5 after 36 overs: Dunkley 35, Brunt 12 (Target 222)

A boundary for Brunt now and this has been problem for Poonam Yadav. She has gone for far too many fours. Short, pulled away through the midwicket.

ENG 157/5 after 35 overs: Dunkley 33, Brunt 6 (Target 222)

Three runs from the Deepti over and India are once again under pressure. Terrific recovery from England every time they have been put under the pump.

ENG 154/5 after 34 overs: Dunkley 25, Brunt 3 (Target 222)

If anyone’s watching this match casually, would they really believe that Sophia Dunkley is batting in an One Day International for the first time?! What an innings she is playing. A lofted six down the ground in Pandey’s over. Some shot!

ENG 148/5 after 33 overs: Dunkley 26, Brunt 4 (Target 222)

Deepti Sharma with a 2-run over. Shikha Pandey back for a spell now.

ENG 146/5 after 32 overs: Dunkley 25, Brunt 3 (Target 222)

CHANCE! Dunkley goes after a wide delivery from Goswami and the slice is hard and high enough to evade the leaping Radha Yadav at point. Would have been some catch had she held on!

ENG 141/5 after 31 overs: Dunkley 22, Brunt 1 (Target 222)

Dunkley playing the field well, targetting the shorter boundary square on the offside with a lofted hit off Yadav. Four.

ENG 135/5 after 30 overs: Dunkley 17, Brunt 0 (Target 222)

Tidy as ever by Goswami. But a word of appreciation for Dunkley who is batting with the assurance of a seasoned pro in the middle. It’s her first ODI innings!

ENG 133/5 after 29 overs: Dunkley 16, Brunt 0 (Target 222)

And as you’d expect, Goswami’s back.

Over 28.5: WICKET!
Poonam Yadav has had a bit of a rollercoaster return to the XI. An early wicket, then went for runs, bit now has another wicket and it’s the well-set Amy Jones. Flighted up, of course, and Jones cannot get close to this. The edge is taken at point after some miscommunication. India keep fighting. 133/5

ENG 131/4 after 28 overs: Jones 27, Dunkley 15 (Target 222)

England have wrestled back the momentum. Deepti comes back and Dunkley has a boundary to her name. India need Jhulan Goswami here, one thinks. She had been out of the field for a while but was back on it we were told. Without a wicket or two here, England will romp home.

ENG 122/4 after 27 overs: Jones 25, Dunkley 6 (Target 222)

Another boundary for Jones, a powerful pull through midwicket. 6-0-44-1 for Poonam Yadav. She’s not been able to find control.

ENG 114/4 after 26 overs: Jones 19, Dunkley 6 (Target 222)

Poonam Yadav comes back into the attack and Jones shows her good form with a couple of lofted shots for four.

Amy Jones is coming into this match on the back of little batting over the Test and the first ODI but she had made two centuries in her last three outings in the domestic One-Day tournament.

Sparks vs Storm 163*
Sparks vs Diamonds 114

ENG 99/4 after 24 overs: Jones 8, Dunkley 2 (Target 222)

Jones and Dunkley are more than capable proper batters, India need to keep the pressure up here. The required rate is starting to go up as well, which is a good metric for India to keep an eye on. Lovely little spell of 3-0-8-1 by Shikha Pandey. Could have another wicket too but brought India back into the match.

Sophia Dunkley played a brilliant rescue act in the Test on debut. Can she do it again in her first ODI innings?

Over 21.5: WICKET! India do get the wicket of Sciver and this time no doubting the dismissal. Sneh Rana with a scrambled seam delivery draws Sciver forward, induces the outside edge. Edge is taken by Bhatia. Another sharp catch by the Indian wicketkeeper. England 92/4 after 22 overs.

Zenia D’Cunha: That was almost 2 wickets in an over! Harmanpreet was sure of the low catch but multiple, unclear and zoomed in replays later, umpire gives it not out. In any case, good on Shikha Pandey and stand-in skipper Harman for bringing in pace and good on keeper Bhatia for a great take.

ENG 87/3 after 20 overs: Sciver 15, Jones 3 (Target 222)

India sense this is their phase to put the pressure. Sciver’s wicket here and you never know.

Over 18.6: WICKET!! Or is it?! No, not out. India think they have Sciver’s wicket too as Harmanpreet Kaur celebrates what looked like a fantastic catch. But the on-field soft signal is not out and the camera angles are not enough to overturn that. Harman is not pleased. She seemed certain she had caught it cleanly. Would have been a huge wicket .

Over 18.4: WICKET! Bowling change works for India and it’s the well-set batter Winfield-Hill who is walking back. Standing up to Shikha Pandey, Taniya Bhatia takes a really sharp catch, those are not easy.

ENG 81/2 after 18 overs: (Target 222)

Rana and Yadav in tandem over the last few overs and England have steadied the ship and kept the scoreboard ticking. Not much pressure being applied by the spinners.

Sneh Rana into the attack

ENG 66/2 after 15 overs: Winfield-Hill 35, Sciver 4 (Target 222)

Poonam’s going for runs here but India wouldn’t mind if she gets a wicket or two more. But LWH is playing the spinners really well.

ENG 60/2 after 14 overs: Winfield-Hill 31, Sciver 2 (Target 222)

LWH is in some touch at the moment after a slow start. Finding the boundaries regularly to put the pressure back on India.

Over 12.1: WICKET! After going wicket-less in the ODIs at home against South Africa, Poonam Yadav returns to the XI and gets the big wicket of England captain Heather Knight. England under a little bit of pressure in Taunton. The leggie ends the streak of four ODIs without a wicket; the wicket of Knight in her second over is massive. She needed that, India needed that. England 54/2 after 13 overs as LWH plays an impressive shot for four over extra cover.

ENG 46/1 after 11 overs: Winfield-Hill 20, Knight 9 (Target 222)

SHOT LWH! Picking up the length quickly, the England opener dances down the track and sends it over the rope for six.

Poonam Yadav in the IND-SA ODI series

Overs Maidens Runs  Wkts
ODI 4 7.0 0 36 0 14 Mar 2021
ODI 3 10.0 0 51 0 12 Mar 2021
ODI 2 8.0 0 30 0 9 Mar 2021
ODI 1 10.0 0 34 0 7 Mar 2021

Poonam Yadav, back into the XI, into the attack. She is desperately looking for some form.

ENG 37/1 after 10 overs: Winfield-Hill 12, Knight 8 (Target 222)

A good powerplay for India because they got Beaumont out and kept the scoring in check. England would still be happy with where they are though. India were 48/0 after 10 overs

Deepti to bowl the last over before second powerplay.

ENG 35/1 after 9 overs: Winfield-Hill 7, Knight 5 (Target 222)

LWH releases some pressure in the Pandey over with a delightful shot past mid-on for four. Goswami comes back with a 1-run over to keep the pressure on for now. India need a couple more wickets here to make any serious inroads.

You can watch the Beaumont dismissal here.

ENG 27/1 after 7 overs: Winfield-Hill 7, Knight 5 (Target 222)

India keeping up the pressure early on England. Good energy on the field, hustling around.

ENG 25/1 after 6 overs: Winfield-Hill 6, Knight 4 (Target 222)

The English captain gets going with a delightful cover drive for four but it is another good over by Pandey, who brings it back nicely to beat Knight. Unfortunately, it’s four byes.

About the dismissal, a word of appreciation for the decision to move Taniya up to the stumps, it definitely played a role in pinning Beaumont to the crease and paved the way for the dismissal.

Over 4.5: WICKET! WHAT A DELIVERY! Jhulan Goswami produces a peach to dismiss the world No 1 ODI batter Tammy Beaumont. Bowled! Just what India needed.

ENG 13/0 after 4 overs: Beaumont 9, Winfield-Hill 4 (Target 222)

A maiden over from Pandey to LWH. Bhatia came up to the stumps in that over to peg the England opener at the crease.

ENG 13/0 after 3 overs: Beaumont 9, Winfield-Hill 4 (Target 222)

Tammy Beaumont right now is batting like life is one long ODI innings. Seems to be in form every time she walks out with bat in hand. The ball is just magnetically finding its way to the middle of her bat. A lovely drive for four off Jhulan and another prevented by a diving Jemimah at cover.

ENG 5/0 after 2 overs: Beaumont 1, Winfield-Hill 4 (Target 222)

Big appeal for LBW from Pandey against Beaumont, as she gets her typical inswing going. No review, rightly so. Bouncing high.

England 4/0 after 1 over: Beaumont 0, Winfield-Hill 4 (Target 222)

A terrific drive through cover by LWH for the first boundary of the innings.

Target for England 222: India need wickets and need them early to restrict this terrific England batting unit. Tammy Beaumont, the world No 1, will look to continue her form. Can Jhulan Goswami & Co find answers?

Zenia D’Cunha: Jhulan Goswami in yesterday’s PC said with a laugh that as a bowler, you always want more runs to defend. Well, 221 is better than last ODI’s 201 & could be enough (you-never-know-and-all) But this is another overall poor batting performance, despite a better start.

UPDATE: Mithali Raj, who needed treatment towards the end of her innings, won’t be taking the field.

Innings break: Here’s a look at India’s batting scorecard.

India's batting card

Batters Runs Balls SR 4s
Smriti Mandhana b Kate Cross 22 30 73.33 3
Shafali Verma st Amy Jones b Sophie Ecclestone 44 55 80.00 7
Jemimah Rodrigues c Katherine Brunt b Kate Cross 8 15 53.33 2
Mithali Raj CPT run out (Sophia Dunkley) 59 92 64.13 7
Harmanpreet Kaur c & b Kate Cross 19 39 48.71 1
Deepti Sharma c Sophia Dunkley b Kate Cross 5 12 41.66 1
Sneh Rana c Heather Knight b Kate Cross 5 7 71.42 1
Taniya Bhatia WKT c Amy Jones b Sophie Ecclestone 2 10 20.00 0
Shikha Pandey c Amy Jones b Natalie Sciver 2 7 28.57 0
Jhulan Goswami NOT OUT 19 19 100.00 3
Poonam Yadav b Sophie Ecclestone 10 15 66.66 1
EXTRAS (nb 1, w 13, b 6, lb 6) 26
Courtesy BCCI.TV

India 221 all out after 50 overs: India have crossed their score from the Bristol ODI thanks to a good little last wicket partnership off 29 off 22 balls. This is as good a batting effort by Poonam Yadav as one can remember. She is out off the last ball as Ecclestone gets her 3rd. Maybe India can hope to make a fight out of it? (Need a significantly better bowling effort than in Bristol).

India 217/9 after 49 overs: Frustration for Brunt. She’s a bit annoyed with herself as 4 byes-FOUR-3 wides result in India crossing 200. The over ends with another boundary for India, an outside edge for Jhulan Goswami. An 18-run over out of nowhere! Brunt finishes with 10-0-55-0.

Vinayakk Mohanrangan: We can all debate about Mithali Raj’s strike rate and what not (and I do believe there is a valid debate in there) but she continues to be the glue holding the batting lineup together every time they collapse around her. 64th fifty-plus score in ODIs. Point here being not to defend Mithali Raj and her style per se (I personally don’t think it’s as black and white as *she is the problem* or *she is the best, so beyond reproach* but that’s for later). It is about the consistency or lack thereof from those around her. It would be a different discussion if Mithali was holding back the rest of the batting unit, but the problem is more deep than that; it’s a question of what the rest of the batting unit is doing on a consistent basis when she is the only one scoring.

India 199/9 after 48 overs: Huzzah, a boundary for Poonam! Well-placed cut off Ecclestone. A review wasted by England in that over for LBW.

Poonam Yadav and Jhulan Goswami, contender for the partnership in world cricket with the biggest height gradient, look to push India past 100 / bat 50 overs.

WICKET! Oh dear! Mithali Raj is run out after Sophia Dunkley recovers brilliantly from a misfield to send a throw back in. The Indian captain is out for 59 off 92 balls. Dunkley with that classic street cricket technique of misfielding and then effecting a runout! End of Mithali Raj’s innings and the record for most international runs has to wait. India 195/9 after 47 overs.

India 190/8 afters 46 overs: A boundary for Jhulan Goswami past point as India nudge ahead towards 200.

India 183/8 afters 45 overs: Mithali Raj and Jhulan Goswami in the middle, and India are struggling to reach 50 overs here.

Over 43.5: The wickets keep tumbling for India. Shikha Pandey this time caught behind off Nat Sciver, yet another fantastic catch by England WK Amy Jones. India 181/8.

India 179/7 after 43 overs: Terrific over from Ecclestone, who continues to be a bowler England can trust with at the death.

Over 42.2: WICKET! Oh dear. Yet another batting collapse. It’s so frequent that India are having multiple collapses in one match. Terrific catch by Amy Jones as Taniya Bhatia tries to cut one and is caught. India 178/7.

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India 171/6 after 40 overs: What can they come up with in the last 10?

ODI HALF CENTURY NO 57! India captain Mithali Raj registers her 64th fifty-plus knock in ODIs and once again top scores for her side.

WICKET! Kate Cross has a five-for! Sneh Rana’s comeback to the ODI side doesn’t quite work out with the bat and it is another batter who falls to a leading edge.

India 168/5 after 39 overs: Sneh Rana makes an international comeback to the ODI team after five years out. She is capable of playing at a good rate, can she help India post a decent total? She gets going with a four in Shrubsole’s over. Mithali’s innings, meanwhile, has hit a roadblock.

Mithali Raj is 21 runs away from Charlotte Edwards’ tally of most runs in international cricket.

Over 37.2: WICKET! Deepti Sharma’s innings is short-lived, and it is Kate Cross yet again with the wicket. Her fourth of the match! She is having a great day in Taunton. The Indian allrounder finds the fielder in the deep on the leg side. India 160/5.

India 160/4 after 37 overs: Raj 48, Sharma 5

Deepti Sharma has looked in good touch and she plays one of the shots of the day with a crunching shot over midwicket for four off Shrubsole. India need a move on her.

Here’s the Harmanpreet Kaur wicket:

OUCH: Break in play as Mithali Raj is hit on the grill of her helmet, off a free hit no less. Terrific bowling from Kate Cross to come up with that delivery after a no ball. Hurried the Indian captain, who would have fancied a boundary off that ball to get to her half century, India 151/4 after 35.4 overs.

Zenia D’Cunha: I’m genuinely torn between whether I should consider that Mithali Raj & Harmanpreet Kaur put together some sort of partnership after 3 quick wickets or be disappointed that it’s still not enough from the 2 veterans.

India 145/4 after 33.5 overs: WICKET! As it often’s the case. the drinks break proves to be a partnership breaker. Harmanpreet Kaur (19) is out, caught and bowled by Kate Cross who has her third wicket.

Most 50-plus stands in ODIs

Partners Inns 100 50 50+
BJ Clark, LM Keightley (AUS-W) 67 10 16 26
SW Bates, AE Satterthwaite (NZ-W) 50 9 10 19
L Lee, L Wolvaardt (SA-W) 45 6 13 19
DJS Dottin, SR Taylor (WI-W) 52 6 12 18
CM Edwards, SC Taylor (ENG-W) 58 5 10 15
H Kaur, M Raj (IND-W) 47 1 14 15

After three quick wickets, Mithali Raj and Harmanpreet Kaur have added 62 runs off 92 balls. The captain & vice-captain have made sure a serious collapse was averted and now have the platform to post a significant score.

India 139/3 after 32 overs: Raj 36, Kaur 19

For the second time today, a straight drive has almost caught out the non striker. Earlier Kaur hit the stumps down the ground but Brunt didn’t get a touch. Now Raj drives Ecclestone down the ground (which is a catching chance too) and the rebound just misses the stumps. The little things going India’s way today. DRINKS BREAK.

India 131/3 after 30 overs: Raj 25, Kaur 18

A four in Glenn’s over for the Indian captain, well-placed sweep. The fifty partnership comes up between the two senior batters as well! Good phase for India.

Brunt back. England’s best pacer against India’s captain and vice captain.

India 121/3 after 28 overs: Raj 22, Kaur 16

A good comeback from Glenn, just a single in that over. Kaur came down the track once there, and the leggie shortened her length smartly. Good contest.

India 120/3 after 27 overs: Raj 21, Kaur 16

Another small tick in the list of things India could have done better today. They are looking to go after Sarah Glenn and have in general looked to rotate strike much better. The run-rate stays above 4 despite those three quick wickets. A boundary for Kaur and 5 wides too in that Glenn over. Sciver trying to test the Indian batters with short balls but they are handling it well.

India 106/3 after 25 overs: Raj 18, Kaur 10

The Mithali Raj cover drive has made a few appearances already today! Another delightful shot for four in Sciver’s over. She is looking in good touch.

India 94/3 after 23 overs: Raj 11, Kaur 6

A controlled pull shot by Raj for a four off Sciver. Sarah Glenn comes on from the other end, can India put her under pressure?

India 88/3 after 22 overs: Raj 6, Kaur 5

Not surprisingly, the wickets have put the brakes on India’s scoring rate here. Sciver and Cross bowling in tandem now.

India 85/3 after 20 overs: Raj 5, Kaur 3

Raj with her signature cover drive! Her first boundary of the day at the venue where she has fond memories of batting (a world record that time of 214 in Tests)

India 78/3 after 19 overs: Raj 1, Kaur 0

Ecclestone has had Mithali’s number in recent times and that battle is going to decide how this Indian innings heads. Superb over from her to the Indian captain again. What a bowler.

WICKET! Oh dear. That dreaded batting collapse is here for India. Shafali Verma, who was looking well set for her first ODI half century, is stumped off Ecclestone’s bowling. India 77/3 and are under pressure again.The last thing they needed here was for Harman and Mithali to be batting on 0* with both under pressure to score.

DRINKS: India 76/2 after 15.4 overs.

Over 15.4: WICKET! Kate Cross has changed things around for England! Jemimah Rodrigues comeback into the XI is shortlived as she skies one to mid-on off the leading edge. (As an aside, as disappointing as that dismissal is from Jemimah’s point of view, one would much rather see this approach from India to be busy at a fall of wicket. Persist!)

India 75/1 after 15 overs: Verma 42, Rodrigues 8

This is the area we had pointed out in the last match! How India go about their batting when they lose a wicket. Dropping anchor seems to be the usual go-to option but today they are keeping things going. Jemimah Rodrigues is up and running with two boundaries off Sophie Ecclestone. First a slightly mishit lofted drive, the second a gorgeous cover drive. That’s got to be a confidence boost. She could use a good score here and India could really use a return to run-scoring ways for Rodrigues.

India 66/1 after 14 overs: Verma 41, Rodrigues 0

Shafali into the 40s with a couple of boundaries in Cross’ over. A clever round-the-corner shot past short-fine followed by an outside edge past the keeper.

Zenia D’Cunha: A disappointing end for Smriti Mandhana and a very important opportunity for Jemimah Rodrigues who has been brought back in the team and sent at No 3.

India 57/1 after 13 overs: Verma 32, Rodrigues 0

This is a big outing for Jemimah, who has just hit a rut in international cricket. She could really use a good score here.

Over 11.5 WICKET! Breakthrough for England! For the second match in a row, Smriti Mandhana is out bowled, this one however a very soft dismissal. She plays one on to the stumps off her inside edge. Kate Cross comes into the attack and gets a wicket right away with nothing but just a slight change of pace. That dismissal is the sort that could haunt a batter at night, especially one who was well set and looking for a good score. India 56/1. Mandhana out for 22 off 30 balls.

India 55/0 after 11 overs: Mandhana 22, Verma 30

Shafali keeping the scoreboard ticking. A lofted sweep shot off Ecclestone in that over for four. The 50-run partnership comes up for India’s newest ODI opening pair.

India 48/0 after 10 overs: Mandhana 22, Verma 23

1st ODI, India 27/2 after 10 overs
2nd ODI, India 48/0 after 10 overs

This is a very solid by the Indian openers today in Taunton. Mandhana helps herself to another boundary in that Shrubsole over through midwicket.

India 42/0 after 9 overs: Mandhana 17, Verma 22

Tidy first over by Ecclestone.

Ecclestone time!

India 39/0 after 8 overs: Mandhana 15, Verma 21

DROPPED! Katherine Brunt is not too pleased. Just the silent stare! And a pretty unnerving one at that too! She gets Shafali Verma to play the uppish shot down the ground, and the catch is dropped at mid-off by Winfield-Hill. The ball was hit powerfully but that was catchable. Let off for India. Mandhana played a brilliant flick in that over for four.

Shrubsole follows that up with a steady over.

India 32/0 after 6 overs: Mandhana 9, Verma 21

Mandhana still taking her time to get set here. And the rarely spotted quick single from India in that over! Good signs.

India 30/0 after 5 overs: Mandhana 8, Verma 20

Brunt kept targetting Shafali with the short balls early as we saw earlier and the Indian opener stood back, cleared her front foot and was ready for those. The pacer then bowls one full and straight, Shafali was waiting for the short ball but still managed to squeeze it past point for four! This is terrific viewing. All hands from Shafali.

India 23/0 after 4 overs: Mandhana 7, Verma 14

Just when you were wondering if Shafali is going to keep playing Shrubsole steadily, she picks up a length ball and hits through the line for a terrific four over mid-off. Mandhana survived a leading edge earlier in the over.

India 16/0 after 3 overs: Mandhana 6, Verma 9

Shafali Verma is up and running in Taunton. After playing out a maiden over to start, she goes after a couple of short balls from Katherine Brunt and hits two fours. A late cut over third and then a swat over midwicket. That mini-battle is on again!

In that over, Charles Dagnall brings up a point on commentary. Heather Knight kept discussion “open” about a review long enough for the DRS timer to run out! Smart!

India 6/0 after 2 overs: Mandhana 5, Verma 1

Well well, Shafali plays out a maiden over against Shrubsole. Operative word being “played out” as this was by choice. Kept a straight bat and covered the inswinger well. Good technique on display. She will be tested soon with shorter ones you’d think.

Sports fans! If you are interested in discussing more about women’s cricket and gender issues in sport, check out the @SportsLawIndia’s 2021 Symposium on Equal Hue here.

India 6/0 after 1 over: Mandhana 5, Verma 1

The pitch already looks true. The green-ness in the photo earlier might have been a tad misleading. One ball did shape away from Shafali but seems to be coming on OK otherwise. Mandhana finishes the over with a stylish pull shot for four.

Brunt starts off, Mandhana on strike. Former England captain Charlotte Edwards wanted England to have a bat first in these conditions, reckoned 400 could be on the cards!

India XI: Smriti Mandhana, Shafali Verma, Jemimah Rodrigues, Mithali Raj, Harmanpreet Kaur, Deepti Sharma, Sneh Rana, Taniya Bhatia, Shikha Pandey, Jhulan Goswami, Poonam Yadav

England XI: Tammy Beaumont, Lauren Winfield-Hill, Heather Knight, Nat Sciver, Amy Jones, Sophia Dunkley, Katherine Brunt, Sarah Glenn, Sophie Ecclestone, Anya Shrubsole, Kate Cross

06.20 pm: Early to criticise the team management for ringing in the changes but this raises a couple of questions: if these many changes were needed, why was the selection so off the mark in the first match? Sneh Rana adds to the batting for sure. India have left Punam Raut out, despite her good recent form and brought in the busier Jemimah Rodrigues. Both those are understandable. Ekta Bisht looked very rusty in the first ODI, so that’s OK too. But got to feel for Pooja Vastrakar to be dropped in these conditions after just one match. Could India have played both Rana and Vastrakar today instead of bringing in Poonam Yadav who has looked so off colour in recent times? Well, time will tell us.

06.15 pm: (Via BCCI) Here’s a look at the Taunton pitch. Green, for starters. Seamers could have a good outing. India have left out Punam Raut, Ekta Bisht and Pooja Vastrakar. You got to especially feel for the young pacer, who’s not able to hold down her place in the side since her injury troubles. Feels like she deserved a longer rope, especially in these conditions.

Team news: England expectedly keeping their winning side. As Mithali Raj had hinted at the end of the last match, India have rung in the changes. Jemimah Rodrigues, Sneh Rana and Poonam Yadav are in the XI for the visitors. To be confirmed, whom they have replaced.

TOSS: England have won the toss and an unchanged side have opted to field first, just like in Bristol.

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the second One Day International between India and England as the caravan moves to Taunton from Bristol. Mithali Raj and Co are facing the heat at the moment in the 50-over format and they could really use with an improved performance, even if not the result per se, against Heather Knight’s world champions.

First ODI recap here.