Tamil Nadu Bharatiya Janata Party leader KT Raghavan on Tuesday resigned from his position as the general secretary after a purported video of his allegedly explicit video conversation with a woman was released on YouTube, the Hindustan Times reported.

The purported clip, which is now unavailable, was uploaded on the video streaming platform by Madan Ravichandran, who is a BJP member, according to NDTV. He runs a channel called ‘Madan Diary’ on YouTube.

Raghavan, while announcing his resignation, claimed that the video was an attempt to damage his reputation. “I discussed [the matter] with respected state [BJP] President Mr Annamalai,” he tweeted. “I resign from my party responsibility. I deny the allegations and will take the legal route.”

The BJP leader added: “The people of Tamil Nadu and the party know who I am. Those who depend on me know who I am. I have been working for 30 years without expecting benefits.”

Meanwhile, Ravichandran claimed that he went to Tamil Nadu BJP chief K Annamalai with Raghavan’s clip and he gave him the go-ahead to release it, the Hindu reported. The BJP member also claimed that he had videos and audios featuring at least 15 more leaders.

Annamalai confirmed that he had met Ravichandran two times, The News Minute reported.

“When he met me the first time in the party office, he informed me that he has got video evidence of our party office bearers for some wrong deeds and wanted me to take stringent action against them,” Annamalai said. “I replied to him that unless the allegations are proved, actions cannot be initiated against anybody.”

The Tamil Nadu BJP president said he told Ravichandran that if the accusations were proved, he would take appropriate action against the culprits. “He sent me a message asking me if any actions will be taken against those accused by him.”

Annamalai added: “I have already told him twice before, I stood very firmly on my stand that disciplinary actions cannot be taken without knowing the real facts of the accusations. Therefore, I replied to him shortly in the message that ‘You may proceed if you want justice’.”

However, Annamalai raised questions about Ravichandran’s intentions and described his actions as “unacceptable”, according to NDTV.

“We are taking this allegation very seriously and an enquiry commission headed by our party’s state secretary Srimati Malarkodi will be formed,” he added, according to the news channel. “This team will study the truth behind the allegations and will initiate appropriate actions against those who are proven as accused.”