Eight people were injured in a drone attack at Saudi Arabia’s Abha airport on Tuesday, AFP reported, citing the Arab coalition forces fighting the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

It has blamed the Iran-backed Houthi rebels for the attack but the group has not yet claimed responsibility.

This was the second such attack at the airport in 24 hours. The first attack left shrapnel on the tarmac at the airport but did not result in any casualties, reported AP.

“A second drone attempting to attack Abha International Airport was intercepted and shot down”, the Saudi-led coalition said in a statement, which was carried by state-run Al-Ekhbariya television channel. The statement said that an aircraft was also damaged in the attack.

It said that flights services at the airport have been temporarily stopped “to ensure the safety of incoming and departing aircraft, as well as civilians at the airport”.

The coalition said that the attack constitutes a war crime.

In 2015, Saudi Arabia had intervened in the Yemen war soon after the Houthis seized the capital, Sanaa, and had restored the internationally-recognised government. Following this, the rebels have conducted many attacks at airports, military installations and oil infrastructure in Saudi.

Earlier in August, missiles and drones had hit a military base in Yemen, killing at least 30 Saudi-backed troops. Although no one claimed responsibility for the attack, the Iranian-backed rebel group was blamed for it, according to AP.

The Yemen war that began in 2014 is currently at a stalemate. The war has resulted in over 1.3 lakh deaths and caused what the United Nations calls the “world’s worst humanitarian disaster”.

While the UN has pushed for brining an end to the war, the Houthis have said they will not negotiate till the Sanaa airport is reopened. The airport has been closed due to a Saudi blockade since 2016.